TESOL Course In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam With Guaranteed Job

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Vietnam is one of the top undiscovered destinations for teaching English in the world with it's high salaries and low living costs.

The beautiful country, amazing food and friendly locals make for an amazing experience whether you plan to stay for a shorter period or settle long term.

In person training: Nothing beats real life experience and feedback in the classroom which is why we offer a fully in-person month long training to prepare you for and help you land a fantastic high paying job.

Accommodation Included: The course includes accommodation in a private room for the the duration of the month long training - 5 minutes from our training location.​

Guaranteed Job: best of all we guarantee you a job at market rates on completion of the course. We are extremely proud of our 100% success rate and work hard to ensure all our teachers are hired.

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  • Support 9.7
  • Value 9.1
  • Academic Rigor 5.9
  • Job Assistance 8.8
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Far above expectations

I have always played live music, but when I decided to do it full time after I finished my commerce degree it started to feel too much like a job. I decided I needed a change of scenery and I wasn’t (and I am still not) ready for the corporate world. I have some basic teaching experience, so I was researching TESOL in SE Asia and found Alex’s videos – he made me feel so at ease about the decision and Vietnam looked like just the place for me. So, in February 2017 my girlfriend and I decided to enroll in the June course offered by Ninja Teacher. We left Cape Town on 19 May and spent two weeks in Thailand before heading to Ho Chi Minh City!

The course was a ton of fun. We met an amazing group of people who we still see regularly since we finished our course, and the ongoing support from the school is incredible. Within two weeks of finishing we found great jobs; the school arranged an interview for us, and we arranged a couple of our own. Otherwise, we received so much inside information on how the market and system works in Vietnam, along with daily networking and teaching practices that filled us with confidence to go into the TESOL workforce.

I am teaching predominantly children and teens, ranging from ages 5-7 to 14-17, with as few as 11 students in one class and never more than 22 students. My wage is a dreamy $19/hr (far better than I’d be being paid at home) and I am working roughly 80hrs-100hrs per month. Living expenses are very low and after we have put some extra furniture in our awesome new apartment I’ll be able to save 50% or more of my salary without even tightening the belt.

Most importantly, I have fallen in love with Vietnam and the people who live here. They are kind and helpful and want you to be happy here. The pollution levels took a bit of getting used to, but an air purifier at home and a pollution mask when I’m riding the scooter helps a lot.

I would suggest to anyone who is looking to spice up their lives to look into teaching English in SE Asia and contacting Ninja Teacher. It allows you to create opportunities, change the lives of people you have never met, all the while giving you the opportunity to experience a new life and save some cash.

Yes, I recommend this program

Great introduction to the world of ESL

I recently completed the Ninja Teacher course and highly recommend it to those considering teaching in Vietnam. Having been to Vietnam before, I thought this would be a great place to start the adventure. The course is a perfect way to prepare for an English teaching career and offers a great introduction to Vietnam. You're provided with a ready-made group of friends, which makes the adjustment period a whole lot easier. I'm glad I found Ninja Teacher and would recommend the course to anyone!

Yes, I recommend this program

My Ninja Teacher Experience

Moving to another continent is a big change, and the process of training, finding work, meeting new friends and finding a place to live is a challenge. The Ninja Teacher endorsed program made all of these things streamlined and organic by teaching essential information as well as providing me with a high value TEFL certificate. Additionally, I have met some diverse, interesting people along the way. They were all in the exact same position as me so it was very easy to find house-mates and new friends. Thank you to the Ninja Teacher and partners! -Jason Metters, England!

Yes, I recommend this program

Smooth and easy transition to Viet Nam because of Ninja Teacher!

Ninja Teacher was an amazing help during my transition period to Vietnam. Once I got the seed planted in my head that I wanted to go abroad, Alex's videos helped build trust that Ninja Teacher was legitimate and not one of many scams on the market. His videos answered more than just things regarding the TEFL certification - many questions that an expat faces: how to get a visa, set up a foreign bank account, or what to expect apartments to look like. In addition to watching his YouTube videos, setting a Skype interview with other staff members of Ninja Teacher helped answer individual questions pertaining to my unique situation.

My TESOL course was through a partner of Ninja Teacher and they were undergoing administrative changes when I graduated. This led to some wrinkles, but they have been ironed out now. The guaranteed job is in Vietnam, but since I had a particular city I wanted to live in, I did all the job searching independently. They offer endless assistance if you want to work in HCMC or Ha Noi. Of course, there are going to be minor setbacks that everybody has to handle, but those are much easier to take care of in person, IN Vietnam. But all the worries that I had, that my parents had, that my friends wondered ahead of time, were sorted out by Ninja Teacher. I never felt concerned about transitioning, thanks to Ninja Teacher!

How can this program be improved?
I felt that the course was too easy at times and that I wished there was more emphasis on teaching grammar to the teachers rather than a "you'll pick it up as you go" attitude. I also wished I still had contact with anyone at the school, but nearly everyone that worked there when I took the course is now gone.
Yes, I recommend this program

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