10 Sweet Short Term Spanish Courses Abroad

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You’ve heard your fellow students raving about study abroad in your Spanish classes. You’ve seen the glossy brochures on campus, devoured stories from living in Spain and Argentina from your Spanish language professors, and can’t help but smile ear to ear when hearing from fellow students who’ve already done it.

Or perhaps, you're not a student anymore, but a working professional or retiree who doesn't quite have the flexibility to take more than a week or three to travel abroad.

You don’t want to go a full year nor are ready for a semester study abroad. What are you to do? A short-term language course, that's what!

Still, you want to study Spanish abroad. You've committed. You’ve gone so far as to follow any Instagram account related to any Spanish speaking country. But there's still that little dilemma of time. You don’t want to (or can't!) go a full year nor are ready for a semester study abroad.

What are you to do? A short-term language course, that's what! These programs are perfect if you need to squeeze one in to a busy schedule, or if you want to try study abroad on and see what fits before deciding which program is right for you. But, which short term Spanish courses are the best? Allow us to illustrate!

1. ISA: Valparaíso and Viña del Mar, Chile

  • Program Offered: Year Round
  • Duration: Varies; summer programs to full year
  • Cost: $1,975 - $25,000 depending on program
  • Program Focus: Spanish Language, Business Spanish, Internships, and Immersion

Either J-Term or Summer, ISA’s sister city programs in Chile will leave you wishing you could stay longer. Even though Chilean Spanish is notorious for its intelligibility, you’ll become a master translator as you take classes alongside Chilean university students. ISA is renowned for its highly supportive team by going the extra mile for their students AND their parents throughout each step of their experience (and that means when they come back, too).

... you’ll become a master translator as you take classes alongside Chilean university students.

If language and culture are your game, then Valparaíso is your best bet, otherwise international business courses and electives will keep you busy in Viña del Mar. Either way, you’ll be feasting in beaches, museums, and snapping pictures left and right at the colorful architecture. Pro weather tip: going during your J-Term to take advantage of the Chilean summertime!

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2. API Study Abroad: University of Salamanca, Spain

  • Program Offered: Year Round
  • Duration: Semester to full academic year
  • Cost: $5,000 - $15,000 depending on duration
  • Program Focus: Hispanic Studies, Integrated Studies with Spaniards, International Studies, Spanish Language & Culture, etc.
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Studying at the oldest university in Spain sure gives you bragging rights and puts you in a perfect location (Salamanca!) for excursions during your off time from Spanish language, cinema, and women in Spanish history classes.

During your short term stay, you’ll be placed with a host family to help you with your homework so you can finally dominate when to use por and para.

A more economical option than Madrid or Barcelona, Salamanca doesn’t shortchange you on top notch academics, cultural excursions, or social life. Don’t forget to take advantage of their intercambios (language partner) program!

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3. AIFS in Barcelona, Spain

  • Program Offered: Summer
  • Duration: 3, 4, or 6 weeks
  • Cost: $4,495 - $6,495 depending on duration.
  • Program Focus: Spanish Language, Business, History, Religious Studies, and Sociology

A top spot for Spain hopefuls, Barcelona does not disappoint (why do you think 7.6 million people visit Barcelona each year!?). With Gaudí, Dalí, former Olympic grounds, lavish restaurants and nightlife, it’s easy to see why cosmopolitan Barcelona attracts so many students and tourists alike to its seaside northeastern city.

... it's easy to see why cosmopolitan Barcelona attracts so many students.

Throughout their summer stays with AIFS, students study Spanish language courses and can also knock out some gen eds in business, history, religious studies, or sociology. A 4-6 week summer stay can easily take care of 6 credits... all while you’re soaking up the Spanish sunshine on the beach and touring around Barcelona sampling its awesome tapas!

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4. Enforex: Throughout Spain!

  • Program Offered: Year Round
  • Duration: Varies
  • Cost: $500 - $2000
  • Program Focus: Spanish Language, Culture, History, and Literature
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With Spain as your oyster in Enforex's programs, you can choose to study Spanish in cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Salamanca, Cadiz, Alicante, Sevilla, and many more with Enforex. Your short term Spanish course will not only be chock full of language classes, but also culture and a heavy emphasis on literature -- making it perfect for those Spanish majors that need a few more credits and want to challenge their language skills.

If literature isn’t your forte, check out a flamenco/salsa, golf or tennis, scuba diving, or Spanish cooking plus Spanish language courses. If business is your study abroad of choice, check out their Chamber of Commerce exam and Business Spanish course...a gem to surely skyrocket your resume.

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5. AIFS: Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Program Offered: Summer
  • Duration: 4, 8, or 12 weeks
  • Cost: $4,495, $7,995, or $10,995
  • Program Focus: Spanish Language

In a mere 4 - 12 short weeks with the Universidad de Belgrano in Buenos Aires, you can earn up to 5 credits in the Paris of South America: Argentina. Geared towards students that want to become more fluent in Spanish, AIFS places you in homestays that are in the best neighborhoods in Buenos Aires to make the most out of your short stay by totally immersing you in Spanish.

Alongside your Spanish language classes, you can look forward to a tango night, a tour of the colorful neighborhood El Caminito in La Boca (where tango was born), and day visits to nearby UNESCO Heritage Sites. Your homestay will make sure you’ve tried empanadas and chimichurri before you pack your bags to head home!

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6. Sol Education Abroad: Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Program Offered: Year Round
  • Duration: 4 - 12+ weeks
  • Cost: $2,000 - $5,000
  • Program Focus: Spanish Language
argentina, sol, spanish

Known for its cost effective, but culturally jam-packed programs, Sol’s itineraries are sure to leave you wanting more from Argentina’s capital city.

During your summer or winter break, you’ll be studying with the Academia Buenos Aires or the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero.

While studying Spanish with Sol, you can expect an excursion to Iguazú Falls (think MUCH bigger than Niagara Falls) while learning about the gaucho (Argentine cowboy) influence on Argentine culture, and to Río de la Plata, the world’s widest river in nearby Uruguay. No matter if you have one month or three, you can easily perfect your Italian-Spanish accent while upping your Spanish fluency on this great program.

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7. Maximo Nivel: Cusco, Peru

  • Program Offered:Year Round
  • Duration: Summer programs to full academic year
  • Cost: $500 - $2000
  • Program Focus: Spanish Language and Literature

What’s different about Maximo Nivel’s Cusco school? Their Tandem Conversation Program and lots of extra perks that'll help you ge the most out of your time studying Spanish in Peru!

The Tandem program matches you with a local from Cusco to help you practice your Spanish and make friends, along with free salsa lessons, free tutoring, free access to high speed Internet, and the best of all? Free monthly international party!

All perks aside though, studying Spanish in the capital of the Incan Empire is a rare opportunity to ramp up your linguistic fluency and get off the beaten path in this rugged and culturally rich nation.

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8. Maximo Nivel: La Antigua, Guatemala

  • Program Offered:Year Round
  • Duration: Summer programs to full academic year
  • Cost: $500 - $2,000
  • Program Focus: Spanish Language and Cultural Immersion

Another fantastic program from Maximo Nivel, this one stands out for the most rigorous and intensive Spanish immersion, which makes it easy to make the most of your short time in La Antigua! Because of its juxtaposition of colonial architecture and preserved Mayan ruins, the entire city is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site -- pretty cool, right?

You’ll be placed with local homestays to enjoy the local fruit and veggies as well as putting what you learn in the classroom to practice.

But seriously, we didn't just choose this course because we're secretly jealous of everyone who gets the chance to travel to Guatemala. Maximo Nivel's gotten some fantastic reviews from past students as well.

The staff is reputably supportive, friendly, bend-over-backwards helpful, and fluent in English, but they’re sticklers for only speaking Spanish in the classroom! You’ll be placed with local homestays to enjoy the local fruit and veggies as well as putting what you learn in the classroom to practice.

If that’s not enough, add on their mini-adventure program for six days including a volcano hike, surfing lessons in nearby El Salvador, and ziplining!

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9. Sol Education Abroad: Costa Rica

  • Program Offered: Year Round
  • Duration: 1 week to 1 year!
  • Cost: $995 - $14,995 dependent on duration
  • Program Focus:Spanish Language
la fortuna, costa rica, spanish

Another fabulous program with Sol is in the land of the Ticos: Costa Rica. In Heredia, just outside of Costa Rica's capital, San Jose, you’ll be brushing up on your Spanish at the Latin University of Costa Rica.

What's great about this program is that, in addition to studying what some say is the clearest and easiest to understand Spanish in Latin America, Maximo Nivel also includes several excursions to help you explore your host country outside of a school setting.

When you’re not in the classroom distinguishing false cognates or making friends with your classmates from all over the world, you’ll be out exploring on a Pacific Beach trip, hiking in the cloud forest and volcano, or visiting the colorful colonial town of Granada in neighboring Nicaragua. One can only learn the true essence of ¡pura vida! through studying in Costa Rica!

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10. Spanish at Locations: Costa Rica

  • Program Offered: Year Round
  • Duration: Summer programs to full academic year
  • Cost: Standard $195/week; intensive $275/week
  • Program Focus: Spanish Language (standard, intensive, and specialized)

Don’t have more than 14 days for a short term study abroad program? Look no further than Spanish at Locations in Turrialba, Costa Rica!

Regardless of your decision, your teachers will be of the best quality and you’ll never be bored with their adventure program

You’ll be faced with a tough decision on where to study: either in the mountains near the river and waterfalls, or next to the ocean boasting fabulous surfing (we know, life is hard...). Regardless of your decision, your teachers will be of the best quality and you’ll never be bored with their adventure program (including whitewater rafting…hold on to your helmets!)

Additionally, it’s your choice if you want to stay with families and get a full on immersion experience, or go with their on-site hostels.

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Additional Short Term Spanish Course Options

If by the rare, lopsided, probably nonexistent chance that none of the programs mentioned above seem to fit your needs, check out these bonus programs worth considering. There's got to be at least one out of the bunch that tingles your Spanish speaking senses.

  • Summer Language & Culture in Mexico: If you want to spend time immersed in one of the many dynamic Latin cultures while you learn Spanish, look no further than the CLA program in Guanajuanto. Over the course of your stay with a host family, you'll learn about everyday life and become expert at your language skills.
  • Medical Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica: This program, offered by Tico Lingo, is perfect for anyone who works in the medical field and wants to expand their language skills. This immersive opportuinty is a perfect sabattical for working medical professionals or a great resume-builder for those early in their career.
  • Intensive Spanish Immersion Program in Heredia, Costa Rica: Tico Lingo also offers an intensive immersion program that's more broadly focused. Flexible to whenever you want to experience the Pura Vida, this program is popular with Spanish speakers and beginners alike.
  • Intercultura Spanish Group or Private Lessons in Costa Rica: Time to grab your surf board and head to Costa Rica for some serious language and wave immersion. With campuses in Heredia and Samara, Intercultural offers intensive Spanish courses that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. This is a great choice for someone who wants to take classes according to their own schedule with smaller class sizes.
  • Spanish Schools in Central America and the Caribbeans: COINED has Spanish schools all over the tropical Americas which means you get to receive high quality language instruction where ever your little adventurous heart desires. The cost varies depending on destination and course type.
  • Study Spanish or Maya with Naatik in Mexico: Study off the beaten path in the small town of Felipe Carrillo Puerto in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. You'll also be contributing to local community empowerment by helping the organization provide affordable English classes for locals.
  • Intensive Spanish Classes in Costa Rica: Another great program to consider in Costa Rica! In addition to intensive language courses, the program provides immersion activities and excursions for students to truly experience the local culture and try out their new Spanish skills.
  • Tia Tula: Intensive Spanish Language Program: Salamanca has always been a popular destination for Spanish students so it's no surprise that a program in this student friendly city would make our list. The Tia Tula Spanish School focuses on teaching Spanish as practical conversation rather than academic context, practice makes perfect!

Although we at Go Overseas 100% support studying abroad for as long as possible, we know it's not always an option. And so do these great short term Spanish courses -- you won’t be shortchanged with your options for taking a short term course en español. Ultimately, just make sure you choose one that fits with your goals, your budget, and has a chock full agenda of excursions and opportunities to immerse yourself in the local culture! ¡Buen Viaje!

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