Study Abroad at the University of Brighton in England
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Study Abroad at the University of Brighton in England

We offer semester and yearlong program, with the opportunity to take classes from a variety of subjects.

Our team, Mary, Zoe and Becca, are on hand to help make your study abroad experience be the best of your lifetime. As well as onsite orientation and class enrollment, we arrange and attend field trips with you to London, Oxford & Stratford, Bath & Stonehenge and Paris, as well as a couple of local trips.

Brighton is a great hub to travel, with Gatwick Airport only 30 minutes by train and London just 50 minutes by train.

Nicknamed, London-by-the-sea, when you're not studying or travelling around Europe, there is so much to do in Brighton itself. Famous for it's cosmopolitan Laines, with independent shops and cafes spilling out onto the streets; music, art and food festivals; nightlife and more.

Optional Field Trips

As part of our programming, we're proud to offer our students optional field trips at a very affordable price. Sit back, let us do the planning and let's explore the UK!

  • London: a fully escorted day through England’s exciting capital city. See all the major sights with plenty of free time, too
  • East Sussex: day tour by mini-bus of the countryside and places of scenic and historical interest in the area east of Brighton
  • Paris: a long weekend across the pond!? Yes please! We'll be taking the euro-tunnel to Calais and staying within walking distance to the Eiffel Tower
  • Bodiam Castle and Rye: a day trip by mini-bus through parts of Sussex and Kent -- a classic medieval castle in a picturesque setting (surrounded by a moat!)
  • Oxford and Stratford-Upon-Avon: a lovely weekend trip exploring historic cities and castles
  • Bath & Stonehenge: a weekend trip to Bath, a world Heritage city, famous for its Georgian architecture and Roman Baths and to Stonehenge, the world famous ancient stone circle
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For USAC the tuition per semester was $7,680 and the cost of the on campus (Great Wilkins Halls) was about $3,115 for fall and for spring about $4,531.

Program Reviews

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  • Academics 7.6
  • Support 9.9
  • Fun 8.7
  • Housing 8.8
  • Safety 9.7
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Love of Brighton

Studying abroad at Brighton University was possibly one of the most amazing and smartest decisions I have made in my life. The program in all was great. The particular courses that I took were a perfect fit for my major. Also the program directors of USAC at the University of Brighton were so kind and warmhearted. The social scene was lively and I always had a good time. I've made some friends for life on this study abroad trip and I recommend studying in Brighton if given the opportunity.

How can this program be improved?

I would say the only thing that would improve the program is if we were given more information of the academics of how the classes worked.

Yes, I recommend
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I could sit here and talk about stories from Brighton for years, but the most important story in my heart is just the memories of the amazing friendships I have made. There's something about friends that have had all the same life changing experiences as you. A week before we left we say on our couch, crying and reminiscing on all the amazing adventures we've had together that you just can't get anywhere else.

How can this program be improved?

Just by warning the students about how the class system works, like a 3rd year class is going to be much much harder than a 1st year class!

Yes, I recommend
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Amazing program

Brighton is the perfect place to stay if you're looking for a place for social interactions and the quietness of a small town. The bus and train systems make it easy to get everywhere you want to go. Taking a day to just go into town, have afternoon tea in my favorite place (The Mock Turtle), and walk down by the pier make for the best day. The friends that I have made throughout this program make it even better.

Yes, I recommend
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STILL the Best Decision I Ever Made

Four years later and it's still the best decision I ever made. If I could do it all over again right this second I would. I don't even know where to start because there are so many awesome things about this program. The biggest thing for me was not only learning a lot about teaching in a hands on way that I had never experience before, but being immersed in the culture and learning a lot about myself. I grew up and became more independent, and changed for the better in ways I never would have if not for this trip. I got to see the history and mesmerizing architecture of the country that's not available to us in the states. The weekend trips are 110% worth it because you would never plan it or get as much for as little money as you pay on your own. The program itself is amazing and they make sure to teach you things for classroom, but they also give you experiences that are worth so much more. They know how valuable getting immersed into the culture is. I remember walking around and exploring Brighton for hours because it is a one of a kind city. You're right in the coast, with a million options of places to eat, shop, and explore, but you're also only an hour or so train ride away from London. I loved the accommodations because you had your own room and bathroom, but shared a common area and full kitchen. The transportation was easy and convenient no matter what time of day or night. You see cliffs, castles, Stonehenge, bath, Oxford, London, etc. I grew as a person and teacher and made life long friends. If you're reading this, there's no question, you should make the best decision of you're life too.

How can this program be improved?

The only improvement I can think of is spending a bit more time in the classrooms. I would've liked to get a few days in there to really immerse myself in their day to day school life.

Yes, I recommend
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The Best Decision of my Life

I have never had such greater experiences in my life! Opening my mind to a new culture has allowed for me to enjoy another culture and even learn things about my own that I would not otherwise notice. The only thing that I regret is leaving the wonderful city of Brighton.

How can this program be improved?

In no way, it's just lovely!

Yes, I recommend
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Brighton is the Bee's Knees

England was definitely one of my top choices for studying abroad, but my toughest decision was figuring out where in England! There were a lot of good options, but it ultimately came down to either Bristol or Brighton. I didn't know too much about either place at the time, but my gut was telling me to go to Brighton. That ended up being the best decision I have ever made in my life so far! Brighton is such a funky, lively, diverse city. It's a place where anything goes and everyone is welcome! There are always events, concerts, festivals, etc 'going on-- so don't worry about getting bored or having nothing to do. The nightlife is also really good! There is something for everyone with plenty of bars, nightclubs, comedy clubs, concert venues, and everything inbetween! Brighton is a city that isn't too big nor too small. It is very walkable (which I like) and like I said there is plenty do and see. I found myself discovering a new favorite cafe or bar every week in the funky streets of North Laine or the Lanes. Not to mention the breathtaking scenery of the beach and pier that you get to see every time you go into town. Brighton also isn't too far from neighboring 'traditional' towns like Lewes (it has a castle!!!) or Stanmer Park (go here for tea!!!) or a wondrous hike at Devil's Dyke! All of these places are a bus ride away (You can walk to Stanmer Park from your housing!).

The international advisers at Brighton were absolute gems! They were easy and fun to talk to and were willing to help me with any type of problem I encountered. They definitely helped make my transition to Brighton a breeze!

I'm sure I can go on writing for hours about how great Brighton is, but I won't do that. You should just go discover for yourself and have the best adventure of your life!!! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns :)

How can this program be improved?

If there was somehow a better and easier way to get connected with other students besides other international students then that would be great (of course I absolutely loved my international family). I found it difficult to make meaningful connections with British people in my classes. I had my British flatmates and a few other friends I met through other means (church and Instagram), but it was difficult to make lasting friendships outside of that. So, maybe if there were some kind of weekly 'coffee and culture' hour where all students are welcome to mingle or other types of events then that would be great!

Yes, I recommend
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Brighton is absolutely amazing!! I have never had a more incredible, life changing experience than studying abroad at Brighton. The city itself always had something to do. Whether it be great clubs and restaurants in the winter or fun music festivals and outdoor shopping in the Spring, Brighton had everything to offer. The beach is beautiful and makes for a perfect place to hang out with friends during nice weather on the weekends.
The advisors, Becca and Mary, were extremely helpful and welcoming, always making you feel at home. The excursion trips they take you on are really affordable for all that you get to do and it makes it really easy to see new things you may not have necessarily thought about going to see. It's also a good way to see cool sites like Stonehenge and cities like Oxford without having to plan the trip yourself!!
The campus location was nice because they are on a gorgeous campus that is only a bus ride from the center of town but surrounded by beautiful English hills so you get the best of both city and nature. Also, the campus has really nice amenities like a library with printing, a cafe, a really nice sports complex with intramural fields, and they even have a train station nearby so when you take a weekend trip to Italy or France or wherever, it's easy to get to the airport in London which is only two hours or so away.
That also leads me to my next point that Brighton is a perfect location for traveling! I was able to go to over 8 different countries in 5 months because England is so accessible to the rest of Europe. I wouldn't have been able to see nearly as many cities if I had been anywhere else, especially Ireland and Scotland because they are pretty far East compared with the mainland of Europe.
Overall, Brighton was perfect for me. The classes were challenging but not overwhelming, the study abroad staff was accepting and welcoming, the campus was beautiful and full of opportunities, and the city was entertaining and travel friendly. Really, what more could you ask for?

How can this program be improved?

I don't regret anything from my experience at Brighton, however, if there was one thing that could be changed with the program, I think it would be to integrate some of the local British students into the International accommodations. I loved my American roommates and wouldn't trade them, or the experiences we shared, for the world but I do think it would have been fun to live with more Europeans.

Yes, I recommend
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Living in Brighton

If I had to be honest studying in Brighton was not my first choice for studying abroad, but I am so glad it was my final choice!

I originally planned to stay for one term and I loved it so much I stayed a whole year. The University was great, the staff was amazing, and the people everywhere were friendly. I stayed in Paddock Fields Hall of Residence which was, in my opinion, the best location for meeting new people and traveling to and from classes or city center. The city itself is beautiful. By day, when the weather is nice, the pier and beach are breathe taking. The board walk will keep you entertained with everything from little shops to street performers. The famous Laines have tons of shops and places to eat so you will definitely find something you like there. Brighton even offers several parks, many of which have hiking trails and some of the best views of the city that I have seen.The night scene offers something for everyone whether you want a night of dancing or a nice relaxing pint at one of the many local pubs. The city even offers a bus service the runs from the city center to the university that runs all day and all night.

Taking classes at Brighton University was both challenging and rewarding. It was very independent as far as studying goes and exams for my degree were essay based which was new for me. I was also able to do things related to my degree that I never would have been able to at my home university. Brighton University has so many clubs and organizations to join. Maybe you want to try a new sport like Kerfball and rockclimbing or stick with one you know like football. (soccer or american football) If your not into sports you could join a Nature Club, that had many nature hikes through out the term, or the Beard Society if you like beards.

Living in halls was another experience that I would highly recommend. The location is great, being only a short bus ride to and from classes, (depending on which campus your classes are at) and had a really pretty view, making each morning nice to wake up to. There are fitness facilities only a few minutes walk away. In halls I made some of my closest friends, without them I would have had a very different experience. The only down side was the hot water going out a few times and a couple power outages, which was nothing that a quick call to maintenance wouldn't fix.

The study abroad staff and the field trips they put on were another thing that made this trip unforgettable. Mary, Becca, and Zoe are some of the nicest, most professional people I've met here. They took care of anything I needed and made me feel very comfortable coming to them with any questions that I had. I would completely recommend the field trips that they put on. All of them are very stress free as the staff handles everything. (transportation, activities, lodging) They also know tons of information about each location you visit including what to do when you have free time. Every trip felt very different giving you an opportunity to see several different sides of England like small cobble stone towns and moat surrounded castle,(Bodium/Rye) big cities like London, to even exploring all around Paris, France.

The last thing I will say about the Brighton program is try and stay for a whole year, if you don't your going to wish that you did.

How can this program be improved?

If I had to pick one thing to change about this program it would probably be breaking up the American flats living in the halls. I loved all my flat mates, however I would have been a good experience to live in a flat with a few UK students.

Yes, I recommend
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Study in Brighton with no regrets!

Brighton is such an amazing city and a great place to study abroad. The University of Brighton has three campuses throughout the city, so you're able to see the city and interact with UK students everyday.There are free shuttle buses that take you from campus to campus, as well as several other city buses that run frequently that take you downtown. The program advisors, Mary and Becca are such wonderful people. They are always willing to help and are so easy going.

Since there are a lot of other university students in the area, the night life really caters towards us. There are always student deals (on top of already reasonable prices). The buses run till 4am so there's always a way to get home. the Brighton Pier, the seafront and the lanes are great places to spend the afternoon or weekend at. There are tons of places to shop, eat and have fun.

You wont regret studying at Uni Brighton

How can this program be improved?

I would offer a option to live in different parts of Brighton. While the on campus dorms are convenient for classes, I would have preferred to live closer to downtown.

Yes, I recommend
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I got the wonderful opportunity to go to the University of Brighton twice in my college career. Both times were pure joy and bliss. I had a wonderful support system through the staff and friends I met while there. I've always encouraged people to travel and take adventures and Brighton is an amazing place to start. You see so much love and happiness through from the campus to the Brighton Pier; and everywhere in between. The first time I was there I lived in the dorms at Falmer Campus, which were perfect! My entire time there, I had no complaints. It was nice that all your friends and soon to be family were all in once place together! The second time I went to study at the University, I was in a host family. That was a true English experience. You understood the culture, ways of living and the food on a whole different level. Nothing I would take back about it! The staff is wonderful and helpful. The tours they take you on are fantastic and become strong memories in your life! If you get the chance to travel, never turn it down. It can change your way of thought, living and breathing. It can change you! All for the better! Take adventures. Take risks. Take a friend, or gone on your own. University of Brighton opened up my eyes to the beautiful idea of constant exploring and it still runs through me today. Go.Travel. Explore.

How can this program be improved?

More time spent there!

Yes, I recommend

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