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For over twenty years, Gapforce has been running safe, unique and rewarding programs to some of the world’s most exciting and exotic locations. Our overseas staff are some of the most experienced in the industry and look after you every step of the way. You have a choice of group start dates throughout the year – your adventure starts here!


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I volunteered with Gapforce for 4 weeks over the summer of 2017. I had the most amazing experience and it had major impact on my life. It was definitely a minimalist lifestyle but nothing compares to waking up on the beach every day. The food was also pretty basic but I learned how to be creative in the kitchen and ended up making a lot of great memories cooking with friends. As for the diving, I learned so much from diving almost every day and the reefs were stunning. It's really cool to learn how to take surveys and contribute to necessary research on the reef health. The staff and other volunteers were all such amazing people and we all bonded over a shared passion for the environment and reefs. I learned so much from our marine scientist and gained new perspectives on environmentalism that impacted my career aspirations. I would not recommend this program if you are looking for a beach resort type of holiday. The conditions are very basic and that’s honestly part of what made the experience so great. I realized how few materials I really need in my life while also learning about the amazing reef ecosystem and how to protect it.

How can this program be improved?
Maybe more accurate information on the kit list but in the end I had more than I needed with me.
Yes, I recommend
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Anna Marie

I always wanted to go to south Africa and the trip was better then i expected.
The country, the culture are beautifu! I never thought of going to Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique but they where totally worth the visit
And that we had the chance to go to two volunteerprogramms was wonderful.
All the hostels we went to where great and the people we met.
I will never forget my time in Africa.
I would recommend to everyone who is thinking about going.

Yes, I recommend
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Had an awesome time with some amazing people. White water rafting, Jeep Safari, Everest base camp and so much more. Loved it so much I had to stay for a few exra weeks afterwards! Colin and Fergus were fantastic leaders, always ready to answer questions, offer advice, and have a laugh. Highlight of the program was definitely summiting Kalla Pather to watch the sun rise over mount Everest.

From busy Kathmandu bars
to arctic trekking, this was a very varied trip that I'd recommend to everyone outdoorsy!

How can this program be improved?
Better communication in the months before the trip, but I had no real issues.
Yes, I recommend
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I throughly enjoyed my time in Nepal and India with Gapforce.
Within the group I made some friends for life that otherwise I would have never crossed paths with. However if you savour solitude this trip may not be for you. Spending intense time with people was hard but ultimately we grew to understand each other and came away from the experience as a family.
I loved my time in Nepal and definitely want to go back there at some point. Volunteering at the orphanage in Pokhara was a humbling experience and really opened my eyes to how privileged I am.
The Everest trek was my favourite part of the whole trip, having no contact with the outside world and spending days in picturesque surroundings was fun but definitely take a few books up there as you arrive to each place at 3/4pm and end up sat around with nothing to do at times.
India for me seemed to go by too fast as we only stayed in places for a few days. My favourite places in India were Udaipur, Dharamsala and Jaisalmer. Camping under the stars was by far the best night in India, however watching other members of the group exploit the camels by riding them was difficult for me to watch as someone who cares about animal welfare.
Our leader Colin was incredible and looked out for all of us while giving us space to get what we wanted out of the trip.
Fergus who only got to stay for 2 weeks due to health problems was also lovely, I felt comfortable talking to them both about anything that was bothering.
Overall I highly recommend gapforce as a company this was an experience I will never forget and has defiantly helped my develop as a person.

How can this program be improved?
- More in-depth kit list for Everest trek
- More in-depth training programme for Everest trek
Yes, I recommend
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This trip was an experience like none other. I didn't know exactly what I was getting myself into when I signed up, I simply had an itch to travel to India! While I was expecting more volunteering throughout the program, I still had a great time and met wonderful people. If you're looking for more of a volunteering based trip, then this one probably isn't for you. But if you want to go an ultimate bucket list trip and help a few people along the way, then you've found the right program! The trip was challenging at times because our group was together 24/7 for two months and it's hard to please everyone at all times. Some parts were more enjoyable than others as well. Of course Base Camp was great, but it got to be mentally exhausting, as to be expected. While in India, we traveled to many many places, a little too quickly at times it felt. But because we did so many different things while in India, there was definitely something for everyone to enjoy at any given time. I personally preferred the second half of the India trip, but that also happened to be the time when we all fell a bit ill with food posioning or the famous Dehli Belly... Overall I had a great time, and while I didn't enjoy 100% of it 100% of the time, I definitely benefitted from the trip as a whole and made great friends along the way!

How can this program be improved?
Provide a more accurate description of the trip in advertisements, as far as amount of volunteering goes. Also, emphasize the fact that everything does not go perfectly according to plan all the time.
Yes, I recommend

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