API Study Abroad Program at John Cabot University, Rome
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API Study Abroad Program at John Cabot University, Rome

API Study Abroad offers a comprehensive study abroad program through John Cabot University in Rome, Italy. John Cabot University is a four-year, fully accredited U.S. university with a population comprised of students from more than forty countries. All student transcripts are issued by John Cabot University.

There are a wide variety of courses to choose from in English, as well as an intensive Italian language course. It is highly recommended that students enroll in at least one Italian language course per semester.

Thanks for your interest in studying abroad in Italy with API!

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Program Reviews (5)

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24 years old
Durham, NH
University of New Hampshire

Living In Rome Through API


My time in Rome with API was a phenomenal experience. Even though I had never taken a semester of Italian before leaving, the program directors made me feel right at home and it did not take long to get acclimated. My apartment was beautiful, it had an amazing granite lobby and it was very spacious. I didn't need to worry about anything except for towels; the apartment was fully furnished, had a fully stocked kitchen, and I was even provided with sheets and a comforter. The location of my apartment was perfect, I was about a 15-20 minute walk to John Cabot University and lived next across the street from Villa Doria Pamphili, which is one of Rome's largest public parks. The nearest grocery store was a 5 minute walk down the street and I also lived right next to the bus stop, which allowed me to easily travel to the downtown area.

As for the school, it wasn't as challenging as my university at home. The teachers were probably the most passionate people I had ever met; they deeply cared about the subjects they were teaching and had such a unique perspective when explaining things. The school was very safe, there were guards at the door and it was right next to a military checkpoint.

As for API, I can't stress how fantastic they were. The weekend excursions scattered throughout the semester were slices of Italy I never would have seen on my own. It was the perfect balance of interest tours during the day and the freedom of personal time at night. The woman in charge of the Rome office were incredibly knowledgeable about any question I could ask. When I was afraid to get my hair cut because of my lacking Italian skills, they took me to their favorite salon and literally dictated what I wanted done and stayed with me to ensure nothing got lost in translation.

As a whole, my time in Rome was a definite life changer. Because of my time there, I've decided to move to Europe this summer for graduate school.

How can this program be improved?

There was no need to go to Pisa, its a huge tourist trap and not worth the hype. We swung by there for an afternoon while we were on our way home from Florence, I wish we had just skipped that part.

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24 years old
College Station, Texas
Texas A&M University

API Roma


I loved studying abroad in Roma! Api was one of the reasons I had such a great semester. The program leaders were always there for you. One day, my roommate and I thought we had a gas leak. We called one of the program leaders and she called maintenance and got someone to come over that day. She also checked up later to make sure everything was ok. The Api excursions were great! They were very planned out but still gave us time to explore on our own. I wish everyday that I could relive the 4 months I spent living in Italy!

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24 years old
Manhattan, KS
Kansas State University



Studying abroad in Rome at John Cabot was amazing. API could not have done any better. There was always somebody to help me, both at home and abroad. The Orientation materials were great and very informational. Rome is a beautiful city filled with a variety of venues. You could never be bored there. I tried to see as much as I could, but you'd have to be Roman to see it all! The Vatican is breathtaking. You can just stare at it for hours. Make sure to see Rome from the top of St. Peters; there isn't a better view of Rome. Check out all that Rome has to offer and stuff yourself with Gelato!

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24 years old
Athens, Georgia
University of Georgia

API Alumna


Every day I would walk the 40 minutes to class instead of taking the bus because I loved just walking in Rome. I felt like I got to see more by walking, and the second half of the trip I would walk by the Tiber River. My on-site classes would go around the city, and we would learn about ancient through modern Roman art and architecture while actually there!

Default avatar
24 years old
Laredo, Texas
Texas A&M University

API: Your Gateway to Amazing Experiences!


I think I can speak on behalf of my entire program when I say that API provided us with nothing but excellent service throughout the duration of our program. During the pre-departure phase, we received prompt follow-ups as well as information about our program that made the weeks leading up to the trip extremely smooth, allowing us to spend our last days at home comfortably.

Once the program began, their on-site advisors Christine and Audra were nothing but great. They had a genuine interest in our well-being and made us feel very comfortable and at ease in our new environment. API definitely picked some good on-site advisors for this Rome program! Also, during the time abroad, our scheduled excursions allowed us to better connect with the group that we traveled abroad with and get some sightseeing done, without having to worry about making any of the arrangements. There were no hidden fees while abroad, nor were there any problems when it came time to housing.

The trip as a whole was amazing and I can honestly say that API, paved the road for one unforgettable summer abroad. It is for that reason that I am writing this review today, to say 'gratzie' for the irreplaceable friends and great memories that I made abroad. It would not have been possible without the organization and care that you all put into setting up your study abroad programs. Bottom line, study abroad with API, they're amazing!

About The Provider


The mission of API is to transform lives by providing enriching academic and cross-cultural experiences that foster increased self-knowledge, cultural sensitivity and understanding of the global nature of our contemporary world.

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