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We offer successful applicants the chance to gain invaluable work experience in one of the cultural and financial capitals of the world, New York City. During your internship abroad, you will gain hands-on professional experience and build a network for your future career. Your internship in New York will make you stand out from your peers.

Partnering with a range of companies, organizations and NGOs, our program will boost your professional development. We offer programs for people of all backgrounds and experience levels. Your program includes accommodation, airport pick up and drop off, regular social and cultural events, professional development tools and workshop, 24/7 emergency assistance, a one on one career coaching session for alumni and many other great benefits.

Final Places Available for Summer Internships

There are only a couple of places remaining on The Intern Group's summer internship programs in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America. Apply now to secure a space!

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  • Support 9.6
  • Fun 9.2
  • Housing 9.4
  • Safety 9.8
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Yes, I recommend this program


I feel that the international intern experience has been an unforgettable one. I have made new friends, experienced new cultures- living in a city i have never been to away from any close relatives. This experience has challenged me personally and helped me to grow. The opportunity the Intern Group offers is fantastic and i would definitely recommend others to use this company. The free travel cards are convenient, the other interns are welcoming (you will definitely make unforgettable friendships) and the work experience in a city like New York will definitely boost your career.

What would you improve about this program?
I feel that i have already discussed with intern new york
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Yes, I recommend this program

Intern Group NY Review

Before I get into my review I would just like to make a special thank you to Brian Limbo, the experience co ordinator. Amazing, talented, intelligent man who takes his job seriously and was committed to the 24/7 support motto as promised.

Intern Group New York gave me an experience of a life time! I had opportunities to meet celebrities, go to exclusive locations around New York and even a flexible enough schedule to reconnect with a long lost brother.

The internship role was not exactly what I wanted, to be 100% honest, but regardless it was unique and challenging. I was expecting a HR role but was introduced and worked in a business development role. However, promises were kept!! I worked the hours agreed and explored the wonders of New York's delights.

Accommodation ... Was... Dreadful .. If you are used to a more luxury stay like I am accustomed to it is like a shock, shared showers and toilet facilities which fit up to 8 people at once is unheard of to me. However we was allowed our own private bedrooms which was greatly appreciated. Also 24/7 security made me feel quite safe but there were boys on the girls floor at untimely hours which made me feel a little nervous at times, there was even a drunk boy screaming in the hallway looking for his friend one night which made me feel quite unsafe which is the reason I couldn't rate the security 10/10. The accommodation however was great at giving out cheap event tickets and free events.

The overall experience was amazing, I wouldn't change it for the world and if anything Id do it all over again within the correct job role but I wouldn't erase the experience of lessons learnt.

What would you improve about this program?
The accommodation would be the only thing I would truly change other than that I had a great time, I don't think it has to be luxury but just nothing where bathrooms can't be used in privacy I feel that's a basic human right honestly.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Experience of a lifetime

My experience in New York was great and I believe it has helped me both professionally and personally. I was constantly given tasks that challenged me at work and had great support from supervisors and peers.
I saw and experienced something new everyday in New York City and with friends from all over the world, I got a chance to live, interact and work with a very international and diverse group. All interns in the program were close and we had fun outings together along with cultural experiences.
Brian from INY brought us all together and and did a great job at helping us adjust to the city and showing us around.
Though the program was a great experience, the interview process and placement into the company interned at was not handled very professionally. The visa process was also handled unprofessionally which not only led to delay in starting my internship but also for all the interns in the program.

What would you improve about this program?
More interactions of the program directors, more trainings would improve the experience. Visa and placement processes need to be handled more professionally
Yes, I recommend this program

Worked hard, played hard

This summer in New York has been the perfect combination of work experience, professional development, tourism and good fun. My internship company was perfect for what I wanted to achieve out of the summer, and the social / tourist side of the programme meant I instantly got stuck into the wealth of activities and sights that New York has to offer. In particular, organised activities like the Food on Foot tour were a great way to get off the touristy beaten path and see some hidden gems, while staples of a New York visit like going to the Top of the Rock gave us great photo opportunities. A messenger chat full of interns here for the same reason meant that there was always someone to invite out to share an experience with, whether it was dinner at a restaurant or a trip to Central Park, and I have made many great friends here. The only bad thing I can think of to say is that it eventually had to come to an end!

What would you improve about this program?
The visa sponsorship agency used were not very good, although as far as I can tell steps are being taken to partner with a different agency.
Yes, I recommend this program

American Dream

I've honestly had the time of my life at my internship. I've learnt so many things, both in my field and about myself. I genuinely feel lucky to have secured such an amazing internship at the Chief Medical Examiner's Office and I don't take any of it for granted. I was very lucky to end up in such a welcoming, lovely research team and I enjoyed constant learning throughout while also being completely lab-based, as I requested.

While my internship has been perfect, it was not easy to attain. The application and visa process is a very flawed system. This is more due to the sponsor company, but with so many interns experiencing stress and delays, I believe it is up to The Intern Group to be on top of this and make sure things are sorted much quicker. The sponsorship process was very slow and stressful and most of us missed our start dates, leaving us out of pocket when we had to change our flights or book them last minute.

The Intern Group did very well providing a social aspect, ensuring no interns were left out and the professional development seminars were very enjoyable and useful. I do recommend the programme as I have enjoyed my entire time here, just keep in mind that the application process is very long, difficult and expensive.

Also, shoutout to the Experience Coordinator Brian! He will make you love him with his dad jokes.

What would you improve about this program?
By using a different sponsor and also by detailing EVERY SINGLE FEE we can expect to pay on your website. The CICD fees came as a huge shock to me and I remember being very upset at this time, as the internship is not cheap and I had already budgeted for a certain amount.

I also think you need to search for the internships as soon as we are accepted, as I believe you waited due to the fact that I was told it was rather early to be searching (in November for a May internship) but because of how long the process took, I think everything needs to be sorted much sooner.