Intensive and Part-time 1-on-1 Chinese Language Programs in China
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Intensive and Part-time 1-on-1 Chinese Language Programs in China

That’s Mandarin’s 1-on-1 courses are available in Beijing and Shanghai. They offer flexible schedule and a variety, of course, curriculums that allow students to make significant progress in a short time. The student has the chance to practice Chinese as much as he likes in class and apply the language knowledge acquired in his daily life right after the class.

  • Highly experienced teachers
  • Conducive learning environment
  • Affordable
  • Vibrant & cultural school life
  • Dynamic Chinese lessons
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Our programs include a variety of fantastic accommodation options in great locations. Every program can be purchased with or without housing, prices will vary.

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  • Support 9.6
  • Fun 8.9
  • Housing 9
  • Safety 9.7
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The perfect program for learning real, conversational Mandarin

I’ve been studying here for three months now. I like the That’s Mandarin teaching style, it’s a conversational teaching style. I came here actually to learn to speak Chinese & the best way to do that is to speak as much as you can and that’s what I’ve been doing here, everyday, in class with my teachers and I love it! You can personalize your classes, you work with the teacher to personalize it to your language goals and I don’t know if you can do that in any ever school, but this is pretty important to me.

I requested accommodation through the school and I’m staying in a really nice shared apartment with another student, it’s in a really nice neighborhood where I get the opportunity to practice my Chinese with my neighbors.

Everyday I look forward to coming to class, which is quite a surprise for me! Now I’m able to express myself, which is great! Two months ago I thought it was impossible for me to do that but I’m really satisfied with what I’m doing here.

Yes, I recommend
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I'm lucky that my teacher is giving me mnemonic to remember the words.

the words and senses you learn on the private lessons are more focused on the student (what he or she needs to know for his conversations). But if you don't review all the words daily it's pretty hard to not forget them. I'm lucky that my teacher is giving me mnemonic to remember the words.

How can this program be improved?

he program is pretty good! If i could change one think i would add a function in that it will randomly choose 15 or 20 words/ senses from the students "my course" page and ask it in a test.

Yes, I recommend
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The teacher of professionalism

The teacher of professionalism in this course has been exemplary. The teachers are able to guide you smoothly through the curriculum whilst still tailoring each lesson to your personal needs.The accommodation provided by the school was beyond expectations. All the cooking, working and cleaning amenities one could hope for. And the rooms are serviced daily!

How can this program be improved?

The online aspect of the course is done very well, I wish it was slightly more user friendly though. I also wish I could add supplementary notes to the daily lessons that my teachers upload to my profile.

Yes, I recommend
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Fast progress, nice learning environment, very nice staff

As the lessons are designed according to the needs and questions of the students, there is fast progress in conversational skills. The staff at the school is very nice, helpful and supportive. I always enjoyed coming to the school and i haven't had similar progress learning chinese with any other teacher in a different school or university.

Yes, I recommend
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Total Chinese Language Immersion

Since starting at That’s Mandarin my Chinese has improved dramatically. Although we cover lots of new material each class, I find that the most rewarding aspect of my classes is the improvement in my fluency.

That’s Mandarin do not simply teach you vocab and grammar, but really encourage you to use your Chinese to express yourself with ease. The teachers are full of energy, always friendly, patient and encouraging.

I have also attended a few cultural events at the Shanghai campus, including the Dumpling Party! The activities are especially fun as I get the chance to chat in Chinese to all the native teachers, and to meet other expats living in Shanghai and compare my Chinese to theirs!

Yes, I recommend
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Business Chinese

I am woking in China and the every day vocabulary that I learn are very useful as I do not learn them in my everyday Chinese.
As I do not use the words I learn that often I have the chance to repeat an re-repeat the words in class which help me memorize them easier.

How can this program be improved?

a two hour a day class every day of the week gives me a large amount of new words. As I work I don't always have time to revise. A quick 20-30 mins revision session before starting the new material would be useful.

Yes, I recommend
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Best Mandarin school!

After trying 4 schools this is finally a school that learns you to talk, listen and read, and not only passively let you read texts in pinyin. The teachers are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and push you to improve. Very happy here, I finally trust I will be able to learn this language.

How can this program be improved?

even shorter cancellation time, which is with 24 hours notice already very fair.

Yes, I recommend
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The best school around (Beijing)

Before going for That's Mandarin, I had spent 2 weeks researching schools and trying 9 of them.
That's Mandarin ended up in first position for a few reasons:
- Computer aided learning, where the teacher writes the notes and then print them out (so 100% of the time is actually spent on learning and not taking notes)
- Flexible topics decided in advance according to your needs
- Free coffee, tea, and an actually good vibe in the lounge where people meet up and talk.

I have met some great people there, and more importantly, after 2 months of intensive learning, I can now have proper conversations with anyone in the street!

How can this program be improved?

Nothing really, they pretty much nailed it

Yes, I recommend
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Best language school in Beijing

I have been studying at That’s Mandarin for 6 months and can honestly say I have enjoyed every single lesson and felt I have made substantial progress learning Chinese while doing so.

The school has a warm friendly feel and possess an environment of positive learning/ study which is reflected in all students and teachers who are happy to be there. I think the schools biggest strength is the teachers they are extremely qualified, professional and welcoming, tailoring my program to exactly what I want to achieve, as well as using real world examples which are directly relate to my life in Beijing. The intense program I follow concentrates on translation, reading and speaking and has improved my ability and confidence in Chinese so much so that I really look forward to lessons and using what I have learnt in real situations.

I cannot speak highly enough about the school and the teachers, it has genuinely been one of the most enjoyable and rewarding things I have done since being in Beijing.

Yes, I recommend
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Great program and teachers

I have been student at That's Mandarin for a few years and really like their program and teaching methods (thats the reason I never had a reason to change the school after finding out about them).

Their teaching methods emphasize acquiring useful Chinese language skills (speaking, reading, writing) rather then blindly memorizing specific words. They are also more then willing to focus on specific areas that are the most important to you for life or work, and don't force you to just follow a predefined program.

All the teachers that I met are very friendly and professional. They are all professional teachers, native Chinese speakers, and speak with proper accent (clean putonghua, rather than regional variants).

Yes, I recommend
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Great Way to Learn

I love the format here. Notes are taken on a computer, and done by the teacher, so I can focus squarely on what I'm learning. I get a print out at the end of class and time to make my own notes on the printout.

I have classes that focus on different areas of learning. Now I practice listening comprehension in one class, and conversation in another. The classes have evolved to my changing needs, which is great.

The teachers provide great encouragement, but it's also a low stress environment. They are understanding of my full time job schedule and they accommodate my needs appropriately.

The school location is great. Conveniently located. I love that I'm in a school setting, which puts me in the right frame of mind to learn, but I'm still in a one-on-one engagement with my teacher, so I get full attention.

I'm convinced it's the best school in Beijing.

How can this program be improved?

Honestly can't think of anything right now. This school is flexible enough that you make it what you want, and they will cater to it.

Yes, I recommend
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Best in Beijing

I have been trying to find a good school to learn Mandarin for a while, I have tried a few schools in Beijing which have been very disappointing and cost me a lot of money, the teaching methods really weren't effective, picking up a text book and reading through it with a teacher was not a good way to learn. With the intensive Chinese program from that's mandarin I have been able to learn a lot even in just 2 weeks, the teachers tailor the classes for my personal needs and by using stories about typical daily situations I have managed to pick up a lot of vocabulary and it has really given me the confidence to practice outside of class. By using Mandarin cafe an online format where the teachers are able to write your notes during the lesson makes for a better learning experience as I don't have worry about writing down pinyin and translations which can take a long time. I am able to see all my notes from every class, online anywhere with my own log in details for the Mandarin cafe, I never have to worry about losing my personal notes. I will definitely continue studying at That's Mandarin and believe I will be able to speak Chinese more confidently.

Yes, I recommend
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An ongoing student

An overall great experience, the campus is in a great location and is actually a really nice environment. When you're out and about in Beijing you will understand how important it is to have a calm & safe haven to escape too!

I really liked my teacher and felt that my Chinese came on a lot quicker than I had expected, because the purpose of my visit was solely based on learning Mandarin I was already motivated, so I was quite serious on taking everything I learnt in class and desperately applying it to real-life situations.

The difficulties I faced in Beijing were much more to do with the City itself, I never expected the culture shock to hit as hard as it did! Things like crossing the road seemed like a minefield to start with!

I would 100% recommend That's Mandarin, I am still a student with them through an online school program, which is also great. I hope this is helpful for those of you looking to stay in China. Be prepared for an initial shock/confusion!

How can this program be improved?

The price is more than a lot of other schools, but from friends I met in Beijing who paid less money they were not experiencing the same quality that I did. So I think it really depends on your budget and priorities.

Yes, I recommend

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