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Go Abroad China | Study at Top Universities and Learn Chinese

The GAC Learn Chinese in China program is designed to help you improve your Chinese proficiency and cross-cultural competency through coursework and Chinese culture interaction and engagement. We offer 1-3 months Chinese Language Programs to improve/develop your Chinese language skills and obtain Credits. Classes are conducted by the top rated Chinese universities such as BLCU, Peking University, Shanghai Jiao Tong etc. Each week students participate in 20 hours of classes including excursions and one-on-one language studies or study Chinese at GAC’s partner universities.

With the purpose to engage students in real-life situations, all of the students will live with the Chinese host family and the professional instructors really help advance the learning process in and outside the classroom through a variety of learning methods.

Learning Chinese in China will provide:
  • Support from Chinese language tutors and Chinese language instructors at all language-learning levels.
  • A variety of courses to choose from: intensive Chinese course training in GAC top universities, small group and one-on-one tutoring.
  • An understanding of real China through a language immersion and an internship in China. This provides an opportunity to gain professional working experience within Chinese companies.
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*International Insurance
*Transportation: Airport pickup, To and from activities
*Welcome Pack: Includes local mobile phone and orientation materials
*Orientation: Local orientation materials including city map, emergency card,taxi card, and welcome dinner
*24-Hour Assistance: Should any problems arise at any time during the program, GAC staff members will be available on call at anytime day or night
*Included: Pre-departure Support;
*Volunteer Opportunities; Computer Lab;
* Scholarships available

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  • Academics 9
  • Support 9.2
  • Fun 8.6
  • Housing 9.3
  • Safety 9
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with GAC, in BEIJING

I had the Chinese course organized by GAC few months ago. It was a great time. I couldn't speak even a single word of Chinese when I first came, but GAC helped me a lot about Chinese class and everything else. They are really friendly. They also showed me how professional they are, and made me feel much better, not that scary as I was afraid.

Yes, I recommend
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Really Great Experience..

I attended the class at BLCU. It was the intensive class so I had to study 6 hours a day. In the beginning I thought it was gonna be boring, but it wasn't!! My teachers and classmates were really nice and friendly.
I also joined some activities organized by GAC. It was really fun as well.

Yes, I recommend
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My classes at BLCU were pretty good.

I came to Beijing through for a month to study at BLCU. GAC has been very helpful. They've done a lot for me - they picked me up at the airport, they've provided me with a phone, showed me around and they have taken me to lots of historic sites in Beijing, which has been really nice. My classes at BLCU were pretty good. They were a little harder than I was expecting, and it was confusing sometimes because the teachers weren't always clear GAC was here to help me, and I also figured it out on my own. It was really nice to have them show me around Beijing. It was really helpful. Overall, I really enjoyed my time in Beijing with GAC.

Yes, I recommend
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Being in China with GAC

Doing Business with China for an American Company, I became aware how important the Chinese language and culture is. GAC's well-presented web-page allowed me a first overview of all the possibilities studying in China. My excellent impression on GAC was confirmed by professional and competent staff, giving me all necessary information and help. Being in China with GAC is like being in a big family.

Yes, I recommend
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Studying Chinese

Go Abroad China (GAC) always provides the sensation of security for its participants. There is always someone to turn the moment you need something in China. GAC allows participants to be selective in their accommodation options and it is thanks to this organization that I immersed myself into Chinese culture and rapidly benefited from improving my Mandarin with both roommates and families. The diverse background of the GAC participants additionally helped me improve communication skills as well as teamwork on complicated assignments. On the weekends, making friends through GAC proved to be rewarding as we bonded so much during the excursions and interactive activities like massaging, and cooking hotpot. These are skills that open up the challenging but worthwhile experiences in the real world that studying at a university cannot accommodate.

GAC provided supplementary help in learning Mandarin my assigning me a tutor. We would meet regularly in a café in order to maximize the language-learning environment since I could order food in Chinese at the same time. If the student’s expectations do not directly correspond to those proposed by the tutor, GAC offers flexibility in which changing a tutor would not be problematic.

Assuming that the participant takes Mandarin, resides with a Chinese-speaking host family, and has exposure to the cuisine,everything would seem to be in order. What else could still be missing? GAC fills in the last missing puzzle piece by inviting students to take part at numerous excursions and cultural workshops offered on a weekly basis. Whether it be climbing at the Ming Wall, or learning the ins and outs of a Chinese massage, participants will enthusiastically choose cultural electives that cover an extensive realm of preferences. Those passionate about history and gardening will enjoy the Summer Palace, while those who are more action-oriented will enjoy Tai Chi.

Without GAC, interns would abound with confusion in a part of the world that may initially seem unfamiliar to them. Nevertheless, the help of such a reliable agency around the clock engages participants in an adventure that they will treasure for a lifetime. Remember,whatever a student puts into the experience is what he or she takes out of it,and those who take advantage of GAC will find a very rewarding experience that will remain indented in their memories beyond their stay in China.

Yes, I recommend
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The best way to learn Chinese

Learn Chinese with a small group is a very unique experience. First, it allows you to learn what a culture is like firsthand from the Chinese roommate you are living with. Not only will you learn a new language, but you will also learn about the culture that surrounds that language and the people who actually live in that culture. You will have new experiences, you'll learn about new foods, and you'll learn just what it means to be Chinese.

You also grow as a person. You'll grow into new traits like tolerance and patience. You'll learn to open your mind to new perspectives and new ideas. You'll learn to think in the way that your Chinese roommate thinks and in the same way that people that live in that culture think so you'll be able to better understand where they're coming from and why they think the way that they think.

This experience not only allows you to learn, but it also allows your Chinese roommate to learn a little bit more about you and the culture you come from. It provides you a unique opportunity to dispel some of the myths and negative ideas that they might have towards you, and it also allows you to share the wonderful things about your culture with your family as well. Living with a Chinese roommate is secretly one of the best experiences that you can have. Not only to learn a new language, but also to learn more about yourself and about the people you will interact with. When you come to Go Abroad China, you will find the experience a thoroughly enjoyable one and also a fantastic one.

Yes, I recommend
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Go Abroad China Learn Chinese program

I thoroughly enjoy the times I spend in China due mainly to Go Abroad China Learn Chinese program and I would recommend this process to anyone.
Learn Chinese with One on One tutor is the best path to improving one's Chinese. When you learn Chinese in a classroom, class begins and you speak Chinese and when class ends, you speak your native tongue. And that's about all the Chinese you can muster for that day. With a Chinese tutor, you often speak Chinese, and depending on your speaking ability, you may never speak your native tongue at all. This technique is beneficial to not only your speaking, but to your listening ability, knowledge of the usage of idioms, spoken Chinese, and slang. And importantly constantly hearing "authentic" Chinese alters your Chinese to the way in which Chinese people speak and away from the way foreigners speak Chinese. Soon you might even find that your ability to speak your native tongue suffers and that you are not only speaking good Chinese and listening with a full understanding of what is being said, but what you are actually thinking just in Chinese, rather than first in your native tongue and then in Chinese. That level of Chinese, I have heard, is what is called "fluency."

Yes, I recommend
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It was a fantastic experience and my Chinese speaking skills and my understanding of the culture improved tremendously!
I was living with a Chinese family just outside of Central Beijing and had a private tutor for four hours a day. The home and family were very nice. The apartment was spacious, air conditioned, and I was given my own room and bathroom. Whenever I was at home, I would eat my three meals with the family. The neighborhood was very very safe. I had no issues or worries at all. I asked to be in a neighborhood where not much English was spoken, so I would be able to practice my Chinese. I was living in a community of 30,000 Chinese, where I made many friends during my stay. GAC provided me with exactly what I asked for.

Yes, I recommend
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Mandarin Program

I am a senior in college in the United States. I came to China to learn mandarin as quickly as possible. That being said, I decided learn Chinese with BlCU program would be most appropriate! The Go Abroad China provided outstanding service before, during and after my trip in China. I was most pleased with the degree of freedom I was able to exercise while in China. Since I participated under the BLCU learn Chinese, the class times were amazing. My teachers were understanding, smart, and very funny. I got more than plenty of time to explore the city; I even signed up at a local health club to upkeep the active lifestyle I have in the USA!

My host family was a perfect match for me. They were a down to earth, modern family. My stay there was great. My host mother was a busy professional, but always spent the time to show me around and teach me about Chinese Culture. This stay in Beijing reinforced my knowledge of the Chinese as generous, caring and intelligent people.

I will most definitely recommend Go Abroad China to my friends.

Yes, I recommend
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Go Abroad China is very helpful

My experience with Go Abroad China here has been great and quite helpful of course. I would really recommend GAC to all my friends; I think they are very nice and made me feel very comfortable every minute while in China. They have been very helpful and lovely to me! I am very sad for leaving! Anyway, they told me that we can still hang out together and I will for sure visit them from times to times next year.

My Chinese courses at Shanghai Fu Dan University are very good and I love the atmosphere at my university. I gained a great deal of practical knowledge from this course.

I really appreciate GAC making my stay in Shanghai such an interesting sojourn, and of course of helping my Chinese to improve a lot faster. Thank you again.

Yes, I recommend
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Double safe

The program was awesome. I loved my home stay best. I was really lucky to stay with these hospitable, kind and understanding people. They were always there for me just like GAC guys. I felt double safe. I knew, no matter what, GAC and Mr. and Mrs. Wang will be by my side. They also helped me to practice m Chinese and the improvement was obvious. In exchange I taught their son, Peter (a very nice little folk) some English.
This month was amazing thanks to GAC!

Yes, I recommend
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I fell in love everyday ---China Amzaing country

Hi, my name is Marry. I have studied Chinese for two years, and this is my first time with the Go Abroad China Program in Beijing. I really enjoyed it! I thought it was very fun and I learned a lot more than I would have otherwise. I would definitely recommend this program to other students because I have done multiple Chinese programs in China and I thought this one was the best.

I think Beijing Language and Culture University is the Amzing place to learn Chinese, and I made lots of friends there, never feel lonly here. we had lots of fun togeter. Also I really loved my host family. They were absolutely amazing and made me feel very comfortable and very at home. I think that in living with a host family, you learn so much more Chinese than you would otherwise. You also become more immersed in the culture as well as the language. I think that my relationship with my host family will be one that I share for a long while.

I really fell in love with China, a great place to go!

How can this program be improved?

do not eat out, use student oyster card, go to clearance section of tesco or coop for buying food. To party go to imperial college instead of expensive clubs.

Yes, I recommend
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I'm lovin it!

When I first arrived in China I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. It felt like biting off way more than I could chew.

The GAC staff has been of great help in supporting me in times of need. Not only guiding me throughout the entire program but also using their own free time to take me out on excursions and sightseeing events. Because of them I can truly say that this has been one of the most enriching experiences I've ever had in my whole life.

The program itself was tough but manageable. I have learnt alot during my time in China about their language, culture and history. It's truly a unique place.

I definitly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in Chinese language and/or culture.

Yes, I recommend

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