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Perth sunset
Winthrop Hall, the most beautiful UWA building


Apply now to The University of Western Australia, where you will study at arguably the most beautiful campus in Australia, just 10 minutes from the city of Perth. The campus is located right next to the Swan River, where you can swim, see dolphins, kayak and take a relaxing lunch!

Every year, UWA welcomes more than 300 study abroad students from all over the world and has more than 100 clubs and societies you can join, including Perth International. You can live on campus or share an apartment with other students, and you even have the opportunity to work 40 hours a fortnight on your student visa! Perth is currently the most affordable city in Australia (The Economist, 2017) and has the highest minimum salaries, so there is no doubt you will save some extra cash by choosing Perth!

Did You Know? UWA is on the approved list of universities that accept FAFSA loans!

  • Beautiful, historical campus.
  • Undergraduate research opportunities.
  • Weekend getaways to Rottnest Island, 30 minutes from the city.
  • Real student diversity.
  • Australia's sunniest and most affordable capital city.

$5000 a year scholarship

UWA is offering an automatic scholarship of $5000 per year to students who are members of the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) that apply to study their full Bachelor's degree at UWA! UWA's undergraduate programs are only three years, and more and more Americans are choosing to study their degree at UWA to save time and money while earning a fantastic education.

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Hi Aamir, Yes, you would need to meet UWA's English entry requirements if you did not study in an English-speaking country. You can find the full list of tests we accept here:


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  • Academics 9.1
  • Support 9.3
  • Fun 9.4
  • Housing 9.4
  • Safety 9.8
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Ana Maria
Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing experience at UWA

That was fantastic to be in Perth and learn much more about Australians and Australia. It was amazing to have the chance to practice my English and to study in one of the best University in Australia. Teacher are great and very kind with us, and what great I had with my new friends from China, India and many others countries. And I also had the opportunity to study some units that I don't have in my University in Brazil with amazing teachers, such as "Forensic" .

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Yes, I recommend this program

Good Aspects of UWA and Perth

Studying Electrical Engineering at UWA has been a unique life experience for me. When I first visited the university, I was astonished by the beauty of Crawley campus. Later, I discovered that UWA also offered many robust laboratories and large libraries to help students learn and progress during the semester. In complement to the great campus resources, the city of Perth provided me with great quality of life off-campus: a quick visit to Fremantle, Cottesloe, King's Park or even Rottnest Island every other weekend would ensure I had my mind prepared for many other rounds of studies and hard work.

All of these moments have made me so fond of UWA and Perth I intend to return in the future to pursue a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering, and maybe even permanently live in Perth.

What would you improve about this program?
The inclusion of a period of internship at an australian company would be a great gain to this program.
Yes, I recommend this program

The best experience of my life in the most stunning place

Studyng at UWA was by far the best experience of my life because it made me grow in every way, in academic, professional and personal life.
Regarding my academic life, I did the Bridging Course before starting uni, focused on learning standards and academic tools that are widely applied to a university's daily life. Even though I was an undergrad study abroad student, I had the chance to do units of the Mining Engineering Master Program. In addition, I attended classes with highly well-known professors, a technical visit to an underground mine where access is only by plane, the learning process was deeply associated with practical and challenging situations. Other advantages of studying at UWA are availability of useful software licenses and assurance of great on campus facilities, such as labs, libraries, gym, bookstore, medical centre, for example.
Within the professional context, there is an appropriate department that discloses internship and job opportunities. I could also be part of student clubs that promote events and meetings with professionals from a variety of industrial segments, giving you the opportunity for network. Because I was part of Enginering clubs such as AusIMM and UWAYE, I attended professional events, Students Meet Industry Night and Women in Engineering High Tea, for instance.
Personal gain was also extremely relevant because UWA is a multicultural university, so I was able to get along with people from all over the world and to learn about different cultures. I could improve my communication and group work skills, for example. Now I also have really nice friends from different countries. Another very strong point of UWA is its location in Perth, an amazing city to live, high quality of life, close to the beach, surrounded by the Swan River. And there are also numerous stunning touristic places to be visited in the WA state, such as Rottnest Island, Margaret River, Esperance and Karijini National Park.
Studying at UWA was a significant milestone in my life and this experience has helped me to aim higher and set my goals wisely. I’m really grateful to all the people I’ve met and knowledge acquired at UWA. Now I always remember our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue impossible!

What would you improve about this program?
This program was perfect, it would be better if I could study there again! (:
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Yes, I recommend this program

Once in a lifetime experience: UWA and Perth

I have always wanted to study abroad. I could not believe when I received the email from UWA saying that I had been accepted. At first I was pretty scared to live overseas, but I received all the support from UWA´s international office team. Their support really made life so much ease for me, especially during the first months when I was struggling with the language and cultural barriers.
I studied for a semester at CELT (Center for English Language Teaching) before my classes at the university. My English improved a lot in a short amount of time thanks to the high-level professors there.
Regarding the city, Perth is really safe and has amazing beaches nearby.
If you´re looking for a high level education and quality of life, I strongly recommend UWA in Perth.

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Yes, I recommend this program

The life experience I will never regret

Studying at UWA was one of the best moments of my life. UWA offered me a great study environment providing all the resources that a student need such as great and equipped class rooms, equipped libraries with computers, enormous book collection and articles. Also, the beautiful and stunning campus allowed me to do different activities, not only studying but also to do different types of sports, and attend different cultural events. I could experience unforgettable moments kayaking with the UWA outdoor club, as well as taking swimming class at the UWA swimming school. I also could participate of beautiful concerts at the Winthrop Hall as well as various workshops.
Perth, the city where UWA is located at, doesn’t disappoint either. The great Swan river helps to make the city an incredible place to live. The beaches, sun, and nearby islands help too. The diversified activities, cultural programs that usually run in Perth through the year make you have a lot of things to do when you are not studying or making assignments.
Also, it’s important to highlight the Australians and their kindness. I’ve made a lot of friends over there. Friendships that will last for a while, I’m sure! The UWA staff members are great and they are always helping and trying to do their best for students. The UWA professors are high-level professionals in their field, and they make everything to assist you and to help you improve as a future professional. It’s important to say as well, that the UWA capacity of embracing international students is exceptional. They make everything to make you feel welcome and at home. That’s why I’ve made UWA, Perth and Australia my second home!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Dream bucket list: checked

Living in Perth and studying at UWA ticked the best year of my life in my dream bucket list.
UWA has an impressive support system for their international students and I can guarantee you there will not be any problems they would not be able to help you out with: renting a house, talking about 'homesickness' issues, improving your writing skills on an assignment, basically anything, in fact, you will be more than encouraged to talk to the counselling service, go ask for support at the 'Study Smarter' program, or even find relaxing and fun moments in your social club.
Regarding day to day life in Perth, there isn't a way of not falling in love with this city, whether you are keen to spending your days at Cottesloe Beach, Rottnest Island, Kings Park, or enjoying multicultural events at Northbridge. A truly international city, Perth embraced me as part of the local community, and made me feel like home, by having a little sample and a mixture of every part of the world.

Yes, I recommend this program

Best Experience Ever!!

At UWA I had some of the greatest times of my life. It has been such a memorable experience.

I had the opportunity to live in two UWA’s Colleges. College life and University experience in UWA is something you cannot replace. Having all your friends and colleagues living and sharing the same environment was great for study and personal growth.

The Campus is beautiful and the facilities are incredible. It just feels a good place to be, to study and even to hang out with colleagues. I had the opportunity to study and work with people from all around the world and it feels amazing.

Great city, great University and great people. A Experience that will never forget.

Yes, I recommend this program

Best choice ever!

Living in Perth and studying at UWA was an outstanding experience. The University of Western Australia presents a high level education and remarkable support to the students.
The university also has great classrooms and laboratories, amazing libraries, lots of extra activities and clubs, excellent professors, and the student can acquire an exceptional professional background with an UWA course.
It was a life changing experience, interacting with Australian and international students improved my social skills and it was absolutely fun.
Every day was a delightful challenge, slowly turning me into a completely new person, expanding my horizons and dreams. I have met wonderful people on my way, that I will never forget.
Australia is a blessed land, with amazing views and places to visit, and a high quality life. The City of Perth is beautiful and you can find anything you like, from nature and outdoors activities to food markets at night. The City of Fremantle and Rottnest Island are amazing as well, and very close to Perth.
I strongly recommend UWA, I would do everything again, treasuring every little moment.

Yes, I recommend this program

Perth and the UWA: the best choices of my life

After deciding that I needed an exchange experience and that it would be in Australia, I researched about Australian cities and their universities and UWA was a standout from the very beginning. However, I did not know anyone who had been to Perth before and the fact that the city is the most isolated metropolis in the world made me a little afraid of the decision. Needless to say that this fear turned out being silly. The fact that I did not know many things about Perth ended up being positive, because I did not have many expectations and the city would amaze me in every corner. I am not kidding, UWA and Perth were surprising and amazing from the beginning to the end of the 18 months that I spent there.
Before I could enroll units at the UWA, I needed to improve my English in the Bridging Course, the English course associated to the UWA. Since my English was not sufficient to go straight to uni, the course was very important to me and without it I would struggle a lot - mainly due to academic writing and delivering presentations - when undertaking units from the graduation at the UWA. The teachers were very welcoming and supportive, and their English was so good to understand and to learn from!
When I was ready to enroll in units from my major (4 per semester), there was a big number of interesting units to choose. Taking 4 units per semester was fairly demanding. However, there would still be time to enjoy the UWA campus, travel a little bit across WA and meet new people. Moreover, all lectures were recorded and made available on moodle, which is very handy. The level of dificulty of the units that I coursed in UWA was similar to the one I was used to in my university in Brasil, even though the method of evaluation was a bit different.
Moreover, what I have to say is that I had amazing teachers and colleagues at UWA who trully inspired me and also that if you choose UWA as your Study Abroad destination, you going to know an wonderful part of the world and have one of the best times of your life for sure.

Yes, I recommend this program

The best time of my life

Sometimes when you study in a small university of the countryside you might feel like the world is too big for you, you get curious about how hard should be living in a big city and studying in a big great university.
The truth is that UWA is a big and a small University at the same time, at least I thought so. There are thousands of students there, the campuses are incredible, sometimes I felt like I was in Hogwarts. There are old and modern buildings, gardens, heaps of animals and it is just beside the Swan River, what makes it even charmer. The staff is really helpful and kind, everytime I had to deal with them I felt like they wanted me to stay longer in UWA.
Sometimes I spent the whole day there, lot of assignments to do and lectures to catch up ( yeah, the lecture are recorded, you can check them later online). There was everything that I needed there. During the exams period, I even slept at the library. I felt like home. There were not bad days there, even when I was bit grumpy as soon as I saw the campus, my day got better, my humour changed.
There are lots of international students there, people from everywhere in the world, from different backgrounds, I am sure you will fit, you will find a group and make such great friends, because I did it. I just the best time of my life in UWA and Perth.
Perth is insanely beautiful. The big city in the west coast, but at the same time, a small one. It is quiet, safe.
I have no words to describe my experience there, I am so grateful for everything that happened to me while in Perth. I hope you all can understand what I meant and feel what I felt.

What would you improve about this program?
The program is awesome. But few adjustments would make more awesome. I think the students must be incentivated to make the most of the most of their time there. Some of them do not realise how important to them is to studying at UWA and the amount of stuff they are missing if they do not enjoy it everything and feel the UWA experience.
Jo Pedoro
Yes, I recommend this program

Western Australia - The year you'll never forget.

Living in Perth and studying in UWA was a unique experience. The extremely modern and developed infrastructure the university offers, as well as the great faculty that teaches the students made my year in Perth the best it could be. In addition, the quality of life you achieve by living in Western Australia is incredible, immersed in all the wilderness Australia has to offer, the beautiful city of Perth doesn't lack any urban aspect you would expect of the most isolated metropolis in the world.