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The intern program is temporarily suspended while we work with country and employer specifications. In the meantime, we have ample opportunities to work in some of Australia's finest resorts and hotels. Please see visit Work Experience Australia.

Secure an internship before you depart for Australia. Alliance Abroad Group offers a variety of internships including 6-12 month, great paying Hospitality Internships and 3-6 month, career-boosting Business & Event Internships. In addition to placing you in the internship of your dreams, we have a dedicated "Team Australia" based both in the US and in Australia. Team Australia is with you every step of the way to ensure you have a great experience. Before you depart, your assigned coordinator helps you prepare. Once in country, a housing coordinator helps you secure safe, affordable housing. Throughout your program, our in-country staff provide support, schedule Meet Ups and make sure your experience is phenomenal.

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No, I don't recommend this program

My Austrlian Experience, Alliance Abroad Group

Going to Australia was one of the best decisions I have made. I have never traveled much around the US and never overseas. I met the very best people and did some amazing things. However, I was extremely disappointed in Alliance Abroad Group. I had a few problems when I first got to Oz and got absolutely no help from the program. The locals were far more helpful and made my experience enjoyable. The only thing my program did for me is show me the steps to get there, and even with that, I had to do a lot of prompting.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Broome, Western Australia- Cable Beach Club Resort

So I've been here 3 weeks. I love it! I'm almost all used to the job front desk at Cable Beach Club resort. Plus, the weather here is beautiful, really hot, but Broome is going into its dry season starting in May so it will be a little bit cooler, but will still be at 29-35 degrees instead of 35-40 like it has been for their summer. Everyone around the accommodation village is really friendly, welcoming and nice. I really like the resort I work at. It is like a little paradise because of its gardens and lily ponds and unique guest rooms. And, is directly across from Cable beach- which is an awesome beach with white sand that goes on forever and clear blue water. I am so happy to be here, and am excited for my stay

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Yes, I recommend this program

Thanks for the Experience

At home, I felt stuck. Never having been outside the comfort of family support and familiarity in life, I started feeling a bit insecure and developed a pessimistic attitude. Upset with myself and always having yearned to experience travel and life abroad, I decided to apply to Alliance and start an adventure. After a 6-month program in Melbourne, Australia, I felt rejuvenated! I gained a ton of confidence in many aspects of my life - both personally and socially. Most importantly, I feel inspired and ambitious about my next steps in life.
I thank Alliance for the opportunity, having assisted greatly with the application process and ultimate transitions that at first seemed a bit overwhelming. It was a great experience and I recommend this program to anyone looking for adventure, growth, and self-improvement. Thanks again

What would you improve about this program?
Reduce the application fee. $1500 for the 6-months program is quite expensive.
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No, I don't recommend this program

WASTE OF MONEY-- Don't be scammed like we did!

Gosh where do I even begin? Three of my close friends and I decided to make this venture for OZ--with the "help" of AAG. We interviewed with our first coordinator together, stating we wanted to do the 6 month program, and do it all together--we wanted to go at the same time (around November for 6 months) and we all planned on living together--all requirements AAG were fully aware of in order for us to give them the enrollment fee from EACH of us. We ended up being placed in Sydney because "it was the easiest place for them to place all four of us"--per AAG.

First mistake AAG made was the fact they didn't get all of us jobs simultaneously, then also were trying to send us at all different times--some months apart (Myself in September, two friends in October, and one in November). We made due with the timing, negotiated with the different jobs and made it work-- three of us arrived Mid October and our one friend came out to OZ three weeks later since they couldn't get her a job immediately like us--even though we all have a lot of Hospitality work experiences, and applied at the same time. In the whole process of getting the job, AAG makes it seem like they're assisting you by providing you 'To Do Lists' and links and tasks you need to complete--all things you're essentially capable of doing yourself with the assistance of Google. Obtaining a Working Holiday Visa for Australia as an American is as easy as filling out a shopping survey online. Any 20-something-year-old can figure this out on their own, it's not difficult. AAG made it seemed like you NEEDED them in order to pull of something like this--without them you'd be overwhelmed--not the case at all.

Another big mistake that AAG made was the fact that they made it seem like you'll find housing super easy as soon as you arrive to OZ. NO! IT’S VERY DIFFICULT. AAG suggests you to stay in the hostel they provide info for for 3-5 nights while you search for housing--we met some people that had lived in the hostel for weeks when we had arrived, some even months, while still searching for housing! Housing is also not cheap at all. Given our situation, AAG was fully aware that 4 of us were planning on living together--we had zero stipulations, as long as it was safe, a 6 month lease, and a furnished property that could comfortably house 4 of us. This was like looking for a needle in a haystack! The worst part was that AAG made it seemed like we would find something almost immediately--not the case one bit. After over 30 viewings of properties, extreme exhaustion from jet lag and time constraints with our work contracts nearly beginning, and fear of being homeless in another country, we found a place in Glebe--a two bedroom, 1.5 bathroom and paid over $1,200 per week to live there. The ideal living situation came crashing to a halt as we had no other choice but to take this option. What I find the biggest problem with this situation was that AAG didn't help ONE BIT, even when we called them and begged them to help us find something--and all they ever came back was with different website links to look for housing. Like, uhhhhh HELLO WE'RE ALREADY DOING THAT! AAG didn't forewarn us about where we should look for appropriate housing for 4 people, how to go about finding places and perhaps looking at different companies that assist with finding housing (which is what we ended up finding through another Study Abroad Program--a program that didn't ask for a dime from us and just voluntarily helped us.), how much certain areas would cost us, etc. Nothing! AAG literally did NOTHING.

Another problem, my company I worked for was told the wrong start date by AAG--and called me when I hadn't shown up. I explained that they had the wrong date, and apparently AAG told them the wrong date--not the day that I was supposed to work as per my contract I signed. Like could AAG get ANYTHING right during this process?

A few months into our experience here, the AAG contact I was working with apparently left the company--no one ever informed us this was happening and we were assigned a new director that we've never even communicated with prior. Honestly, not one person at this company was helpful--except the initial person you speak with upon signing up. Even then, they makes this experience seem like it's going to be the most amazing thing in the whole world, and AAG will be there if you need them, or feel lost, or have questions, etc. They have not done one thing to assist us--and upon asking for a refund of our money, or a partial refund they basically scoffed and said that we signed ourselves away after that contract is signed for our job. My lawyer said the same thing after presenting it to her. I even told AAG that I was getting my lawyer involved, and the director said in a condescending demeanor, and I quote, "Good, I love when this happens..."

Listen, my goal here isn't to just bash AAG and that's it. Australia was an awesome time, I learned a lot in so many different aspects--but going through AAG was not the way to go AT ALL. If you want to feel used, waste money, and basically waste countless hours dealing with useless people--then by all means, AAG would be perfect for you. If you want to move across the world and work in Australia--go on Google and look up what you need to get a visa, save your money, plus some, so when you come here you can enjoy time while finding a job (which is super easy to do by the way--hospitality has heaps of open positions over here) and finding housing, meet as many Aussies as you can and they'll direct you where to live, where to eat, where to avoid, etc. It's jaunting at first but totally doable on your own. AAG provides this false veil of security because you gave them a lot of money and time--but I felt quite alone in the beginning even being here with three friends. We all felt stranded and used once we arrived in OZ. My friends also had horrible experiences, one wasn't even guaranteed his job when he went to meet with them upon arrival--the other was bounced around through many venues all over the place--commuting up to 4hrs per day, everyday, to get to one venue, the other friend was forced to work ridiculous overnight hours, then work the next afternoon, multiple times, even after presenting this issue to HR-- it completely screwed with her body's normal schedule and she either had to do it or quit. I could go on, and on and on--but my main goal with this review is to tell you, yes you, the skeptical person not sure if signing up for this is a good idea or not, STOP. DON'T DO IT! You have been warned now--it is a complete waste of money! All of this has been expressed to AAG and they have done NOTHING to fix the situation--they've offered apologies and that's about it. Thanks for nothing!

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Response from Alliance Abroad

Hi Adam,
It’s disheartening to read these comments because we care very much about our program and participants and this is the first we have heard of some of these issues. The whole purpose and our company and our personal passion is to create opportunities for amazing and meaningful experiences working abroad.

AAG is a company of global travelers and we know how enriching and rewarding the experience can be, which is why we created a business to offer the chance for people to experience the world with the comfort of having support and a guaranteed job. Many of us ventured out on our own without support or jobs waiting, and we wanted to offer more to others.

Some of the issues you mention are beyond our control, but we do our best to match employer openings with participant preferences. It is difficult to find placements for large groups with one employer, which is why we recommended Sydney as being the best chance for finding work for 5 people. Employers generally do not like placing friends in the same department.

We were thrilled to find a 6-month placement for you as an Assistant Restaurant Manager– and were delighted that you agreed to start ahead of the group for this amazing opportunity. We had a unique opportunity to offer you an excellent salary for a short-term visa. The employer was very excited to have someone of your experience and skills. We have since placed another participant in the same role, and he is an enthusiastic referral and testimonial for this program. We were happy to find all your friends work and delighted to pay the referral fee to Frank because participant endorsement and referral is our greatest testimony of success. We’d love to have their feedback in person, so we can course correct and provide employer feedback. We’re sorry that one of your group cancelled, but we worked it out with the employer and refunded the fee to despite the fact that she cancelled after being offered the position.

Housing can be tricky as not all employers offer assistance and certain locations are easier than others to secure housing. We know that Tim on our staff worked very hard to help and when it became an issue, we enlisted an AAG partner (not a study abroad provider) to help us find furnished housing. We are making sure that we provide participants with a realistic view of the cost of living including housing in certain areas so that they can plan accordingly.

When you mentioned contacting a lawyer we could NEVER say we are pleased that you would need to resort to that or that we “love” or “welcome” the opportunity. In fact, our program director wanted to do everything he could to ensure that did not happen. In fact, he was deeply upset that you could have misunderstood that he said just the opposite! We don’t want negative feedback, but more importantly, we prefer that you are happy and satisfied with the experience as most of our participants are, including those still working and participating in our meetups and social groups. We’re sorry that you and your friends did not chose to participate in our regular meet ups because it’s a great way to connect and make friends and create a local network, so no one has to feel alone or lonely.

We’re troubled that in recent communication with one of our Program Coordinators for tax advice, you did not mention these complaints so we could have discussed them and straightened out any misunderstanding.

We do appreciate any chance to improve our services and we hope you chose to communicate with us directly.

We’re pleased that Australia was an amazing adventure and only wish you had a more favorable impression of AAG. We take your comments to heart and hope you return our calls and connect with us in person.

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No, I don't recommend this program


Having the opportunity to work aborad was amazing. However, going through this program, I was not paid a decent living wage. It's kind of ridiculous acutally how little I was paid and how much my job wanted me to work.
I felt like there was only one job for me and no one else would look at my resume. I took a job that I wasn't totally thrilled with. On top of that, I had no idea how high the rent was here, and over half of my pay goes to that, leaving maybe $100 for extra activities after food and other living expenses. How am I supposed to see more of AU than my office with that? I paid over $2000 for this, and I was given 2 days in a hostel, and no idea where to look to live, and what price was good. I feel as though I would have been better off taking my chances and just moving here and looking for a job and actually get paid minimum wage!

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Response from Alliance Abroad

Thank you for your thoughts. It sounds like it's been a very challenging time for you in Australia so far and that there are many things making you feel unhappy at the moment. We strive to work as a team with you and be upfront about what is possible for you through our program. However, it seems like there could have been some miscommunication and if that is the case, we apologize for that. We certainly still encourage you to reach out as we definitely want to learn more about the details of your situation and help you; Your experience doesn't need to stay like this - Let's work together to make it better.

We welcome critical feedback; We appreciate the opportunity to improve our program and of course, to help you solve problems and better your experience with us and Australia. Please feel free to call our 24/7 toll-free number anytime or contact me directly at: We can assist you right away. We love Australia and we want to help you enjoy your time here as well! Best wishes, Anita Program Manager, Alliance Abroad - Australia

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Yes, I recommend this program

Life in Melbs!

Hi guys my names Pat I have been in Melbourne for almost 3 months now and it has been an absolute joy. Yes I miss my family and friends back in the states, but take yourself out of your comfort zone! You'll learn a lot about yourself just by experiencing a new country and culture. I have met a lot of friends from all over the world that really give you a different perspective then what you are used to back home. Melbourne is an amazing city with so much to offer from the food, the coffee, the nightlife, and my favorite the sports culture!

Arriving for the first time was a surreal experience, it was like the first day of Freshmen year of college and I encourage everyone to take the leap and come check out Aussie!

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Yes, I recommend this program

I'm finally here!

I still can't seem to get over the fact that I'm finally here in Australia! Anita from AAG has been the greatest support system I could ever ask for. From the initial job seeking process, preparing for my move and then to constantly checking that I'm alright now that I'm here... she's been awesome! Her and the rest of the AAG team are super friendly and I would highly recommend AAG to anybody that is looking to spend some time working abroad.

What would you improve about this program?
- maybe lower the cost of the program? It's quite expensive!!!!
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Response from Alliance Abroad

Hi Mary Ann,
Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and SO happy for you to finally be here too!! It's so great to see you really settling in so well to the culture, environment and life here in Melbs... including enjoying all the food and fun!! My team and I are stoked to see you working hard and enjoying all that is here in one of the most liveable cities in the world. You're a local here now! :D Keep me posted on more of your adventures! Best wishes, Anita Program Manager, Alliance Abroad - Australia

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Yes, I recommend this program

Came to Australia with AAG

I've always wanted to come to Australia, for the better part of 10 years now but after school I wanted to get some experience on my resume so I decided to go right into the workplace.

Then I stumbled across AAG which looked like a program that could provide me with relevant work experience on my resume while also having the chance to live in Australia, something that I have always wanted.

So now I am here in Sydney, doing exactly that.

What would you improve about this program?
More interviews with places. I felt that if I didn't say yes to this placement, another one wouldn't be available for another 3 months or so.
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Response from Alliance Abroad

Hi Scott,

Thanks so much for sharing about your goals and plans to come to Australia: It's amazing to hear about your focus for the last 10 years to make this a reality! It's wonderful to hear too that we could help to provide for you a great experience that has enabled you to work in an interesting and challenging position, all while living in a great place like Sydney!! We appreciate your feedback too. While the limited positions are highly exclusive, we will keep striving to bring on board more excellent employers to have great participants like you be a part of the team at the workplace! Enjoy Australia and Sydney: Be present and live each moment to the fullest!!

Best wishes, Anita Program Manager, Alliance Abroad - Australia