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The University of Newcastle is a highly ranked institution with a stunning, ecologically sustainable campus. Here, you’ll work hard and play hard, experiencing the true Aussie lifestyle. The city of Newcastle has stunning beaches for surfing and swimming, a low cost of living, a favorable climate, and a casual lifestyle. The perks continue: Our Semester in Newcastle is our most affordable program in the Land Down Under. Enjoy your smart investment as you take your studies and social life to the next level. Best of all, you can easily travel to larger cities like Sydney, which is less than three hours away by train.

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  • Academics 7
  • Support 7
  • Fun 9.3
  • Housing 9
  • Safety 9.3
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So amazing that I haven't left yet..

I have lived under a dozen roofs in my lifetime, but I have found my favourite home here in Newy. I arrived in Australia to study in Newcastle in February 2018 and am currently in my THIRD semester here through CIS. I could ramble for ages regarding my love for Newy and what this program has given me, but I will try to briefly outline the experience for you:

Uni is structured differently here - but don't let that intimidate you! The set up is far more independent and relaxed, although I must admit that the curriculum is more challenging in comparison to my university in America. You will have a lecture once a week and a lab or tutorial for the same course within the week as well. (I have added a screen shot of my upcoming timetable so you can see the structure!)

Living Situation:
From February until the beginning of December, I lived on college (on campus) at uni. At home, I have always commuted so I didn't really know what I was in for, but I was not disappointed! The "dorms" were more like apartments and they were just put up in 2015 so everything was new! I have since moved off campus nearby to uni and love this lifestyle as well! It allows more freedom and it is easier to navigate to some places, but overall I've loved both experiences.

Cultural Immersion:
I will preface this by saying that although they do speak English, YOU WILL RUN IN TO MORE LANGUAGE BARRIERS THAN YOU ANTICIPATE! In fact, I still find myself coming across them. Overall though, the Aussie culture is super easy to acclimate to!

Program Administration:
I have become great friends with my on-site coordinator in Newcastle and have always felt comfortable reaching out to her or any CISabroad staff when I've needed assistance!

Social Life:
Newcastle is a wonderful place to be social! I suffered a great deal of social anxiety in America, which was one of my main concerns when entering this program. Thankfully, I no longer have fear of social events. In fact, I look forward to them!

Yes, I recommend
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Miss it everyday!

I had an incredible time in Newcastle. The CISAbroad program did an incredible job preparing me to go overseas and get acquainted to the new culture and surroundings. I had so many amazing experiences and adventures while I was abroad and I met such great people that will be lifelong friends. Even though Newcastle may seem like a smaller city, it is absolutely beautiful and there is so much to do! Nightlife is amazing and the hiking is gorgeous. Education is a bit hard to get used to, but its relatively stress free and manageable. Overall, I highly recommend studying in Newcastle. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

How can this program be improved?
More pre-departure prep to acquaint me with the school before I got there would be helpful. More interaction with other international students while I was there would have been nice, especially during the orientation.
Yes, I recommend
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Overall Good

From having friends at many different schools in Australia, Newcastle gives the best experience. Living with Australian student (unlike many other college which they only live with other international students) is an great opportunity and really made the transition into this country a lot easier. Only having classes 2 days a week was very different from my everyday class schedule at home. The one thing that was very difficult was understanding the grading system and the differences between how we write and do assessments and test versus the Aussie way.

How can this program be improved?
bringing everyone whom is doing the studying in Australia together. The trips and times to meet up were really inconvenient and not planned enough ahead to ensure that people could put it in their schedules to be able to attend. Being able to travel all together would have been nice.
Yes, I recommend

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