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The intern program is temporarily suspended while we work with country and employer specifications. In the meantime, we have ample opportunities to work in some of Australia's finest resorts and hotels. Please see visit Work Experience Australia.

Secure an internship before you depart for Australia. Alliance Abroad Group offers a variety of internships including 6-12 month, great paying Hospitality Internships and 3-6 month, career-boosting Business & Event Internships. In addition to placing you in the internship of your dreams, we have a dedicated "Team Australia" based both in the US and in Australia. Team Australia is with you every step of the way to ensure you have a great experience. Before you depart, your assigned coordinator helps you prepare. Once in country, a housing coordinator helps you secure safe, affordable housing. Throughout your program, our in-country staff provide support, schedule Meet Ups and make sure your experience is phenomenal.

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No, I don't recommend this program


This company is seriously the worst company ever, They say they will help you with housing and jobs but once they receive your money or once you are in Australia, they really don't care about you.

I joined the event program, paid $3500 and they set me up with a telemarketing job. If you do work Alliance Abroad, and they offer you a job make sure you know what the job is, because they sugar coated my job making it sound like it was an event job but in truth it was a telemarketing job, I didn't even get to participate in one single event. I traveled all the way to Australia, found my own housing (they say they'll help you but all they do is send you a couple of links to some websites). They said they have a headquarter back in the states, but its a phone number that is directed to Australia. Pretty much its 2-3 people running this scam. This company made all their websites/facebook professional but their ethics are horrible. DO NOT TRUST THEM.

These event/hospitality jobs that they find you, you can easily go on and find better paying jobs yourself. Seriously they want you to join this program and they advertise it as "Paid Internship". For one, you only get paid $1500. Everything is so expensive in Australia that there is no way you can afford to live off of $1500 unless you're slumming it and having one meal a month. The housing itself is $1200.

I have testimonials not only from me, but from other people who are in this program. All of the people I talked to in this program said they were unhappy with the program.

All of the other reviews I wouldn't doubt if they wrote it themselves. Because I know for a fact I was THE FIRST PERSON FROM THE EVENT/HOSPITALITY PROGRAM to go to Australia. So I honestly don't know how they have reviews from other people when I was the first one there.

If you want to go to Australia and do not want to spend $3500 and not get scammed you're more than welcome to message me and I will help you with everything. This is how serious I am about this horrible program!

Response from Alliance Abroad

I’m sorry to hear that your experience was not positive with us. It’s disappointing that we did not have a chance to discuss your situation more thoroughly and that there may have been some misunderstanding about our program inclusions, job duties, housing and more. There are actually many people in our hospitality program and they have really enjoyed our program too (feel free to contact the people below with their reviews and they are connected on our Facebook page too). The event program is separate from the hospitality program and while you were our first participant in that program, the others have been learning a lot and enjoying their experience very much.

It is very unfortunate that your expectations didn’t align to what the program was able to offer. If you would like a further discussion about what happened, I’m happy to discuss this further with you.

Best wishes,
Program Manager, Alliance Abroad - Australia