Athens is a city known for its ancient history. The capital of Greece, it is a city with magnificent structures such as the Acropolis. Counted among the oldest cities in Europe, Athens is a prime tourist destination and has plenty to do. Experience Athens in a different light by volunteering in the ancient city.


Greece is known for its luscious landscapes, particularly its beaches and forests. There is a need for preservation of forests, and thus many opportunities for volunteers to help protect the forests from various elements such as fire.

Wildlife Rehabilitation

Greece has a tremendous amount of wildlife within its borders. Unfortunately however, many animals in the nation are in danger due to illegal trapping, pollution, and habitat destruction. Greece has the largest wildlife rehabilitation hospital in Southern Europe, and the hospital has a need for volunteers. As a volunteer, you will actively take part in the rehabilitation of animals by preparing food, cleaning outdoor areas, aiding in treatment.

Dog Shelter

Athens, like many cities, has animal shelter, and those centers rely on volunteers. As a volunteer, you will be given a variety of tasks which will keep you busy. You will help in giving medical care, walking animals, and help spread education about the animal shelter, among other tasks.

Volunteering Tips

NGOs/Nonprofits: Athens is home to a number of nonprofit organizations. They work in diverse areas such as human rights, the environment and women’s empowerment, among others. For more information on NGOs in Athens, visit WANGO.

How to Save Money While Volunteering: Athens is a very popular tourist destination, and as expected, prices can get quite high. Try not to eat out too frequently and avoid shopping at stores meant mainly for tourists as the prices there are often unreasonably high. Additionally, Athens has a fantastic Metro system, so try and use public transportation as much as possible.

Health and Safety of Volunteers in Athens

As a volunteer in Greece, you are recommended to be vaccinated for Hepatitis A if you plan to stay for an extensive time in rural areas. Additionally, if you visit between November through April, you are recommended to get an Influenza shot.

Athens is a safe city for tourists, but it is recommended to remain vigilant in crowded areas where pickpockets might be around.

Volunteer Programs in Athens

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Friends of Animals Nea Filadelphia
Animal Shelter Volunteer Program in Athens
10 •1 review

Volunteer in Greece at an animal shelter in Athens! Our charity was...

Love and Serve Without Boundaries
Teach English, French, German or Greek to Refugees

Enhance your language teaching skills for a good cause at Love and...

Archelon Group
Volunteer in Greece with Archelon Group

Enthusiastic and committed volunteers are needed to help sea turtles...

Volunteer with Refugees at METAdrasi

A large number of refugees has, as a consequence, lead to a great need...

Other Volunteer Programs in Greece

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    Most Affordable Volunteer & Gap Year Programs in Greece from $700 with IVHQ
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  • GVI
    GVI: Volunteer in Greece
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    Visit Giannitsochori, a coastal village, to engage in sustainable...

  • Global Volunteers
    Help Children in Crete, Greece Learn English
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  • Involvement Volunteers International (IVI)
    Refugee Support Crisis - Greece - IVI Volunteers
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  • MOm
    Northern Aegean Dolphin Project in Greece
    9.93 •14 reviews

    Support basic research on dolphin populations at the National Marine...

  • Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation
    Bird Research and Conservation

    The Archipelagos bird research team collects avian data related to...

  • Naxos Horseriding
    Jobs and Volunteer Opportunities In Greece
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  • ELIX
    Self-Growth 4 Grown-ups - ELIX NGO
    Multiple Countries
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  • Working Abroad Projects
    Dolphin Research Volunteer, Greece

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