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Intro Travel operate amazing group tours in Australia, Thailand, Bali and Vietnam.

Perfect for solo or first-time travellers, our trips include advice and support before you go, an awesome Group Leader from the moment you arrive, an instant group of friends and an amazing itinerary full of unforgettable experiences.

Oz Intro is the ideal way to start your working holiday or gap year in Australia.
Thai Intro is the best way to experience Thailand and perfect for first-time travellers.
Bali Intro is an amazing group tour that takes in all the best bits of Thailand.
Vietnam Intro is an incredible group tour full of epic experiences.

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The trip exceeded all expectations and more! From the hundreds of dolphins chasing our boat through the Bali sea to the amazing sunrise hike up Mount Batur. There are endless reasons that made this trip amazing... and it's all down to the people that run the show. Alex , Mark & Andrew were 100% on the ball with all of us and made our 12 days an experience to remember. From always being there with his hydration sachets, to making us laugh with his spectacular dance moves. The transport was fast, efficient and enjoyable with an awesome bunch. The masssage after the volcano hike has finished the trip perfectly and last supper is definitely going to be a sad one. An unforgettable experience!

Yes, I recommend

We had an awesome 12 days with Alex and the guys in Bali! From the moment we arrived they couldn't have made us feel more at home and we were sure it was going to be a blast. From hiking a volcano to scuba diving with turtles and learning how to cook Balinese, the trip surpassed all expectations and was not only the tour of a lifetime but we made some friends for life too! Anyone thinking of heading to Bali should definitely check Intro out and we'll certainly be booking onto another tour asap!

Yes, I recommend

Well... Let's just say I've had the best experience ever in Bali!
We got it lucky and had 3 leaders Alex, Mark & Andrew, they was all amazing and showed us the best places and best people in Bali/Gilli T.
If anybody gets these leaders I can assure you will have an amazing Bali experience.
They make everyone feel so comfortable from the get go, really good for the nights out as they are all fun and energetic... Also good for the planned activities.
This is my first experience and I will surely be going on more!
Doing this experience insured me to carry out lots of activities which I know I probably would not of done if just came to Bali with my friend.
My favourite part of the experience was the water trips as I love the sea, the dolphin watching was just something else!
Mine and my friend's dream was to go scuba diving and we had never done it before so we was a little nervous about doing it but really wanted to go ahead and do it, the leaders helped us out in Gili T, made sure we had the best people to carry it out with.
All of the accommodations are amazing and the staff there are so friendly which is an important part of the trip for me.
The main and most important part of my trip was to find mash potato... Yes mash potato!! This became a whole thing throughout the group that everyone helped look at the menu's before hand to see if there was good mash potato 😂, the Basil mash guys is a must do!!
So would like to thank to whole team for helping me find the best mash! Nobody on this trip wil be able to look at mash potato and not think of me and Nikita 😂.
Also I did fall ill during this trip with sunstroke and Alex assured to make sure I was well, kept checking on me and didn't make me feel bad for missing out on a days activity.
I have made friends for life during this trip... That's including all 3 leaders.
So thank you so much for an unforgettable experience, it's been a pleasure!
Love you guys and I will certainly keep in touch 💕

Yes, I recommend

Thai Intro is an awesome trip, they take you to some of the most unique parts of Thailand such as Khao Sok National Park, they also give you help with onward travel so you have the most amazing introduction to Thailand with your group leader and amazing group of people. Then the opportunity to travel onwards with the friends you made.

The trip has had some amazing highlights, lots of activities and adventure as well as chill out time and nights out :)

Yes, I recommend

My friends had done the tour before, and I signed up to do Thai Intro.
I had a great time, met lots of friends on the trip, and defiantly returning to do another trip with Intro Travel in the future, I've put a deposit down to do Bali Intro.
My favourite day has to of been today, which was going to see the elephants in Koh Phangan with the group. Now sorting my onward travel with Britt & Conar my tour leaders before we head over to the Phi Phi Islands tomorrow!

Yes, I recommend

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