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Internship Programs in Uruguay

Internships in Uruguay


The second smallest country in South America, Uruguay is a peaceful little country with beautiful rolling plains and an extensive coastline. While the spillover effects of the Argentinian economic crisis hit in 1999-2002, Uruguay’s economy has since been on the road to recovery, and is currently growing at a stable pace.

Most of the population of 3 million resides in the capital, Montevideo, which boasts a dynamic architectural and cultural heritage from previous European influences. Interning in Uruguay is a fantastic way to learn more about the country and its people, practice your Spanish, and boost your resume/CV!

Top Industries


Interested in accounting, marketing, or administration? Do a business internship in Uruguay to get some exposure to an international professional environment and learn more about business. The stability of Uruguay’s banking services and growing prominence of the software consulting industry has recently encouraged more business development. Because of this, the nation’s economic center, Montevideo, is filled with business organizations that offer opportunities for interns to learn, work, and grow!


Get some hands-on experience with an internship in Uruguay in the medical field! There are several opportunities for potential to work under doctors or in hospitals and public-health clinics. Whether you are interested in pursuing pre-med, ER, or nursing, interning in Uruguay can be invaluable. The major metropolitan area of Montevideo is dotted with medical service sites where help is always appreciated.

Planning Your Trip

When and Where to Look for an Internship

Unless you already have an established professional network in Uruguay, the easiest way to find an internship in the Uruguay is to apply for an internship through an official program provider. These providers can assist you with finding a suitable internship placement, as well as offer support in finding housing and other transitional help you need. Make sure you pay attention to various programs’ requirements, and heed the application deadlines!

Cost of Living in Uruguay

The cost of living in Uruguay is quite low if you decide to live like a local. While costs in the city tend to be higher than less metropolitan areas, there are many ways you can cut costs like the Uruguayans do. Eating in is cost-efficient and gives you the extra experience of shopping at a local grocery market, but sampling authentic Uruguayan food at an inexpensive restaurant is also a great experience in itself. If you take public transportation and use electric heating sparingly, you can be even more economical and green! Below are some examples of living costs in Uruguay. Note that 1 USD is approximately equivalent to 18.78 Uruguayan Pesos.

  • 1 bedroom apartment in City Center 11,300 U$
  • 1 inexpensive meal 282 U$
  • 1 way transportation ticket 20 U$
Work and Labor Laws in Uruguay

Uruguayan labor laws are geared towards protecting employee’s wages and rights. The legislation in regards to employee and employer rights tend to be quite fair compared to other South American countries. International interns in Uruguay should also be protected by these laws, but cannot be paid.

Work Culture


Business etiquette in Uruguay is extremely formal. Always dress conservatively when you go to work, and avoid wearing bright colors. Meetings tend to begin a little late, but you should still arrive on time and conduct yourself in a professional manner. Uruguayans are also very comfortable talking about business outside of the office. Note that Uruguayans love to talk about their country and politics, and tend to stand close to one another while conversing.


Spanish is the official language spoken in Uruguay. Learning Spanish will be very useful during your time in Uruguay—especially for daily conversation. If you are interning at a large business firm, there is a good chance that people will utilize English during meetings. Although there may be a translator present for official conferences, learning to understand and speak Spanish will optimize your internship experience in Uruguay.


Friendship is extremely important in the Uruguayan work atmosphere. It is not uncommon to have spontaneous business lunches, as Uruguayans like to extend their business relationship outside of the work environment.

As an intern in Uruguay, the first step to building your network begins with establishing good friendships with the people you work with. If you are interested in exploring other outside professional networks, check out Expat Network Uruguay.

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