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Mar 02, 2020
Feb 09, 2021
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Our award-winning program gives students the opportunity to spend the summer developing their professional skills on a full-time internship in Madrid. Live and work in the Spanish capital, building unique experience that will help you stand out in an increasingly competitive job market.

Choose from over 30 industries including Entrepreneurship, Marketing/PR, Business, Finance, Fashion and Tourism. Develop your professional skills at career workshops, company visits and career speaker events. Explore Madrid on cultural visits and day trips whilst discovering more of Spain on weekend trips to either Barcelona or Seville.

This program includes high-quality housing in central Madrid with breakfast and dinner, visa assistance, cultural activities, trips and 24/7 on-site support from our Program Coordinator.

Absolute Internship has been featured in the New York Times, BBC News, Bloomberg, and Forbes Magazine. We have placed 4000+ interns at over 800 companies worldwide.

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  • Take the next step along your career path with a world-class internship in your industry of choice.
  • Gain professional skills through career speaker events, company visits and career workshops.
  • Build unique experience that will help you stand out in a rapidly expanding job market.
  • Discover Madrid through after-work activities and explore Spain on day and weekend trips.
  • Live in a multicultural environment with fellow Absolute Interns from across the globe. Enjoy 24/7 onsite support from your Absolute Internship Coordinator.

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  • Growth 10
  • Support 10
  • Fun 10
  • Housing 10
  • Safety 10
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Yes, I recommend this program

Madrid Internship 2017

I did an internship in 2017 and as I took a break from school during the summer, and went to Madrid from my internship program, my biggest challenge was accepting and finding comfort in being uncomfortable. However the colleagues and community were able to be there to talk to keep going though it--because in reality, we all have that connection with our peers to get through accepting change

This support and opportubity helped me grow into the professional I am today. You have to make the best of it!

The one piece of construcrive feedback for absolute is I think there needs to be better connection with the intern and the hosting company. While interning, I did good work, and enjoyed my work, and did what they asked; however, only sat down with the manager once or twice all summer to go over things. In my opinion for the biggest fruit, getting those touch bases to maximize your presence as an Intern would have been the best, and I feel absolute can help broker that relationship of leadership.

Otherwise, the summer went excellent. I miss it rather often and hope to get abroad in the futhre for more work, travel and more.

Oh and I miss the Jamon dinners with the Absolute crew!

What was the most unfamiliar thing you ate?
Any tapas in general were unfaimilar but some had baby eel and anchovies but nonetheless were really good.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Fun and well-organized program!

Why did I end up in Madrid? I had a goal of traveling to Spain and stumbled upon Absolute Internship on my university website. I heard that some other students from my uni had been on the program and that it was a great program, so I decided to apply. Madrid is such a beautiful city with so much diversity and lots of culture. The people in the city are so friendly, the architecture is so beautiful and thoughtfully designed and built, the streets are so clean compared to where I’m from and the people are so happy with life.

Absolute Internship is an awesome company and provided us with a fantastic support. They cared for us. We were not like numbers for them which I really appreciated. The events and trips that were included were fantastic and well-organized. It was definitely worth the money.

I would strongly recommend Absolute Internship to anyone who is planning to do an internship overseas.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Lovely experience in Spain!

I interned for a events planning company in Madrid. Very cool and trendy company that produced events for cool clients such as Nike, Real Madrid. The placement was a good fit for me and I really learned a lot from my four weeks in the country. I wished that I had joined the 2 months program instead. Spain is such a lovely and wonderful place. Great food, nice people and great weather. Madrid is a city that never sleeps! There is always something to do and always something that happens that you don't want to miss out on.

Absolute Internship was a lovely experience. The events and weekends are a lot of fun. You meet so many great people through the program and I'm really grateful I ended up joining the program. Everything is thought out and planned in detail. Thank you for an amazing summer guys!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Join this amazing program!

My school had a lot of different options when it came for me to choose a program to intern abroad, but choosing an external program that I came across online was the best thing that happened to me. Absolute Internship is a golden program! You meet people from all around the world and the best part is that these people become your best friends. It’s definitely an investment in your career/future/travel but having done the program in Madrid I feel that it’s so worth it. My internship placement was great. My mentor/boss at my internship Jorge was very helpful to me during my two months in Spain and taught me a lot about marketing, business and life in Spain which I really appreciated.

Absolute took care of everything from the housing, to my internship placement (amazing digital marketing internship) and made me feel safe and comfortable, which is very important.

What did I get out of this program? Inspiration, friends for life, but also I learned so much about myself that I didn’t know before coming (both from my work and colleagues but also from just living abroad). I grew so much through this experience thanks to Absolute. The staff is fantastic and supportive. Always there for you no matter what.

Unforgettable experience and best summer of my life. Gracias Absolute!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Absolute Bucket List

My personal experience was very educational,fun and personal growth. I know my absolute internship was unique because I met many people that were living in Madrid from 6 months to a year. However I visited more places than they did during that whole period and I was there only for a month. The absolute internship is a perfect balance between professional experience that will excel your multicultural sensitivity skills with local cultural enrichment. As a participant you will have the chance to be part of so many fun activities that will get you a feeling of what Madrid has to offer. Today I feel more confident on my professional career knowing that I was able to work and adapt to a different culture, this is a must have experience to become a leader of any career because been able to appreciate foreigners for what each of them has to offer is a give that by becoming one we are able to see. This will help you lead others with different backgrounds. Some advice I will give to future participants is that you can make this a great opportunity, Absolute Internship will give you many tools and activities but only you can make most of it. Eventually you will find out that getting lost is a chance to have awesome and unique experiences, do not be afraid ambiguity. Also something to keep in mind during the summer the sun does not go down until 10 p.m. this caused me some insomnia. Other than that immerse in Madrid!

What would you improve about this program?
Making sure that employees let interns enjoy Madrid as well. This was not my personal story but some of them will take advantage of some interns which is not Absolute Internships fault but maybe there intervention could help.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best summer ever with Absolute Internship!

Thank you Melody and Kelly for this amazing summer in Madrid! Words cannot describe how grateful I am for the experience with Absolute this summer. I learned so much about the unique and friendly Spanish culture, so much about other cultures from the other students in the program (Australia, Sweden, England, Canada…) and about business. Trust me, this program is outstanding, well-organized, fun and safe. The Absolute staff is so great and showed us around in Madrid, and did everything possible to ensure that we had a safe, positive and fun time in Madrid. I stayed only one month, but wishes I could stayed two months. Spain was the best time ever. If you are seriously thinking about interning in Spain – Absolute is the right choice.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Fantastic summer with Absolute!

Dream come true summer, very good program and very structured. A lot of great planned events. Had a great internship placement in English and learned a lot how to work in a cross-cultural environment and in a real business place.

Madrid was very safe. I never felt afraid as a young woman walking around in the late evenings. The support from the absolute staff was top-notch and were always there for me via phone or WhatsApp. They really walked the extra miles to show us this amazing city and the best hidden places. The organized events are really fun.

Very much recommend Absolute Internship to anyone who wants to have the summer of their lives meeting cool people from all around the world and at the same time gain work experience abroad. Fantastic summer!

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Yes, I recommend this program

My Absolute Internship Experience

I interned abroad with Absolute Internship this summer and absolutely loved my time abroad in Madrid. I was not able to study abroad during my time at the university so thought this was a great way to make up for that. My internship experience in Spain was super. The locals here do not work as long hours as I thought, but it helped me better understand how the Spanish people really chill and enjoy their lives. Great perspective of life. 

I’d recommend any future students to learn a bit of Spanish before coming as most people don’t speak English in the streets in Madrid, but they do of course at your work site. That will definitely help you settle in much quicker. 

The program was amazing. Had the time of my life and visited my first real soccer match with Real Madrid, visited Barcelona over a weekend and also met a group of amazing people that I’ll never forget.

What would you improve about this program?
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