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Looking for a unique study experience in Ireland? Choose Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT)! A friendly, welcoming institute with a supportive learning environment focused on ensuring that the expectation of each student is surpassed.

Situated in the heart of Ireland on the banks of the beautiful river shannon and Lough Ree, Athlone is one of Ireland's must see towns. It is a popular tourist destination with many famous attractions such as Athlone Castle, Irelands oldest pub- Seans Bar (900AD),Luain Gallery and a wide range of world class restaurants.

Our award winning International Office is dedicated to supporting international students during their studies and to help them settle into life in Ireland. The International Office provides assistance to international students, in the areas of accommodation, welfare, academic and social life.

AIT has some of the best sports facilities in Ireland and with over 60 clubs and societies you will never be bored.

Choose AIT!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Athlone: My second home

My experience abroad was awesome. Have chosen AIT as my option, for sure was the most right thing that I did, my choice couldn't be better!

All the time AIT support us very well, since the moment that we landed in Ireland until the sad moment that we had to leave the lovely green Island. They were always very helpful to fix any problem or any doubt, about the academic life, accommodation or any other troubles or questions that could show up. The laboratories and the teaching program say for themselves, good equipments and all of them accessible for students. Furthermore, the AIT's atmosphere is the best one! It was something really important during all the time that I lived there, because they always organized activities to socialize and promote the integration between all students, where we could show how our culture is and the same way learn about other cultures, once there are students from many countries around the world. Besides that, they also used to organize trips around Ireland, where we had the opportunity to know more about Ireland and visit beautiful and historic places.

I really miss Ireland, and If I had a chance, I would not think twice to come back!

What would you improve about this program?
The only thing that I think that could be different was about the bills. I used to live in Wellmount Student Village and we did not have the bills on our hand, we only received an email informing the amount that will be discounted from our deposit. So I think that could be fairer if the students could receive like a copy of the original bill.
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Yes, I recommend this program

My second home

I could say that this year in Ireland was one of the best years in my live, and Ireland is my second home now. Although Athlone is a small city, it has a lot things to do and a lot people from different countries come to study in Athlone Institute of Technology, what makes that experience of living abroad even better. You meet people from entire world, with different cultures, different lifestyle, such as China, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Turkey and many others countries.
I will not lie to you, when I was deciding to study abroad I was quite nervous, but AIT make you feel better with all support that the international office gives to you. They took care of all the documents necessary to get my accommodation and visa. Also, when I arrived in Dublin, they took me in the airport and brought me in my apartment in Athlone, believe me when I say that this make all the difference in the world after almost 24 hours travelling to a new country. They did a lot trips for us inside Ireland, so you can discover and know more about this amazing country deeply.
All the teacher were really helpful, wherever I needed them, they were easy to be found and have time to talk and help you. Other thing that I liked a lot, is that we had a lot laboratories, so we could put in practice what in were learning in class.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Once In A Lifetime Experience!

We could be having some good coffee while meeting in a coffeehouse, where I would spend hours telling you stories about living in Athlone. Well, it's a pity we're not, so I will try to sum things up here instead. My name is Jeovan, and I spent 16 months studying both English and engineering at AIT.

My journey started when I was given the opportunity to study at AIT. Not many people know, but if it weren't for the great support provided by AIT International Office, I would probably never had left Brazil to study overseas (thanks to Mary and Karl). As it happens, I arrived at Dublin Airport in a typical, pale grey sky afternoon, from where AIT had provided a vehicle to drive new students like me straight to our accommodation in Athlone (which I loved, by the way). It doesn't seem to be much, but after nearly one day in a flight it helped a lot!

I felt very comfortable with my first impression of the on-campus high quality facilities. In particular, I couldn't expected to see more than I saw when I visited the engineering building. Additionally, sports facilities are remarkably well offered, including the impressive AIT International Athletic Arena and a soccer standard all weather pitch in which I particularly spent most of my after class time training soccer. Nevertheless, there was always plenty of time to grab a coffee before switching from the pitch to the volleyball training session :)

Although AIT is situated in a small town, the college atmosphere is surprisingly intense, and it is very unlikely that I had one single day with nothing to do. As a matter of fact, I found myself surrounded by a multicultural friendly environment of hundreds of students from more than 40 nationalities, which I thought very easy to get along with them. Yet, sometimes I had the impression that I already knew everyone who walked towards me, but I guess that's what they call living in small towns. Anyway...

Besides, the city's strategic central location offers a lot of ways to travel around and discover other charming towns in the countryside. In fact, I had the chance to enjoy some extra leisure time besides from on-campus activities during my trips to some of the top must visit places in the island, such as The Cliffs of Moher (the most famous and breathtaking place in Ireland with a view from 214 metre high cliffs) and the Giant's Causeway (the stunning rock formations at Northern Ireland's only UNESCO World Heritage Site), which were all organized by the International Office (often free of charge). Not to mention that Athlone itself offers a range of water activities, such as fishing and canoeing (thanks to Lough Ree lake and River Shannon, the longest river in the country which runs right through the town), which can be a nice getaway for the weekend. Unless, of course, if you're too afraid to get into the cold water :p

As we can clearly see by now, there are so many things to do while living in Athlone and studying at AIT. From my own knowledge, I can therefore assure that being an international student at AIT is nothing less than 'Once In A Lifetime Experience!'

Thanks for reading,

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Yes, I recommend this program

Living in Ireland

There is nothing more rewarding than to travel and live in another country. Ireland is a place that my heart will always remember! A country of good music, cheerful and friendly people, and wonderful places. Athlone was a small representation of this beautiful country! Cozy town that provide great life quality!
Travel from Ireland to another European country is very easy and cheap, and this have to be considered when thinking to live abroad. Because of this I had the opportunity to visit more than 15 countries in one year of my exchange program and get many experiences for the rest of my life.

Yes, I recommend this program

A life in a year!

Coming to Ireland was one of the greatest achievements in my life and AIT was the major responsible for that lovely experience.
I came to Athlone Institute of Technology for a exchange programme studying Forensic Toxicology. What most amazed me about the course was the quality of laboratory practices, performing top scientific assays that I would not have the opportunity to study back home. Not just that... The academic life was so much fun (too much!), trips around the country (ah so many wonderful places around!), parties of all types, people from all over Europe and Asia and etc etc.
The experience was so rewarding that I actually had to come back :) I am now a post grad student in AIT <3 A new journey starts again...

What would you improve about this program?
Honestly... I can't think about anything.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best place ever in Ireland

For many years, the dream of realizing an exchange was part of my life. There was not a lot of information on what would that be or how it would be all around. There was not enough readings and conversations to try to create a scenario that would be like all this. And I failed, I failed to imagine how it would be a student of AIT. And do you know why I failed? Because the AIT made it becomes better, Ireland and AIT took part in the happiest time of my life. The daily challenges of an exchange student became mediocre near the support and attention that I received.
Be part of the AIT is to be part of a family, one big family. Today I have got brothers and sisters in every corner of the planet, and together we speak many languages that I cannot count. I know I can trust on them for whatever comes. It is a great opportunist to leave all you think you know about the world behind and find out that the people and place are much more than you can see or imagine.
During my time as undergraduate student I received support of an incredible and prepared lectures able to deal with my struggles. Unlike other experiences, AIT lectures are really worried with your understanding of the topics covered in the classroom. And it is the reason that I decided to come back, I decided to continue part of the AIT family.
Today I am a postgraduate researcher in software engineering with in Software Research Institute at Athlone Institute of Technology and I am happy to be back to the emerald island. I have the opportunity to work directly with teachers and skilled professionals who are keeping an eye on that happening in the world, and thus able to develop projects and cutting-edge research for the current needs.
For this and more I recommend the AIT to start or to continue your studies. I made Athlone my second home I believe you should as well.

What would you improve about this program?
AIT has improved since I left and I strong believe the a questionnaire of how things are going and also how was the experience would help the staffs and International Office to see the student`s needs.
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Yes, I recommend this program

"I would return more than a thousand times"

There are so many unique and amazing stories about Ireland and AIT that I could write about, that makes so hard summarize it all in a few sentences...but well, let's get started!! One of things that made me fall in love for Ireland and feel at home in AIT was the care and attention with all internantional students they had. Since the moment I had chosen AIT their international office was always in touch and once I was there always had activities to make all international students get to know the Irish culture, visit amazing places around the country, many student's societies and so on...
AIT also had great facilities and well prepared professores to attend international students.
If I could, I would return more than a thousand times to AIT and to Ireland, they really got me!!

What would you improve about this program?
Smaller classes would make the english program even better.
Yes, I recommend this program

The best period in my life!!

I cannot count how many times I felt sad because I have to come back to Brazil, I am not saying that I do not like my country, I love Brazil, but when I was in Athlone I felt if that place was my second home! And I still felling in that way, because the great people, the beautiful and hospitable city and because Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT). Since the beginning, when the co-ordenator New and Emerging markets, Karl Turley, made the first contact with us, sending a e-mail in Portuguese or when they organized some trips for me and my colleges to know more about that beautiful country and when they give us the best lectures to teach us during our period on that great Institute I think in that way. I am planning to come back to Ireland to continue my studies when I finish nursing and AIT was the first place that I thought and I indicate for sure!