Study Abroad in Seville, Spain - Semester and Summer Programs
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Study Abroad in Seville, Spain - Semester and Summer Programs

2018 Spring Internships - Spots Still Open
Spend 2-6 months in Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain, or Uruguay. Internships are year round and include customized placements (with over 20 sectors to choose from), FREE housing (in your own room), and Spanish language courses. Apply by January 12th to start as early as March 3rd.

Beautiful Seville, Spain awaits! Take your Spanish language skills to the next level at this majestic Spanish destination. Seville and the Andalusia region represent everything people think of when Spain comes to mind: blue skies, amazing architecture, and rich culture.

Join the Hispanic Studies Department at a fully accredited state-run university just outside of historic Seville. The facilities are modern with a big computer lab, new library, gym, cafes and indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Many other study abroad programs are also run here, using the same curriculum and the same professors, but cost nearly double the price.

Enroll in Spanish language classes at all levels (from beginning to advanced), plus classes in other subjects such as Business Marketing, Art History, Economics, Political Science, and more. Sealed transcripts included. Receive up to 16 US Credits per Semester, which are fully transferable to all US Universities.

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Program Reviews (5)

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24 years old
Detroit, Michigan
Wayne State University

My experience in Sevilla


I can honestly say that i have enjoyed myself in Seville, Spain. I made the difficult but beneficial decision to come to Spain alone. It was my first time ever going to another country so you can imagine my fears, but I decided to try something new and experience a culture unlike my own. When I first came to Seville I was in awe of its beauty and wonders. Of course I experienced home sickness and for that wanted to return to Michigan because I was so accustomed to everything there. I decided to take advantage of the opportunity i had and explore Sevilla. As the weeks passed I became acquainted with so many genuine people here and have improved my Spanish level also. I have visited many different places within Spain such as Cordoba, Cadiz, Carmona, and Jerez, which are all beautiful places as well. Now it’s time for me to return home and I am definitely dreading that, because Seville has become my home. I love the people here, the culture, the food, and the fiestas. I am so happy that I made the most difficult decision which in the end changed me in a way. It has opened my eyes to the world around me. I hope to return again to my home away from home in Seville!!!!!!

How can this program be improved?

I loved everything about my program!!!!!

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32 years old
Charlotte, NC

Study Abroad with Adelante; Great life decision!


I studied abroad in Seville, Spain with Adelante this past semester. It was a wonderful experience to be able to live and study in beautiful and historic Southern Spain. Throughout my stay there my Spanish improved tremendously, written and oral.Also, when compared to other programs, this program has a really good price, and I had the support of Adelante staff and local partners throughout the entire program.

Great life experience!


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24 years old
O'Fallon, Missouri
University of Missouri- Saint Louis

Best Five Months of My Life


Thanks to Adelante Abroad, I spent a fantastic semester in Seville. From the application process to my arrival in Spain and even throughout my time there, I felt very well taken care of and able to concentrate on the most important things: improving my Spanish, experiencing the culture, and getting to know Spain and the Spaniards. My housing was ideal and comfortable. I was fed very well, and I've come to think of my dear hostess as my Spanish grandma. As for the university, not only was it easily accessible, but it had a great campus and was an awesome place to hang out between classes. Because the teachers were all so friendly, respectful, and knowledgeable, I enjoyed each and every class and was sad when they ended. Thank you, Adelante!

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24 years old
New York, NY
Pace University



Overall I had a great experience. The city was beautifull, the people were friendly, and the school was great. I studied at the Universidad Pablo de Olavide and my professors were really cool. They understood that we were not studying abroad to do loads of homework so the work they gave was reasonable. I had a lot of time to travel to other countries in Europe as well. The night life in Sevilla was great. There are a lot of fun clubs and bars around the city, especially on Calle Betis (I'm sure you'll hear this name plenty of times when you go). The city is also pretty safe. My friends and I were never harrased or anything and never felt unsafe walking around at night.

The food took some getting used to--they use A LOT of olive oil for everything.

The program itself is pretty good. It was much smaller than the other ones and you are expected to be more independent. You have an Adelante staff member in Sevilla in case you have any problems and other then that you pretty much do your own thing. I chose this program because is was the cheapest--while many of the other programs organized trips and sometimes different events for their students, they also cost much more $$. I prefered saving a few thousand dollars and planning my own trips to the places that I wanted to see. And you will always find people at UPO who are ready to travel with you.

I would reccomend this program to anybody who is independent, ready for a huge growing experience, and doesnt mind not having their hand held while being abroad.

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24 years old
Chicago, Illinois
Pablo de Olavide University

Best Experience I've Ever Had!


I absolutely loved this program! I live with a wonderful family that called me "hija" which means daughter, and that is just how I was treated. They lived closed to public transportation and the city center. I set up my schedule so that I had class only two days a week, which was awesome and not difficult to do!! The program left me free to explore the city and Europe as I wished. Seville itself is a wonderful city with good weather and amazing churches, plazas, and clubs to explore. The nightlife is absolutely amazing!! There was a lot of amazing things to see, and there was tons of fun to be had! The program coordinator was super helpful and emailed out fun events to go to in the area. To this day, if I need anything the people who run Adelante are there to help me out. I would definitely reccommend this program!

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