Stint Ireland: Internships in Dublin
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Stint Ireland: Internships in Dublin

You are unique. Whether you’re looking for an experience of a lifetime, searching for the meaning of life, or trying to gain valuable career experience, we’ll craft our internship program around you.

So tell us, what do you desire from your stint in Ireland? What’s your ideal internship? How long are you hoping to stay? What skills do you wish to gain? Where do you want to travel?

It would be our genuine pleasure to see your dreams come true, with tales to tell for the rest of your life.

  • We love people - We're enthusiastic about working with you. Additionally, it also means we're always expanding our network in Dublin, growing our pool of connections, increasing the diversity of internship experiences we offer. Basically, we're always try
  • Living abroad in Ireland - We understand what it means to live abroad (each member of our team has studied and worked abroad) and we're passionate about giving others a chance to experience life overseas.
  • Doing what you love - As we mentioned before, we'll help you find your ideal internship placement. It'll be a chance for you to gain experience in the field of your choice. Not only will you be doing something you enjoy, you'll also gain new skills, work
  • The Stint Experience - With our dedicated team, support is a guarantee pre-stint (placement, visas, housing, insurance...), during your stint (social events, support sessions, emergencies...) , and post-stint (alumni network, references, and career suppor
  • Ireland, Ireland, Ireland - We're in love with Ireland. It's not monogamous though; we'd love to share the Irish experience with you. We are active fellows, always in the loop about the latest happenings around Dublin/Ireland, and we're more than happy to
Animal Science
Art History
Computer Science
Criminal Justice
Culinary Arts
International Business
Life Sciences
Performing Arts
Public Policy
Year Round
Airport Transfers
SIM cards
Some Activities
Travel Insurance
Online Application
Letters of Recommendation
Phone / Skype Interview
Application Fee
Starting Price

Questions & Answers

Hi Sydney, According to the Stint website the following is included in the fee: -your tailored internship placement -medical and travel insurance -airport transfer from Dublin airport to your accommodation -a housing placement (rent to be paid separately) -visa assistance -an orientation pack -program support throughout the duration of your stay -career guidance and mentoring -local discounts...

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  • Housing 9.1
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Event Management Internship

Stint Ireland went above and beyond. The Stint team made sure the interns were being taken care of, and continually checked on the interns to make sure the internships were going smoothly. I highly recommend interning with Stint!

Response from Stint Ireland

Thank you so much for your feedback Hanna!

We're really looking forward to seeing you in Dublin again soon!

All the best,

Melanie, Jeffrey and Aoife :)

Yes, I recommend
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Summer in Dublin

My summer in Dublin was AMAZING! Ireland itself is beyond words, and Dublin is a great place to live if you are young and up for some fun. The pubs, the food and the nightlife are a ton of fun. Make sure to check out Dicey's Garden on Tuesdays for 2 euro pints. The parks and natural aspects of the city were also lovely, and if your a vegitarian- go to Cornucopia!

Stint is also a superb placement program. They went above and beyond any placement program i've seen, and their added support after your arrival is well worth the money. They planned fun weekend trips, took us out for drinks and frequently set dinners. They also took extreme pains to make sure my educational and professional experience was top notch. I learned so much, and made so many lasting friendships.

Go Ireland, Go Stint!

How can this program be improved?

I would suggest that they plan out an itinerary of trips at the beginning of the summer. Because it was on a rolling basis, I missed a few fun trips because of prior travel plans and a schedule could help interns choose what weekends to do international travel/which not to etc.

Response from Stint Ireland

Hello Cierra!

Thank you so much for your review! It was an absolute pleasure for us to have you here in Dublin and fingers crossed we will be seeing you at your own urban farm in Memphis soon! Thank you for your recommendation about a planned trip schedule, fantastic idea and definitely something we will be implementing.

Lots of love from Dublin,

Melanie, Aoife and Jeffrey :)

Yes, I recommend
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Medicine in Ireland

My internship involved working with a doctor at a hospital. Most days, I went with the medical team and looked at patients on the wards. Halfway through my internship, I contributed to a thrombolysis pathway audit which provided insight to a very important system at the hospital. In addition, I really enjoyed seeing the various medical procedures performed in various departments. I thought that the team and the staff were very friendly and welcoming, but as for work, I don't feel I had much direction. There weren't defined times when I would arrive and leave for work, and after the morning rounds were completed, I did not know what my duties were. I did, however, truly appreciate the team's interest and support for a premed student. Housing was also a bit challenging to organize. I didn't receive too many options when I signed up for student housing, and I ended up finding my own accommodations very close to when I arrived in Ireland. I do think that Stint did a great job staying connected to the interns by inviting them to dinners and one-on-one meetings. The Stint team is very enthusiastic and willing to help with the students. Overall, I'm glad I acquired some experience and insight into the medical field.

How can this program be improved?

More housing options and maybe to include more benefits in the price.

Response from Stint Ireland

Thanks so much for your valuable feedback!

As our first intern placed at Tallaght Hospital with Dr. Collins, it would be great if you have any recommendations on how the internship could have been better structured. We can then discuss your feedback with Dr. Collins to see how future interns there might be able to get more from the experience. As you know, he's a really receptive man so I am sure he would appreciate your input. We're sorry that the city centre housing options we gave you weren't the right fit for you, would you recommend we include Tramway as a housing option in future, or perhaps explored more alternatives e.g home stays further out of town and closer to the hospital? Thanks again for your feedback and look forward to keeping in touch!

Melanie, Jeffrey & Aoife

Yes, I recommend
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Fantastic Program, Highly Recommended

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Stint Ireland. Right from the beginning, Melanie, the managing director, was there to quickly answer all of my questions and concerns. She set up my job, housing and everything else and I didn't have to worry about anything. While in Ireland, Stint went above and beyond. From walking each intern to their internship on the first day to having any problems within the house taken care as soon as they were addressed, it was a very reliable and responsive program. Stint planned nights out in Dublin and some fantastic trips on the weekend. My favorite was the weekend Stint Ireland organized a trip to Sligo and there we surfed and explored a different part of Ireland. Everyone who worked for Stint was so wonderful and always there whenever needed. I had the most amazing 2 months over in Ireland and I owe it all to Stint. Anyone looking to do an internship in Ireland I could not more highly recommend this program.

Response from Stint Ireland

Thank you so much for your feedback Katelyn! We can't wait to welcome you back to Dublin again soon.

Kindest regards,

Melanie, Jeffrey and Aoife :)

Yes, I recommend
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Physical Therapy Internship in Dublin

The Stint Ireland staff set me up with a great physical therapy internship with Roy Brennan. I was able to observe new therapy techniques that I had never seen before, such as acupuncture, and work with the general public, GAA footballers, and semi-pro soccer players. I was also able to provide certain therapy, like massage and ultrasound, to patients. It was such an awesome experience! I learned quite a bit because Roy was a great boss/teacher! The Stint Ireland staff also helped make my trip great. They were so welcoming and made my arrival/transition into Dublin stress free!

Response from Stint Ireland

Emily it was an absolute pleasure to have you here in Dublin. Thank you for being such an amazing Stint participant!

See you again soon,

Melanie, Jeffrey and Aoife

Yes, I recommend
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Working with Stint

StintIreland set up an internship at the DSPCA for me. My general duties put me in the rehabilitation portion of the shelter and I worked mostly with dogs. It is a highly physical post since most of the day is spent walking the dogs or throwing balls for them to chase. The mornings were spent cleaning the kennels and the afternoons were for any grooming or vet trips that needed to be done.

How can this program be improved?

The cost is a bit high.

Response from Stint Ireland

Leanna, you are such a wonderful and interesting girl! The DSPCA was so delighted to have you. Hope to see you again soon!

Thanks a million,

Melanie, Jeffrey and Aoife

Yes, I recommend
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Stint Ireland

Stint greeted me at the front door of my apartment and helped me through the initial steps to get through my time in Dublin. Stint has social events but most were only posted through Facebook so being one without an account I missed most. They have changes their procedure and now send out emails so no more problems should happen with that. I would absolutely use Stint again to help me with internship placement.

Response from Stint Ireland

Stephanie thank you so much for your feedback, very much appreciated. Apologise about the lack of e-mails about social events, we'll be sure to contact everyone by e-mail and not just on Facebook from now on.

It was an absolute pleasure to have you in Dublin and really hope we see you again soon!

Many thanks,

Melanie, Jeffrey and Aoife

Yes, I recommend

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