Global Experiences Internships in Milan, Italy
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Global Experiences Internships in Milan, Italy

Milan is perfect for those looking for international work experience in a fast-paced and buzzing city. Interning in Milan is a fantastic opportunity for students to experience Europe, and expand their professional horizons. As the business capital of Italy, Milan is a great place for interns from all different fields ranging from fashion design to online marketing.

The Global Experiences Internship program in Milan gives you all the resources and support you need to have a successful and memorable experience living and working in Italy including centralized housing, internship placement, and plenty of fun social events!

  • Personalized Attention: We work with you on a personal level to understand your career interests and internship goals. Starting from the first phone call to the end of your internship, we offer you individualized support to give you all the resources you
  • Immersion Language Classes: For the first few weeks of the program you will take part in immersion-style Italian courses to help jumpstart your internship experience in Milan.
  • Professional Development: Through one-on-one coaching and webinars, we assist you in improving in your professional documents, prepare you for an interview with a potential employer, establish internship goals, and discuss your strengths.
  • Local Staff and Social Events: Our Location Coordinator lives in Milan year-round and provide interns with an insider's glimpse of the city. The Location Coordinator is there to provide 24/7 emergency support and host all of the interns on a range of soci
  • Guaranteed Internship: That means not having to worry about your future plans for the summer, fall, or spring or the quality of the internship. With an internship with Global Experiences we will work on your behalf to find a high-quality internship that f
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Program fee includes: Guaranteed internship, social events and excursions, pre-departure support and career development, support from local staff, centralized housing, Italian language courses, medical/travel insurance, and mobile phone.

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I really can’t remember having to pay an application fee. I did my internship through the company global experiences so I think I paid a deposit when I️ was accepted into the program and then the full amount my program cost by a certain date. I definitely never received spam!
Sadly, Global Experiences I believe the longest internship they offer is for 3 months. Also it's best to check the rules of each country. In Italy for example unless you have a student or work visa the longest you can stay in the country or region (may include countries nearby) is 3 months. I would advise looking into other internship companies besides GE. Hope that helps!
it really depends on where they are going in Italy. Some major cities are a lot easier without knowing the Italian language than others. I was located in Milan and had a lot more trouble than friends I knew who were in Florence, who did perfectly fine. I still managed very well in Milan with knowing little to no Italian. It was difficult at times, especially within my internship, but I managed...
Hi Paz, Global Experiences advertises that you have to be between 18 -30 to be eligible for their Milan internship program.

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  • Fun 8.8
  • Housing 8.8
  • Safety 9.7
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Highly Recommended Program

It is my second time around doing a program with Global Experiences and again it was an incredible experience.

I interned with a Showroom in Milan and enjoyed my internship very much. I had various daily tasks in the showroom which again open my mind to what it would be like to actually work in a high fashion field in one of the fashion capitols in the world.

In addition, the social outings that you do with Global Experiences are excellent. We took day trips to places like Lake Como, Verona and Venice.

The continued support to the students in this program from both Anna (internship placement coordinator) and Eleonora (onsite program coordinator) throughout the program was amazing. Again, like the first time I did a Global Experience program, I felt like I was family not just a student on a study abroad program.

I will continue to recommend the Global Experiences program to anyone who is looking for an abroad/internship experience.

-- 2013 --

If you are looking for an all around wonderful experience abroad Global Experiences is absolutely a program you should consider participating in.

The communication between the program coordinators and the participants prior to the program as well as during the program was wonderful. Eleonora was my contact person in Milan during my program and she was amazing. She is extremely outgoing, energetic, helpful and committed to making sure everyone has a positive experience while participating in the Global Experiences program.

Prior to this program I did not speak any Italian. The language program that is accompanied with the GE program is excellent and you will quickly learn the basics.

Anna, who does the placement of internships for GE, placed me with a fantastic internship that matched up perfectly with my prior experience that I already had in the field. My internship truly focused on what I stressed I was interested in prior to participating in the GE program and prior to coming to Italy.

I would recommend this program to anyone who is interested. This program has opened my mind to possibilities that I had not previously considered. I know my experience will help set me apart from others in my work field in the future.

Yes, I recommend
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Recommended for first time and repeat study abroad students.

Studying abroad in Milan, Italy with GE was a fantastic way to spend my summer and I would recommend it to anyone - people who are new to study abroad and those that have gone before (like myself).

On a day to day basis, the full Immersion Italian Language class was excellent, the professors actually care about you and want you to learn Italian as best as you can. I also think the class structure and professors are some of the best that I have experienced and I was able to learn basics very quickly.

My internship was in Accounting and I had a great experience. I enjoyed working in the office and more than able to contribute to my employer. Obviously with any internship on some days the tasks were not the most interesting but the office made an effort to show me how those tasks fit into the greater picture, and the majority of my efforts contributed to a single project that I was able to work on from start to finish. Overall I learned a lot about the accounting industry and small businesses in general.

The social trips are excellent, these are planned one day trips to places like Venice and Verona. I especially enjoyed these because they were easy to do, you just showed up and got a great experience in these places. Not only did we walk around checking out the sites that I would've done had I gone myself, but we also did things that made these trips special that I wouldn't have known about by myself. (For example, we got a tour of the Murano Glass Factory in Venice, and ate at Romeo's house in Verona, where I tried donkey which is a local delicacy.)

One final thing that I've learned while being on multiple study abroad trips with multiple programs is that no matter which program you go on the place is the same, London is always London, Paris is always Paris, and Milan is always Milan. The things that make a good study abroad experience great are the people. The GE Support staff cares about you, both your well being, your personal development and that you enjoy your experience as much as possible.

A specific example of the support of GE people that I would like to share was also my greatest difficulty that I encountered. My first weekend there I thought I had gotten appendicitis (luckily I did not) but appendicitis can become fatal very quickly. Now having a health scare in a foreign country is a terrifying experience in any circumstance but it is especially scary when you have just gotten there. I made the decision to go to the hospital to be safe, once I made the decision I no longer felt terrified. GE (specifically Eleonora - Thank you!!!) arranged for a cab to take me to the hospital within moments, she then met me at the hospital and was with me the entire time (until late in the morning) and then came back the next day (the hospital kept me overnight for observation). After this she continually checked in on me to make sure I was ok and other members of the GE staff did so as well. I was amazed and I am eternally grateful for the support of GE, I had only been there a week but they all still treated me as family.

I would recommend both studying abroad and doing so with GE.

How can this program be improved?

If I could change one thing with this program it would not really be with the program itself.

I would recommend doing a better job of emphasizing the maturity needed to study abroad. GE can encourage you to make the most of your experience and to fulfill your responsibilities, but ultimately you are the person who has to wake yourself up to go to class after a late night, and go to your internship when its been a long week and you really don't want to. You are responsible for yourself and your responsibilities and its something that I think should be mentioned more often.

Yes, I recommend
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I had an amazing time both in Florence and was by far the best and most life-changing experience of my life! Though my homestay mom in Florence was very sweet, she refused to let my roommate nor I run our laundry even though I thought they were required to do so. Keeping that in mind, while in Florence, unlike other people in my program who lived near the Duomo, I lived a 30 minute walk away from them in the local area, which I very much appreciated. Even though this made getting home late at night a hassle (had to pay for my own cab) I did appreciate getting to tour the local parts of Florence and having the best gelato in my life (La Gelateria Di Medici). I enjoyed hiking the ever-so-tiring Florence Duomo, which turned out to be my favorite view of the trip as well as enjoyed the nightlife. I did not know Florence would be as beautiful as it was. The Chianti Wine Tour was amazing as well. For class, I was not a big fan of the 2 hour business lecture and much more preferred to have a longer language class as I felt it to be rushed with how much fun I had. I thought the food for our homestay luncheon was amazing (at least the pasta) and would recommend doing it again. The PLUS Hostel was fun to stay at too. I think the Ufizzi Museum would have been more enjoyable without the never-ending tour.
For Milan, I really like the three hour tour we had as well as the tour guide that we had. I also loved the day trips to Venice and Lake Como as both were beautiful. The subway transportation was so convenient as it was so close to where we lived and could get anywhere by subway.
For the field I wanted to do, I could not do because I did not speak fluent Italian so I just chose a field I was good in: Social Media. I did a little translating and revising for their website blogs, but for the most part I did more of translating and revising business proposals for kids in Africa, which was interesting, but also not exactly what I was aiming to do and very tiring; however, I liked my boss and coworkers and how flexible and caring they were. I believe I was the only one in my group to see The Last Supper. Huge shout out to Eleonora! Thank you, it was one of the best sights of my life and it was only 15 minutes! Many thanks to Eleonora and Whitney for helping me out with everything and to Katie too! Overall, I would say my trip was phenomenal and I would love to go again!

How can this program be improved?

-Make the Italian course the 2 hour course and the business course 1 hour because it was too long and the Italian course felt rushed, but more enjoyable than the business course.
-Get a place with better wifi and less accusatory staff members, but still close to metro
-Make the program 2 additional weeks so it can be 4 weeks in Florence and 6 in Milan
-Have dinner for the homestays not breakfast...since breakfast in Italy is a joke
-Figure out a better plan than $9,000 for a summer abroad

Yes, I recommend
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Wonderful and Exciting First Time Experience

I was extremely scared and anxious to study abroad, but I am so happy that I did. The people that I met and the ability to travel somewhere new was worth it. I gained valuable life skills to last forever!

My most memorable experience was the trip we took to Chianti in Italy. We were able to hike through vineyards, learn about wine-making and then had lunch and a tasting with one of the wine-makers.

How can this program be improved?

It would be nice to have everyone travel together, have all everyday costs accounted for and included in program fee and have the internships 4 days a week.

Yes, I recommend
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Milan Internship

I really enjoyed my internship here in Milan. I came in here with little expectations because I knew that Italy being the fashion capital I would probably not get a big named company. But instead I ended up working with a big fashion company with great coworkers. I was given more and more responsibility as time went on and now I feel confident that I will have a lot to offer in my next internship. My tasks included help selling during the buying season, preparing contracts for buyers, inputting orders, all things I will very much need in my future internships/jobs. This internship was exactly what I hope to work in after graduation so I feel that it more than prepared me for the fashion industry along with a new perspective on a different culture. I feel that I will be able to work well in any environment because coming to Milan I really stepped outside of my comfort zone and only excelled. I had two bosses who both have played a big part in my experience because they both were like a mentor to me and I plan to keep in touch with them when I leave.

How can this program be improved?

I think the classes in Florence for the first 2 weeks should be more language based. I was not prepared well to speak Italian language. Luckily my company spoke enough English but knowing more Italian would have helped getting around in Italy easier and communicating more at my work place. I also think the program falsely advertises the living accomodation in Milan. Centralized living is considered to be in the main city part. No one I ever spoke to in Milan was familiar with Turro and if they were, they would always comment on how far it was, which it is. It was hard to enjoy going out and exploring the city when you would have to pay an expensive taxi fare to get home because the metro was closed. I also think the actual accomodation was not fit for students in general. The wifi barely worked if it ever did, elevators would stop working on a daily basis, there would be more than a few days in the entire time here with no hot water, and I experienced 2 leaks in my room, as well as a broken mini fridge. The staff also was not very kind. I just feel like for my living accomodation I did not get my money's worth and it definitely altered my overall experience in Milan because it is what I had to call home for 2 months.

Yes, I recommend
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Globe Trotting

My overall experience was invaluable. The program I felt was well organized and it was nice to have Eleonora and Anna at hand for any questions. I found my internship to be a perfect fit for me. Everyone in the office was incredibly nice and welcoming and never had a problem with me asking questions. It was exactly what I was looking for when I initially chose to work in a showroom. The housing was near the metro and just a few stops away from my internship and the city center. The trips that were planned through the program were amazing fun, my favorite was Venice 100%. It was great because Eleonora took us to some amazing cities in Northern Italy and we had a great time with her. I would absolutely recommend this internship opportunity to anyone considering doing the program!

How can this program be improved?

The housing was not ideal. Prefer to have had a shared appartment.

Yes, I recommend
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Get an edge in life

I have learned a lot from this experience, from work to school, to culture and myself.
Since it was the first time for me travelling this far, I learned how to be independent (getting my own groceries, making my own budget, organizing travels outside the program, getting along with different people from around the world) and to embrace a whole different culture, to the level that I'm really happy to say that I've made Italy a big part of my life now.

I could have gotten here just because, but I'm glad I did it with Global Experiences, because I don't think I could have learned this much this quick from just being here, it's always better to do things with a purpose and to have, at least, an idea of what you want to do.

How can this program be improved?

The roommates situations, sometimes it's better to know who has potential to share 3 months of their lives together :)

Yes, I recommend
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Not meeting my expectation

The Milan internship summer 2013 was a great time for me. The staffs were very helpful when I needed help with personal needs. Great Italian language school and all the small trips GE organized. One thing I have to pointed out is that I specifically request an internship in Italy that I could learn about the Italian fashion, hand sewing and techniques; unfortunately I did not get any of that at my internship rather than just working on the computer most of the time. That is way far than what i was hoping to get out from this internship. For the price I paid to be in this internship, I would want to get the skills I set out at the beginning. GE did not do a great job at placing an internship dedicating to my needs, and wants.

Response from Global Experiences

Sorry to hear that the internship did not meet your expectations. Prior to finalizing a placement we have all our students interview with the prospective employer to ensure that both parties are happy and have the right expectations, but it sounds like communication with the employer or our location staff on the ground wasn't the best once the internship was underway

Though it is good to hear that the rest of your program was good, our primary focus is a quality internship, which is why communication before, and during the internship, is hugely important.

While no internship is perfect, there are always best practices we try to train interns with on how to gain trust, and acquire more responsibilities during their placements.

No, I don't recommend
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Milan 101

The language program was excellent. I learned so much and it helped me prepare for my internship where only Italian was spoken. I learn foreign languages very fast, so coming to a country where I didn't speak the language was not a problem. But, I would recommend taking an Italian course before coming to Italy. It will help when traveling, meeting new friends and having success interning.

For the first 2 weeks I was placed at an internship that was not a good fit and I was able to get it changed. (keep in mind changing an internship can only happen if the internship breaks the rules in the contract i.e. not giving you 30-40 hours per week of work) I was placed with a fantastic internship that focused on my exact area of interest. For the last 4 weeks of my internship was great. I worked hard and learned a lot. What you should keep in mind about any experience is that it is what you make it. The first 2 weeks of my internship was not good, BUT I was able to look at the silver lining in it and apply the difficulties I faced to improve myself and my work.

I participated in Project Moda, and although it was a good experience, I didn't personally think it was a make or break event that was a 'must' to attend in order to further my career.

Some pointers: Be open to meeting new people and relating to other cultures, stay positive, get an Italian cellphone provided by GE, eat everything, live like a local (I did and ended up having the time of my life), bring walking shoes (lots of walking in Milan), don't overpack (you won't use everything... I PROMISE), having experience on your resume WILL get you a better internship, explore-explore-explore and lastly, THIS EXPERIENCE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT... you will encounter so many types of people and have the opportunity to further your career and make many memories... take the chance... live it up!

Included in the program price are 4 excursions (one local and 3 outside of Milan). I had so much fun, and it was a great way to introduce Italian culture and life to me; a foreigner.

Overall, I believe this program was a fantastic and necessary addition to my life experience and future career. It has opened my mind to possibilities I hadn't considered, and has allowed me to broaden my scope of interest and skill set. Having work experience in a foreign country and knowing another language will definitely put me ahead of the competition.

Take a chance on GE, you won't be disappointed!

How can this program be improved?

I did not like the lack of knowing where I would intern. This made me feel ill-prepared and anxious.

Yes, I recommend
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A means for your dreams.

If you're looking to study/intern abroad, GE is a company that can provide you with mentorship, an internship in your given field, and traveling opportunities. Shout out to Eleonora, thank you for your happy energetic personality and for making sure I was happy at my internship from day one till the day I departed back for the states. If you choose to come to Milan, make sure you buy gelato from Grom and Ciccolato :)

Response from Global Experiences

Thanks for the great words! Be sure to join our LinkedIn alumni page, so we can keep in touch and help you translate your experience into your next professional opportunity.

-Team GE

No, I don't recommend
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Milan - In searching of the treasure

I had very positive experiences which helped me improve as professional but more important it helped me improve as a person! I had the opportunity to have the perfect match with my company. Our relationship flow from the first day! I am extremely happy because they gave me numerous responsibilities like office work, marketing and communications, video operator and events organiser, which helped me gain a lot of experience and more - raised the confidence in my personal strengths! Furthermore, I got the opportunity to travel around Italy and Europe ( particularly Munich, Germany and Cattolica - a beautiful town on the Italian cost). Overall, I think I had one of the best summer experiences until now because I was able to meet a lot of people ( some of them future connections and good friends!

How can this program be improved?

The only thing which I could improve is to get the different groups more closer.

Yes, I recommend
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Good Program

I think I got lucky that I was placed at such a good company. My company was wonderful and were very, very generous with their interns. Overall my co-workers and supervisors let me do a plethora of fun and interesting duties. I learned a lot at the company I was placed at and I'm very thankful I was here. I definitely loved Eleonora though! She was wonderful and so nice!

How can this program be improved?

I would definitely think the communication between the program coordinators and to the students could be better. Sometimes communication between coordinators became a little difficult. The day trips could also be a little more organized.

Yes, I recommend
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Nice staff

I really like Eleonora who is one of the staffs in Milan, and she organizes trips for us to travel around. She has been really helpful! Whenever we need help, she's there and I can tell she tries her best to satisfy our needs and help us get through problems.

How can this program be improved?

I hope there will be more trips going to different places or even countries like Swizterland because it's near Milan

Yes, I recommend
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life changing experience

I very much enjoyed my experience in Milan; there were however some ups and downs, as expected! The support I had from my representative in Milan was excellent. I initially struggled with the Italian language classes as the teachers did not speak any English during the lessons; this meant I did not enjoy the lessons for the first couple of weeks. I did also have some issues with my housing situation- this was advertised as a flat share, however on my arrival the landlord herself actually lived there also which was more like a home stay; there were times when I didn't feel very comfortable where I lived, due to this I had to speak with the school about moving accommodation. The organised events were good and allowed me to visit more of Italy which I thoroughly enjoyed.

How can this program be improved?

I feel I would have benefited from being more involved and having more responsibility at my work placement; I think due to not being able to speak Italian the opportunities were limited.

Response from Global Experiences

We're glad you had a good experience overall! Milan is one of those locations where we emphasize, and try to prepare students for, a higher level of language proficiency. With the included language classes we hope that students are able to get comfortable, and we ensure we match everyone up with an employer that fits their language level. We are also moving to centralized student housing for everyone moving forward as well!

Yes, I recommend

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