TEAN: Study Abroad in Auckland, New Zealand

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The Mirror Lakes in the south island of New Zealand.
The view from one of the peaks along the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.


TEAN's partnerships with two leading Auckland universities provide an opportunity to study in one of the world's most naturally beautiful countries while still benefitting from a big city experience. Along with exploring all that Auckland has to offer, like its unique beaches and fusion of Polynesian and European cultures, students also can take advantage of studying at the University of Auckland or AUT University, the country's highest ranking and fastest growing universities respectively.

The semester begins with an exciting 5-day Orientation Excursion in adventurous Queenstown on New Zealand's South Island where TEAN's in-country staff guide students through orientation sessions and an array of activities, including exploring Maori culture more deeply, jet boating along the Dart River or discovering the stunning Milford Sound.

TEAN Full Ride Scholarship

The TEAN Full Ride Scholarship is designed to give a stand-out student the opportunity to study abroad. It's an annual scholarship that can be used for any TEAN program and covers tuition, program fees and orientation (up to $15,000 value).

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Yes, I recommend this program

The Semester of a Lifetime

Spending a semester here in Auckland has been the best experience of my life, hands down. Auckland is a huge city with so much to offer, while at the same time being a short ride from beaches, mountains, and other natural beauties of New Zealand. I live in Parnell Student Village, which is a little community of apartments situated outside the main city that houses people from all over the world. I have made the most amazing friends that I will always have for the rest of my life, and have learned so much about different cultures. I study engineering, and the university's program has been really supportive in helping me out when I need it and the course material is interesting and challenging. My friends and I have done the most amazing things: skied on a volcano, white water rafted the largest commercially rafted waterfall, went zorbing, bungee jumped, went sand-boarding, dug for hot springs at the hot water beaches, and so many others! The beauty of TEAN is that I got to make friends before the semester even started, and even though some of them went to different cities that only means that I had places to stay when I was traveling. TEAN also has a wonderful support network of friendly staff that are always looking to help you out. It's really amazing how spending 5 months in a country, exploring it and getting to know the people around you can make it seem more and more like home.

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Yes, I recommend this program

TEAN Review

Studying abroad was the best decision I’ve made; the experiences I’ve had have been life changing. They have been by far the best experience in my entire life. These encounters would not have occurred if it weren’t for The Education Abroad Network (TEAN). From the beginning when I was first planning my trip all the way till the end when I was transferring my classes back TEAN has provided me with great assistance to make the transformation smooth and easy. TEAN was willing to work with me when I choose to study abroad a little later than everyone else. Many programs wouldn’t work with me since I was past their deadlines but TEAN told me if I was willing to get everything in as soon as possible they would be willing to work with me as well. TEAN treats everyone as a person, not as a number. They look at everyone’s situation and are willing to help each and every person out because they know how wonderful studying abroad truly is.

To start my abroad experience I took the TEAN pre-trip to Fiji. This pre-trip provided us with the opportunity to get to know everyone studying in New Zealand. So many programs just had orientation with all students from one city so they didn’t get to meet people studying in different places. This provided us with long-lasting friendships that continued as our experience progressed. We were able to meet up with people as we traveled to and from cities. This provided us with good recommendations from people in the area and even couches and floors to sleep on!

After getting to New Zealand TEAN continued to care for me and make sure everyone was adjusting well and enjoying their experience. They did a great job of continuing to keep in touch and offering activities and advice for people seeking them. Once I left the wonderful country of NZ TEAN didn’t just stop there. They are continuing to make sure that my classes have returned back in Marietta College just fine.

I can’t thank TEAN enough for providing me with the opportunity to study abroad.

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Yes, I recommend this program

TEAN Auckland was the Greatest

I was terrified before studying abroad. Even though I moved from the Midwest to the East Coast to go to college moving to the whole other side of the world is completely different. TEAN was so great the whole time though and answered all the questions I had so quickly that it helped to calm my nerves.

From the second I met up with other TEAN kids in the LAX airport I had completely forgotten all of my paranoia. Everyone in the program was amazing and the pre-semester trip to Fiji was definitely a great way to ease into the study abroad experience.

Once I got settled in Auckland things only got better. I loved my residence (Parnell Student Village) and everything about New Zealand. Before going to Auckland nature and I were not the closest friends but there's something about New Zealand that changes you. I got into camping, hiking and even went skydiving!

Auckland itself is not the coolest city but the location definitely makes up for it. Where else can you see the sunrise on the east coast and then watch it set on the west in the same day? Plus, it's really easy to see all of the North Island from its location. Not to mention that Waiheke Island is only a short ferry ride away where you can lounge on the beach and wine taste all day.

University of Auckland was about as different from the seminar style of my college as it could get. The classes were big but all my lecturers were smart and definitely entertaining. While I definitely learned a little I wasn't challenged. I also was taking 100 and 200 level courses and my grades were pass/fail though so if you're looking for great academics just take 300 or grad courses.

I fully recommend studying abroad through TEAN. They are very hands-on and provide their students with more benefits/excursions than any other program I've heard of. And my time in NZ was definitely the best six months of my life!