Gap Year Articles

When Natasha declared her first solo trip would be to Bangladesh, friends and family expressed concern. Read how she found her way – and learned to live 'local' during her time abroad.
Your gap year will be a transformative experience, and we have the resources to help you plan it all. To help you make the most of it, join us in sharing your gap year plans on Gap Year Decision Day.
Don't let the fear of a resume gap stop you from taking a year overseas. Here is how to effectively fill your resume gap after traveling.
Need ideas and program suggestions to help plan the perfect wellness-focused gap year? Here are some awesome wellness program ideas for your upcoming gap year including yoga and meditation practice, surfing, or plant-based medicine.
Taking a career break gap year might sound bad for your professional trajectory, but it can actually be an amazing opportunity. Read the story of one traveler who pulled it off -- and her top tips to help you leverage your gap year for career growth.
How do you define a gap year? As you search for programs and opportunities, here are some helpful things to keep in mind to create a life-changing gap year experience.
Moving to China for an internship or as part of your Gap Year? A local shares secrets about what living in Beijing is like, including truths about the cost of living.
Si vous êtes citoyen canadien qui rêve d'un travail et voyage en Australie, c'est la ressource ultime pour vous. Voici tout ce que vous devez savoir pour obtenir un travail de travail en Australie.
Whether taking a gap year or changing careers, there's a world of opportunity around you. We've collected some of the coolest jobs you can take abroad, to inspire you to make that leap.
If you want to take a gap year that will change the world, it might be hard to choose a program. Here are some questions you should ask yourself, to make your gap year meaningful for you -- and for those you meet along the way.