Interested in teaching in Africa, how about Sudan? With English recently added as an official second-language, the need for teachers is HIGH! The overall English standard is low, though there is a strong desire to learn, to increase their marketability and open doors. Sudan is a beautiful country filled with rich cultures and hospitable people. It is the perfect place for an adventurous teacher.

At Go Overseas, we strive to provide the most comprehensive program and job listings available. At this time, we are only able to find a few teaching opportunities in Sudan, listed below. You can read this full guide to teaching in Sudan, use the Search page to explore other teaching opportunities, or browse the Teaching Job Board for opportunities around the world.

Job Types

There are a variety of schools which you will be able to teach in Sudan. The hours will range from 20 to 30 hours of classroom work, plus prep time, and more if you are teaching private lessons. Here are different ways to teach English:

  • State Schools
    The most likley place for a volunteer teacher to end up. All Sudanese children are required to go to school which is free. However, these schools are often underfunded and do not have all of the resources you may expect to find.
  • Private Lessons
    It is difficult to gage how successful you will be with private lessons due to the country's low standard of living. However, if you wish to try and find students, go right ahead. Chances are they will also teach you about Sudanese culture.
  • Universities
    These teaching positions will be reserved for those with more experience teaching. The students will be livley and engaging, as they are curious about the Western world and what you can bring to the table.

Find a Job

Where and When to Look for Jobs:

Because Sudan is looking to increase its English capabilities as a whole, English teachers are always needed. The easiest way to go about looking for a job is through an organization, whether volunteer or paid. You must know you plans in advance in order to get your Visa and all other documents on time.

Your best bet is to finding a job is in a major city such as Khartoum, Omdurman, Port Sudan, and Kassala. However, if you go with an organization they will most likely place you wherever they are located in Sudan. Do your research if you are interested in a specific place.


There are no requirements to teach in Sudan, expect a commanding knowledge of the English language. A TEFL certification would be very helpful, and will probably give you more confidence teaching as well as a slaray boost. The organization you choose to go with will most likely have their own requirements for participants who wish to teach. There are many important documents that must be obtained before you head to Sudan that may include an entry Visa, registration form, and letter of sponsorship.

Need to Know

Salary & Cost of Living:

A monthly salary can range anywhere from 800-2000USD depending on your qualification set and the type of school where you teach. The organization or school you teach with may provide you with flights, medical insurance, and accommodations. The cost of living in Sudan is extremely low because it is still a developing country and teachers will be able to save around half of their salary.

Classroom & Work Culture:

When teaching in Sudan, there are few major things to keep in mind. One is that Sudan is largely a Muslim country, which means that when men meet they shake hands, but with women this is a no, as Muslim culture believes men should not touch women.

Dress for women is much more conservative, and is best to err on the safe side than expose too much. In general, try to cover all areas except hands, feet, and head. The larger cities usually do not require a head scarf, but bring one to a more remote area. Footwear is mostly sandals.

Keep in mind that because Sudan is still a developing country, there will be less developed areas and infrastructure, and possible less resources. Do not let this deter your experience, simply accept the challenge and make the best of it. The people are very friendly and willing to learn.

Teaching abroad is a rewarding experience regardless of where it is done. Be prepared for the new world that Sudan offers and enjoy!

Contributed by Alex Ferroggiaro

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