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Volunteer in Cambodia with UBELONG - best reviews! Go: ubelong.org
Volunteer in Cambodia with UBELONG - best reviews! Go: ubelong.org
Volunteer in Cambodia with UBELONG - best reviews! Go: ubelong.org
Volunteer in Cambodia with UBELONG - best reviews! Go: ubelong.org
Volunteer in Cambodia with UBELONG - best reviews! Go: ubelong.org
Volunteer in Cambodia with UBELONG - best reviews! Go: ubelong.org
Volunteer in Cambodia with UBELONG - best reviews! Go: ubelong.org
Volunteer in Cambodia with UBELONG - best reviews! Go: ubelong.org
Volunteer in Cambodia with UBELONG - best reviews! Go: ubelong.org
Volunteer in Cambodia with UBELONG - best reviews! Go: ubelong.org
People Improvement Organization - 1st Grade Class
Fun during English class - Phnom Penh
English teaching in Phnom Penh


UBELONG offers 1-week to 6-month volunteering opportunities in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Volunteer in one of these world-class projects:

-->Caring and teaching for children from poor backgrounds
-->Caring for children with disabilities

-->Hospitality vocational training
-->Teaching English

-->Light painting and renovation

-->Medical assistance

-->Advancing women's rights

-->Microfinance and income generation

-->Advancing community rights

-->Strengthening NGO capacity

  • 24/7 in-country support
  • Volunteer on projects that truly need you
  • Live in the heart of Phnom Penh and enjoy delicious meals every day
  • Go with a US based organization - legitimacy and peace of mind
  • The #1 program in Phnom Penh and with the best reviews!

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Be ready to go with the flow! You don't get much info about where you're working until your first day really (at least for our teaching english to younger kids projects). We also take tuk tuks to work everyday and sometimes the drivers late - I was so stressed that we would look bad showing up to work late, but no one minded. Weekend plans all over the country are sometimes booked last minute and...


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  • Support 9.4
  • Fun 9.1
  • Value 9.5
  • Safety 9.3
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best choice

I couldn't be happier with my decision of volunteering in Cambodia through UBELONG. When you decide to undertake such a journey, you want to feel you're dealing with people who know what they are doing. And UBELONG does. They provided me with the necessary support, advice and enthusiasm during both pre- and post-departure process, allowing me to make the most of my volunteer experience. Before departure, I received a comprehensive Preparation Briefing and had a safety meeting with my mentor, which really helped me prepare for the trip. None of the volunteers from other organizations I met had anything remotely similar to that. I especially like the fact that UBELONG has a philosophy behind its programs. They talk not only about helping others, but also about stepping out of your comfort zone, building emotional strength and achieving personal growth. I think that helped me keep my mind always open and watch out for the changes that this volunteer experience was operating in myself -- when maybe the natural reaction would be staying on the defensive side.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Trip of a lifetime!

Working with UBELONG was by far the best decision when I wanted to adventure across the world to help others and learn about another culture. The affordability of the projects made it possible to explore this opportunity and then Cedric and Raul helped me choose a project that was going to fit with my skill set and time-frame of travel. Even traveling solo, I felt extremely safe and prepared from my safety briefing and knowing that UBELONG has strong partnerships and makes frequent visits to their placements. UBELONG's passion for helping others, knowledge of travel and development, and care for their volunteers is truly an inspiration for me to continue learning and to strive to make an impact on people across the world.

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Yes, I recommend this program

One of the best experiences of my life!

I spent 5 weeks volunteering in Phnom Penh, on the Advancing Community Rights Program. It was an amazing experience and I enjoyed everything; the work, the guesthouse and especially the many people I met and country itself. The process was made extremely easy by UBELONG, who provided me with great pre-departure support, including a comprehensive safety meeting, the preparation bundle and even recommending reading that may be of use to me on the placement. No volunteers from any other agency seemed to have anywhere near as much help or support when organising their own trips.

I kept in touch with Raul and UBELONG, both during and after the placement and will continue to do so. There is a real sense of pride in their work and the passion for helping people to volunteer really shines through in everything they do.

I truly believe that UBELONG helped to make my stay one of the best experiences of my life and I would recommend them to anyone even considering volunteering abroad. You will not regret it.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing Program!

Someone from the program picked me up from the airport when I arrived into the country, which was comforting. There was an orientation the frist 3 days I was there so I was able to get familiar with the city and my orphanage. I stayed at a volunteer house in Phnom Penh with about 20 volunteers, who were volunteering at different orphanages and NGOs in or near the City. Each morning I would wake up, eat breakfast, which was prepared by workers of the house, and head to my orphanage which was about 30 minutes away. I worked at the orphanage Monday through Friday from about 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. In the morning I would play with the younger children, entertain them with making crafts or read books with them. I ate lunch at the orphanage every day with the kids and then taught English in the afternoon to the older children. The language barrier was hard at first, but I expected it to be because English wasn't their first language - but that was what was so exciting as well. Definitely recommend this program to anyone.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Thank you Ubelong

I had a great experience with Ubelong in Cambodia. I spent 4 weeks in the orphanage program there. This was my first time to a third world country and I felt very comfortable. My mentor answered all my questions and even spoke to my mom who was a wreck. I also like that I had a safety meeting in person on skype before, it help reassure me and make it more real. I was definitly a little overwhelemed when I first arrived because Cambodia is so different and my first days at the orhpanage I was at were a little difficult as nobody spoke English. I felt out of place but after a couple days felt so comfortable and the head "mom" was so good to me and the other volunteers. She would always ask how I was doing and make sure I was happy. The children are ADORABLE even though they are filthy :-) My only negative is that the food at the guesthouse was very good but after 4 weeks became a little boring. Overall a great experience that is definitly life changing amd I recommend this wonderful organization.