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Projects Abroad has been sending volunteers overseas since 1992. Our volunteer placements in Argentina involve Teaching, Care, Medicine, Dentistry, Occupational Therapy, Journalism, Human Rights, Sports, Farming, Veterinary Medicine, and Spanish language. As a volunteer in Argentina you will have a direct impact local communities through service projects arranged and coordinated by expect in-country staff.

We hope you will consider joining one of our volunteer programs in Argentina today! You won't regret it.

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Hi Asma! 15 year-olds can join us in our High School Specials, and we do have several available in Argentina. You can see the full list here:…
Yes, most projects don't require any previous experience to join as long as you are at least 16 years old. It would depend on the project you are interested in though.
Hi Carmen! Kyle is right, you can absolutely join us at your age! We have had many volunteers in your age group joining us in the past. Our Standard programs don't have an upper age limit so you are welcome to join. However, if you wish to volunteer in a group around people your own age, we do offer what we call "Grown Up Specials", which are exclusive for volunteers above the age of 50. I hope...
I took a look at their site, and most volunteers are 18-25 years old. Many of their projects also do not require any local language experience. Here's the link for more details:


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Care Project in Argentina for 4 Weeks

I must say that volunteering in Argentina was a life changing experience. I volunteered at an all girls correctional facility in the city of Cordoba. It was beyond a fulfillment to be able to act as the little hope these girls needed to continue on and change their current situation. My job at the placement was to be a friend to the girls, to plan arts an crafts activities, games, talk, and just be there for the girls as a support system that many did not have and hadn't had for quite some time if ever at that.

Aside from the amazing time at the placement, Argentina as a country has so much to offer. I got to travel to beautiful cities like La Cumbre where you can go horseback riding in the mountains and hike to see the beautiful Cristo at the top of the beautiful tall, tall mountain.

It is always helpful to have a loving and welcoming host family that by the end of the trip you will also call your family! My host family consisted of two young siblings, a brother and sister. They were so much fun to live with and at times made me forget I was so far from home.

But these loving and welcoming people were not certainly the only ones with these beautiful personalities. Argentina as country is filled with friendly people open to help anyone in need. I fell in love with Argentina and will definitely be back a second time.

Projects Abroad's staff certainly does their best to make you gain the best from not only your placement but your time in Argentina overall.

How can this program be improved?
I feel that for a volunteer project, Projects Abroad is extremely costly which makes it limited to some people to be able to gain such an amazing experience. Also, the placements could incorporate more professional aspects for those looking to gain some work experience in their careers.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Argentina Two Week Special: Care and Spanish

When I first became interested in going abroad, Projects Abroad's website let me choose from dozens of locations and placements. As soon as I chose Argentina's Care and Spanish program an Argentinean Project's Abroad representative got in touch with me, answering all of my questions and concerns about my upcoming trip. On the plane on the way to my placement, I met up with other Project Abroad volunteers and when we landed, I was taken straight to my new home to meet the family I was staying with. They were incredibly kind and welcoming, even though there was a language barrier, I felt like I fit right in. The next day we had an introduction day with all of the volunteers. Projects Abroad showed us around the city, teaching us to use the bus system and find our way to the mall and banks and other places we would need to go, so that we could find them on our own when we would have free time. The next day we started Spanish lessons and our placements. At my placement, I worked in an orphanage with young kids who needed people to play with them when they came home from school. During my time there, I got so attached to those little kids, it was so hard to leave them at the end of my two weeks. It was so rewarding to work there, I did it for every smile and every laugh. Once we had the opportunity to take them to the arcade in the mall and McDonalds. They get so few outings like that, so they were all smiles that day. I think what I was most surprised about during my trip was how much independence we had. Any time we weren't in Spanish class, in our placement, our at one of our social events, we could do anything we wanted, meet our friends at the mall downtown, go out to dinner, take a tango class. I loved this trip so much, I made amazing friends that I still keep in touch with, improved my Spanish, got an Argentinean family, and made fantastic memories. I would definitely recommend Projects Abroad to everyone.

Yes, I recommend this program
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2 months in Cordoba, Argentina!

I had a WONDERFUL experience with Projects Abroad Argentina! I previously volunteered with Projects Abroad in Morocco and had a fantastic experience as well, so I had high expectations for my trip to Argentina. All expectations were far exceeded!

I worked at two different orphanages. My "main" orphanage was working with children with disabilities. I specifically asked Projects Abroad to not place me with children with disabilities, but I am so glad they did! It was the hardest work I have ever done, but it turned out to be a great experience. I now want to teach special education! The other orphanage had children, infants to ten years old. I worked there twice a week, mainly during my second month. The children were a lot of fun, but it is hard working with children from such disadvantaged families. My Spanish level was extremely low, so although communication was difficult at times, with children it is easy to use gestures and play.

Host families can make or break a trip and my family was amazing. I truly felt like a part of the family and was included in every thing. I still talk to my family regularly and my trip was just over 2 years ago!

The other volunteers were great to hang out with when I needed a break from attempting to speak Spanish. There are lots of great places to travel in Argentina, and my one regret is that I did not travel more. However, I now see that as an excuse to return to Cordoba and visit my host family while exploring some other cities along the way!

I would absolutely recommend Projects Abroad to my friends. I have had the privilege of speaking with volunteers before they sign up and/or leave for a trip and I hope that I have helped them see what a life-changing trip they will have. Projects Abroad supported me throughout my two month stay, and I could call any staff member at any hour of the day and would be met with a friendly voice on the other line. I felt that the staff genuinely cared about me while I was there.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Incredible support from staff and other volunteers

The most impressive thing about the Projects Abroad program is the support offered by the staff. Right away from when I was met at the airport, I felt very much at ease, and was provided with the means to contact several members of staff at any time. The take all new volunteers on an orientation tour of the city and ensure that you are settling in well with the family you're living with. All the volunteer placements are great, and monitored by the organization to ensure that the volunteers always have meaningful work to do. All the other volunteers I met, both at my place of work, and from other projects (Projects Abroad organizes many social events to meet volunteers that you don't work with on a daily basis)were very welcoming to new recruits, and a lot of fun to be around. It is very easy to get travel approval on weekends (really just inform Projects Abroad of your plans) and it is even possible to take a couple days off from the volunteer work for a bit of extended travel (although don't do this too often). I didn't really have any issues at all during my two months in Argentina, but I have no doubt that if I had, I would have had all the support I needed.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Unforgettable Experience

The hardest part about volunteering in Chile with VE Global was leaving. I spent 6 months volunteering in a home for at-risk teenage girls in Santiago. It is hard to put into words how wonderful the experience was. The VE Global Staff are incredible. There is a fun, exciting, informative orientation before you start volunteering so you feel comfortable in the country with other volunteers right away. You are also supported throughout your stay with all the programs you create at the institution.
Every day in the home was different. There were some days when we just helped them with their homework, played cards, and listened to them talk about their days. Other days we created workshops, according to their wants and needs. I helped them improve their math skills, we taught them how to cook, take care of a garden, took them to the park, taught them english, held sports tournaments to create a sense of team work and supporting others, etc. We created a ton of arts & crafts, danced, had the girls teach other new things. I can go on and on. The most important, and valuable aspect, was building a friendship with these girls. They had unfortunate events in their lives that left them untrusting of adults. Teaching them how to have a healthy relationship was crucial. There were days the girls weren't as receptive to you being there but all teenage girls go through that :). I cried more on my last day at that home than I ever have. But I felt confident that I had left them with the knowledge and a little more confidence to continue their studies for the year and benefit from future volunteers.

The social scene with volunteers is also wonderful. VE Global does a great job at keeping people happy, entertained, and busy.


Yes, I recommend this program
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Fantastic Experience

I volunteered in Argentina with Projects Abroad in August 2009 and had an great experience. The children were very fun and I enjoyed getting to know them. I really had a great time living with the host family and there were many fun times sitting around the dinner table. We went out to Cordoba at night to bars and nightclubs. I feel like I really took advantage of many of the things that Argentina had to offer and Projects Abroad help make this happen. I only wish I had traveled around the country more.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Cordoba Argentina, 2 weeks

Wow, what a great experience this program provided for me! I only went to Argentina for two weeks-and would end up begging my family unsuccessfully to allow me to stay longer. I will never forget the people I encountered or the experiences I had there.

My program consisted of three hours of spanish lessons in the morning. My teacher was young, enthusiastic, and involved in our discussions. Classes were very informal and comfortable. My host family, as well, constantly checked if we needed anything or were enjoying the food (all of which was good). I also enjoyed the opportunity to practice my Spanish after dinner by talking my host mother and father.

The best part of the program was by far volunteer work in the afternoons. I worked at a place that provided food for children in a poor neighborhood. In addition to preparing bread, we also spent hours playing and talking with the kids. Though they were rambunctious and could be challenging, I loved spending time with them. All of the volunteers were rewarded with affection from the kids.

The projects abroad staff will become both your friends and mentors-even if you're only there for a short time. It was a great trip to experience an entirely different lifestyle, as well as meet people from all over the world.

Yes, I recommend this program


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