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Summer Internship trip to the Great Wall
Summer Internship trip to the Great Wall
Shanghai - Internships - China Internship Placements
Shanghai - Internships - China Internship Placements
Finance Internship
Finance Internship


Our award winning Executive Internship in China program places young graduates into multinational organizations to contribute their effort to corporate expansions and real projects. As a participant, you will join industry experts in carrying out organizational mandates. All our interns are trained to understand how to lead a corporate agenda into Chinese market.

Our commitment to professionalism and to transforming our participants through an Executive Internship Program in China made us an industry leader over the past years. Our participants stand out as we groom them properly to fit into working environments. For the past years, we have had the opportunity to transform over 4,000 young people and we remain proud. We have applied Research & Development as well as constant risk assessment to evolve our programs to a more modern one to fit the 21st century requirements.

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Hot Positions Opened!

  • Asset Manager and Trading Assistant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Investment Banking Analyst
  • PR and Marketing Strategist with the Chamber of Commerce
  • International Trade and Logistics
  • Embedded Flight Controller Development Engineer - Drone Manufacturing Firm
  • Research, Design and Projects Manager – Drone Manufacturing Firm
  • Embedded Telecom Software Engineer - Drone Manufacturing Firm
  • C++ Engineer - Drone Manufacturing Firm
  • General Manager’s Assistant - Accounting
  • Engineering Project Management – Robot Manufacturing Firm
  • Office and Administrative Associate
  • Hotel Management Trainee
  • Business Development
  • ...and so much more: we have placements into all major sectors.

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Our Program Fees are flexible and could be customized to fit your expectation. We have Basic, Standard, Premium and Deluxe Packages. The Program Fee depends on your the duration and your selected Program Contents. Our durations are for 2 to 12 months. Example our 2 months Program Package Fees Vary from $2000 to $3500

Hello Denise, our Programs are available for people switching career. This is a special Part of our Programs and you will be allocated experienced Staff members to help you with the transition process.


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Yes, I recommend this program


In this world, making a bold decision comes with a reward. I must confess, it was not easy taking this huge decision but as the saying goes “the end justifies the means”.
My 2 months internship in Shanghai was a stunning experience and very glad China was my first Asia country to begin. Permit me to express my deepest gratitude to CIP Team for their tremendous assistance in ensuring my accommodation, visa and internship job in China. Working among the dedicated workforce of Asset Management Team added more practical value to my academic knowledge. As an intern I was trained to analzse contract information, asset depreciations, write cost reports, issue payments due and purchase order, manage inventory, assists in the renegotiation exercise of customer contracts among others.
This has been the best experience of my life so far away from home. The creamy part of it all is that one gets to travel to historic places, meeting affable people and eating delicious traditional and continental cuisines.
To ALL friends and family, I say – make a bold decision now and move your career to the next level.

What would you improve about this program?
More Chinese lessons
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Yes, I recommend this program

customer satisfaction

Hospitality, they say, is the key to customer satisfaction. One of the most defining moments in my life is my desire to pursue a hotel management internship in China. Regardless of the geographical distance, I was very poised on embarking such memorable career development journey. The internship placement, I must say was impressive with lots of overseas experiences.
As Guest Relations Personnel, I was trained to make our clients feel welcome and ensure their comfortable and enjoyable stay at our hotel. In addition, I felt in love with the meticulous nature of the job and importantly, establish a friendly relationship with ALL.
Pursuing such an internship broadened my horizon by making me realize that the industry heavily relies entirely on customers “being happy” even when they were at fault.
I’m very blessed to have the chance to work and live in such a captivating city like Shanghai, China and will always recommend this program to friends and family looking forward to developing their career professionally.

What would you improve about this program?
Increase the level of Chinese lessons
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Yes, I recommend this program

Internship with Entrepreneurial Training in China with CIP

This is a program I very much liked compared to all other internship programs I considered during my search. I graduated with a bachelor in International Business and Trade and would like to do my Master degree but I was keen to getting some corporate experience before continuing.
I knew this is really a step out of comfort zone because I needed to man up and grow some amount of self confidence and trust in my good-self. I wanted to be sure I was not a corporate misfit. I also was serious to make sure that I did not have too much theories without skills.
My internship placement was staged in a shanghai company with an investment banking company located at the center of the city. I liked this company because though I was a marketing student, I got to understand the operation of financial companies especially services.
Before my arrival into China, CIP arranged a conversation between me and the HR manager of my prospective host company. Our discussions were based around my role as an Intern. Have done minored Finance, I felt I could also use the opportunity to practice investment banking. So I had a mixed role of marketing financial instruments and projects as well as evaluating organizations for corporate takeovers and infrastructural investment. I also learnt what it takes to invest into china especially regarding very sensitive sectors.
As part of the program, we had 3 days set aside for entrepreneurial training for all interns. OMG !!! I loved it. We had representatives of several organizations practically teach us how to set up a business as an expat in China and the procedure is very simple with the few tactics we were taught. I will not share that here but I will encourage Interns to choose CIP’s program because of their entrepreneurial training. This is not only relevant in Chinese context but could be applied elsewhere.
Coming out of this program, I will surely recommend it to intern irrespective of their field of study because you get more than just an experience.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My Best time Ever - I felt so appreciated

My heart beats for simple things and I love to meet life at the simplest corner. that’s why when I had to decide where to do my internship, I opted for China. I read a lot about Buddhism, Confucius and Taoist principles which define an average Chinese and I believe this is what life ought to be.
I joined CIP’s Premium Executive Internship for 6 months and I felt the time, money and other resources was worth it. I joined the program in November 2014 till April 2015. I arrived at the airport and never knew what to expect especially how Beijing looks as well as life in general. It was life away from home so I relied on CIP to fill up the gap.
I will say the company I was placed seem ready to receive me. I remember so well that faithful morning, I was supposed to be introduced to my internship company and upon arrival with my program coordinator from CIP, I noticed something so amazing. As I approached the door, the entire members of my team were at the main entrance with a flower to welcome me. I was so touched by the gesture such that I really felt at home. This is one of the most touching moments in my life and I will never forget.
Arriving at my designated desk, I noticed my name was neatly written and placed on the table with a note welcoming me. The impeccable working environment sent chills down my spine as I prepared to meet my HR. The company is a Joint venture between Shell and Tongyi, a Chinese State Owned Enterprise. So when it comes to facilities and office space and deco, it is way above my expectation.
My role involved assisting the marketing team with quality contents. I also edited and updated old articles for re-publishing. The biggest of the projects I worked on was Asian regional magazine on sustainable energy projects as well as Shell’s commitment to efficiency and sustainability.
This sent me to the numerous project sites with my team members to inspect how some projects were progressing. We help brainstorming segments every Monday and Thursday to evaluate progress of our work and introduce fresh ideas.
The organization had serious government links that sends me speaking with very influential people in China’s Energy sector. I am proud I went through this program and I am happy I was able to get through the program. I had every bit of elements delivered except my language package because I was very busy with work schedules, travel itinerary such that I had no time to study. I was nevertheless allocated class hours.
I asked for a refund which my program adviser found it tough to arrange because of CIP’s policy. At the end of the day, I had some refund and the rest of the class was scheduled online after I left China.
On the whole, the program was great. I had my university supervisor and parents write few lines of review for publishing on their website.
I will recommend that future participants must take part of their Chinese language classes online before arrival such that there will be no pressure when work demands get tough. This will go a long way to easily assist participants to easily assimilate into society.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My Turn to Review CIP- Patform: Cool Staff and program

Taking an Internship with CIP’s Platform will expose you to diverse opportunities in Asia and beyond with properly arranged Internships, relevant Job descriptions and good organizations. I selected CIP because of their program components which I could not find anywhere. The insurance, mentoring, coaching, entrepreneurial training, etc.
My internship in Shanghai I must say was very successful with very interesting. I worked with a Consultancy House. I was placed into a group that helps companies with training their middle management teams on areas of leadership, performance management and corporate communication. I assisted with training need assessments, impact assessments and proposal drafting. I work from 9am till 5pm and spend the rest of the evening with various activities and networking.
I join very interesting events organized by CIP, spent time with my colleagues, had a language classes and so much more.
The networking was great and I have already made up my mind to work in China because my uncle works with a very reputable organization in China. I made new friends from all over the world and some of which are very good materials for future projects.
This program is fun, entertaining, immersive, educative and added more value to my abilities.

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Yes, I recommend this program

The Program with Emphasis on real Experience.

This is a serious program I must admit. During my first contact with my Program Adviser over Skype, I was told to withdraw my application if I was coming to China for fun. This freaked me so much and I felt the pressure to perform but at the end all CIP supported me to deliver.
Life as an intern in China is so interesting and involving thanks to CIP Internship platform. I had my greatest experience in Shanghai during my Internship program in 2015. The organizing and program contents were well delivered in the process and there is little room for correction although there are few flaws but not significant enough to mar the beauty.
Aside the experience segment which I loved so much, We had very good activities cultural, trip etc. I love the kung fu segment it’s really a very healthy practice. It keeps the body properly aligned and after every segment, there is that inner comfort. The weekend meetups with the startup community in China was a great networking point for me as I met lots of young people from the west who are making it in China when it comes to entrepreneurship. The Business Chamber events were very executive and worth mentioning here as well
The company I worked in provided business advisory services to organizations and I was working on data collection, interpretation and presenting reports to senior Management upon approval of my supervisor. It was an eye opening segment and I love it. I had made very interesting connections that I think will be very helpful when I complete college

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Yes, I recommend this program

CIP Platform should be tried by as many as possible

Going abroad was not an issue here because I have always been away from home. I opted to go Asia and China was the sure destination for the very obvious reasons. I was recommended to this program by my career adviser as they had partnership with CIP. So reputation wise, I was not too scared of what goes into it.
As part of the special plans, my career adviser was provided access into CIP’s database to keep an eye on the entire process which made me very comfortable. I was involved in the entire process and no wonder I had a very good placement. Several offers were generated which I really liked and had to select one. The volume of information CIP made available about organizations was pretty awesome.
The program delivery was good as arrangements went according to plan. Life was not simple as I had language barrier on streets especially when I wanted to but my Chinese language lessons came in handy and I gasped few lines to keep me surviving in the city.
The trip to Inner Mongolia was an eye opening one. I like adventure and I had just that I had mountain climbing activities as well as bungee jumping. After a week’s stress, this is how I relax. I spent quality time working on my personality and abilities as my mentor was having private meetings with me to discuss my future career and what actions are relevant to getting me there.
The accommodation and other contents were cool to go with as well. Located about 40 minutes by subway to my workplace. The welcome package was just enough to keep me connected and hooked to my program adviser. The CIP staff are very young people who are understanding and prompt with responding to situations.
CIP is a trusted Platform and I will recommend them to you.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My Internship in China

I should jump in to add my voice and recommend this program. I am finally happy that there are platforms like this review. China Internship Placement I will say is not too popular but these guys are doing very crazy and fresh stuff to help interns gain the best of their investment.
I joined the CIP platform as a result of recommendation from my career center at Kent University. I did my own research and also found some other agencies but I finally settled for CIP because of their program components and their willingness to deal with my career adviser and parents in the process. My career adviser was given a log in password into my profile on CIP database likewise my parents and they were briefed every step of the way even faster than myself. My parents worked hand in hand with my program adviser to structure the program components and with my Career coach to get the best placement for me.
About my experience, I must say I am better off at the end of the program than I joined. I got to understand the very details of Chinese legal systems although I did not practice, I joined the team to review pending legal cases. Example was an International Copyright issue between their client and another company.
It’s necessary to know some Chinese legal insights and how it sheds light on the marketing entry considerations for corporate organizations. This is helpful as most international firms are looking to enter China. I think this experience will push further my career ambitions and enhance my employability. I don’t mind to be called to Chinese Bar
Aside that the other social activities, networking etc were awesome. The team, the lecture series and trips will be a 90% endorsement

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Yes, I recommend this program

Very good Program Components, Supportive Staff

For all 78 of us in Shanghai for summer 2015, it was a memorable opportunity to know China better and also pursue our various opportunities while networking. I joined CIP’s summer to remember campaign trail for a 4 month internship. It was not bad after all!
I had an opportunity to intern as an assistant to the Marketing Manager of Havas and in charge of digital Marketing and content creation. With my host company, working environment was fun and very modern. There were swimming pools at the roof top with gymnasium on the 24th floor. There were also more recreational floors for workers who got overloaded with duties to refresh. I felt this placement was just right because I love working out. I spend my 1 hour out of my 1.5 hour break to run on the belt and plat table tennis with other staff. In fact this was helpful to the corporate culture of the team. We got on well with each other and pick competitions at our leisure. The spread of operations and the coverage of my job roles were awesome. I worked on several sports product promotion campaigns by creating sharable contents on social media and well as designing an engaging content to drive awareness. I had massive success with this as I had previous knowledge of social media and content promotion. The young generation in China are obsessed with fitness and this gets them enthusiastic about sports products. I learnt to use Social Media in China and how local promotions are done in the Chinese way.
The networking events got me thinking I could make a solid career launch in China but unfortunately, my host company was not hiring staff but at a local meetup, an organization made me an offer which I thought was cool. So I came back to compete my thesis and return to China. In the meantime, I get some cash for doing some mop up jobs for my host company which pays me very well.
I must say CIP played a good role in securing the later job contract from my Manager. Alfred and his Team know what they are about.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My INternship Program Review

I decided to intern abroad because I could not salvage any internship position in my industry in the UK not even unpaid internship position. Without wasting much time, I decided to intern abroad China because it exposes me more.
The internship placement I must say was impressive with lots of take-home experiences. I loved the organization as they seem prepared to receive interns. They had invested efforts and resources into training us. The area of actuarial and risk management is pretty a hot sector to launch a career in China. I understood, there are very few of these skills in China which makes a reason for its scarcity
I worked on model designs and mathematical module for various risk factors and premium calculations for non-life insurance packages. I also join the team to conduct reviews of rates for assigned states and product lines, analyzed profit and loss results, past and current trends and the best of all skills I am grateful for is the process of projecting underwriting losses.
I will say that the entire program was professionally organized with very good support base and coordination. Placement process was properly done and satisfactory.

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Yes, I recommend this program

The Experience, The fun and the Coaching - Project Management Internship

I am sure I might not be the only one making noise about the fact that I was scared after I joined CIP’s program as it was my first time travelling out the States. It was easy to decide but when the reality drew nigh, I felt I had more than I could imagine. I knew I was in for something interesting and nerve wracking. My program coordinator noticed this when we were having final pre departure briefing but she was tactful to combat that and assured me of support and 24/7 contact.
As usual, I was picked up from the airport and was a cozy ride to my apartment and they helped me pack and had some launch and then went back to rest. The weekend was packed with so much activities and training as well as arrival orientations.
My placement is exactly what I wanted in the area of project Management in an auto company located in Beijing. Before my arrival in Beijing, I had 2 other internships on my CV which I am not too comfortable with because they were not veered towards my career.
I was allocated to the Project Management team with experts in engineering which was not my field but there was something I could learn which I have been craving for some time. I was allocated costing and budgeting roles which I can never discount for anything. I worked with DAS Auto and I am proud of this. We worked in team of 15 people with individually allocated task. Their budgeting systems were inbuilt with technology applied in the process. At the end of the day, I learnt about what cost centers and elements are involved in running a manufacturing plant. It is a very complex process which took me about 3 months to really wrap my mind around. So I noticed that book is just as different from reality.
I enjoyed the coaching part of the program where a senior member of the team actually took me as a son to teach me about the entire process and what goes into it. It was another set of lessons I needed to take but the advantage is that after learning, there is a straight application. Fluency came along the way. I also loved the weekly talk segments. I worked from 9am till 6 pm but I always had time for other program components.
CIP Platform is a fantastic one and I will recommend to all

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Yes, I recommend this program

Working with a Venture Capitalist in Shanghai - China

The heaviest ambition in mind after deciding to pursue a bachelors in finance was to work in a venture capital organization. And the ideal reason is to learn what goes into getting an organization prepared to source much funds at startup stage. This is consistent with my ambition of setting up multiple organizations internationally.
When it was time for my sandwich Year, I embarked on an internship Placement with CIP Platform in China. I did not think twice at all.
Leaving Manchester for Shanghai, I was full of hope and the expectations were great. As the hours drew near, I was filled with much anxiety. I finally left for China. The greatest experience so far with a properly combined Cultural Immersion and experience enhancement.
I arrived in China and as usual CIP Staff had to play their role. I am not supposed to be too appreciative of their services because I paid them to do this. I will rather discuss the experience.

MY concentration was on the experience and that was my prime concern. The Program Coordinator from CIP introduced me to my host supervisor on a Monday and that begun the process. My first impression was the WOW feeling. The company is located in the heart of Shanghai. The office over looked the “waitan of Shanghai” the bund which anyone who visits Shanghai must see else it is a no go. I virtually had this view anytime I raise my head looking through the fine blue tinctured glasses. The environment is so inspiring and the culture is more multi in nature. I met 7 other interns from CIP who had arrived before me.
I had 2 weeks to study the company and my department as well as roles associated with my office. I was responsible to perform due diligence on possible business investments and acquisitions. I spend my mornings combing through corporate records and archives, financial statements. I am part of the team that probe target organizations and ask questions as well as talk to people at all levels in an organization. Aside working as a group, my supervisor asks me to submit final Reports of corporate evaluations on organizations by performing tasks to formulate an informed decisions. The reports will be my opinion whether businesses show enough potential profitability to warrant investing. I always submit my report even before the group’s recommendations. Though tough, it has been the right approach to shaping my experience.
As usual, Venture capital firms often require a seat on the board of directors of an organization in which they invest and I accompany some of the senior Executives to these board meetings and the insight were awesome. I have been to serious meetings and the mode of conduct and decision making is awesome.
How did this Help Me?
In the first place, my mission was accomplished, and I am sure to lead any organization in the area of venture capital and Business Acceleration. I could start up a business from the scratch as a venture capitalist or know how to woo business investors to my business venture. But the most important is that I have what it takes to start up my own business in China. This is why I am going back to China After 8 months.
One word for China Internship Placements’ Program - Awesome :)

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Yes, I recommend this program

CIP at my rescue with a timely Placement

I am happy that CIP rescued me from a mission impossible agency which promised heavens. It is mandatory for many young people to gain some experience before venturing the job market but there are several issues that every prospective intern needed to deal with prior to going abroad for an Internship. I made a serious mistake that cost me so much but I am happy CIP stood for me even though I rejected them in the first instance during the preliminary stages.
I selected an Internship Agency which offered me a placement in Shanghai into the area of International Business. They looked big enough and took huge fees but the reality is that they are disorganized than ever. As per the offer, I was supposed to intern with a fortune 500 organization. Upon arrival, I was told the organization rejected me which I think was strange. I gathered patience enough to see what the alternative arrangement will be. After waiting for 4 weeks, I was surprised with a Placement with a start up with 5 staff members who do not even know their reason for forming the organization. I was supposed to assist them develop their international market strategy. They never spoke English hence communication was tough and the rest is history. I asked for a refund and some stories were told to my face.
I contacted CIP again and they were more than willing to help the situation. I just had to maintain my apartment and pay few fees and then I was sorted out with a Placement into Lehman Brown. They are into Accounting, Tax and Management advisory services. My responsibilities were to assist Overseas Operations Department research about Environmental Factors in the US prior to going abroad. This I will say came with much responsibilities and expectations which made me nervous and I confessed to my Placement Director as well as internship Coordinator. But their experiences and advice kept me going. I had a supervisor who was firm on me all the time and made sure I did it right.
After 3 weeks, I was in shape and begun to deliver my best there, I noticed the best was yet to come. My stipend also increased with time as I was working part times and over time duties. The joy and satisfaction came from the fact that my efforts never went unnoticed. I had traveled to Qingdao and Beijing for business trips and dined with the best of Business Executives and CEOs of some giant Chinese companies looking to go abroad.
CIP staff was on point and responded anytime I needed them. They have the logistics to handle much pressure. I was in China when they had about 115 interns in Shanghai and the beauty is that each of them was treated with utmost respect.
For $300, I was allocated to a career expert who taught me the rudiments of launching my carrier online and the art of marketing my skills, blogging and resume construction. This has been so helpful as I am able to write my daily experiences and gained followers who always read my pieces and advise me.
In short, I never knew my sad story could end up with a 360 degree turn around.
I learnt of reviews for CIP this morning and I thought it is a great opportunity to let others know about them. Their services are reasonable and their values are intact.

What would you improve about this program?
Their services are awesome and they must increase their marketing skills to convert as much participants. Very little is heard of them on the various platforms.
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Yes, I recommend this program

My time in China with CIP

"CIP provides mentoring and Grooming and it is an awesome experience Go for it"
I decided to Intern Abroad and was sure China is to be my destination. I will share here why I selected China Internship Placements and the hard work I had to do just for this. I first googled the keyword Internship in China which returned so much program providers which CIP never surfaced but after I flipped till 6th page of google. I was confused initially but I sorted out my confusion. For the records, I applied to 8 [eight] Internship programs and painstakingly went through the procedure to know what’s right. I later resort to reviews for validation but I noticed most online reviews of most internship providers were faked!! 100% fake and it was obvious. Even a lame person could get this.
The real deal here is that I had to attend eight interviews  so sad huh! What set CIP apart is that their interview is conducted by their Placement Directors. These directors are in charge of placing applicants into the Internship companies and are Ex-HR personnel. They asked the right questions and test for the right skills, the concentration here is my future goals and aspirations. I did not hear any marketing pitch in the Interview. To me, this is how it should be and not an hour telling speaking about why a program is superior or not.

The rest of the process went alright till arrived in China.
My task was to prepare preliminary Business Asset valuations for Mergers and Acquisitions and as usual, this was not that simple as I thought. The company had its own processes and established standards for going about this. With a week of training and good supervisor, I was able to cross the hurdle. Haven done this for 4 months, I moved onto a different role. After being able to speak some Chinese because I was taking Chinese language classes, I decided to practice professionally by performing a role that made me speak or write Mandarin every day. I was placed in a department that does research by combining and comparing Business Annual reports in order to prepare industry highlights and growth of China’s various business sectors.
The Bulletin was released annually and are to be prepared in English and later translated into Chinese, Korean and Japanese languages. The challenges were real but the team managed to meet all deadlines.
I can read and write very good Chinese language just over 10 months because for 6 months, I was translating and reading materials, combining and extracting figures from sources other than English.
I had gained so much insight into various sectors of Chinese economy especially with history of growth and trajectory of events. To me my arguments and discussions about Chinese economy is now solid. I deeply understand the operations of Chinese stock exchange and how they differ from other countries as well as loopholes in the system.

Overall, the experience was great and the people were awesome. I made a trip to Dalian, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Hebei, Nanjing and Fuzhou. Experiences I will never forget as those moments with other interns were fun. I don’t want to launch my career in China but I think I will be back for Business.

CIP always reminds us that they are not perfect but they always try their utmost best to serve us and I agree to that. Since they did not promise me heaven, I will say they were at their best. Try them if you are looking to Intern or study in China.