Study Abroad at the University of Auckland, New Zealand
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Study Abroad at the University of Auckland, New Zealand

Combine an unforgettable travel experience with studying at a top-100 ranked university. We are New Zealand’s leading university and offer world-class facilities, excellent teaching and a friendly and supportive learning environment.

In our Study Abroad program, choose from more than 120 subjects to earn credits for your major or explore new areas including disciplines not offered at your home university. Subjects popular with our Study Abroad students include Anthropology, Māori/Pacific Studies, Wine Science, Marine Science, Environmental Science and Film, TV & Media Studies.

Auckland is flanked by two harbors, with stunning beaches on both coasts, beautiful islands a short ferry-ride away and lots of water-related activities. For those who prefer their feet firmly on land, Auckland offers lush subtropical forests for hiking and (dormant) volcanoes to climb. Urbanites will enjoy the city’s many cultural and sporting events, festivals, restaurants and vibrant shopping precincts.

New Zealand
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Art History
Asian Studies
Criminal Justice
Cultural Studies
Earth Sciences
English Literature
European Studies
Food Science and Nutrition
Global Studies
Health Sciences
Hispanic Studies
International Business
Latin American Studies
Liberal Arts
Māori Studies
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Museum Studies
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Sustainable Development
Theater, Drama and Dance
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Study Abroad program students pay a single flat fee (NZ$12,750) which covers tuition fees for a full-time program of study and the student services fee.

In 2018 the Study Abroad fee is NZD12,750 per semester.

Please note accommodation costs and other living expenses are additional to this fee.

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Karine Hagesaether

Take a semester abroad!

Auckland Uni is a great place to take a semester or a year abroad!
All academic information will be given in a thorough and clear manner, so the steps of what you need to do are easy to follow. You can choose any course at uni, and they are easily found and added. The people at the international office are also very helpful, and can answer questions both on mail and in person.

The University location is perfect, and the campus (I am only familiar with city campus) is nice, with lots of different things to do and places to eat. I do not live at any of the student accommodations, so I do not know how they are. However, the nice thing about living at a student apartment is that it is easier to get to know people if you do not know anyone in Auckland when you start. However, people are very friendly and open for conversations :)

My two top tip to a student coming to study abroad:
1. Join a club! UoA has over 200 clubs that you can join, and they are a great way to be social and get to know people (especially kiwis).
2. TRAVEL. Even though you are here to study, take time to explore this beautiful country! I have a car here, which is very convenient (as long as you remember to drive on the left side of the road)!, but if not, there are other ways to travel and also trips to join arranged by some of the UoA clubs etc.

How can this program be improved?

I have found that it is easier to get to know people on my own, but I know some social activities have been arranged by the Study Abroad Student Association etc. This could maybe be improved?

Yes, I recommend
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Small obstacles - no regrets

Being half way through my study abroad semester at the University of Auckland I can only say, if you are considering whether you should come here or not, then stop contemplating and go! Cost of living is very high, the internet expensive, slow and unstable, and as every where else on the planet, you will have classes that is boring as... well boring. But, a lot of the classes are actually pretty good, labs and tutorials interesting, instructors and classmates helpful, and the social life here is very active, so there will always be something to do if you want to meet people. All in all, so far it has been one of the best experiences of my life, and I fell that 1 semester is far from enough here.

Yes, I recommend
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Great City, Gateway to South Pacific

My partner lives in Auckland and I undertook exchange to spend more time together, so I haven't properly engaged with the exchange student network. On the other hand, I've arguably had a much more domestic experience (having come from Sydney), with exchange being my tenth, and least 'touristy' visit to New Zealand so far.

UoA is very safe and reputable, but classes and the social scene are very quiet. Lots of paperwork and I found the online systems very fragmented and unintuitive. Auckland is very urbanised and quite similar to Sydney (home uni), and active travel beyond the region is required to fully appreciate what differentiates New Zealand from other exchange destinations. Auckland's great if you're interested in travelling to both the South Pacific and Australia's east coast.

Was glad to hear exchange students can now partake in Summer Research Scholarships.

How can this program be improved?

- Clearer obligations around DELNA - it was not discussed whether exchange students are required to complete it, and if so, who exactly and by when.
- Australian Exchange students are not automatically covered by UoA's travel insurance policy. We are both domestic students and exchange students at the same time. While this okay re medical cover, as there are existing healthcare treaties, it does not cover other losses (personal property, travel expenses). This lack of cover was not discovered until I tried to pay for my non-existent travel insurance. Earlier clarification would have been appreciated.

Yes, I recommend
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special experience

Before I go to the University of Auckland, I never study abroad or use English to study something. It is interesting as well as difficult for me. But it can really improve my ability. The University of Auckland is a good school so that I can use many resources to study. And classmates are so friendly. I really enjoy life here. It is more independence. I should learn more skills to adapt life here.

Yes, I recommend
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Interesting experience

All the thing seems good and I really enjoy the life here. My roommates are both friendly and kind to me. Living abroad by myself here is a challenge for me because all the things are needed to be done by myself. But I get used to it now and become to enjoy the life. Most teachers are very nice to solve my problem and help me. They teach a different way from I learned before which is also useful and give me another way to solve problems.

Yes, I recommend
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special experience

It is totally different studying experience for me. Before I go to the University of Auckland, I never study abroad or use English to study my major. As the University of Auckland includes many students from different countries, I can meet different people and learn something new and interesting. Meanwhile, Studying here is a big challenge for me. I need to read many materials and think thoroughly. It improves my ability for reading and thinking. The activities are also very interesting. The life here is more independent. I need to cook and take care of myself. Anyway, it's charming experience.

How can this program be improved?

I want the University of Auckland to provide more programs like psychological guidance to help us adapt to the life here.

Yes, I recommend
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Stephanie's Review

Studying abroad is an amazing experience I would highly recommend to every student in University. It allows one to really explore a new country, meet plenty of locals, while studying at the same time which is amazing. New Zealand is an amazing option that I would also recommend. The people here are generally very friendly and willing to help out. The nature in this country is absolutely breath taking and there is always something to see, somewhere to go, and new people to meet. I would say that studying abroad here helped me become more outgoing and eager to explore areas around me. These are very beneficial skills that I will bring with me back home to the USA. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to study abroad as it has given me an experience of a lifetime. New Zealand is unique because of its incredible landscape, friendly people, and lovely environment. It is also very close to Australia so if you are able to make a visit I would totally recommend that as well.

Yes, I recommend
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PG Study abroad at UoA

My semester at University of Auckland so far have been great. Started of with a good introduction by the University and the affiliated societies. Especially the University of Auckland Study Abroad Students' Society (SASS) helps introduce foreign student into their new university life in Auckland. This include tours, trips, tip and a ever welcoming attitude. Visiting as a master student from Scandinavia, the academic level was important for me when choosing university. UoA had a fine ranking in my field, and it was easy to find the CV of the lectures. This helped me pick courses before arriving. The way of teaching is kind of old school, but in line with what most universities at this level provide. At this point the university might not be that much up-date. However it is not a showstopper, and in so many other ways the university does a really good job in providing a good environment for the student in order to learn.

How can this program be improved?

The way of teaching combined with how exams are made does not encourage further learning and research in the field. In some ways the school still feel like it is 30 years behind.

Yes, I recommend
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A good short-escape from home university!

I am a Malaysian that currently enrolled as a student in a university in South Korea, and now here I am in Auckland for an exchange program. In term of studies, I really like the system in this university as it is kind of different from my home university. Less stress, and the lecturers and tutors here really help students a lot. For this point, I really really wish I can stay in this university for a longer period. The international students clubs and societies are good to join for making friends and get some buddies to travel around here together. However the student accommodations are quite pricey but I guess everything is expensive here in Auckland. Plus sometimes I quite miss the lively night in Korea. Overall I really really enjoy my stay here!

Yes, I recommend
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University of Auckland

University of Auckland is located right in the heart of the city, which makes it very convenient to see all of the exciting parts of Auckland. However, if you're coming to New Zealand you're probably coming for the beautiful landscapes and those aren't something you'll find easily in Auckland. Getting out of the city and traveling to other parts of the country is the most rewarding part of studying in New Zealand, and the two week long semester break is a great time for that. As far as classes go, I struggled to judge the difficulty of classes until a couple weeks in. The classes I thought would be difficult were easier than expected and vice versa. All of my classes have either a lab, tutorial, or workshop in addition to lecture, so quite a bit of time is spent on campus for classes.

Yes, I recommend
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One year abroad at UoA

I am one of the few lucky students, who get to stay at UoA for a whole year, from March until November 2017 in my case. Applying for the exchange program, getting my student visa, enrolling in courses and getting advice on admin stuff and housing was super easy and I didn't really go through any of the usual crazy uni bureaucracy.
A place in one of the uni accomodations was guaranteed and I took a place in Huia residence. However, if you arrive in NZ a week or two before the semester starts, I would recommend to go flat hunting, since you'd probably find something cheaper and with more space than the average uni rooms or flats.
During the first week of the semester you'll find a great offer of clubs: Outdoor stuff like the Tramping, Climbing, Canoe, Surfing, Underwater, etc. clubs, plenty of church clubs, or just fun stuff like the Meat Club with their shirts "Make Rump Great Again!". The SASS ("Study Abroad Student's Society") offers events specifically for exchange students. You'll easily meet new people in all of these clubs and shouldn't worry about making new friends before you come over.
The academic level (I'm studying Mathematics) was a lot lower than in Germany, however that left me with plenty of spare time to enjoy the NZ nature, pretty much the main reason why I came over anyways :) My lecturers were amazingly helpful without any exceptions, even when it came to finding someone who could supervise me during three exams from my home uni, which I had to take from NZ at 8pm local time.
Personally, during my stay in Auckland I found out that I'm not a city person at all and even though Auckland doesn't feel like a 1.5mio city, it stressed me out quite a few times. But of course that has nothing to do with the university itself. Overall I can recommend UoA for a semester or year abroad. If you will be having a good time over here depends on you in the end, but I can confidently say that the international office and the lecturers would do their best to help you with that!

Yes, I recommend
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Studying Abroad at UoA

From the very beginning the University has been more than helpful - they offer free airport pick-up to your accommodation. There is a large range of modules available, all very different to ones back home in England and each very interesting, including information specific to New Zealand but also in the context of the whole world. There are lots of clubs to integrate you to the university and help you to explore all the uni and country has to offer.

How can this program be improved?

Offering students more help on how to choose modules for your timetable, and more course information (exams/tests times to help students plan their travels around them!).

Yes, I recommend
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My UoA Experience So Far...

My study abroad experience so far at UoA has been amazing. I absolutely love New Zealand and feel very comfortable here. It was a struggle to make friends at first, but as school got under way and I joined a few clubs, including SASS and the Canoe Club, I was soon mingling with other international students and forming friendships.
The New Zealanders that I have interacted with seem friendly, helpful, and welcoming! I love how diverse the campus is, and how there is a sense of student culture. Everyone has their own style and people seem to be accepting.
As I came from a small university, I love the layout of the large lectures which were also supplemented with small tutorials. A few of my classes were a bit more difficult than I was expecting, but that was just due to the material being new and confusing.
I have loved my experience so far, that I want to stay longer and possibly extend my time at UoA.
I would definitely recommend everyone who loves a diverse culture with beautiful scenery to come and study at the University of Auckland.

Yes, I recommend
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Come for the City, Stay for the Scenery

If you appreciate the natural beauty of the landscapes and creatures around you, New Zealand is absolutely the place for you. From the clashing of oceans at Cape Reinga to the physics-defying structures of Cathedral Cove; from the wrangled trees to the plethora of flightless birds; New Zealand is full of unique nature.

Auckland is a modern city with all the conveniences you'd expect of a city of 1.4 million people, and the University of Auckland is located right in the thick things. Auckland is also full of green spaces and public parks, such as Albert Park, located adjacent to the University. My personal favorite spot in Auckland is Mount Eden, a dormant volcano with 360 degree views of the city, as well as the many bays of both the Pacific and Tasman. But, in my opinion, the best parts of New Zealand lie outside of the city, including many places just a quick day or weekend trip away.

Much of the culture of New Zealand is inherited from America and Europe, so if you're an American student looking to experience a radically different culture, I'm not sure if New Zealand is the right place. But if you love the outdoors, hiking, and nature, you can't beat this.

As for the academics, I have found the philosophy towards learning to be much different than in the US. First of all, everything is much more laid back, which has its pros and cons. You'll also find that your exams, especially finals, are worth ridiculous portions of your overall grade. I'm talking 50% to 70%. Meaning the rest of the semester is worth only 30% to 50%. Meaning there are less assignments and/or those assignments aren't worth as much. Which is awesome if you're studying abroad, because it means that you'll have plenty of free time to explore the country on weekends as long as you are reasonably productive during the week!

Overall, I've had a blast in New Zealand and highly recommend studying in Auckland!

Yes, I recommend
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Exchange Programme

Auckland was different from what i expected. Just thinking of New Zealand, I didn't imagine Auckland to be so urbanized. This meant that yes it was very convenient in living but nothing felt new. I would have preferred a more rural lifestyle but it isn't too bad.
In terms of academics, you are required to take only 4 courses, but because i took the courses in bioscience major 3 hour labs were mandatory for all classes so it was very strenuous. This was different from my home university's courses but i thought it was a good thing to experience.

Yes, I recommend

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