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Since opening Costa Rica operations in 2003, Rustic has expanded to include the most spectacular regions of this Central American paradise. From the Pacific to the Caribbean, from rainforests to rivers, from service to adventure, our programs here encompass the breadth of what Costa Rica has to offer. Our team of talented local staff members challenge veteran travelers with new experiences and introduce more novice adventurers to the joys of travel.

With our large staff of local Ticos, you’ll quickly feel at home in Costa Rica and easily slip into the lifestyle of pura vida, a phrase meaning “pure life.” Embrace the idea of living life to the fullest as you learn to relax, appreciate nature, and experience everything Costa Rica has to offer.

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Hi there Cesca, I would recommend checking out our blog channel all about prepping for your program. It won't be specific to Summer Camp Leadership, but might help. (Link below.) I would also check out our student lead Facebook group – Rustic Pathways Travelers 2018. Hopefully that helps, but please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any additional questions....
Basically, Rustic Pathways has a program called group travel, and you can choose which country you want to go. For the Costa Rica group travel programs, the prices range between $1945 and $2355.


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Summer Camp Leadership

This program was a wonderful experience. We planned a day camp for deserving Costa Rican Youth of La Fortuna. Everyone on the trip got really close and we felt like a family by the end. Many kids from the trip have stayed in touch. The Ticos are adorable and really appreciate the work you do. The whitewater rafting at the beginning of the trip very well might have been the highlight as it was so spectacular! The scenery was beautiful the whole trip and you do a fair amount of tourism as well as your volunteering. Although it is helpful to know at least some spanish other kids will most likely be able to translate for you. The trip mostly has kids 16 and older though 14+ are allowed to go. I wouldn't recommend going before high school as it might be hard to relate to the rest of the kids. The kids on my trip were not as into the community service as one might expect though they did love the Ticos. The kids just weren't as in to the work and planning. You sleep in a base bed and breakfast type place and the ticos are bussed to you every morning. Its really great to bring arts and craft because there are not many supplies available in town. Overall the trip was a really great experience!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Volcanoes and Service

The nights in Costa Rica were especially amazing to me, since you are engulfed in a rain forest with the sounds of a stream and the animals both near an far. The occasional lizard runs past and you seem him climb onto the ceiling of the dinning area. These are a few of the things that made the country so beautiful to me. Also, you make immediate bonds with those around you. I started thinking that I would spend just about 7 days in a foreign country with no one but myself. This changed the first night at dinner when we started bonding as a group. The people are all in the same boat as you and are just as vulnerable. My friends from the trip and I stay in touch even now through facebook and update each other almost daily on how we are doing. Even though I zip lined for the first time and saw a volcano, that should not be the reason to go to Costa Rica. The people that you do the community service for and the experience of being placed into a totally different culture should be your reasons for taking the trip. This trip changed my life, and I will continue to return to this country as much as possible throughout my life.

I hope you will get as much out of the trip as I did.


Yes, I recommend this program
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Volcanoes and Rainforest - Life changing

I did the Volcanoes and Rain Forest program in Costa Rica - it was incredible.

The bus ride to the base house is a little rough, but only takes about 3 hours. The base house is beautiful - fresh water pools, soccer fields, ponds, and tons of rain forest.

For the most part, this is a community service program. I worked mostly with a school down the street helping to build a new classroom. The kids were adorable and always wanted to play soccer.

On the weekend, we went Zip Lining, rafting, and even had a big dance party at the house. Going into town was awesome, I only wish we could have spent more time there. Oh...and hot springs!

The staff were great. They didn't get in our ways, but were always around.

It was hard to say goodbye

Yes, I recommend this program
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Rustic Pathways Turtle Conservation

This was my first experience with Rustic and while my parents were skeptical at first they couldn't refuse after they browsed the detailed an comprehensive website and talked to the staff, all of which are enthusiastic and helpful. All of the pre-trip details were taken care of and a a first time international traveler, it made me very reassured and comfortable. Their airport staff members were amazing and made everything go smoothly, it was also a great time to start making friends. Once in Costa Rica all of the participants from all the programs went to a hostel for the first night and then we departed for our different programs the next morning. A typical day on Turtles involved waking up for breakfast and then a few hours of morning service. Afterwards was time for relaxing, swimming or showering before lunch. Meals were a mix of American and Costa Rican and were delicious even though I am a very picky eater. After lunch was more service which involved building a hatchery or a beach clean up. For the rest of the day we hung out and played games. Turtle walks occurred at night anthers were usually two groups. Everyone got to see a turtle laying eggs. And we each were involved in transporting eggs tithe hatchery. On the weekend we went into town and to the beach for zip lining and surfing. Overall, the trip was amazing with the best staff ever. They also make return trips possible with the Star Alumni discount.

Yes, I recommend this program
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First AMAZING experience of my life.

I did this program going into my senior year of high school and it sparked all my interests and passions that I have today. Not only was the staff incredible, the itinerary perfect, the group incredible, and the locals hospitable, but the memories and friendships I made are everlasting. Rustic Pathways is an amazing program that did an amazing job. I had so much fun and loved traveling around Costa Rica and learning about its culture. Traveling Soccer and Service was a great mix between soccer, service, leisure, adventures and homestays. This was the beginning to my long adventure of traveling and culture exploring. It was unforgettable.

Yes, I recommend this program

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