IES Abroad Dublin - Irish Studies
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IES Abroad Dublin - Irish Studies

This program is designed for students who seek intensive academic exposure to Ireland's political and social history, contemporary economic issues, and literary heritage. By combining coursework with study outside the classroom, you have the opportunity to discover the rich heritage of Ireland, as well as its contemporary culture through its art, theater, and film.

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All of our classes for the Irish Studies program were taught in the IES Center with the other American students in the program. The teachers are either staff at the center or professors at other universities in the area. They're all brilliant and creative, and I loved attending classes. All of my professors were Irish or had been living in Ireland for many years, so it gives you a different...

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Branching Out

My time abroad was everything I expected it to be. By that I mean that it was completely unlike anything I'd done in my life thus far. The city itself was amazing, as were the people (and the weather). Virtually every aspect of my time abroad exceeded me expectations in terms of how I would grow personally and what would come about because of it. Specific to the program I was enrolled in, I have no complaints. On the contrary, IES treated me and my fellow students with the utmost respect and were nothing if not extremely helpful and adaptive. Every member of the staff was extraordinary in their own way -knowledgable of the city and capable of fulfilling our needs while still pushing us to do more. Each field trip (Howth, County Mayo and Northern Ireland) brought us closer to the island in different ways, illuminating some other aspect of Ireland that we hadn't yet seen or filling us in on some secret of the land (either historically or aesthetically) that we never would have expected. IES really took care of us in every way I can imagine. The housing was excellent; the RAs accommodating and helpful; the professors brilliant and challenging; the staff eager to give us the best experience possible. Day to day life was always exciting, but never uncomfortably so. The roads are beautiful, the ducks were never aggressive, and class always enticing.I will recommend the program to anyone who will listen, and will always look fondly on my time in Ireland as told through the IES Dublin experience.

How can this program be improved?

That's a tough one. I would probably just add a few more field trips in there so the students got to see more of the country together and with the wonderful staff.

Yes, I recommend
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IES Abroad: Fall 2014 Irish Studies

I spent the last semester in Dublin through the IES General Irish Studies Program. I found Dublin to be a wonderful city, but the staff at the IES center fostered the transition from tourist to student. They were extremely supportive and generous with their time. Whether they were discussing in greater detail a topic brought up in class, or giving advice on the events and festivals happening that weekend, they were excited to help me gain a better understanding of my host country through my experiences. They created an incredible support system that encouraged us to visit and take advantage of the many places and experiences Dublin, Ireland, and Europe had to offer.

The classes I took focused on Irish literature, history, culture, language, and politics. They gave me the background to have meaningful conversations with people living in Dublin and around Ireland about topics that were important to them. What further helped me gain a better sense of Irish life was my Service Learning placement. I volunteered one a week at the amazing Solas Project, working with children from disadvantaged backgrounds. I worked with permanent volunteers and other students to help children with homework, and engage in activities with them such as Gaelic football! In addition to my time at Solas there was a seminar where I was able to talk about the experience I was having with other students in the Service Learning course, and we reviewed topics and issues that affected the children I was working with.

At the end of the semester I did not want to leave. I am trhilled to have the new friends in Dublin and in the Sates to share this with, and we are all so excited to continue to travel and (of course!) go back to visit Dublin and the center!!

How can this program be improved?

I would love to see the program expanded and incorporate more sponsored trips.

Yes, I recommend
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Dublin, Ireland

The IES program was everything I could have asked for in a study abroad program. The academics were very engaging and let me learn a ton about the country I was now living in. The that was planned by IES and that was encouraged to go to on the weekends really allowed me to immerse in the Irish culture. The apartment housing really made me feel like I was a part of the Dublin community and not just an American tourist. The small size of the program allowed me to become really close with a lot of the other students and I can truly say I made great friends.

How can this program be improved?

I wish the program had more excursions we did as a group. Sometimes planning things on your own with your group of friends can be difficult.

Yes, I recommend
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Summer in Dublin

This program was absolutely incredible. I had always wanted to visit Ireland, and IES only made that experience better. The academics were everything I wanted-- great topics taught by great instructors who really were interested in giving their students the best experience, culturally and academically. Living in Dublin allowed me to make lifelong friends who I keep in touch with to this day, and I have the IES program to thank for that.

How can this program be improved?

The housing is a little scattered, so one may not be accustomed to the amount of walking required (but, hey, a little exercise never hurt anyone).

Yes, I recommend
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IES Dublin Summer Review

The program does a very good job getting everyone in the program involved and makes it extremely easy to make lifelong friends. Everyone that was in the program always had someone to walk to class with and hang out with during the day and night. The classes are very engaging and involve a lot of classroom discussion that helped you really learn the material and enjoy learning it.

How can this program be improved?

More information beforehand about the items that you will receive while there (towels, sheets, etc.) and also what you will be expected to bring.

Yes, I recommend

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