YOUTH CARE & COMMUNITY- Enhance the lives of disadvantaged community members

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Our aim is to empower children, youth, young adults and woman by providing a educational platform where they can be supported in developing their potential and improving their own lives. At our "Mama Elba" school in Samana we are promoting the integration of special need students into the educational system. Our language and skill training programs provide volunteers with the opportunity to make a difference to our local community members who would otherwise lack these important opportunities. Assist with activities like computer literacy classes and teaching language classes in Englisch, German or any other language. In Las Terrenas volunteers assist with public school teaching and tutoring, but also swimming classes, sailing classes or first aid workshops can be offered to local youth. We are involved in youth, family and community development. We promote leadership and life skills, healthy lifestyle and constructive use of freetime. We promote gender equality and women empowerment.

  • Organize and lead intercultural events and regular meetings for local community members and international volunteers, expats and travelers with cross-cultural activities fostering exchange and integration.
  • Assist in our school with recreational, developmental and therapeutic activities for children and young adults with special needs
  • Bring joy into the lives of disadvantaged children by taking care of them and playing with them and let their smiles brighten up your day!
  • Get fluent in Spanish by receiving up to six free Spanish lessons per week.
  • Make memories that will last a lifetime while traveling the Caribbean.


We are involved in youth, family and community development as well. We promote leadership and life skills, healthy lifestyle and constructive use of freetime through skill training like language classes, computer literacy, first aid workshops and swimming classes. Volunteers join our staff on family home visits and assist with empowerment and educational workshops as well as community building activities in direct contact with community members from low income neighbourhoods in Samana. We are building community support for youth development and engaging support of parents/caregivers. Intermediate Spanish is required.

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You would have to contact the volunteer coordinator. There might be a day long project needing more volunteers, but Aldeas de Paz is usually a live in community where each person is assigned to a program. So yes, I’m sure they won’t turn you away, but better suited for longer stays.


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Make a real difference to peoples lives

Aldeas de Paz is one of the most diverse,exciting and caring programs i've ever seen. The day to day work that the organisation carries out and it's work with specifically the children aims to and i'd like to think makes a sustainable and lasting difference to the people and community.

How can this program be improved?
The resources to be able to do more community work
Yes, I recommend this program


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We promote a Culture of Peace through enriching cross-cultural exchange for people of all cultural backgrounds and nationalities and we practice voluntary community service where we provide additional opportunities in education, sports, health care...