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Go Abroad China's speciality is the Learn Chinese in China program. The program is designed to help you develop your Chinese proficiency and cross-cultural competency through coursework and Chinese cultural interaction and engagement. We offer 1-12 months Chinese Language Programs to improve and develop your Chinese language skills and obtain credits.

Classes are accompanied by the top-ranked Chinese universities such as BLCU, Peking University, Shanghai Jiao Tong etc. Each week students participate in 20 hours of classes including excursions and one-on-one language studies or study Chinese at GAC’s partner universities.

With the mission to engage students in real-life situations, all of the students will live with a Chinese host family and the professional instructors will help advance the learning process inside and outside the classroom through a variety of learning techniques.

Learning Chinese in China will provide:
  • Support from Chinese language tutors and Chinese language instructors at all language-learning levels.
  • A variety of courses to choose from: intensive Chinese course training in GAC top universities, small group and one-on-one tutoring.
  • An understanding of real China through a language immersion and an internship in China. This provides an opportunity to gain professional working experience within Chinese companies.
  • Go Abroad China | Learning at Top Universities and Learn Chinese

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  • Academics 9.1
  • Support 9.2
  • Fun 8.7
  • Housing 9.3
  • Safety 9.1
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Memorable Study Experience

It was very well done, everything went smoothly, even out of my expectation.
First, speaking of the support from, I had nothing to say, every step is perfect from the beginning to the moment that I had to leave China. Go Abroad China placed me in a good family. The accommodation was very fitting for me, I am glad I was placed with real Chinese people. They cooked wonderfully and were always concerned about my well being, such nice family. And speaking of my study university, I like it very much. I found it interesting how successful the teachers were at teaching to each student in China without having to translate into one's mother tongue. Also teachers were lovely and really understanding, seemed to enjoy what they were teaching and I feel like I learnt loads in a short time. Thanks again to the teachers! I am going to recommend my friends to use Go Abroad China for study abroad.

Yes, I recommend this program
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My Study Abroad Experience

It was a great experience. I am really satisfied with my study university—Beijing Language and Culture University. Not to mention the study environment, the class group was small enough in order to be productive. The teacher used modern and efficient methods of learning. The school also has a good reputation for teaching Chinese to foreigners. Besides, I was arranged in an excellent host family. I lived in a large rooms and the Chinese food is quite good. Oh, don’t forget the after class activities which helped me make a lot of Chinese friends.
Anyway, all of these are credited to Go Abroad China. They did a lot of favor to me. I really would like to thank for them.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Best Way to Study a Foreign Language--Total Immersion

I had never imagined my dream may come true one day. Going to China to study Chinese was a goal of mine since I was about 7 when I saw it in a movie. And now my wish is realized. Before my travelling, I did a lot of research and then Go Abroad China came to my final decision. After I contact them, they made the research, preparation, transition, and experience abroad easy and smooth. They provided all of the necessary details and logistics of going to a different country, as well as a great network of support all throughout the process. I was especially happy with the transition that Go Abroad China provided.
After arriving at one of the fastest developing country, I was really excited to see the beauty of the country. Before the registration, Go Abroad China team provided information about my study university. I really appreciate their help.
I created a short video of the beginning of my adventures in China, which will give me forever memory I ever had.
Anyway I had a very wonderful life in China. This experience makes me know better of Chinese culture and my Chinese speaking is improved significantly. Thus I created a short video of my adventures in China, which will give me forever memory I ever had.

Yes, I recommend this program
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My first abroad travelling --learn Chinese in China

I am a skeptical guy. Before my travelling, I did a lot of research and finally I decided to study Chinese with Go Abroad China. The experience exceeded my expectation.
After arriving at the airport, I was warmly welcomed by Go Abroad China coordinator Miss Zoe. She accompanied me to my host family. All of the family members are very friendly to me.
After two days of rest, Go Abroad China picked me up at my host family and together we go to my study school-Beijing Language and Culture University which is really a great university. After two month of studying, I was developing important social skills and learning about the Chinese culture. I'm very impressed with the school and how I have thrived there in just one year. For anyone looking into Chinese immersion in China, Go Abroad China should be seriously considered.

Yes, I recommend this program
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My First Trip Abroad ---Study in Beijing

It was already a great start when Miss Zoe from Go Abroad China picked me up at the airport and took me around Beijing the whole day. It's good to know that you can count on somebody like her, no matter what problem you have.
Also the quality of teaching in BLCU is so much higher than what I experienced. Although I was a difficult student asking a lot of questions the teacher never lost his patience. Though a pure beginner after only two weeks I was able to write read and understand simple sentences using Chinese characters. This was so unbelievable as few days before these were just pictures to me. And the campus living conditions are great, they provide everything i need. It's great to live together with the other local students and share experiences.
During weekend, Go Abroad China team provide tourist information service fluent in English. It is great to travel and explore Beijing with other foreigners.
In general my experience was more than awesome. It was a very nice experience for me, Go Abroad China staff are very friendly and helpful people. I would like to say thank you for them

Yes, I recommend this program
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The Best Chinese Immersion Program

I really enjoyed the time I went to Shanghai, China with Go Abroad China. The teachers are highly motivated, helpful and good at activating the students when in class. Classes are kept small so you get to practice speaking the language a lot.
Besides, the Go Abroad China Team is so helpful and warmhearted. They arranged so many fun activities during my spare time. I would strongly advise future students to make the most of their trip and be open-minded. I was able to take part in some activities arranged by Go Abroad China. We explored places I thought I never would have been able to visit. The excursions allowed me to discover new perspectives and how people from different cities can differ so much. Studying abroad is all about new experiences and trying new things. Although it may be tempting and easier to stay with the same people and find activities similar to those in my home country, it is more enlightening and exciting to completely immerse yourself in another culture. Discover how another country functions and learn their history.
For me, it met and exceeded my expectations, I can't really say how I have improved in my Chinese language and culture, I've got nothing to compare it to, I've never had an experience like this before!

Yes, I recommend this program
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My Best Mandarin Study Experience with Go Aborad China in Beijing

From the beginning, there was always someone named Zoe there to answer any questions my parents or I had. They never made us feel like we were asking too many questions or the wrong questions which was very important to me. Even at my study abroad fair at my home campus the representative Miss Ada was very helpful and helped me choose the best school for me. The whole staff always went above and beyond anything that I expected. They made the experience a much more personal one which I think is important.
The orientation in Beijing was awesome! The Go Abroad China staff was so friendly and helpful while we were there and there were always fun things planned each day, not to mention the amazing hotel we stayed in!. I definitely recommend going on it because you get much closer with a smaller group of people. I became really good friends with people that went to all different schools around China which was fun because we would have them visit us or we would visit them throughout the semester.
The housing was amazing in Guomao! It was a block away from the university, and close to all the stores, bars, and restaurants. I definitely recommend Go Abroad China and I am so happy I decided to go with this program. It really made my study abroad experience a smooth and enjoyable one. I already wish I could go back!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Chinese study in Shanghai Fudan University

Studying abroad in China has changed the course of my life. I can confidently say that my study abroad experience through the Go Abroad China was the best decision I have ever made. While exploring abroad options, I initially thought China would be an unrealistic choice for me. However, after talking to people who studied abroad in the past, I knew I had to experience this for myself. The Go Abroad China made my transition to China extremely painless. Whether it be housing or credit transfers and financial questions, the Go Abroad China staff made sure to help me through every step of the way. I never felt alone or overwhelmed, and I believe it was through their guidance and support that I was able to have the most amazing semester of my life.
From the moment they pick you up at the airport to the moment they drop you off for your flight home, you can rest assured that they will be there for you. After the fact, it is truly hard to put into words how much 4 months can change your life. Having never branched away from my friends before, I made the rash decision to go alone to China. To this day, we all cherish the memories we made on the pre-semester trip, as it was our first time meeting one another. Throughout the remaining four months the countries I visited and the places I saw was absolutely incredible. The teachers in Shanghai Fudan University were lovely. The program attacked reading and speaking simultaneously and gave me a rounded experience and understanding. The intensive Chinese program is a great way to learn Chinese and get an understanding of the fundamental structure of the language. Whether it be local famous scenic spots, or activities held by Go Abroad China team or my Chinese friends, each day was better than the next. If you are thinking of studying abroad this experience is BEYOND COMPARABLE. No matter the obstacle, Go Abroad China staff will help you along the way and I promise you will have the most incredible four months of your life!

Yes, I recommend this program
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One-one tutoring Chinese study with Go Abroad China

Actually, going abroad was a last second decision for me but right off of the bat, Go Abroad China was there helping me along. Go Abroad China was extremely helpful throughout my whole process. With only a few days left before application deadlines, they quickly provided me with all of the information I needed to be sure that this was the right trip for me. And I could not have been more correct in my decision. On the day of my arrival, Go Abroad China offered to pick up from the airport, take me to my host family. Their accommodations to make sure you were settled in were useful for me. After they gave me a tour of the national museum, they took me to my host family. My host family's house was very well kept, clean, and most of all welcoming. My entire host family was happy to have me there and encouraged me to fully immerse myself in the culture. They tried to make my meals according to what I prefer, something not easily done in a common household in my home town.
Besides, while we were studying at our respective schools we had a resident director that stayed in close contact with us the whole time. This was very nice because whenever we had a question or something, we knew we could always go to him/her. My resident director would set up fun things for us to do together every couple of weeks, which was nice.
At the weekend I had the opportunity to complete the famous “The Bund” trip, which, although involving a little far away from where I lived, was definitely one of the best parts of my time in Shanghai. At the second weekend, when we actually made it to the West Lake, Go Abroad China blew all expectations out of the water when we arrived at our "housing". By housing I mean a classy hotel with full sized kitchens, flat screen televisions, maid service, a full sized indoor pool, an outdoor pool, and a gym. My particular room was located on the 24th floor with a balcony that overlooked the Lake. This provided for an awesome way to wind down the day and watch some of the most incredible sunsets you've ever seen.
With so many different activities planned including touring around the city and a boat ride around the harbor, it really created the perfect environment to bond with the other people on trip and get a feel for the country's city culture.
I could not have been happier with my study abroad experience. Go Abroad China has helped in everything we have done. From the time we landed in Shanghai till the farewell dinner, we had help all the way. Wow, I began to miss Shanghai again.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Group Study in Shanghai With Go Abroad China

I decided to travel to Shanghai with Go Abroad China for a two week High School Special program after studying Mandarin for a year at school. I felt that it would be a wonderful experience that would broaden my cultural horizons. My time in Shanghai was everything I imagined and more! I arrived nervous, for it was my first time traveling without friends or family who would share in my experience; however, the great Go Abroad China staff really worked to ease my concerns. Upon arrival, I was immediately greeted by an employee and introduced to other students who would be working with me. I was then brought to my home stay, where I was greeted by my cheerful host family, who taught me about traditional Chinese holidays and about everyday life in Shanghai throughout my time with them.
During the first week in Shanghai, our mornings were spent at the Group Study Mandarin Club, where we took lessons in language and culture. Although I already spoke some Mandarin, our teacher taught us about the local dialect, which made me even more comfortable speaking in the city. I was also very interested during the lessons about the daily, traditional, and business components of the Chinese culture. After our morning lesson and lunch at a local restaurant, we went to different types of businesses throughout the city. Throughout the trip, we worked on a presentation for China Linguist, one of the city’s major linguistic companies, which we presented towards the conclusion of the trip. We also visited multiple law firms to learn about the Chinese legal system the differences between western and eastern law.
My free time was filled with visiting local attractions and restaurants. We went to a traditional Chinese Opera show and ate at a hot pot restaurant. My host family took me to their hometown of Leshan to see pandas and the Leshan Giant Buddha. I was able to really immerse myself within the Chinese culture during my free time.
Prior to my arrival, I was uncertain of what to expect from the local food; however, I quickly came to realize, through the urging of both my host family and staff members, that trying the unfamiliar dishes would lead to me finding new favorite dishes. Shanghai food, famous for its special taste, is quite unique, and whenever I find myself missing Shanghai, I go out to eat some.
Overall, my experience with Go Abroad China was phenomenal! The staff really helped to make my experience memorable through working to ease all of my concerns, creating interesting daily agendas filled with both cultural and business-related education, and making me feel at home while I was thousands of miles away.

Yes, I recommend this program
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My Chinese Study Experience

Wow, where to start?
Going to China was a goal of mine since I was about 7 when I saw it in a movie, and at the age of 21, I was able to spend an amazing one year studying and exploring there. I created a short video of the beginning of my adventures in China, which will give me forever memory I ever had.
The Go Abroad China made the research, preparation, transition, and experience abroad easy and smooth. They provided all of the necessary details and logistics of going to a different country, as well as a great network of support all throughout the process. I was especially happy with the transition that Go Abroad China provided. I like to say that they provided three opportunities of transitions prior to beginning my new life:
1.) Getting to know each other
2.) Getting to know your host country
3.) Getting to know your university.
If all of these steps had occurred at once, I feel that I would have been very overwhelmed. But Go Abroad China offered the opportunity to make the transition slowly and have an amazing time learning and exploring all throughout the process.
China is the place that I have begun to call my home, where my friends have become family, and my dreams a reality. When we fully EXPERIENCE the world and the wonders it has to offer, we CONNECT with who we are, and DISCOVER who we can be. Throughout the whole process of studying in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Go Abroad China was amazing. From the beginning, they answered every single little question I had and made the entire process simple from financial aid to housing to the abroad university I picked, they were there every step of the way. I strongly recommend Go Abroad China to anyone who is thinking about studying abroad! Each of them went above and beyond of what I expected and made our time abroad just like home. Going with Go Abroad China was one of the best decisions I have made during my college career!

How can this program be improved?
Best Service Best Experience
Yes, I recommend this program
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Study Chinese in Shanghai

At first, traveling to the other side of the world seemed crazy to me. Getting on a plane for hours to China and immersing myself into a culture for one year was something that I was not comfortable with. With the help of Go Abroad China, it made my transition from Australia to China not only a smooth one, but an extremely enjoyable one as well. From the beginning Go Abroad China kept me organized from what I should expect and pre departure materials that were necessary for my success with my transition. They always had a timely response to my questions.
Once I got to the airport and was ready to take off I was accompanied by others in the program as well. This helped with the transition as we talked over our worries and excitements and realized we were all in the same boat. Once we got to China, staff members of Go Abroad China were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Traveling to the Xihu was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I was eager to get my semester abroad in China underway. I came to Shanghai with absolutely no understanding of Chinese culture, customs or language. The staff of Go Abroad China were so friendly and helpful, they made it very easy for me understand the Chinese. It was a fantastic experience and I'd definitely keep it in memory for my whole life. With the help of Go Abroad China they made the best semester of my life possible.

How can this program be improved?
It was an amazing experience to study in China with Go Abroad China
Yes, I recommend this program
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The best Chinese study program in china with Go Abroad China

Ever since I participated in an exploratory Mandarin Chinese course in Grade 11, I had always craved the ideal opportunity to immerse myself in Chinese culture. As my university required an internship component as a graduation requirement, it seemed only reasonable to set my eyes on China as an internship destination. Only one concern remained. How would such an ambition become feasible? Luckily, there is Go Abroad China (GAC), a non-profit organization dedicated in equipping young adventurous interns in China with the expectation that they succeed and emerge as global leaders.
Naturally, the core of the internship program revolves around endeavors at the workplace. Assuming that the companies operate Anglophone environments, exposure to Chinese culture on a daily basis appears to be missing. Thanks to GAC, embedding elements of a culture pertaining to one-sixth of the world's population everyday became a reality that left me as a well-rounded and open-minded leader prepared for future challenges involving China's emergence as a world superpower.
If learning the Chinese language and customs is to occur regularly, then focusing in on the accommodation remains imperative. GAC abounds with options that enable participants to live with Chinese of all lifestyles. In my case, I managed to live with single roommates working full time, a wealthy family in Beijing's northern suburbs, and a host mother who worked professionally as a doctor. Irrespective of social status, all appreciated my effort to learn Mandarin, and they introduced me to a wide array of Beijing specialties to satisfy my appetite for Chinese cuisine. Such a set-up proved worthwhile in helping me integrate into Chinese society.
Additionally, GAC provided supplementary help in learning Mandarin my assigning me a tutor. We would meet regularly in a cafe in order to maximize the language-learning environment since I could order food in Chinese at the same time. If the student's expectations do not directly correspond to those proposed by the tutor, GAC offers flexibility in which changing a tutor would not be problematic.
Assuming that the participant takes Mandarin, resides with a Chinese-speaking host family, and has exposure to the cuisine, everything would seem to be in order. What else could still be missing? GAC fills in the last missing puzzle piece by inviting students to take part at numerous excursions and cultural workshops offered on a weekly basis. Whether it be climbing at the Ming Wall, or learning the ins and outs of a Chinese massage, participants will enthusiastically choose cultural electives that cover an extensive realm of preferences. Those passionate about history and gardening will enjoy the Summer Palace, while those who are more action-oriented will enjoy Tai Chi.
Without GAC, interns would abound with confusion in a part of the world that may initially seem unfamiliar to them. Nevertheless, the help of such a reliable agency around the clock engages participants in an adventure that they will treasure for a lifetime. Remember, whatever a student puts into the experience is what he or she takes out of it, and those who take advantage of GAC will find a very rewarding experience that will remain indented in their memories beyond their stay in China.

Yes, I recommend this program
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The Best Experience of My Life

Go Abroad China's on-site staff was incredible! They had the perfect balance with staying in touch with students, as they were neither too over-bearing, nor impossible to contact. If needed, the staff was a simple text or phone call away. Other than that, they met up with us monthly to see how we were doing and discuss our trips, classes, and plans for the remainder of our time. Although they did give us our freedom in the country, they were always looking out for us; a perfect example, I cut my finger while I showed my host family how to cooke the Pasta and was taken to a Chinese clinic, so luckily that they speak perfect English and looked after while I got stitches. The Go Abroad China program was very well organized, staff was friendly and helpful and I have participated in the wide range of activities. The Go Abroad China crew continued to accompany me to check-ups for the remainder of the trip. I have mostly enjoyed the making the Chinese dumplings class and visit to the Great Wall. I studied at Beijing Language and Culture University for 1 semester; our Chinese teachers are very experienced in teaching international students. Their friendly approach to the students made me want to learn Chinese even more. I was pleasantly surprised how friendly Chinese people are and felt really safe during my stay.

Social & Cultural Integration:
I felt extremely integrated with the local culture.

Safety: I felt completely safe walking around in Beijing, day-or-night. Obviously, any place can be dangerous, so my advice to future students studying in any city in any country, would be to don't make poor decisions and use your intuition.

How can this program be improved?
The best program and service.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Internship Program

This internship was one of the best work experience I have had so far. Not only I could directly experience Chinese culture, but also I can now add something valuable on my career background.

Thanks to GAC support I had all I need to face daily life here. They provided me with everything I needed, besides some useful suggestions about China and the local habits.

Yes, I recommend this program


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