BCA Study Abroad: Cheltenham, England
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BCA Study Abroad: Cheltenham, England

As a small city with only about 110,000 residents, Cheltenham is a peaceful city with picturesque surroundings. You’ll enjoy natural beauty and local festivals, while still being close enough to bigger cities in Europe — such as London, Birmingham, Oxford and Bristol all being 40 minutes away with convenient rail travel options. With restaurants, theater and cultural folk music, Cheltenham is full of simplistic activities.

Many BCA students get very involved in extracurricular and social activities at the university. Some choose also to participate in volunteer experiences in local schools, businesses, government and non-profit organizations. The BCA Cheltenham director identifies appropriate placements for students. Students interested in an internship may be able to find a placement but should start working with BCA as soon as they start their application to ensure that an internship option will be available.

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Program Reviews (4)

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21 years old
United States
University of Gloucestershire

Once in a lifetime experience


Studying abroad in Cheltenham was a dream because of its convenient location, comfortable housing and exceptional support. Exploring and adventures were just a walk to the bus station away. Trips to Dublin, Paris, Rome, Wales and London were easily made on the weekends.
Living with British students truly immersed us in the culture and made it easy for us to quickly make friends. The support system we had in Cheltenham was part of what made the transition to a new country so much more exciting. Our resident director was just a text away at all times, and we all got so close it was like having a British family.
The only bad thing about this trip is that I miss it so much that I think about it everyday. I recommend Cheltenham to anyone looking to enjoy city life in a student dorm, make lifelong friends and see sites you have only ever seen in movies.

How can this program be improved?

The workload for the BCA signature course was a bit more intense than what I heard other countries had. However, it did help with the acclimation process.

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25 years old
Elizabethtown College

Best experience of my life!


Opened my eyes to my love of travel-- and has influenced my life ever since. Program directors were fantastic-- accommodation was perfect. An experience that led me to meet some of my closest friends, and boyfriend. I have been back to Cheltenham many times since my first study abroad trip, and loved the school so much that I chose to get my MA there! I highly recommend BCA and its study abroad program.

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30 years old
Mechanicsburg, PA
Messiah College

Charming Cheltenham


My study abroad experience was one of my top college highlights. I was able to take needed courses in my major at the University of Gloucestershire while living and studying with students from all around the United Kingdom. The program directors were fabulous; super approachable, fun, and helpful. Several fun day trips were planned for us. It was also easy to get around the town on our own. I also took trips to neighboring towns and around Europe. Cheltenham gives you a more relaxed experiences with easy transportation options into London and other places.

30 years old
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Messiah College

Tangled Up With The French Police


During my semester in Cheltenham, England with BCA Study Abroad, my friends and I were fortunate enough to have a class schedule that gave us long weekends off. So, we maximized this opportunity by planning trips to various countries throughout Europe over various weekends. On one such 4 day trip, we explored Switzerland and then France. However, we were what you would call budget travelers, and in the most severe sense of the term possible. We figured out the cheapest way possible to get where we wanted to go, and then we went for it. The problem is, when you're aiming for the most affordable option, it often means adding additional, drawn out legs to your journey and booking everything in advance. Well, on this particular trip, we have planned to get back to England on a Sunday by taking the train from Paris to the French port city of Calais and then taking the ferry across the English Channel to Dover. From there, we planned to take a train back to London, where we would grab a late night bus back to Cheltenham in time for classes the next morning. Tired yet?! However, as our luck would have it, we missed the second leg of our journey home (the ferry across the English Channel from France to England) in the most melodramatic way possible. The scene involved the 5 of us girls running down a highway with all of our luggage like crazy foreigners, trying to climb through a hole in a fence desperately trying to get to the ferry, and being questioned by French police as a result. Thankfully, it all worked out eventually, and after being escorted by the French police to a later ferry and arriving to the White Cliffs of Dover in the dark, we ended up having to take a bus to another train station (because the train wasn't working in Dover for some reason-go figure!), where we caught the train back to London and then had to buy new bus tickets back to Cheltenham because we had more than missed the bus we had booked in advance. Can you say domino effect?! Needless to say, the 5 of us will never forget that trip!

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