CIP | Executive Internship Program in China w/ Mentoring and Coaching
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CIP | Executive Internship Program in China w/ Mentoring and Coaching

Our award winning Executive Internship in China program places young graduates into multinational organizations to contribute their effort to corporate expansions and real projects. As a participant, you will join industry experts in carrying out organizational mandates. All our interns are trained to understand how to lead a corporate agenda into Chinese market.

Our commitment to professionalism and to transforming our participants through an Executive Internship Program in China made us an industry leader over the past years. Our participants stand out as we groom them properly to fit into working environments. For the past years, we have had the opportunity to transform over 4,000 young people and we remain proud. We have applied Research & Development as well as constant risk assessment to evolve our programs to a more modern one to fit the 21st century requirements.

Animal Science
Computer Science
Culinary Arts
International Business
Performing Arts
Host Family
Airport Transfers
SIM cards
Some Meals
Travel Insurance
Online Application
Statement of Purpose
Resume Submission
Phone / Skype Interview
Selection and Offer Delivery
Conversation with your host Company
Visa Application and Arrival
Weekly Hours
Price Details
Our Internship Programs are built to contain components that will grant maximum exposure of participants, ensuring complete transformation. The following are the components of our services:

- Executive Internship Placement in China
- Chinese Language Study (Private Classes)
- Visa Processing and Consultation
- Fully furnished housing and accommodation over the duration of the program
- Airport pick up and drop off
- Welcome Orientation: City map, Transport card, Mobile phone, SIM card
- Business Classes and Seminar, Networking events
- Professional Mentoring and Corporate Grooming
- Entrepreneurial Training*
- Full-time 24/7 program leadership and support
- Travel & Tour to historical sites with cultural activities and Know China tour
- CIP Insurance card which provides insurance and other travel benefits
- Introduction to other legal income generating opportunities

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Nurturing Career Skills via Quality Internship

Having no visa processing challenge from my home country facilitated my smooth travelling arrangement to China.
Well situated accommodation facility and friendly housing mates exceeded my expectation. Everyone I came into contact with was so welcoming and opened for discussion.
Working as a member of a small engineering team assisted in developing new products, improve existing products, and customize products to meet customer demands, problem-solving efforts and coordination of corrective actions within engineering, managing design documentation release on assigned projects and much more.
It was fun moving from one place to another and also, enjoyed learning/exchanging cultural values among teammates.
Indeed, it is a health program and hope to be back.

Yes, I recommend
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Transformational and Leadership Internship Program in China

Today’s World had been made easy by just pressing a button. That button is I.T.
My internship in China was with an engineering company, based in Beijing where I worked with the software team to coordinate development of new software features and resolve issues. Also, I was privileged to be actively involved in many projects during my internship.
I enjoyed my stay and wish all college mates, the best of luck.

Yes, I recommend
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Work and Happiness during China Internship

My internship journey these 3 months in Beijing (China) really left a remarkable career experience in my professional life. Full of lessons and social events made my stay memorable.

Arriving on time for the program helped me to explore and gain in-depth knowledge in my career field.
Being placed at the Finance Dept. of a trading company came with lots of responsibilities but as time passes by, I master confident in my daily activities. Some of these activities included reconciliation of accounts, support investment management issues, monitoring and evaluation of minor projects, providing technical support to team members and other administrative duties.

The seriousness of the program was well felt and thank the organizers, especially, CIP Team for such opportunity.
It is a great program and will entreat all to be part.

How can this program be improved?

more traveling (even, if, we have to pay extra cost, NO PROBLEM)

Yes, I recommend
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Power of Knowledge

Arriving at the decision to intern in China educated me on things I never knew about China. Through my research, I discovered that China at the moment is a leading and most desirable destination for international internships and study abroad. With world class historic sightseeing places to visit.
Afterwards, I quickly opted for an internship in China via CIP Team.
Having no troubles processing my visa and others, arrived on time and started my internship. Working with a team of financial experts broadened my understanding of finance.
As investment/accounting analyst (intern), I Participated in the preparation of audit and tax data requests, assist in performing portfolio and partnership accounting for diverse asset classes and legal structures, review investment performance returns and other administrative duties assigned to me.
My internship experience was indeed productive and wishes to thank all who made my stay a memorable one.

Yes, I recommend
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Internship in the right direction

Arriving in China on that faithful day was indeed a day to remember. Assisted by CIP Team at the airport (on arrival), checked into my excellent place of abode and other welcoming package exceeded my expectation.
I got placed at a well-known firm in Beijing where I was assigned Human Resource roles as my daily activities. Some of my duties included posting job openings, reviewing resumes, conducting telephone and in-person interviews, observing and taking note at staff salary negotiations, meetings, other events, and staff related assigned tasks.
Also to mention was the historical (cultural) sightseeing organized By CIP.
In sum, it was a productive internship program full of good memories.

How can this program be improved?

More traveling experience outside China

Yes, I recommend
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Changing Life

Acquiring internship experience has helped me grow as a person both professionally and personally! I've learned so much about what my career entailed.
As an intern helped me to understand and assist retail customer complaints, partake in sustainability initiatives, research on clients portfolio investment and other financial advisory services
On the other hand, lots of social activities were organized by both CIP and my intern company. It was an amazing experience. I'll never forget. Hope to do it again and again.

How can this program be improved?

More Chinese lessons

Yes, I recommend
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Riding On (chemical engineer internship in China)

Sometimes, it’s worth getting away from the normal and experiencing things in a completely different environment.
Coming to China for my internship equipped my career in the area of chemical engineer (as a student). Among duties assigned includes the development of new and improved manufacturing processes, evaluate and design equipment layout, perform monitoring exercise throughout production, and other assigned task.
Enrolling in the program was one of my best decisions made and recommend it to you.

Yes, I recommend
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Ready for the Job Market

Interning in Beijing (China) was definitely not what I expected but it turned out to be the best working experience that one could ask for.
Been in the midst of an MNC added real value to my resume and professional career. I was attached to the marketing dept where I worked with experienced colleges to develop marketing strategies, analyze marketing reports, research on various social media channels, improve publication distribution channels and database and assisting in administrative duties.
Really, it was an educated intern and I feel blessed to be part of the program.

Yes, I recommend
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Career Opener

Firstly, I must commend CIP Team and Chinese Government for making my trip smooth, convenient and exciting. The warm welcome I received at the airport together with nice accommodation – all contributed to the memorable stay in China.
As a financial management student, I was attached to a unique Investment Company where I was tasked with researching, collecting and analyzing information. Also, I helped conduct due diligence on prospective new investments, gather performance metrics from portfolio companies and summarize them for the partnership, examining market trends, earnings prospects, financial statements and various other investment duties.
In addition, there were lots of social events organized by my company and CIP.
I am a beneficiary of this program and recommend it to all.

How can this program be improved?

more Chinese lesson and traveling outside China (neighboring countries)

Yes, I recommend
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“A” Plus

My internship was with the project management dept of a manufacturing company in Beijing where I prepare packages of materials, compile documentation and spreadsheets, participate in support executive management, assist in handling all expense reports, receipt management and invoices, networking with other departments, inputs of data (excel) and other assigned duties.
Being abroad was more than just work for me. It was fun, lots of company events (parties) and visits to historic sites. I'm grateful to my working colleges, CIP Team and the Chinese government for such tremendous career opportunity.

Yes, I recommend
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Prepared for future

With the assistance of CIP Team, I arrived in Beijing (China) on time for my internship and had less paperwork to worry about. Nice shared accommodation with a winning roommate, reputable organization to work, dedicated workforce and traditionally nutritional Chinese cuisine.
As an intern, I assisted more experienced engineers in their daily operations, namely, assisting in the design and development of future hardware, performing analysis for both completed and future launches, test, systems engineering, mission integration, quality assurance, system safety.
The internship was all career entertaining full of lessons and experiences.

Yes, I recommend
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True internship experience in China

My 9 weeks intern abroad in China as a law student was mostly spent doing research and writings with my company. My Supervisor always tells me “Peter, the common practice for all law internships is that you will be doing extensive research and writings. That’s the best way to start the profession”. I appreciated the strict coaching exercise by my supervisor and also enjoyed the company events. Some basic duties assigned as an intern were the intensive research on cases, administrative work (clerical work), witness courtroom proceedings, and other watch and learn activities.
In sum, Law is a field of discipline, enjoyed my stay in China and wish ALL the best of luck in the industry.

How can this program be improved?

More traveling on the Job. I don't mind paying the transport bill (trip).

Yes, I recommend
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Creative Architectural Internship

The main career role of an Architect is basically about making a place where people spend their lives with family and friends. This creative passion in the industry adds value and beauty to the space we live in every day.
China as a destination for my intern is known for its amazing and creative design of the architectural space. Also, with its booming economy, government housing initiatives, infrastructure programs and private real estate speculation have all driven construction to record levels.
Attached to a prestigious architectural company added lots of value to my profession. Some tasks performed were - assist in the streamlining of the architectural design process, develop project specifications from master specifications, assist architects in construction drawings of pre-fabricated structure projects, scanning and filing of docs, and many others.
It was an internship full of lessons and experiences. Thanks CIP and China.

Yes, I recommend
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Marketing at its Best

One of my hobbies growing up is traveling and experiencing nature’s beautiful things. So, spending my summer in China was a plus to my traveling list. My shared accommodation was amazing and was worth paying for. I gain both professional and personal development in my chosen field.
During my internship, I was assigned to the marketing dept. of a telecom service company and worked with amazing and talented co-workers.
On my job training, I learn the practical aspect of the job, namely, assisting with administrative projects, developing and maintaining relationships with clients, organizing marketing campaigns (events), circulating of publications via email, analyzing marketing strategies and many others.
To me, it was a special moment in Beijing (China) and I recommend the program to everyone.

How can this program be improved?

more traveling outside China (on the job / internship) and parties

Yes, I recommend
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Making Impact

As cited by David Ricardo (1817) a country will engage in international trade because another country has an advantage in producing something (goods and services) at a lower cost.
As an economics student, I have learned to understand the concept of trade among countries because other countries can produce something cheaper.
On the other hand, acquiring such goods does not end there. One needs an expert to advise on the management of goods which includes stock control, warehousing, transport and distribution.
Coming to China enriched my academic knowledge by ensuring that purchased goods need to be coordinated to the need user. It is not only exchange (getting the goods) at a cheap price but importantly coordinating to ensure goods get to customers on time.
All I can say is thank you CIP for giving me such opportunity.

How can this program be improved?

More traveling experience on the job

Yes, I recommend

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