CIP | Executive Internship Program in China w/ Mentoring and Coaching
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CIP | Executive Internship Program in China w/ Mentoring and Coaching

Our award winning Executive Internship in China program places young graduates into multinational organizations to contribute their effort to corporate expansions and real projects. As a participant, you will join industry experts in carrying out organizational mandates. All our interns are trained to understand how to lead a corporate agenda into Chinese market.

Our commitment to professionalism and to transforming our participants through an Executive Internship Program in China made us an industry leader over the past years. Our participants stand out as we groom them properly to fit into working environments. For the past years, we have had the opportunity to transform over 4,000 young people and we remain proud. We have applied Research & Development as well as constant risk assessment to evolve our programs to a more modern one to fit the 21st century requirements.

Animal Science
Computer Science
Culinary Arts
International Business
Performing Arts
Host Family
Airport Transfers
SIM cards
Some Meals
Travel Insurance
Online Application
Statement of Purpose
Resume Submission
Phone / Skype Interview
Selection and Offer Delivery
Conversation with your host Company
Visa Application and Arrival
Weekly Hours
Price Details
Our Internship Programs are built to contain components that will grant maximum exposure of participants, ensuring complete transformation. The following are the components of our services:

- Executive Internship Placement in China
- Chinese Language Study (Private Classes)
- Visa Processing and Consultation
- Fully furnished housing and accommodation over the duration of the program
- Airport pick up and drop off
- Welcome Orientation: City map, Transport card, Mobile phone, SIM card
- Business Classes and Seminar, Networking events
- Professional Mentoring and Corporate Grooming
- Entrepreneurial Training*
- Full-time 24/7 program leadership and support
- Travel & Tour to historical sites with cultural activities and Know China tour
- CIP Insurance card which provides insurance and other travel benefits
- Introduction to other legal income generating opportunities

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Breath Taken

I kept asking myself over and over again I made the right decision coming to China as an engineering student. But I wasn’t wrong with my decision because the internship gave me the chance to practically understand and act professionally in my industry.
Luckily, I worked closely with experts in the industry and also, traveled to remote provinces where lots of the real work took place. Also, had the opportunity to meet local people, made new friends, and importantly visited lots of cultural sites.
It was a pleasure been in China and definitely recommend the program to you.

How can this program be improved?


Yes, I recommend
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Ask me how I’m doing after the internship

My intern abroad with a 7-star hotel in Shanghai was the most incredible and memorable experience I have ever had. The hotel was so amazing and it’s worth the cost.
Also, it was not just working but rather caring for our clients and the entire staff. It was a family affair and that defines the hospitality industry.
I was very active in my daily operations and engaged myself in all aspect of operations. I was seen everywhere and everyone knew me.
Been part of the HR team at the hotel gave me the opportunity to respond to guest complaints, ensure friendly environment and timely dissemination of information across dept., listening and sharing ideas and many other creative activities.
I very much enjoyed company events (parties) and training section. Am very happy to be part o this program and looking forward to same opportunity back home.

Yes, I recommend
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Xiexie China

Spending 2 months working (internship) in China was my real job experience in life. It was more hard work getting here than I thought it would be, but it was worth it at the end.
There was lots of fun and also, had the opportunity to witness cultural events organized by the local people.
I was assigned to a great company and a working team where I assisted the general manager with administrative duties. My day-to-day duties included the handling of accounts receivable and payables, accurate preparation of client documentation, assisting in reconciling bank statement and review of payroll records, guided in handling expense reports etc.

It was an awesome intern and would highly recommend the program to anyone interested in an internship that is in an area of interest.

How can this program be improved?


Yes, I recommend
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Timely Internship

This internship abroad has taught me many things in life. The program helped broaden my professional experience, opportunity to work with talented people and the chance to establish a network of professionals.
I am very confident because I know that I have lived in a country that has unique cultural values different from mine.
Firstly, I had the privilege to intern with a known accounting firm based in Shanghai and this enabled me to adapt to working on the global scene. Very experienced and dedicated workforce encouraged me in my daily activities. I thank CIP for such career opportunity.
As an accounting intern, I assisted in performing portfolio and partnership accounting, provide support to the investment management team, participate in the preparation of audit and tax data requests, review investment performance returns, administrative assistance to the fund accounting department, etc.
I had a great time working in China and if given the chance, I will do it again and again.

How can this program be improved?

more Chinese lessons

Yes, I recommend
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As a woman and a young female student pursuing finance, I always hear people say – this is a difficult task, you cannot do it. Am glad to say that – this is NOT in my dictionary.
My internship in China was awesome and indeed broadened my academic perspective in the industry. Not only did I gain practical experience at my intern company but also helped me develop my career skills.
The program is very organized packed with corporate events and social activities (historical sites). During my time interning, I helped in the financial analyses of our clients, assisted the team with clients portfolio management, observe financial advice given to clients, building good relationship management, other related asset management techniques offered to our clients.
It was a long career journey full of lessons and hope to be back for real job.

Yes, I recommend
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Journey to China

I just completed my intern in China (2017) and I must confess, an overwhelmed with the internship program in the country. The internship was designed to meet my educational experience and at the same time equip my professional skills. As a young public relations student, I acquired rich exposure in the area of communication. Also, working with a Shanghai based communication and business Strategy Company helped me grow / get closer to my dreams.
Some specific duties performed on the job include: communicate and build clients relationships, effectively utilizing company’s social media and blogs, perform research and market analysis activities, assist in administrative duties, assist in coordinating events, etc.
I made a lot of business connections, new friends and above all had a lot of fun.
It was a safe trip to China, acquire knowledge and most importantly, developed my professional expertise.

How can this program be improved?

More Chinese Mandarin Interactions (lessons)

Yes, I recommend
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All Round

CIP intern abroad is a career pathway aim at developing ones professional skills required to succeed in chosen industry.
Flying all the way from Germany for my internship added value to my resume and also opportunity to build corporate networks in my industry.
Demanding as my daily routine task was, gave me the opportunity to manage information on my company’s website. It was a great platform for me in this industry and I really learned a lot working close to my Supervisor and project team.
In my area of operation, as web content (intern), all I was tasked to do is to ensure that I meet the needs of the target group. Moreover, I was responsible for the maintenance and development of the site, analyzing the site usage (statistics), promotion about the site, reporting discrepancies to supervisor for redress and others.
Also, there was lots of fun as far as off duty events were concerned.
China, as a destination for an internship is a great place and I would recommend it to others.

How can this program be improved?

There should be more of overseas traveling (other Asian neighboring countries)

Yes, I recommend
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I Shall Return

Technology is an essential part of our lives today and few can imagine living without. As computer science student I have confidence in the application of statistical and mathematical methods to decision-making, and the simulation of higher-order thinking through computer programs.
CIP internship program was a perfect opportunity of realizing such career goal. Again, the internship offered me practical working experience which includes – performing minor equipment repairs, support computer hardware components, record activities, solutions and other responses to request for service., assist in maintaining inventory records and documentation for equipment etc.
The program was well structured and had lots of company events. Be rest assured that, I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to discover more in computer science.

How can this program be improved?

More parties and traveling experiences

Yes, I recommend
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Awesome Internship

Coming to China was not an easy decision to take because it was my first time going to Asia. But upon arriving and welcoming by CIP at the airport, my perception changed.
My intern position was in the Accounting field and the company I worked for was very known in the industry. I was surrounded by the experienced team who made my working environment challenging but entertaining.
The internship helped me develop my practical skills as far as accounting is concerned and on the other hand, paved way for me to visit tourist sites.
It was a memorable stay for me in Beijing (China) and encourage all to join the program.

How can this program be improved?

More Chinese lessons and parties (fun)

Yes, I recommend
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Internship Worth every “Mao”

Value they say – is worth the money spent. I recently completed my internship with an investment company that provides diverse and investing services to clients (investors).
Professionally, the program gave me valuable insight into the corporate world and the importance of networking in such working environment.
I learned a lot about the industry and also benefited from having a brilliant Boss.
Am going back home with rich working experience and hope to put into practice as and when the need arises.

How can this program be improved?

more company dinner events and parties

Yes, I recommend
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“By Far, The Best”

It was a thrilling 9 weeks working experience in Shanghai (China) where I pursued my internship program. CIP program was incredibly helpful, understanding and flexible as far as career development is concerned.
Working with a reputable investment company in Shanghai, served as a career path and most importantly, encouraged me to express myself which has helped me view things in a different way. On the job skills gained are: assisting to review client’s assets, attending to client assets needs, asset valuation and revaluation, assisting the team with expenditure planning, performing client database maintenance and other related duties.
I’m very excited to have made such a journey and also, thank CIP for such opportunity. Don’t be surprised if you see me here in China again?

How can this program be improved?

more parties and events

Yes, I recommend
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Career Crossing

My guiding principle as a student is to search for avenues to build a unique career development journey. Having such thought encouraged me to apply for an internship program in China. China is an ideal destination because of its current economic performance (2nd worldwide) and rich cultural heritage.
Leaving home for the first time was not an easy task but friends and family motivated me in making such decision a reality. Quick visa processing, the nice accommodation, visit ancient historical sites, meeting new people, office events and parties made my stay memorable.
Assigned to the marketing dept during my internship added a lot of practical experience to my classroom knowledge. I almost worked independently after few weeks been introduced to the job. Some functions performed were performing market analysis and research on competition, prepare a promotional presentation, assist distribute marketing materials, data entry and update company database and customer relationship management systems (CRM), support daily administrative tasks, etc.
Nothing will make me happier than to come back again. Thanks.

How can this program be improved?

more Chinese lessons and parties

Yes, I recommend
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Dream Builder

The current economic growth in China played a key role in my decision of coming to China for my internship. As a Finance student, I needed such platform to explore financial solutions to problems at hand.
With the help with CIP, I got my visa on time and arrived in Beijing, China for the internship. Accommodation and other services met my expectation. Also, included in the program was other social activities built to give maximum exposure and immersion.
Among some of my duties as financial analyst intern were as follows: reconciling transactions, performing cost analysis, assisting the team in determining the cost of operations by establishing standard costs, performing financial analysis on data, filing, data entry, and other related tasks.
I gained a lot of practical experience in China and hope to return as a full-time worker.

How can this program be improved?

more dinner events and parties

Yes, I recommend
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It’s a great experience to begin your career life in a country like China. Currently, is the world second largest economy and also, attracting a lot of multinational companies in the country.
Am glad I took such decision of coming to China for my internship. Visa processes, Insurance, and others went smoothly with the assistance of CIP Team. Accommodation and my entire stay in China were pretty much okay. Visited a lot of tourist sites, had a reputable company for my internship, enjoy Chinese Cuisines and importantly, made a lot of Native friends in China.
As an accounting intern with a Beijing prestigious firm, I performed a lot of tasks, namely, filing and scanning documents, helping with bank statements reconciliation, account receivables, and payables, assist the team to perform physical inventory (semi-annual), support the payment processing team, help with the month-end financial reports, and many other related duties.
I loved everything so much that I intend to come back for a permanent job. This is an excellent avenue given to ALL International Students and a great platform to make new friends (work place).
I loved it. Family and friends will hear about it.

How can this program be improved?

more parties and fun

Yes, I recommend
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As the saying goes “first instincts always the best”. Often, you'll hear people say that you should "trust your instincts" when making decisions. Being in a dilemma as to where to do my intern abroad program really got to me.
I’m Joseph (citizen of USA) and had the privilege to undertake a 2 months internship program in Shanghai, China. At the beginning, I was offered a similar program in Hong Kong but my gut instincts opt for Shanghai, China. The busy vibrant city with its unique riverside and financial Hub is one of the most wanted places everyone should be. My 9 weeks internship in Shanghai will be one of the unforgettable memories in my life.
I count myself very lucky to be an intern in an Accounting Firm in Shanghai, directly working with the General Manager (for that matter). As accounting intern in the Tax Department, some of my roles included assembling and organizing clients information, preparing reports that highlight the expected results of tax returns, input client data, reconciling final tax returns with expected results, among others.
I see myself “on-top” with the new skills acquired.
At the beginning, family and friends did not come to terms with my decision of traveling abroad for an internship but upon return home, they appreciated such decision.
Sincerely, I must confess, coming to China (Beijing) had opened a lot of career opportunities for me.
As HR Intern with a multinational company, I had a fascinating but “human face” approach of dealing with issues. Understanding and appreciating your personnel is an important tool for organization success.
I worked at the firm for 3 months and during my internship, I learnt many things – namely, working with the HR Team to prepare job description, filing, posting recruitments on job boards, taking minutes at meeting, assist resolving employees complaints, observing interview sections and notifying interviewees – selected and not selected, writing and circulating memos, etc.
In addition, the corporate dinners and other evening entertainment events were incredibly unforgettable. I cherished every moment spent in Beijing.
Recommending people is the least thing I can do as beneficiary. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in developing his/her career abroad.
Thanks, CIP; thanks to my internship accounting firm; thanks, Shanghai; and lastly, thanks, China.

How can this program be improved?

more Chinese lessons

Yes, I recommend

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