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Stint Ireland: Internships in Dublin

You are unique. Whether you’re looking for an experience of a lifetime, searching for the meaning of life, or trying to gain valuable career experience, we’ll craft our internship program around you.

So tell us, what do you desire from your stint in Ireland? What’s your ideal internship? How long are you hoping to stay? What skills do you wish to gain? Where do you want to travel?

It would be our genuine pleasure to see your dreams come true, with tales to tell for the rest of your life.

  • We love people - We're enthusiastic about working with you. Additionally, it also means we're always expanding our network in Dublin, growing our pool of connections, increasing the diversity of internship experiences we offer. Basically, we're always try
  • Living abroad in Ireland - We understand what it means to live abroad (each member of our team has studied and worked abroad) and we're passionate about giving others a chance to experience life overseas.
  • Doing what you love - As we mentioned before, we'll help you find your ideal internship placement. It'll be a chance for you to gain experience in the field of your choice. Not only will you be doing something you enjoy, you'll also gain new skills, work
  • The Stint Experience - With our dedicated team, support is a guarantee pre-stint (placement, visas, housing, insurance...), during your stint (social events, support sessions, emergencies...) , and post-stint (alumni network, references, and career suppor
  • Ireland, Ireland, Ireland - We're in love with Ireland. It's not monogamous though; we'd love to share the Irish experience with you. We are active fellows, always in the loop about the latest happenings around Dublin/Ireland, and we're more than happy to
Animal Science
Art History
Computer Science
Criminal Justice
Culinary Arts
International Business
Life Sciences
Performing Arts
Public Policy
Year Round
Airport Transfers
SIM cards
Some Activities
Travel Insurance
Online Application
Letters of Recommendation
Phone / Skype Interview
Application Fee
Starting Price

Questions & Answers

Hi Sydney, According to the Stint website the following is included in the fee: -your tailored internship placement -medical and travel insurance -airport transfer from Dublin airport to your accommodation -a housing placement (rent to be paid separately) -visa assistance -an orientation pack -program support throughout the duration of your stay -career guidance and mentoring -local discounts...

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Now I see why people intern abroad...

I'm really impressed with the trips and activities that Stint has organized since I have been here. There's a good balance of traveling to other countries and doing things locally. Since most of us are American, I was really happy that they organized a 4th of July so we could celebrate by eating some American food! But I also really like how they organize trips to authentic places in Ireland, like Killarney National Park or Stephen's Green. I would definitely recommend to someone who wants to intern abroad.

Yes, I recommend
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Summer with Stint

It was a wonderful experience! Every weekend I went out and explored all around Ireland, there are so many amazing places to go and explore! It is very easy to come home from work and try a new pub or restaurant around the city, and weekend trips are very accessible, especially the ones that Stint facilitates. The Stint staff is very nice and always responds in a prompt and helpful manner to any concerns that you have.

Yes, I recommend

Stint Spring 2016

To try and pick a single story is not easy, as so many of them are interlocked, but one that stands out to me since it was one of my first weeks abroad was when the Stint team had organized one of its get-togethers. A few housemates, myself, and Elli, Stint's intern, took the DART train from Dublin to Portmarnock where we met up with Melanie, the director, Seana, one of the program coordinators, and walked along the coast towards Malahide. This was the first time I was able to meet Melanie after receiving the news from her more than a year earlier that I had won a placement in the Stint program through a contest. She was so warm and personable, as are Seana and Elli and the rest of the Stint crew! They made me feel right at home. We all stopped and had a bit of a picnic by the water before continuing our walk to Malahide castle. It was a great experience because I was able to see more of Ireland that I hadn't before, but it also made me feel like Stint was the right choice for me. Their small team makes all the difference giving a personalized experience and genuinely catering to the participants.

Response from Stint Ireland

Aaahh, thanks a million to you too Katrina! Thanks for the inspiration for the Stint water bottles too! Stay in touch x

Yes, I recommend
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Wonderful Experience!

I had an amazing time while in Dublin! I am from the USA and I thought everyone in the program was welcoming and fun. My internship was valuable to my major and future goals. Dublin's social scene is also like no other, it was busy every weeknight and weekend. I enjoyed traveling all over Ireland in addition to many other countries. The Stint program makes it easy to make friends and seek out the type of experience you want.

Response from Stint Ireland

Thanks so much for your lovely review Ash!

Yes, I recommend
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UCD Agriculture Internship

I was placed at the UCD Lyons Research farm doing Maize research. Soon I was helping other Ph. D and Masters students with their animal research trials, which included being in a Rusitec to weighing sheep, pigs and weekly rumen collection from research dairy cows. It was amazing. I had no experience with farm animals but everyone was willing to teach me the basics about their research trials and their animals.

Melanie, Aoife and Jeffery made my experience so much better. They were always offering ideas for weekend trips or setting up get togethers with the other interns. Since I was staying outside of Dublin, I did not get to stay in the Stint houses, and that is my only regret because there were a lot of pretty awesome people in the houses. Before I got here, I did not have to worry about anything at all. The team was wonderful and answered all my questions and always got back to me quickly. My doubts about this kind of program were quickly eliminated the more I talked to Aoife. I didn't have to worry about accommodation or placement or anything. They are a wonderful team and I would recommend them to anyone looking to intern in Ireland.

How can this program be improved?
I would have only stayed in the Stint houses instead of in Newcastle, but that really couldn't have been avoided.
Response from Stint Ireland

A very belated thank you for your lovely review Eleanor!

Yes, I recommend
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Stint Ireland Dental Internship

I received several options for my internship but eventually chose one that was a full-time Monday to Friday position at a private dental clinic in Dublin. Stint worked quickly and efficiently to find me this position, I contacted Stint around the month of June for a position beginning in July and ending in October, no other company found a placement for me except Stint. After I chose a placement, Stint then contacted the clinic for an interview where I discussed my role directly with the clinic in more detail, thereafter I paid up and everything was finalised.

Stint sent an email a few days before my flight giving me all the necessary documents I might need at the airport including travel insurance, the taxi details, how to get to my residence, location of the Stint office and important contact numbers. The day after landing in Dublin I went to the Stint office to collect my starter pack (the most useful tote bag, I took 2, keep it in your bag at all times, so useful for groceries!) filled with brochures, maps and a mobile phone with a local sim card (sim cards are anyways free). After a week I changed my sim card to another company since that company provided better monthly data/internet package.

I did not stay in Stint lodgings because I was travelling with my parents also they were slightly overpriced. Instead we rented a small two bedroom apartment about a 15 minute bus ride from my place of work.

I had monthly one-on-one meetings with Aoife, Melanie & Jeffery (the staff at Stint) along with emails during the month just to see how I was doing. Stint were also in regular contact with the clinic. Dublin is a fantastic city filled with the warm-hearted Irish.

I'd recommend Stint to everyone from seasoned travellers to first time travellers. Take comfortable shoes, there’s walking to do! Keep an umbrella on you at all times and don’t believe the weather forecast, it rains regardless of the season! Also join Facebook cos that's where all the outings are planned.

How can this program be improved?
Provide a Leap card for Dublin Public Transport
Provide prepaid mobile internet/data package.
Decrease the fees or provide additional services.
Make a timetable of the weekly activities so people can plan before hand which outings they want to go to
Paperwork was abit slow - but this was also due to a staff member on leave
Response from Stint Ireland

Ha ha, good advice on the umbrella front Ash! We are enjoying some freak sunshine these days though. Thanks for the review.

Yes, I recommend
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Ireland Just Gets Better

As a returnee to living in Ireland, Stint was exactly what I was looking for. Having studied abroad in Cork in college, I was keen to return to Ireland. As a graduate I was looking for work experience that would allow me to explore the career path I'd chosen. Stint provided me with an excellent internship with Coastwatch as well as a house in a gorgeous part of Dublin to call home.

My internship with Coastwatch was exactly what I was hoping for. I spent my time hands- on in the field conducting eco-audits, interacting with the public raising awareness to environmental issues, as well as attending workshops and conferences. I learned so much from Coastwatch in just three months and really enjoyed my internship. It definitely gave me the motivational drive I needed to pursue a focus in the environmental marine sciences.

Stint Ireland was wonderful in being interactive without making me claustrophobic and allowed me to explore Dublin at my own pace. They were good about making sure I was enjoying my internship and settling into Dublin alright. I really enjoyed living in the Stint accommodation in Portobello- it's the perfect distance from everything in Dublin as well as having a nice residential vibe.

Overall, my stint in Dublin was outstanding but I would change one thing: I wish I'd stayed longer!

Response from Stint Ireland

Thank you so much for your kind words Christine. Really hope all is well with you,

Yes, I recommend
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My Stint Experience

My experience was Stint Ireland was absolutely incredible. I was placed in a internship working with a physiotherapist in Dublin. Over the course of my internship I was able to work with multiple GAA teams as well as in a university clinic and the Sport Surgery Center. I was able to see such a wide range of injuries and therapy techniques. My experience was far greater than I could ever have imagined.

Not only was my internship amazing, but the bonds I made with other Stinters will last a lifetime. Exploring Dublin and other parts of Ireland with my housemates was some of the most fun I've ever had in my life. There's nothing that can compare to setting out across a country for the weekend with no set plans, and having that weekend turn into an unforgettable experience such as seeing the Cliffs of Moher and exploring the Aran Islands.

The Stint crew was extremely helpful answering any questions I had while in Dublin. They also went out of their way to organize social events and trips to add to the fun of the experience. I would recommend Stint to everyone. My only regret is that I didn't stay longer!

How can this program be improved?
Providing a prepaid Leap Card would have been very beneficial. However it was very easy to obtain one in the city.
Response from Stint Ireland

Happy 1 Year on anniversary Ian! Itchy feet to come back.... Gap Year..!?

Yes, I recommend
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The Time of My Life

Working with Stint Ireland changed my life in more ways that I could have ever imagined. The staff was incredibly helpful and supportive throughout the entire process and I could not have asked for a better placement with my internship. I truly fell in love with what I was doing through my internship. Along with gaining valuable work experience, I was also bitten by the travel bug, travelling to all corners of Ireland, as well as taking a week off to explore England by myself. Throughout my time in Ireland, I learned so much about myself, gaining confidence and becoming so much more independent. I also made lifelong friends and had too many life changing experiences to even begin to process. I got to see The Script during their sold out homecoming show, witness (and play!) hurling, stand at the edge of the Cliffs of Moher, and witnessed the true Irish hospitality. I had the most amazing three months of my life and it was all thanks to Stint Ireland.

Response from Stint Ireland

Colleen, you little super star, thank you!

Yes, I recommend
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Stint community

Stint was fantastic because it is solely an Irish program. It made it easy to learn about the culture, local customs, and getting around in Dublin. They were not only very helpful but the team lives in Dublin so if there things needed for the house or if someone needed to walk in the office to talk, they were there. I think it's great that you live with other people who are interning through Stint. It creates a great community with instant friends and allows for some diversity instead of just meeting people you work with. My experience through Stint changed my life and I'm thankful I found them.

How can this program be improved?
I think it would've been nice if they checked in more often with me about how my internship was going.
Response from Stint Ireland

Great pic with the lamb Ashley! A very (1 year) belated thank you!

Yes, I recommend
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City Council Internship

I worked at Dublin City Council in the Parks and Landscape Services Division during May and June. I worked on projects related to public education and did science writing for a website launch. The Stint team was a great resource and really made my internship an enjoyable experience. They had a wide range of contacts for internships so you always have options to choose from.
The Stint house I stayed at was great. It had a lot of space and it's located close to several convenient bus lines. There are plenty of grocery stores within walking distance.
Stint does a lot of events and nights out for people to enjoy and those were always a highlight. Most of them are at restaurants or concerts. There are also Stint discounts on tours that were a great way to spend the weekend. Stint also organized a mystery tour that was great.
All the people working with Stint are very nice and easy to contact and they take the time to make sure you're adjusting to Ireland and getting the most out of your internship. Working in Dublin was a great way to spend the summer and I would absolutely do it again.

Yes, I recommend
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Civil Engineering Internship

I know finding a civil engineering/construction internship can be a different and difficult task; but when I would die to go back, I know Stint did an unbelievable job. I worked for GMC Utilities Group on the extension of the LUAS (tram). I worked both in the office and on-site being exposed to both the management and site-engineer sides of the project.I learned from numerous experienced engineers.The people with the company could not have been a better fit for me.

As far as Stint, the program itself goes, they made me feel comfortable in Dublin right from the start. I was given information on anything I needed. This included how to get around the city, where to go at night, where to eat, what to see and the list goes on. Stint takes you in personally and likes to get to know you. This made them different in the fact that they care not only to find you the right internship but to make sure you have an experience of a lifetime. The people who join Stint or are in the company itself, are just awesome people all around.

How can this program be improved?
To have received more a job description before entering the internship.
Response from Stint Ireland

Thank you so much for your review Joe. Hope you'll be back soon for pints in Diceys!

All the best,

Aoife, Melanie and Jeffrey ^_^

Yes, I recommend
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When I went to Ireland this summer, that was the first time I had ever been to Europe. I was very excited to go and was open minded about the experience. They were very accommodating to us new travelers and placed us all in a house together. It was great living with new people and experiencing this opportunity together. The house was amazing and Stint was a phone call away if there was an issue. They planned an over night trip for us to Sligo Ireland, where we did surfing and various other activities. Stint also planned happy hours, dinners, and events to attend. They made my experience in Dublin truly amazing and unforgettable. The internship that they matched me up with was an amazing fit and just what I was looking for.

How can this program be improved?
I would have liked to do another over night trip somewhere.
Response from Stint Ireland

Erin thank you very much for your review and feedback. We hope you'll come and see us again very soon, plenty more adventuring awaits!

All the best,

Aoife, Melanie and Jeffery

Yes, I recommend
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My Summer in Ireland

My time spent in Dublin working with Coastwatch (an environmental NGO) was invaluable, both for the research opportunity as well as developing essential working skills for the environmental field. My primary duties with Coastwatch involved conducting research on local coastlines, but I also had plenty of opportunity to travel and study coastlines on both the east and western coasts of Ireland. Field days were spent combing beaches and conducting ecosystem evaluations and surveys, and then my days in the office were spent reviewing policies, attending and recording meetings, and preparing workshops and field trips. I even had the amazing opportunity to sit in at the Dail, and words can't describe how exciting that day was! The only major problem I faced was some internet issues at my various housing locations, but Stint Ireland was great in resolving those issues by helping me find alternative housing options. Thanks again to the Stint Ireland crew for an amazing internship!

How can this program be improved?
-I needed more housing options with reliable internet
-The program needed to include a bus pass or rail pass in order to get around if the housing was farther than a 15 minute walk from place of internship
Response from Stint Ireland

Thank you so much for your review Austin and for your feedback, we're always striving to improve the service and experience we provide here in Ireland.

All the best,

Melanie, Jeffrey and Aoife :)

Yes, I recommend
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Stint Ireland was an incredible organization that worked with me to find a last-minute opportunity. The staff went out of their way to not only find me a great internship, they also worked hard to make me and other interns feel comfortable and included. The internship was a unique experience that will assist me in achieving my future aspirations. I definitely recommend Stint Ireland to people looking for a creative and unique opportunity abroad.

Response from Stint Ireland

Thanks so much for your review Kathryn, we really appreciate your kind words. Hope to see yo in Dublin again very soon!

All the best,
Melanie, Aoife and Jeffrey :)

Yes, I recommend

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