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IES Abroad London - Study London

The goal of our over 35-year-old program is to help you explore contemporary London, both physically and culturally. Gain a deeper knowledge of British culture, including the central importance of history to the British. Explore the global impact of Britain on Western culture, including art, literature, and financial and political systems.

London will also be your classroom. Get to know British culture and arts by visiting some of the city’s many museums and art galleries, including the British Museum (a two-minute walk from our Center!), the National Gallery, and the Tate Galleries. Learn about the city’s history from your world-class professors and then visit London’s three UNESCO World Heritage sites: the Tower of London, Westminster Palace, and Kew’s Royal Botanic Gardens. Everywhere you turn in London is a new opportunity to learn more—strolling down the streets, passing by the many book stores, watching street performers, and listening to live music. Welcome to study abroad!

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YES! I came in knowing about one person from my school going on this program and came out with so many new friends!

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London is the Happiest Place on Earth!

After careful consideration, I chose to study abroad with IES London in the Spring of 2012. I studied with IES in Oxford my sophomore year, so choosing IES was an easy decision. I lived right by the Thames in Chelsea, one of the safest and prettiest parts of London. I quickly learned that spending three months in this beautiful city was hardly enough time to check everything off of my to-do list, but I tried to pack in as much as possible, and with the help of IES field trips, I got to experience a lot of things on my checklist and even more that I would have never known about without them. The faculty and staff at IES London is wonderful...they are so helpful and friendly and always willing to give advice about what museums to check out, where to eat, and even where to go out on the weekends! Through my classes, I got to learn about London through a cultural, architectural, literary, and historical lens. IES London makes sure you have every opportunity available to you, whether that is taking a class at a British university, joining a local club, spending a weekend with a host family, or participating in an internship. They help you to make the most of your experience and have fun along the way. After three months, I thought of London as my second home and I can't wait to go back soon! Studying abroad was definitely the best decision I have made in my undergraduate career, and IES London is definitely the best program out there.

Yes, I recommend
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This program is wonderful!

If you are looking for an amazing experience abroad in a historic metropolitan area, this program is perfect.
We lived in Spitalfields at Nido student housing. Talk to anyone, this is really really great location. It's a unique area, minutes walk from the train station, Spitalfields Markets, Bricklane, and other great locations.
There was a perfect balance between academics and free time. I think most all of the people I studied with would agree that the classes and teachers are some of the best they had ever had. That was definitely the case for me. I took the Theatre in London class, as well as the course on the life and writings of Charles Dickens...both wonderful. Also, most people had time to do outside traveling if desired. My friend and I were able to take four day trip to Norway. We also participated in some of the extra field trips offered by IES, including Stonehenge, Bath, and Brighton. Some people chose to travel every weekend, but there is SO so much to do in London, my friends and I really focused on experiencing as much of this historic place as we could.
I am studying modern dance, so for me personally London was the ideal city to experience performing arts abroad. In my spare time I was able to take dance classes and see dance performances, in addition to the performances that we saw for my theatre class.
I would never trade my experience with IES London. It really was one of the best summers of my life.

How can this program be improved?
One of my only complaints is that there weren't many opportunities to meet locals. I would have loved to have created relationships with Londoners that were our age.
Yes, I recommend
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A truly amazing experience

Studying abroad in London with IES was one of the best decisions that I've ever made. London is a fantastic place with world class culture. Concerts, art, pubs, shopping all abound.

Nido Spitalfields, where we lived, is in central London right off of the Liverpool Street Station. You can get nearly anywhere in the city from here. It is also right next to two of the hippest neighborhoods for young people, Shoreditch and Brick Lane. The dorms are nicer than any other college's that I've seen.

The staff is supportive and approachable. They are there when you need them, but are not overbearing in any way.

Classes were some of the best I took in college. Between 'British Youth Culture' taught by historian Richard Weight, and 'Medieval London' taught by Julian Putkowski, I learned so much about London past and present.

I cannot recommend this program enough.

How can this program be improved?
Though it may sound silly, I wish the program would have been longer. Seven weeks can sound like a long time, but I'd recommend doing a full semester rather than summer courses which I took.
Yes, I recommend
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IES is an amazing program for all students!

I heard about IES study abroad programs through the international studies center at my university. I had always dreamed and hoped I would be able to study abroad sometime during the duration of my undergraduate career, but senior year came along, and I was concerned that, as was the case with many other study abroad programs offered at my school, that I wouldn't be able to find a program that was organized to work with my credits and time frame. Unlike many other programs I was considering, I found IES to be the most flexible and accommodating, and I was able to completely fit the program into my academic plan. The classes offered through this London program were AMAZING, and there was such an array of categories that allowed me to take classes that would actually count, towards my degree, instead of simply taking classes abroad that would fulfill 'extra' or 'fluff' credits. I was able to pick classes I was not only interested in, but that counted, and was additionally able to pay for these credits as in-state, instead of having to pay for credits considered international or out-of-state. The professors for my classes were top-notch. One was a teacher at Oxford, and the other literally took us everywhere around the city to teach us in a more hands on way. The classes are at an accelerated rate, but you do not feel completely overwhelmed. You do have to put in the work, but it is so worth it because of the subject matter and cultural content you are able to come in contact with! The accommodations were fantastic, and I never once felt safe. Rather our dorm rooms, despite being small, were comfortable, and cleaned weekly. We shared completely finished (and furnished) kitchens and living areas, and the borough we were situated in was fabulous! It was so chic, and safe at the same time, and was located in such a way that getting across the city was only a matter of a 20 minute tube ride. But, again, with London, you can get ANYWHERE in a matter of minutes. It's such an amazing city! If I had to do it over, I would pick another IES abroad program to participate in! The IES team, both in the US and while you're in the UK is constantly available, 24-7. You are completely prepared for your excursion abroad before your trip, and you are completely taken care of while you're living abroad. There were optional weekend excursions every week, and during the week, the IES team always took the time to take us out to a different area or restaurant. We explored so many different aspects of London both on our own as tourists, but also with the native Londoners who took us around as friends. My time with IES Abroad London went by too quickly, and I am so glad I participated!

Yes, I recommend
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An Incredible Program in an Incredible City

This IES Abroad program has a supportive and wonderful staff. I was having a hard year because my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer right before I went to London, and the staff, students, and professors all supported me through that difficult experience. My classes were fun and challenging, and as a drama/english double major, this program afforded me opportunities to work on both my majors. We took trips to the theatre every week, and travelled all over Europe with IES, which was an opportunity which I really valued. I HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone who is interested in falling in love with London.

Yes, I recommend
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Life in London

The London IES Study Abroad experience was one of the most life changing times of my life. I learned so much about different people and different ways to live. During the week I was either attending classes (most of them about British culture and history) or at my internship where I got firsthand knowledge of the media overseas. These two aspects created a lifestyle that allowed me to really feel like I belonged in London. The residence hall, school, and my internship were all in different areas, and I therefore got to explore and get to know the city. There were also multiple trips provided through IES, which allowed me to get a unique trip to other countries, along with the trips I planned out on my own. The staff at IES became like a family to our entire tight knit group. I was able to create a life in London that I had no idea existed with the help of all those people, who advised different cultural opportunities. I would recommend the program to anyone, it changed my life!

Yes, I recommend

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