UltimateOz: Gap Year in Australia
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UltimateOz: Gap Year in Australia

Join us on an Ultimate adventure in 2018!

Ready for an adventure? Our guided tours are the perfect way to experience Southeast Asia, Australia & New Zealand with a group of people from all over the world! We look forward to having you on an Ultimate adventure soon. See you in paradise!

Looking for the ultimate way to start your Gap Year down under?! UltimateOz is the perfect introduction to the Aussie way of life. Meet like minded travellers from across the globe and experience an epic first week to kick start your new adventure.

Get started in Sydney, explore what this amazing city has to offer before escaping the hustle & bustle at UltimateOz Basecamp. It's an awesome week full of adventures including city & beach walks, Sydney Harbour Cruise, sand boarding, bush walk, dolphin cruise, and even a pub crawl!

Aside from all the fun, we'll set you up with everything you'll need such as: 12 Month Travellers At Work membership allowing you access to thousands of jobs across Australia, an Aussie bank account, Tax File Number, 12 Month Mail Sevice, SIM card, Tax Refunds, and Medicare.

Everything will be pre-arranged, so you can relax & let our ULTIMATE tour leaders take you on the trip of your lifetime!

  • Welcome Dinner & Orientation, City & Beach Walks
  • Private Sydney Harbour Cruise
  • Basecamp: Sand boarding, Dolphin Cruise & Bush walk
  • Party Night in Sydney
  • Job Support & Training Courses
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Adventure Travel
Working Holiday
1-2 Weeks
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Airport Transfers
SIM cards
Some Meals
Tour Guide
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Our UltimateOz 8-Day Sydney Arrival Package includes accommodation, all activities in the itinerary, some food & drinks, transfers and expert tour leaders. We will arrange everything you need to be able to get paid to work in Australia (bank account and tax file number etc) and you also get a 12 month membership to a database filled with the latest jobs with Travellers at Work!

Questions & Answers

Hey Claudia, Thanks for getting in touch! As part of the UltimateOz package, you get a 12-month membership to our in-house recruitment agency, Travellers at Work. There are a range of jobs that get posted all the time, from call centre work, to child care, labor work and regional work opportunities (great for saving money!). You can take a look at the types of jobs available here - www.taw.com.au...
Hi May, Great question! After Basecamp, you head back to Sydney for another couple of days with your group ... you'll do one of the best coastal walks around, from Coogee to Bondi and there's an awesome pub crawl planned too! When it comes to jobs, we give you a 12-month membership to our in-house recruitment agency - you'll have full access to all the jobs that we get through, which include...

Program Reviews

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  • Housing 9.3
  • Support 9.7
  • Fun 9.7
  • Value 9.2
  • Safety 9.5
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Ultimate Oz

Just about to finish my first week with Ultimate Oz and I have to admit I wasn't expecting much activities but was surprised with so many awesome opportunities and experiences along the way such as the catamaran cruise in Sydney harbour as well as Basecamp and the one mile beach. During this trip I've made so many new friends and was able to familiarise and help me settle in Australia, the tour guides Stephanie and Becky were really helpful and looked after us for the time here!

How can this program be improved?
Travelling back from Basecamp could be improved as public bus trip were a little long with our baggage.
Yes, I recommend
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Kristel Faye

Oz Intro

So, I wasn't the typical participant for this trip. I wasn't 18-24 years old doing a gap year. I wouldnt be extending my trip past the 8 or so days we were together. With that said, I thought the trip did a good job introducing me to Sydney with a few weeks here and there. Basecamp was a ton of fun...honestly don't forget to take advantage of the beach while you're there! Sad to leave my group (#thecore) but so stoked to have met everyone. Including our tour guide Anna!!!! #besttourguideever

How can this program be improved?
Less walking. Haha.
Yes, I recommend
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Would recommend

I just finished my first week in Australia with Ultimate Oz.
I would recommend this program since it helped me to get settled in Down Under. You will experience a lot in a short amount of time and get detailed information about your Work&Travel Year. The Ultimate Team is super chilled and will help you with everything.
Even though I would recommend this Trip in my opinion it is a little pricey since not all meals are included and you have to pay for some bus transportation

How can this program be improved?
More meals included
Less time spend at side bar
Yes, I recommend
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Sik Trip

Unbelievable experience to start off your travels in Australia ! Great time with some mates and staff are ever so friendly ! Definitely worth it! People will definitely love the boat cruise through the Sydney harbour with the picturesque views. Then spending time in the beach camp gives you a real Australian experience living out in the wilderness with your mates. Highly recommend telling everyone about this, you will not regret spending your money on the trip. Abi is also pretty sick.

How can this program be improved?
Yes, I recommend

Ultimate Oz

Had an amazing first week in Australia, thank you Becky and the rest of the Ultimate crew for a fabulous time!! Now looking at booking more Ultimate tours! We were able to experience so much with Utlimate including cruises, sports and even Australian wildlife. They also made a birthday very special by going out and buying a cake etc. Not every travel company would do that! The guides spoke a variety of different languages so that everyone was included and their outgoing personalities made everyone feel welcome and encouraged us to have even more fun. Thank you

Yes, I recommend

Amazing team, amazing trip

The ultimate oz adventure is an amazing week, the team fill the week up so much it is surprising how cheap it is in comparison. The tour guides are all so much fun and extremely helpful, I do not regret any of it one bit. The first day was a fun way of meeting all the people you spend your time with, second day was an amazing boat cruise and bbq with alot of fun things to do, third day Wednesday we headed off to Base Camp for a fun day and camping trip on the beach, 5th day was again in Base Camp and included a lot of sight seeing and sand boarding, 6th day was another amazing cruise and last day was a fun good bye to the team.

How can this program be improved?
All of the participants could be put in the same room in the hostel to begin with so that you get to be with your new friends more.
Yes, I recommend

Backpacker ultimateOz

I highly recommend ultimateOz they are so friendly and funny as well! The tour guides are so cool! The activities are so nice the places you are going to explore are wonderful and it's pretty cool when you can do it with such a crazy and funny group like I did with ULTIMATEOZ.
You will make many friends!
It's awesome guys :D I had an great time I really didn't want to miss. They will help you out if you have any questions. You can call them or write them they will always be there for you. I am really glad I booked my travel with ultimateOz. I had a really funny and exciting time.

Yes, I recommend


The week of UltimateOz was great! All of the activities were so much fun and it was really nice to met people from all over the world. I especially liked the Harbour Cruise and the Basecamp! The guidance was great and you can ask them everything. They help you with a simcard for your phone, a bankaccount, finding work and planning trips. So if you are planning a trip to Australia, UltimateOz is a really good start for your adventure in Australia!

Yes, I recommend

Anne Salemink

Ultimate oz has been such a good start to Australia, everything is organised for you. It was nice to meet so much other people. The staff was so good and nice. They will help you with everything. It was a very nice start in Australia. The hostels are great and clean. And you can easily meet a lots of people. So Ultimate is a great company with an awesome team. Every place we have been has been good and the guides have loads of knowledge. Office team were all mega helpful and really friendly. They help make ultimate travel not just an ultimate week. Highly recommended

Yes, I recommend

Ultimate oz Australia!!

Ultimate Oz Australia was an amazingly program for preparing travelers to live in a new country while meeting new people and doing fun activities. I had a great week with this organization and met some good friends through it! My favourite part was base camp, we seen a lot of cool animals and sand boarding was such a fun new experience. I felt very safe the intire time and didn't have to worry about much because almost everything was included to the price your originally pay.

Yes, I recommend

Ultimate Oz Tour

Roughly two months ago I decided to leave my home country Canada, I had a goal to see as much of the world as I could while still young. I first looked for a destination, Australia was the most perfect candidate. With still being a long 24 hours of travel away from home, it is the most similar to Canadian culture with all the sights I've dreamed to see on my travels. I searched for roughly 2 years on where to start, how to do it, programs avaliable, everything you could imagine being involved with the goal to move to a new country on a working traveling visa. After long efforts I came across a company called smaller earth which had lots of programs all over the world using smaller companies inside those countries to run them. Ultimate Oz was one of the organizations that was based in Sydney Australia. Long story short I found this to be the absolute best candidate for the start of my travels, it consists of a perfect mix between help with finding work, banking, your visa, getting a phone plan, everything along with tours and activities. Currently I have been in Australia for 5 days, within these five days I have seen all the major sights in Sydney including the opera house, Sydney harbour bridge, gone on a catamaran cruise through the Sydney harbour, traveled to port Stephens, gone sand dune boarding, went on a dolphin watching tour, hiked to the most beautiful summit, I've held snakes and lizards and searched for koala bears, organized an Australian bank account, learnt all about working here and more all in just 5 days. I've had expireiences in one day many people wouldn't have done their entire life. All pre arranged and done with ultimate Oz, in a group of 21 where I know I've already met some amazing friends from all over the world. The tour guides (Becky and Anna) are amazing, both having travel expierience and on the same working travel visa I am and done these tours them self, they are so relatable and helpful in tips and options I would've never known about without them on traveling and working. They have made this group come together as one and make sure every single person has their own personable experience with every event. I would've never imagined I would be here today and met these amazing people without this program. The company them selves has different programs all over the world and multiple in Australia, because of how perfect this first part of my journey has been I decided to continue the traveling first, to work later and booked their ultimate east coast tour where I can hop on and hop off anywhere along the way and stay as long as I want all being prepaid and prearranged to take me up the east coast and see anything and everything I would've. Missed going on my own. I would highly recommend this program to every person I know wether it's your first time trip or you're an experienced traveler it would still be perfect for you. I am so thankful for the opportunity to experience this and have made such great friends even with the tour guides. Becky and Anna you've been amazing thank you and thank you ultimate Oz!

Yes, I recommend

Ultimate Oz

If you want to work and travel in Australia, I really recommend booking your first week in Australia with Ultimate Oz in Sydney. You do a lot of fun stuff like a dolphin cruise, Sydney city walk and sandboarding (look at the site), they have great guides/leaders (Anna and Becky) and they help you with the boring stuff, like bank account, sim card and TFN. They also provide a lot of info and help you with booking other great trips.

How can this program be improved?
Maybe have different programmes for winter and summer. It was winter when I was here and I didn't get to swim with dolphins.
Yes, I recommend

UltimateOZ Sydney

I'm having the most amazing time with ultimateOZ! Anna and Becky , our tour gides, are awesome. They are the most enthusiastic people I've ever met, and they're really good at what they're doing. I saw the highlights of Sydney and did some really cool things such as spotting dolphins, go on a cruise, sandboarding etc. This all was with an amazing group of backpackers who are all there for the same reason as you are. I highly recommend booking this trip, because you will have the most amazing time in Australia!

Yes, I recommend
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Awesome Week

It was a Great Week. There was so much fun and the basecamp it is Amazing. This is a Thinge that You Never forget for the Rest of your life.
Die Woche war der Hammer und hat so viel Spaß gemacht allein wegen des basecamps lohnt sich die Woche Basecamp.

How can this program be improved?
Go to a Party with the Others more often
Yes, I recommend
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A great week

My experience with ultimateOz was a really good one! Especially the basecamp was awesome with the domesticated kangaroo Josi which is running around the area ! The support you get at the office in Sydney is also stunning !

How can this program be improved?
I think the basecamp is most peoples highlight, so maybe the stay there could be extended.
Yes, I recommend

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