While there are countless reasons to visit Vietnam, the strong job market and low cost of the region make it an even more appealing destination to earn a TEFL certification abroad. With a national emphasis on children learning English as a second language, there is plenty of work to go around for English teachers. ESL educators that have teaching experience and/or graduate-level education can do particularly well.

Whether you’re an English teacher, backpacker, or somewhere in between, Vietnam should definitely be near the top of your travel bucket list. Between some of the best beaches in Southeast Asia, a unique and tantalizing local culinary tradition (Pho anyone?), and the exploding international hub of Ho Chi Minh City, there is enough to see and do to keep you occupied for years after you complete your TEFL course in Vietnam!

TEFL + Teach:

TEFL and Teach Programs are most common for those looking to teach English in Vietnam. International TEFL Academy offers a four week, 150 hour TEFL program that includes training in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City followed by training and job placement assistance. TravelBud offers a similar 120 hour TEFL program, with additional pre-departure support and guaranteed job placement with a salary of $1200 to $1800 per month.

120-Hour TEFL Courses:

Companies such as TEFL Heaven and ITT TEFL offer 120-hour courses on location in Vietnam as well. For around $1,500, you can earn your TEFL certificate different cities such as Can Tho, a city of about 1.5 million (less than half the size of Ho Chi Minh), noted for its floating rice markets. Practice teaching and job support are included, with housing and other options available for an additional fee.

Volunteer Programs:

Volunteer teaching programs are a common way for those without a college degree to teach in Vietnam. Also ideal for those with tighter time constraints, you can easily earn your TEFL certificate and spend several weeks teaching in Vietnam during a single summer, so long as you are okay with an unpaid teaching assignment. Most volunteer programs that include a TEFL certification course will still charge a fee, and you can expect to be paying around $2,000 (including housing) for such options.

It's also possible to take your TEFL course online before moving abroad to teach English in Vietnam.

When and Where to Look:

Ho Chi Minh, the largest city in Vietnam, provides the most opportunity to find work, and most TEFL courses will take place there as well. Southern Vietnam is generally going to be more fruitful than Northern Vietnam, with a little persistence, the opportunity for paid teaching jobs can be found throughout Vietnam. Because most jobs are with private language institutes, hiring stays fairly even in Vietnam throughout the year, so you can most likely find a TEFL Certification course that suits your schedule.


A four-year college degree is required to obtain a work permit in Vietnam, so most certification programs will require one as well. If your program does not require a bachelor's degree, you should still be aware that you probably won’t be able to find paid work in Vietnam without a degree, though Vietnam is still a great place to go for your certification. Those interested in working in Vietnam without a degree might want to consider volunteer programs or becoming certified in Vietnam and then teaching in Cambodia. It can also be difficult for people over the age of 50 to obtain a work permit in Vietnam, so you will want to check on that with your program if age is a factor for you.

Post-TEFL Resources:

The job market in Vietnam is consistently strong, and teachers are working all over the country with great success. Ho Chi Minh is the most popular location for teachers, but if you’re adventurous and willing to do some legwork, opportunity abounds in more rural locations as well.

You might need a hard copy of your college diploma on hand to obtain a work permit, and a background check may be required as well. Those can be difficult to obtain from abroad, so it’s a good idea to get that done well in advance of your start date.

An average workweek is usually 25-30 hours, including class time and preparation. Most language centers have weekday classes in the evening, while classes typically run all day on the weekends. A typical teaching day consists of two or three lessons and then planning time.

Typical wages for teachers range from US $1,000-$1,500/month. Benefits vary greatly from school to school (salaries are always paid in dong and are usually paid at the end of the month.) Quite often, if a teacher stays for a year or more, the school will pay for the airfare to another destination or provide a completion bonus.

Most ESL teachers take jobs at private language centers, although some public schools can now afford to compete with private centers. Local living expenses are low: about US $500-700/month. Teachers in Vietnam can, fortunately, expect to comfortably cover their monthly expenses, with a significant chunk of cash leftover for savings, travel, etc.

Cost of Living:

If you live reasonably, you can expect to save a good portion of your paycheck, and Vietnam is a great location to travel and explore on the weekends. With a fairly reliable bus system, weekend trips to the beach are easily doable, and Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos are a day’s journey away too.

The low cost of living in Vietnam makes it very appealing as an alternative to more expensive regions like Western Europe. One can rent a nice apartment for $300-$400 per month, with other expenses probably adding another $200 or so. An inexpensive meal can be easily found for a dollar or two, with a nice meal out running about $7. A standard beer or coffee would be $1-2. Wifi is readily available throughout the region, and your total utility bill will probably be around $65 per month.

Other Things to Know

While Vietnam may still be defined by war in the eyes of many, there is no better way to broaden your understanding of this important historical region than to visit it yourself. And while there is so much more to Vietnam than a war with the United States, for those looking for a clearer understanding of the complexities of that disturbing, but ultimately important era, an extended visit to the region is well worthwhile. You may very well come searching for answers, but it’s virtually guaranteed that you’ll leave having found inspiration.

TEFL Courses in Vietnam

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International TEFL Academy
Get TEFL Certified & Get Paid to Teach English in Vietnam
9.6 •5 reviews

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Teacher's Friend - Vietnam
Face to face or online TESOL course--Full relocation service-- plus dedicated job assistance
Multiple Countries
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Assistance with everything you need. Arrive with your documents ready...

Ninja Teacher
TESOL Course In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam With Guaranteed Job
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Vietnam is one of the top undiscovered destinations for teaching...

Ninja Teacher
Vietnam 150 Hour in-Class TESOL Course With Paid Job
9.6 •15 reviews

Want to travel and earn? Get TESOL certified to teach English abroad...

TEFL Heaven
TEFL Heaven: Venture to Vietnam with Guaranteed Paid Job!
8.84 •19 reviews

Vietnam is the perfect place to start teaching and gain experience...

Ninja Teacher
TESOL Course In Hanoi, Vietnam With Guaranteed Job
9.33 •3 reviews

Teaching jobs in Vietnam offer high salaries and low working hours...

Take a 150 hour TESOL course in Vietnam or Cambodia (Job Guarantee)
Multiple Countries
9 •3 reviews

Ready to see the world? Ready to Travel? Tired of a 40 hour work week...

TEFL International Vietnam
TESOL Certificate in Vietnam
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Our TESOL certificate will provide you with the experience and...

ILA Vietnam
Teaching Training and Job Opportunities in Vietnam
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Australia-Vietnam Skills and Education
150 Hour TESOL Certification (Accommodation & Employment in Vietnam)
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This program will give students the knowledge and skills required to...

The TEFL Org
TEFL Internship in Vietnam with The TEFL Org

Don't miss out on this excellent chance to teach English in Vietnam...

Paradise TEFL
Online and Onsite TEFL courses with Guaranteed Jobs
Multiple Countries

Get certified to teach English while enjoying amazing school locations...

Teacher Link
TEFL Course in Vietnam (Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City)

The TESOL/TEFL course in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City comprises 150...

Oyster Worldwide
Gain a TESOL and Teach English in Vietnam

Vietnam is a spectacular country, full of stunning natural landscapes...

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What qualifications do I need to teach English in Vietnam?

    To teach English in Vietnam you need to have a bachelor's degree, be a native English speaker, and pass a criminal background check. A teaching certificate (like TEFL or CELTA) is helpful for many ESL teaching jobs.

  • Can I teach English in Vietnam without a bachelor's degree?
    To legally teach English in Vietnam, you need to have a university degree that you can provide the government when you are applying for your work visa. If you don't have a bachelor's degree, it's possible to find volunteer teaching opportunities that don't require one.
  • What kind of TEFL courses can I take in Vietnam?

    The most common types of TEFL courses you can take in Vietnam include TEFL and Teach combination course, 120-hour TEFL course, online TEFL certification, or TEFL via volunteer teaching.

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