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Internship Programs in Poland

Internships in Poland


Poland is a vibrant country in Central Europe, located between the Baltic Sea and two mountain ranges. As a destination succeeding both politically and economically, it is considered one of the best places to intern in Europe.

Interns have the chance to work in cities such as the cultural city of Krakow and the industrial city of Warsaw. For those wishing to make their resume stand out, internships in Poland will give students the opportunity to learn more about a certain topic or industry they're interested in.

Internships in Poland are best for those interested in marketing, business, management, human relations, or health.

Top Industries

Because of Poland’s fast paced economic growth, interns will find plenty of opportunities to work in Poland, in variety of different areas. They are not limited to the following, but a few of the main ones are:

Sales & Marketing

Warsaw is a popular city to intern in sales and marketing. Interns may be able to shadow professionals and travel throughout the country to other cities to learn and develop certain skills in this job area.

Business / Management

Poland is an economic hub, which makes interning in business or management a great choice for interns studying this academically.

Human Relations / Public Relations

Many companies have a team that handle communications and branding. Students interested in this industry will get a firsthand look at how this industry works in Poland.


Students can intern in medicine and nursing in a global setting, where they will learn technical skills and certain medical practices while shadowing medical practitioners.

Planning Your Trip

Popular Cities

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, is one of the most bustling industrial cities in the entire country. As it is a popular tourist spot, students won't be bored if they head to this city.

Krakow is another popular city in Poland and is a culturally and artistically fascinating place to intern. Krakow is full of museums and beautiful architecture.

Gdańsk is a smaller city on the coast of the Baltic Sea and is one of the main seaports in Poland. The history and beautiful location of this city makes it an ideal place for students to intern.

Wrocław is the largest city in Western Poland and is situated along a peaceful river. This global city is a great place for students to intern in marketing and public relations.


Visas are necessary in order to intern in Poland. Students will need to fill out an application, have their passport and a cover letter, amongst other paperwork while applying. If the student is getting paid for their internship, they will need to apply for a work visa. Learn more by visiting the Schengen Poland website.


Certain internships offer housing as part of their program. Students commonly stay in a shared dorm, apartment, or sign up for a homestay with a local Polish family.

Homestays are a great way for interns to experience the local Polish culture and experience a unique cultural exchange, whereas shared dorms offer opportunities to meet other interns in their program. Sharing an apartment is another option for more independent interns who wish to arrange their own housing.

Packing Tips

Poland experiences mostly warm summers and cool winters. In the winter, areas of Poland can experience heavy snowfall and below freezing temperatures. For those who intern in Poland in the wintertime, packing a heavy winter jacket, winter boots, and warm, layerable clothing is a must.

In the summertime, pack cotton, loose fitting clothing. It rains frequently during the summer, so interns can prepare with a rain jacket and waterproof shoes.

Depending on the company, interns may have to dress professionally. Prior to arrival, it's best to confirm the dress code for the internship.


Poland is one of the cheaper European countries to travel and live in. An average meal at a restaurant can cost around $5, and local transportation is typically very affordable.

Interns can easily budget themselves on $20-30 a day. Their internship program may include housing, but if housing must be independently arranged, it's necessary to include the cost of rent and utilities.

Interns must remember that travel insurance, medical costs, cell phone bills, and necessary expenses like toiletries and supplies will set their budget back.

Cellphone Plans

Interns can get an international plan with their cellphone carrier prior to arriving in Poland. Or, they can have their carrier unlock their phone in their home card and purchase a SIM card for use while in Poland.

Additional Tips

Interning in Poland is a great opportunity for those wishing to study Polish. Interns may want to participate in language exchanges, take a crash language course, or attend local performances and shows to learn more about Polish culture and local traditions.

Poles are also known for being direct and upfront, always speaking what’s on their mind. Keeping this in mind, interns should always be punctual and dressed professionally, and always make sure to act in a professional manner.

Health & Safety


There are no required vaccines for entering Poland, but travelers should be sure to be up to date on any routine vaccinations. It's helpful to talk to a doctor beforehand to determine what’s best for a personal itinerary, especially if it includes plans to travel to multiple countries.


Poland is a relatively safe country, but interns should still take any necessary precautions to ensure their safety. Never walk alone at night, and be wary of bringing valuables on trips. Interns should always make sure their personal belongings are always locked and stored in a safe spot to prevent theft, and be vigilant when traveling on public transportation. It's always a good idea to keep copies of important documents available.

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