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The Language House TEFL comes highly recommended by graduates of their program and is the largest and most popular TEFL course in Prague. What separates The Language House TEFL from the majority of other 4-week TEFL/CELTA/Trinity courses worldwide is their focus on extra teaching practice and their stellar post graduate community and services in Prague and abroad. The Language House TEFL is not just a teacher training course, but a vibrant community of staff and graduates of the course that help and support each other. It is this extra facet that makes The Language House TEFL so special.

This TEFL community is not limited to Prague, but spans worldwide. It is said that wherever you are in the world, there's probably a helpful Language House TEFL graduate close by. The course is challenging, fun and rewarding. In four weeks, they will turn you into a confident teacher and help you find a teaching job anywhere in the world!

  • The most popular certification course in Prague
  • 50% more hands-on teaching practice than most courses worldwide
  • Vibrant Language House TEFL graduate community
  • Free online grammar video course - Extremely helpful for new teachers
  • Lifetime job assistance with contacts worldwide

Questions & Answers

Hello! Yes, it is possible :) While it maybe slightly more difficult to find a job, there are definitely opportunities for you! The Language House is great about connecting their students with jobs around Prague.
I have been able to live comfortably and travel with my income.
Unfortunately, TEFL certification is not particularly useful in the States. Most schools and companies here don't seem to understand what it is. ESL companies here tend to look for DELTA certification or a teaching license with ESL credential for their teaching staff. However, skills that you acquire during this program (and teaching abroad) are very helpful in persuing teaching at home.
found it very easy to get a job in Prague after the TEFL at the Language House. I had three interviews the first week after the course and I got all three jobs. Most of my friends had a similar experience. Prague has so many language schools and they are usually hiring. This was in mid April. An even better time to look for jobs is in late August/early September, or in January when the terms start...


based on 69 reviews
  • Benefits 9.4
  • Support 9.7
  • Fun 8.1
  • Facilities 9.2
  • Safety 9.4
  • Impact 10
  • Support 10
  • Fun 10
  • Value 10
  • Safety 10
  • Instruction 9.6
  • Support 9.7
  • Value 9.5
  • Academic Rigor 8.1
  • Job Assistance 9.3
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THE TEFL program to take

The Language House in Prague offers an outstanding training program. You take 2 to 3 classes everyday and start teaching full 45 minute classes from the second week on. At the end of the program my group had to speak with the creditor for the Language House and it was clear that we all felt we had gained a significant amount of confidence in our ability to teach from our time here. It can be difficult to find an apartment, search for a job, and start working on your visa while you're still in class, but anyone who is proactive can accomplish these things without too much of a problem. And of course there is plenty of help from the staff in dealing with all of these things. A few people in my course even found jobs before they had graduated from the program. It's an all around great course and I would recommend it to anyone looking to teach abroad.

Yes, I recommend this program
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BEST TEFL program!!

I chose to get my certification at The Language House TEFL in Prague, Czech Republic. I highly recommend this pro! gram. While there are many programs available this course includes additional services that others do not. These services include; CV assistance, job assistance, housing, and Visa assistance. They prepared me to teach English but they also prepared me to live in Prague. Skills that I consider highly valuable.

My decision to move abroad was both a professional and personal decision, as I'm sure it is for others. I had many questions and concerns. I felt that the Language House was both fully informative and supportive of all that I was going through. They still are. The Language House is also more than a school but a community. Something that I think any Expat would appreciate.

How can this program be improved?
The school is lacking in certain amenities like enough computers/printers for everyone. However, the is very similar to the conditions everywhere in Prague. So I found that hard to switch to but in the end it enabled me to be a better teacher without the use of technology.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Best TEFL Program in Prague

I took The Language House TEFL course in February 2012. TLH is in a great location in the center of Prague. I used the accommodation given by TLH during the course. It was even better than I expected- I had a big flat to myself with all the necessities and weekly cleaning. There were only 6 people on my course so we received a lot of attention from the trainers. We had 7 different observers/teachers/trainers. The course itself included information about lesson planning, teaching methodology, phonetics, and classroom management. The staff presented this information in the most interesting/fun way possible. We then put these new techniques into practice during our teaching training. You teach 12 45-minute lesson and 2 1-hour private lessons to real Czech students. This teaching practice has made me feel confident in teaching English at any level. Job assistance during AND after the course was great. I received help with my CV, cover letter, and interview tips. The best part about TLH is its strong alumni community. Graduates are connected all over the world and it is a great place to get advice about TEFL or just life abroad. I would recommend The Language House Prague to anyone interested in having fun while getting their TEFL certificate.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Absolute best program in Prague

My wife and I took the course in August of 2009. The staff was great. They gave great feedback and really helped us all get acclimated with living abroad. The course provides a ton of hands-on teaching of real Czech students in a classroom setting.

The Language House is worth every penny and more!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Two thumbs up for TLH TEFL - graduate of 2007, still in Prague

The staff is well trained, knowledgeable and gives you all the support you need as a TEFL teacher. I came to the program as an experienced teacher, but TEFLing is a whole new ball of wax. I felt ready to teach English grammar even though I never had before. I got a visa, a job and a nice flat in no time. It's not always an easy city to live in, with all the red-tape and sullen faces, but once you break through the barriers, Prague is an easy and safe city to live in. Just be sure to bring enough money with you to start off with! TLH TEFL has always been there for me whenever I am in need. It's a great way to meet the locals and the expat crowd, too.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Great TEFL Program

This program is great. Prague is very safe and there is plenty to do. During the course the teaching staff is very supportive and you have everything you need to teach. The observed teaching is very good and the best experience in the course. It can be a little intense sometimes but you it's necessary for a class that is only a month long. Using the methods you learn in the course always impresses the interviewers at schools looking for new teachers. I definitely recommend this TEFL course and firmly believe it's one of the best, even if you don't plan to stay and teach in Prague. They have great resources and connect you to a large network of other teachers where you'll find plenty of help when you need it. If you do plan to stay in the Czech Republic and you're an American, make sure you apply for a short-term VISA at the embassy in the United States before you come so that you can get an extension while you work on obtaining a long-term VISA and business license/work permit.

Yes, I recommend this program
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My experience!

I have lived in Prague for over a year since taking the course at The Language House and can truly say it is definitely one of the best, if not the very best language school in Prague. The staff makes the transition into a new country very comfortable and easy. Each class becomes its own little community for a few weeks as you discover the city together, but long lasting friendship are a very common result! Past graduates are constantly introducing themselves and offering to take the new students out for a welcome drink. The community is what makes the Language House so amazing.

I also think the Language House has you teach more hours to actual czech students than any other school in prague (I think the most, if not tied with another school). This is very crucial because you learn a lot from this teaching and it really prepares you.

I was overall extremely satisfied with my program, as well as the support I received afterwards.

Yes, I recommend this program
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best option for TEFL

This course was well organized, we really learned the material and we had a lot of fun in the process. The Language House makes the transition into Prague very easy, and graduates come out with the necessary skills and knowledge to find a good job. In addition to this, they have a network of friends and resources for the rest of their time in the city. The staff is excellent, and they work hard to see that the students are enjoying themselves and getting the most the can from the program. I highly recommend this course!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Teaching ESL as a Non-Native Speaker

When out of the blue I decided to quit my stable life in the US and move to Prague in order to be with my Czech boyfriend, I didn’t really think about the job issue that much. Having a BA in Business and a good background in the area, plus the knowledge of English, I thought it would be just a matter of days for me to be working for a good company.

As time passed by, I realized that without speaking the language my chances of succeeding were very much reduced, and once my savings were going downhill, it was time for some changes.

Language Schools in Prague are like dentist offices in Brazil, they are everywhere, and you can always find one at the nearest corner, which at the time meant an opportunity for getting back to the job market, also avoiding the uncomfortable situation of being penniless. So, why not to take up the challenge? – I thought.

But just the fact that I could speak English didn’t give me enough confidence to call myself an English teacher, so I went for a 4-week-TEFL-course atThe Language House to get certified, which was extremely intense, yet oddly enjoyable. Chris (the owner) is an amazing teacher, I really had a blast! And for my surprise, it wasn’t a big deal to find a placement, considering the fact I am not a native-speaker and hold no EU passport. Out of eleven people, ten of them native-speakers, I was the second one to be hired, and the course wasn’t even over!

The beginning was quite hard, taking into consideration that in spite of the theory, all I knew about Teaching English as a Second Language could be written in the front side of a business card, and I myself had a lot to study and improve, especially vocabulary and my own pronunciation, exactly for not being a native speaker.

I believe the school changed its faciilities (for better!) since I finish the course (Dec/06), so the only thing downside has probably been fixed!
A year went by and during this time I went through a whole range of experiences, from the high peaks to the low trough, but without the course and the experience I gained from that, it would certainly have been much different!

Yes, I recommend this program


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The Language House TEFL comes highly recommended by graduates of their program. What separates The Language House TEFL from the majority of other 4-week TEFL/CELTA/Trinity courses worldwide is their focus on extra teaching practice and their stellar...