Study Abroad in Auckland with Unitec
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Study Abroad in Auckland with Unitec

Come and study at NZ’s largest Institute of Technology where we are committed to being innovative in an applied learning environment.

The Unitec Study Abroad programme allows students from overseas institutions to enrol at Unitec for one or two semesters. The courses you take can be from over 20 different disciplines and you pay a set tuition fee. All of our programmes offer cutting edge teaching and many will allow you to experience direct, industry engagements through projects, mini-internships and industry experts supporting your learning.

Join in on our Experience NZ programme which pulls together incredible itineraries of weekend and day adventures:

- Sail around the beautiful Bay of Islands
- Cruise over to Rangitoto and hike up our largest volcano Rangitoto
- Visiting the hot springs and volcanic activity in Rotorua
- Hike the famous west coast from Bethells beach to Muriwai.

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Oceania » New Zealand
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Direct Enrollment
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Interior Design
International Business
Landscape Architecture
Māori Studies
Media Relations
Natural Sciences
Public Relations
Theater, Drama and Dance
Visual Arts
Web Design
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»» The all-inclusive fee applies whether you choose to take three or four courses, and covers services at Unitec, including student support and International Student Orientation.
»» Experience NZ trips can be bought separately or as a package and are programmed around acadmic study times

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Exchange semester at Unitec

When I was deciding where I wanted to go for my exchange semester, I came to the conclusion that I wanted an adventure. I looked into my options and immediately felt excited about New Zealand. It is far from my normal life in Scandinavia and offered a nature that can't be experienced anywhere else. New Zealand and Unitec proved to be a perfect choice for me.

It felt convenient and easy moving to an english speaking country, since it made it much easier for me to adapt to the new country and culture. I decided to live in a 5-room flat on campus with 3 other students. Surely, the standard of the flat was not excellent, but it was the best decision I made during my exchange semester. Through my flatmates I got to meet a lot of new friends in no-time, which made my transition to New Zealand and Auckland much easier. In general, through both the housing and Unitec, I got to meet a lot of new friends from all over the world, both full-time students at Unitec and other exchange students. Furthermore, Lesley Precious (International Relationship Manager) is there to make sure you have a good time at Unitec, and she was truly great at taking care of all the exchange students.

Personally, the academic level was a bit below what I'm used to back in Denmark. However, most of the courses I took was very interesting and highly relevant for me and my studies, so the academic challenge didn't worry me at all. Furthermore, I chose to study in New Zealand to travel and see everything the country had to offer. Thereby, the hours I saved from studying, I didn't mind spending to explore the magic nature of New Zealand. Unitec even arranges a few trips on the North Island which are really nice to join, since they plan everything for you, and you get to travel with fellow students.

Even though I have been traveling a lot during my exchange semester, I still feel there is so much more to see in New Zealand. I definitely want to go back when I get the chance, to explore and experience the places I missed.

My experience in New Zealand and at Unitec exceeded my expectations! I can really recommend Unitec as a study location for your exchange semester!

Yes, I recommend
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My once in a lifetime experience

I got the incredible chance to spend one exchange semester at Unitec and it was the best experience ever. I've enjoyed every day of my time abroad and I can only recommend to go and apply for it now. Yes, you might struggle in the beginning. Yes, it might be hard to start a new life in a totally different country. Yes, you might feel lost because you don't know the teachers yet and don't know what they expect from you. But Unitec provides a lot of help to make exchange students feel welcome. Leslie, the study abroad programm coordinator will help you with anything and welcomes you very warmly. Unitec also offers a lot of support services for all kinds of academic challenges. I got the chance to choose freely from any courses I'd like to attend during my semester at Unitec and, altough the administration was a bit chaotic and overstrained in the first week, it was no problem to switch or drop courses. The online system of Unitec might be a bit confusing in the beginning - there are a bunch of different platforms you are supposed to check regularly and grades, sometimes, were not put up until more than a month after the assignment. Classes, in general, were interesting and not too hard. But what made these couple of months so awesome, were the friendships I made. So don't be afraid to put yourself out there, because with good friends, your time will be so much more fun and you got someone to explore every beautiful square metre of New Zealand and share all the memories with. During orientation week, Unitec offers a bunch of events on campus and during the semester, the CLV Campus Living Solutions, offers some more activities for the students living on campus. Living on campus was very relaxed and convenient. The Crockers apartments on campus were a bit run-down and, in my opinion, overpriced, but it was all made up by the community that we built. If you're living on campus, also check out the fitness centre there. I really enjoyed the boxing fitness classes! And definitely go to the little creek with a waterfall behind the 310 Apartments, and I loved doing my weekly shopping at the Avondale Sunday market ;-) There was a lot of construction on campus, but the plans look pretty cool, so I'm sure that's something to be excited about!
Don't think twice and apply for your semester abroad now! Unitec is definitely a good place to explore the beauty of New Zealand from.

Yes, I recommend
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Exchange at Unitec

During my studies in Sweden I decided to take an exchange semester abroad and purely from the choice of country I stumbled upon Unitec. After about five short months in New Zealand I can easily say that this has been on of the best experiences of my life.

Starting first with the school. Unitec is a wonderful place to live and study. Housing option were on campus and housed many of the international students creating an amazing community and friend group which I will never forget. In comparison to other schooling I have done, the academics where definitely manageable with plenty of time for weekend trips and other social event. Studying design, the courses were very flexible and I enjoyed everyone single one of my classes and have much to take away from this education. The teaching staff were knowledgeable and always helpful.

Moving onto New Zealand. This country is the most beautiful place I have laid my eyes upon. The trips our friend group went on were fantastic and unforgettable. Even Auckland as a city is a great place to explore but once you leave the city there is so much to do and so much to explore that the five months did not feel like enough. I am planning to return to explore what I missed since I feel that I have missed a lot.

For anyone planning on studying abroad and looking to go on adventures I 100% recommend Unitec.

Yes, I recommend

Study Abroad at Unitec

I decided to come and study in New Zealand for a semester because it was the farthest I could get from home and because I thought I would love it here. Studying here, exceeded my expectations by far. I love everything about New Zealand, except for the weird pineapple lumps, I don't understand the hype. Other than that, New Zealand is the place to be. I chose Unitec as my study abroad institute because it was the only option for me in Auckland. I am so happy I chose Unitec. The staff, students and teachers were all incredibly kind and I always felt I had the perfect school and travel balance. Unitec also offers some great trips for students to travel around New Zealand. Initially I had signed into one and by the end of the semester I actually did them all. They are so much fun! The greatest thing about studying in New Zealand is the proximity of everything. It is not a very big country and getting around it is quite easy. This is great, because every corner of New Zealand is stunning. You can find mountains, lakes, beaches, caves, etc. Basically anything in the recipe for adventure. Auckland itself is a great place to be. This bustling city is surrounded by numerous islands, I love Waiheke. There are some amazing beaches, go to Huia and Piha. Mounts, go to Mount Eden and Cornwall Park. Museums, the Auckland War Memorial Museum is a must! Nightlife, Bar 101 on Wednesdays is the best tradition for any student -there are 3 dollar beers-. If you have the chance, you should definitely visit the South Island of New Zealand. I have no words for this place other than, 'Go Now!' All in all, this experience has been the best of my life. The people I met here will forever have a special place in my heart, the places I saw are permanently engraved in my mind and I will never forget the never-ending happiness I felt here. If you are considering coming to New Zealand, look no further than Unitec, I promise that you won't regret it.

How can this program be improved?

Better student accommodation.

Yes, I recommend

Unitec Study Abroad

I have had an awesome time studying at Unitec. The class sizes are small which is beneficial when it comes to a more one-on-one learning approach. Everything is hands on, group work is important, and you can expect to develop your presentation skills. Overall, the staff was very helpful in making me feel comfortable in this new environment and I would absolutely recommend Unitec in the future for anyone who is thinking about doing an exchange or study abroad. New Zealand is a beautiful country with so many things to offer. Auckland has everything you would want out of a city and it is easy enough to escape if you're looking for beautiful scenery (which is everywhere). If you're lucky enough you may even make some friends like I did who can take you surfing and sailing. During my time here, I have learned how to surf, how to sail, how to drive on the left side of the road (in Canada it's the right side), some kiwi slang and fell in love (which I don't suggest, because it's really hard when you have to leave) I'm devastated to have to leave and would keep studying here if I had the chance. This experience has opened my eyes to the possibility of travel and the fact that I don't want to stop exploring any time soon. My heart has become full of wonder and love. I've had an experience like no other and have made so many amazing friends along the way. My recommendation to anyone going to another country to study abroad is to put yourself out there and to meet and spend time with the locals. Really immersing yourself in the country and what it has to offer is best done with the people who know it best. Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to see the South Island which is something I'll have to come back and do, but I did get to do a lot of things that many others cant say that they did, like spend multiple nights out at anchor in a bay somewhere in the Hauraki Gulf. The most memorable experience that I had was when I was anchored in a bay, just me and my boyfriend and it was night time (the water here at night time is full of bio-luminescence) and I had come outside for some reason just before dinner and I witnessed a large pod of dolphins racing by, causing the water to light up. I will never forget how it made me feel - I was speechless.

Yes, I recommend
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Comprehensive support and interactive learning expereince

Unitec provided comprehensive support in terms of Academic Learning and Career Advise. I visited Learning Centre and Career Centre a lot during my time spent in Unitec.

The course content was well designed and strongly related to the industry. We had lecturers from the industry with over 15 years of working experience which made the class really interactive and practical.

The Career Centre was really helpful and they offered services like CV writing/proof reading, career planning and job searching tips which helped me a lot to get to my permanent role in New Zealand.

It was a really good experience and I strongly recommend Unitec to all of you!

How can this program be improved?

More course advisory during the re-enrolment time.

Yes, I recommend

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