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Between the months of June and August your Kids and Teens ( 7- 17 ) can join us at our Shanghai or Beijing campuses for some Chinese language learning.

That′s Mandarin is the #1 choice for Chinese learners, with more joining us annually.

A reputable and trusted school for guaranteed success since our establishment in 2005.

As well as our professional Chinese classes, our students will get the chance to explore their chosen city and develop a good understanding of Chinese culture through our exciting excursions and activities. The Shanghai & Beijing summer camp courses comes in a variety of packages to suit the needs of both children and their parents, including; full-time camp, day camp and morning camp.

We guarantee you will see a huge improvement in your child's Chinese after their camp experience! Full campers get accommodation included, visit our site for all the details!

  • SAFE - We focus on our campers’ safety and in providing a safe environment to all students.
  • PROFESSIONAL - With 9 years of experience, we keep on improving our camp content and management.
  • FUN FUN FUN! - We make it fun for kids while they’re learning a challenging language like Mandarin.

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The price is from RMB 3000 for a week, which focuses on intensive Chinese classes. For more activities and field trips, the price might be up to RMB 5500 per week, but please believe us that every penny is worthwhile. Safety is first and students get the chance to meet students all over the world, try Chinese style calligraphy, paper-cutting, and experience the authentic Chinese life here. The...
It is there - we tracked it with I phone apps and compared with other cities . But... we moved around in 100 f heat in June and were just fine. Our daughter with mild asthma was fine. For three weeks. We are both MDs and were scare to death before trip. But it was just fine. PS do not drink water from faucet.


based on 47 reviews
  • Academics 9.1
  • Support 9.7
  • Fun 9.4
  • Housing 9.4
  • Safety 9.7
  • Program Selection 9.8
  • Pre-departure Help 9.8
  • In-program Support 9.5
  • Impact on Student 9.5
  • Value 9.3
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I like this shanghai camp

My name is Luke. I am 13 and I am from Singapore. This is my first time in China and I wanted to learn Chinese as Singapore has a lot of Chinese people. I choose That's Mandarin as it had the most good reviews and comments. I am from the Shanghai camp and a typical day at That's Mandarin is we usually start the day with a cultural class unless it's Tuesday and Thursday where we have field trip. After that we have class. I like making friends. To describe it in three words it would be excellent, interesting, and surprising. The teacher has taught us about Chinese culture and we learnt about Chinese Chess, songs and poetry. The school environment is Top notch in my opinion and the cultural activities are very interesting. The field trip are very interesting as we go to educational places such as museums.

This is a great experience in my life and I really enjoy the time here. I have made lots of amazing friends here. We eat together, play together, and learn together. Teachers here are very patient and they are always there and would love to help me. I really want to say thank you my teachers. And everyone here I met are very nice and friendly and always love to help. The school is very nice too. We have different classes and activities, we had a lot of fun.

Yes, I recommend
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Very good school

This is the 1st time my son, 12 years old, attends a Mandarin program in China. We are Australian and French. When we left Australia, he could read pinying but could only say a few words in Mandarin. When we arrived in Beijing, as I cannot talk a word of Mandarin, except for ‘ni hao’, I asked my son to help a bit at the restaurant ect... with no success. After a week he gained confidence and was willing to talk in Mandarin in our every day life. I am so happy, this is a real success. He has learned at lot over these 2 weeks and on the top of it he had very good fun. As he enrolled the day camp, he has been eating at the school. They had a choice of 4 dishes every day (mixture of Asian and European dishes) and the food has been very good, according to my son. They even went to a restaurant on Friday and had a choice of dishes to share. He has had educational holidays! This is perfect. The school staff is very helpful and the teachers are very nice. They all try to assist you in any of the problems you might encounter in a country where you cannot speak the language. All people I met in this school are very happy with the outcomes and the social environment. I highly recommend the Chinese summer camp at ‘That’s Mandarin’ School.

How can this program be improved?
Nothing, everything is perfect.
Yes, I recommend
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Family language adventure

There were four of us attending That’s Mandarin. Myself and my three children aged 8, 6 and 4. I was incredibly anxious before arriving, but after the first day felt at ease and very inspired.
The area surrounding the school had everything we needed and we took a gentle stroll to school each day. The school is welcoming, organized and tailored for the needs of students. Our children enjoyed attending every day and the staff (both teachers and assistant teachers) were outstanding. The kids were keen to do their homework every day and the incentive through the money cards was effective. The break out activities suited kids of all ages and ours certainly enjoyed them. The text books were familiar to us from our previous study in Hong Kong which helped. Perhaps we could have had a word list and radical list so that we had an easier time searching for words we needed or presumed to have been known.
It certainly helped that I was taking classes also as we felt we were experiencing this journey as a team. We also helped each other with homework!
The kids enjoyed their lunches everyday which is really important.
Overall, we were very happy with the program. It was a perfect method of inspiring the two older children to continue their studies (without too much pressure or any feelings of despondency) and allowing our third and youngest child to feel very comfortable with hearing and trying the language.
We will look to come again next summer and perhaps also continue with skype classes!

How can this program be improved?
Meet the teacher for the kids and weekly parent feedback sessions
Yes, I recommend
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Great Full Camp Experience at That's Mandarin

I like the teachers because they’re nice, not like normal teachers in a normal school. I also made a lot of friends here and they came from England, America, Korea, etc. I like the afternoon classes, like calligraphy, dumpling cooking and making Chinese knots. My favorite activity is the dumpling making class. About the field trip, I like the Glass Museum the most as it’s very beautiful. Overall, I think Shanghai is good, especially the shops and the people who are so nice. I’d recommend That’s Mandarin to my friends as it’s very good here. I’d like to come back again next year.

Yes, I recommend
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Great Choice For a Mandarin Trip

My 7-year-old son was placed in a class with 3 other boys of similar age and language ability, which I think is a very good class size and composition. The teacher, Ms. Zhao, is a terrific teacher, patient and fair, and the children learned a lot! My son enjoyed his time and loved the classes. The school representative also took good care of us, giving us tips for what to do in town with the children after school, answering all our queries and addressing any concerns efficiently.

Overall, thank you to That’s Mandarin for making our learning Mandarin trip such a wonderful experience!

How can this program be improved?
If there is anything to change, it would just be to include more sports activity, especially after a day of sitting in the classroom all morning. And perhaps to teach the children some Maths in Mandarin and lessen the homework load for younger kids.
Yes, I recommend
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Great experience with their Summer family Camp

I noticed this summer family camp from the webstie and it turns out to be great.

We came from Hong Kong and my daughter knows a little bit of mandarin. We stayed here for 2 weeks and my daughter met a lot of new friends. They provided snacks and lunch everyday. They go field trip twice a week, visiting different museums, which my daughter liked and enjoyed very much. At first I worried about my daughter’s safety, but the teachers are so caring and loving , that makes me feel relieved.

How can this program be improved?
It would be better if there is a big outdoor area for kids to play.
Yes, I recommend
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My daughter has enjoyed her Summer Camp Mandarin classes and loves her teachers

Our six year old daughter has enjoyed her Summer Camp Mandarin classes and loves her teachers.  She has especially enjoyed meeting the other students in Summer Camp and has made friends. She enjoyed the activities in the afternoon, kite making, visual arts, and making mianbao. Her teachers provided resources so she can continue practicing her Chinese character writing.
We recommend That’s Mandarin since we have seen how happy our daughter was in her classes and also we have seen an improvement in our daughter’s language skills.

While my daughter attended Mandarin Summer Camp I also enjoyed attending Mandarin classes that accommodated our family’s weekly schedule.  Each teacher has her/his own style of teaching that supported my learning.  Taking language classes is hard work and I needed to devote time to study and practice. The That’s Mandarin method challenged me to stay focused and committed to my learning. I especially liked how each teacher provided resources and opportunities to speak in Mandarin with a disciplined approach to my conversational practice and grammar.  My teachers of That’s Mandarin created a wonderful personalized learning environment that has inspired me to continue my language study. The school setting and social scene provided our family a chance to meet other families attending That’s Mandarin from various parts of the world.

Yes, I recommend
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A Different and Exciting Summer in China

I’ve been in China once before with my family but this is my first time in a camp like this. We were given a selection of 3 languages in our school back home and Mandarin was the one I was best at and it’s the one I enjoy the most. So I took this Full Immersion Camp at That’s Mandarin to improve my grades. I stayed here for 3 weeks.

My sister came to That’s Mandarin 2 years ago and she really enjoyed the camp and it really helped her with her grades. And my parents thought it would do the same for me. I haven’t been to any other summer camps in china, but I still think this is very good. I really enjoyed the facilities here, even the teachers were amazing.

I usually arrived at the school at 8:30 in the morning and waited about half hour for the other students to arrive. Then we started classes at 9:00. We had a very fun speaking and listening class for 50 min, in which we talked about whatever subject at hands and we learned about characters. Then we had a cartoon class in which we watched a video and explained it in Chinese. Then we had another break, followed by a writing class where we wrote about a picture the teacher gave us to look at. Or we would write about the video we looked at earlier to practice our writing skills.

Then we had another break. In the afternoon, we had very fun activities. We would go on a field trip, like to a museum for a nice relaxing day. We had been to two or three museums while I was here and they were all different and really interesting. I think the museum was my favourite part. Some days we would play sports like pingpong. Then we came back to the school and that was the end of the day.

I think my experience here has been all amazing. I like the teachers; they’re all experienced and really good. The other students are very nice too. Nobody is mean or has bad behavior. I’ve always been a huge fan of magic. But in my old school, during the classes, the teachers would hate it if I had a pack of cards in my hands. But here, it’s okay. I just love magic, and just showing it to the other students makes me feel really happy. I’m always interacting with the other students and nobody feels left out. It’s a really nice environment to learn.

The facilities are very nice too. That’s Mandarin is also near a lot of food places, so the food is always very good. I stayed in an apartment that’s close enough to walk to school, but not too far you have to take a taxi. It’s a very nice walking distance. The accommodation itself is very nice. It has everything you need, like a working bathroom, a washing machine, a really nice bed, and the view all the way up there in the apartment block is very nice!

Yes, I recommend
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My kids enjoyed the camp a lot

·First , this is our first time in Beijing,we have been in Shanghai before but just for traveling. We really intended our kids to know Chinese language and the area we should is That’s mandarin school in Beijing that really convinced from many years experience。
·Second, Once the day we step in this school it was holiday, however staff still continue working and make us nicely welcome especially staff team who play game with our kids that it so impressive at first arrived in school.
·Third, all staff here are very helpful, it was nicely for all your kindness and help. (Especially thank you to Holly , principal and really impress for all staffs with lovely smile)
·Lastly, our kids said do not want to go back to Thailand. They keep asking to be here but unfortunately, mom has to go back for a work. If any occasionally coming we will be here surely.

Yes, I recommend
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My Chinese has developed a lot after only staying two weeks at That’s Mandarin!

I decided to stay only two weeks because I was travelling alone and I did not know if I would enjoy it. However, now when I am almost finished, I really wished I had one more week. The apartment I got through the school has a central location and was great for my stay.

On my first day at the summer camp, I was initially placed in a group which I realized was not suitable for me, so I was later moved to another group, which I really enjoyed and it was here my Chinese level increased.

On the other hand I did enjoy some of the activities we did. For example, the Saturday trip to Shanghai Financial Tower, the bund and Shanghai museum with a teacher who taught us Chinese on the way was a great experience! Calligraphy was also another activity I really enjoyed.

The first day at That’s Mandarin I was welcomed by very nice people and I received a contact person which I could contact at any time! I also found friends at That’s mandarin who I stayed with throughout my trip and who I will remember for a long time!

I definitely recommend That’s Mandarin to families and people of all ages travelling to Shanghai and to learn Chinese! I hope to come here again next summer.

Yes, I recommend
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That's Mandarin Summer Camp

My family loves our experience at That's Mandarin Camp. We were at the Beijing campus last year and my kids left the camp able to converse in simple mandarin and keen to learn more Chinese. We came to the the Shanghai campus this year and the kids (ages 6, 8 and 10) fit right in with the welcoming teachers and fun classmates. Within the first week, they had learned some new Chinese characters and were able to understand the local Chinese cartoons on TV. The teachers were very experienced in motivating my kids to learn Chinese in an enjoyable manner. The kids come to the camp everyday in a very happy mood and they want to speak more mandarin. This is so enlightening compared to their dread in attending the Chinese school in Canada! The best attribute of That's Mandarin Camp is the teachers' friendly and encouraging way of building my kids' confidence in conversing mandarin and motivate them to learn more Chinese. My kids have all asked to come back again next year!

How can this program be improved?
I think the kids will benefit from online Chinese games throughout the year while they "wait" to come back to the summer camp. In this way, they are able to retain more of what they have learned and will be keen to keep learning to score on the games.
Yes, I recommend
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The morning classes are very interesting

In the morning we have 3 classes, which are grammar, speaking and writing classes. In the afternoon, since it’s a Day Camp, we have cultural classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and on Tuesday and Thursday they take us on a field trip.
In the first class, the speaking class, we talk about vocabulary, and things that you can use to make sentence structures. They also teach practical things. Instead of talking about birthday parties all the time, they have one new topic every day and they focus on another topic. We did a topic on school. The morning classes they seem faster than they actually are. All the teachers are very nice. I especially like the classes because there are only 3 or 4 students, so the teachers are able to focus on each person individually. And so we can get a lot more done.
My sister and I both like the cultural activities. And I like the field trips more because we go to places you don’t normally go. Like the first thing you normally do in Beijing is to go to the Great Wall, but we go to less crowded places like the Science Museum. We also went to the zoo and the Temple of Heaven. But I like the Science Museum because it had a lot more content than just walking around. The most interesting place in Beijing is the place full of street food where they sell live scorpions and other interesting food.

Yes, I recommend
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Our That's Mandarin Experience

My family and I are from the US and we’re here for just a couple of weeks. We were looking for an experience for our kids over those short weeks where they could be engaged in the culture, not just visiting and sightseeing, but really meet some of the other kids in the area and learn a little bit about the culture.

I have two boys, one is 8 and the other is 10. We didn’t know any Mandarin before this trip. My 10-year-old downloaded a couple of online apps and learned a little bit himself but otherwise they didn’t know anything. This is their first experience.

We were recommended to That’s Mandarin by someone else that has been here before. We’ve been really happy with the kids’ experience these past two weeks. They’ve learned a lot of Mandarin, some of the traditional Chinese handiwork and cultural events and they’re really excited about it.

I’m surprised by how much they’ve picked up over the last couple weeks. We had them help us order at the restaurant, talk to the taxi driver. They definitely learned a lot, really quickly. The teachers were really encouraging, and gave them the confidence they needed to be able to pick up the language, because it’s way different, obviously. They challenged them but at the same time, the level was just right so that they felt confident they could pick up those things asked of them.

A couple of days ago afterward they said, “Can we go back to China again?” They’ve really enjoyed being here and this experience. I feel like every time they go on a field trip, I want to go too. I look them up and see if I can go too.

I expected they would be able to meet other kids and I was surprised at how many countries the students are coming from. That was really fun. My kids still enjoy telling me where everybody comes from, who they’ve met.

We took the subway to get here and it was pretty easy from the subway station. I think it’s a good location, easy to get to.

I’m sure if we come back to Shanghai, we will do this again, probably next time I’ll take a class to learn a little bit myself. Thank you for a great experience.

Yes, I recommend
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Nice experience

This is quite a experience and my kids enjoyed it very much. My original propose was just to increase theirs intress on Chinese which is the most important step from my point of view. After one weeks program, my kids find it is fun to learn Chinese and begin to speak Chinese with me. I am sure they achieved more than my expectation. learning and having fun, the program makes me more confident for more next steps on the way of studying chinese which I didn't dare to expect before.

Tina Wang

How can this program be improved?
Give parents chance to attend the program, so that parents can have better understanding.
Yes, I recommend
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The children loved learning Mandarin in the summer camp. There were other children of similar ages and they learnt and played together. The teachers were great and made them and all of us very comfortable.

The content of the programme was suitable for their abilities and the voucher system encouraged them to do better which is a brilliant idea.

How can this program be improved?
I cannot think of anything!
Yes, I recommend


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