Study Abroad at the University of Brighton in England
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Study Abroad at the University of Brighton in England

We offer semester and yearlong program, with the opportunity to take classes from a variety of subjects.

Our team, Mary, Zoe and Becca, are on hand to help make your study abroad experience be the best of your lifetime. As well as onsite orientation and class enrollment, we arrange and attend field trips with you to London, Oxford & Stratford, Bath & Stonehenge and Paris, as well as a couple of local trips.

Brighton is a great hub to travel, with Gatwick Airport only 30 minutes by train and London just 50 minutes by train.

Nicknamed, London-by-the-sea, when you're not studying or travelling around Europe, there is so much to do in Brighton itself. Famous for it's cosmopolitan Laines, with independent shops and cafes spilling out onto the streets; music, art and food festivals; nightlife and more.

Optional Field Trips

As part of our programming, we're proud to offer our students optional field trips at a very affordable price. Sit back, let us do the planning and let's explore the UK!

  • London: a fully escorted day through England’s exciting capital city. See all the major sights with plenty of free time, too
  • East Sussex: day tour by mini-bus of the countryside and places of scenic and historical interest in the area east of Brighton
  • Paris: a long weekend across the pond!? Yes please! We'll be taking the euro-tunnel to Calais and staying within walking distance to the Eiffel Tower
  • Bodiam Castle and Rye: a day trip by mini-bus through parts of Sussex and Kent -- a classic medieval castle in a picturesque setting (surrounded by a moat!)
  • Oxford and Stratford-Upon-Avon: a lovely weekend trip exploring historic cities and castles
  • Bath & Stonehenge: a weekend trip to Bath, a world Heritage city, famous for its Georgian architecture and Roman Baths and to Stonehenge, the world famous ancient stone circle
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For USAC the tuition per semester was $7,680 and the cost of the on campus (Great Wilkins Halls) was about $3,115 for fall and for spring about $4,531.

Program Reviews

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  • Academics 7.6
  • Support 9.9
  • Fun 8.7
  • Housing 8.8
  • Safety 9.7
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Totally Worth it, if You Really Engage

The biggest piece of advice I could give anyone coming to Brighton is to get involved! It's literally so important to get to know the locals and it really helps to have some friendly faces around. The best decision I have ever made was joining a society, it made my experience here completely worth it. I stayed for a full year and have no regrets, and sometimes even wish I could stay longer. Brighton is super independent, interesting, open, and as much fun as YOU make it. It's a big, little city and there is always something new to find, from vinyl shops to charity shops to restaurants to retail shops (most of which offer student discounts, don't be afraid to ask!), I guarantee you'll find a place you'll fall in love with. Only words of caution I would give is if you decide to live on the falmer campus, you will need a bus pass (good news is there is an app with student deals) to get into town and the Night Bus (starting usually at midnight) can feel like forever–due to extra stops. The grades are very different (I promise 70%+ is an A, don't panic) and schooling in general is more independent work. You will have plenty of free time to hang out with the new friends you make! Last bit of advice is to not let the common language fool you, England is it's own unique place with it's own slang and differences (if you're from the US like me you might be confused at times, though most people will clear up the confusion if you just ask), it's just like studying abroad any other place, you will have to learn the culture and be able to go with the flow in order to really enjoy your time.

How can this program be improved?

Clearer housing options for international students, I wouldn't have chosen to live in Great Wilkins if I had known more about the other options.

Yes, I recommend
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Graphic Design at University of Brighton

Where do I even start? As a general statement, the people and the places made the experience incredible. The exchange students were all lovely, and my flatmates, classmates, lecturers, and randoms met along the way are people who impacted my life in so many different ways. Being able to visit so many places in the UK and Europe was a great by-product of studying - its hard to pick a highlight when each place and experience was so unique. Being able to visit some of the world’s design capitals - Scandinavia, London, Switzerland, Barcelona- was amazing to see in the flesh what we can only read about at home. Going on the Brighton surf trip to Morocco, skiing in the Swiss alps, sinking pints of Guinness in Dublin, sailing through the Nordic fjords and all the other trips are definitely lifelong memories i’m grateful to have. My expectations were exceeded: the course was so different to my home university, which served as a much-needed creative rejuvenation half way through my third year. I met so many talented, incredible people (students, great lecturers, people in the community, practicing creatives) and made the most of the collaborative vibe at Brighton. There were fundamentally no limits – new techniques, ideas and approaches were welcome and encouraged. England is also pretty great to live in – the culture is very similar to NZ, there is no language barrier and the access to design opportunities is endless. Also, Brighton’s close proximity to Gatwick Airport meant travel around Europe was so easy, despite protest from my bank account.

How can this program be improved?

Organising corresponding papers was challenging due to credit allowances. As a semester-long student, I could only take one of the three papers in the Graphic Design course. I learnt to make the most of it, but would be cool if the Graphic Design exchange students could take more of the design papers.

Response from University of Brighton

I'm excited at just reading your review!
I'm pleased to hear that visiting some of the 'design capitals' you mention impacted so positively on your studies.
Thank you for your constructive point on papers. Unfortunately semester only students are limited in the fact that they leave prior to Christmas so can only complete work for the time they're here.

Yes, I recommend
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Fun and Fascinating Brighton

The University of Brighton is located just minutes away from the amazing seaside city of the same name. Brighton itself is beautiful, fun, exciting, and full of incredible clubs, coffee shops, theaters, and there is always something new to experience every day from a "Ghost Tour" of the historic Laines to karaoke night at the King and Queen pub! The University itself is spread over several campuses with most study abroad students living on the scenic and lovely Falmer campus which is surrounded by rolling hills and stunning sunsets. The academics, at least in the Humanities school are fairly casual and not too demanding while still being fascinating topics taught by knowledgeable professors . However, this casual atmosphere leaves plenty of time to explore Brighton and travel outside the country. However, I mainly went on trips with the lovely USAC program to lots of amazing places in England including Bath, Stonehenge, and Oxford to name a few, as well as the wonderful and unforgettable trip to Paris! I found these trips very cost effective and well organized, led by the amazing Becca and Mary, our program leaders! They were so kind and warm, and made the transition to a new country very easy and assuring. I would recommend this program to anyone looking for an experience in a homey but edgy city with tons of history and charm, in addition to a flexible schedule with plenty of time for personal adventures!

How can this program be improved?

More information about local travel options - more info on student train and bus tickets would have been appreciated!

Response from University of Brighton

Thank you for your helpful review of your time on the University of Brighton study abroad programme. It depicts your time here really effectively and would I'm sure be helpful to prospective study abroad students.

Yes, I recommend
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Amazing Experience

The staff were excellent in helping everyone to transition to the change of the culture and academics. We were given a list of resources to help us while we were here, as well as open communication for any questions or concerns we may have. The field trips offered with the program were great to see and understand more of the country. Becca and Mary were absolutely fabulous and always provided great insight as well as laughs. The instructors were great and helped clear any confusion I had about the classes and coursework. So sad to leave but I can’t wait to come back.

How can this program be improved?


Response from University of Brighton

Thank you for sharing your positive thoughts, comments and pictures Apollo.
We'll look forward to welcoming you back to Brighton at some point.

Yes, I recommend
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Uni of Brighton

Wonderful experience with an amazing staff! Would highly reccomend to all students! Location was stunning and the academics were interesting if not entirely challenging. I loved the stunning scenery and the AMAZING opportunities to travel with the program to places all over england. My favorite program would be the trip to Paris as it was stunning and so much fun! Becca and Mary were amazing staff and I am so thankful they had helped us feel comfortable in the country and like it was truly a home away from home. I wish I could come back over and over again.

How can this program be improved?

More transpo info!

Response from University of Brighton

Thank you for sharing your positive comments about the programme with us. We're glad you had such a good experience studying abroad with us. Hope to see you again!

Yes, I recommend
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Amazing School and City

Brighton is the absolute perfect place to study abroad. The city is amazing and you instantly feel at home and at ease. There is so much to do, and if you're coming from a big city or a small town, you will find your place in Brighton. Mary, Becca, and Zoe of the study abroad team and all of my professors were excellent, friendly, and made an effort to get to know me. This program also really stands out from other study abroad programs because of the field trips. They were affordable (sometimes free!), so much fun, and gave me a chance to see things I never would have seen otherwise. I wouldn't trade my study abroad experience at Brighton for the world and wish I could have had all four years of University in such an amazing place.

Response from University of Brighton

We're glad you enjoyed your time in Brighton and you feel the field trips enhanced your study abroad experience - they give the students the opportunity to see places they may not otherwise get to see. We hope to see you back here one day!

Yes, I recommend
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Best Decision I've Ever Made

I always wanted to study abroad in England so after being told about Brighton, I knew thats where I wanted to study. It is such an amazing town, you have the city with all the shopping, while also having the sea two steps away. The University is great for students coming abroad because the Study Abroad team is AMAZING. They make sure you feel comfortable every step of the way. They are there to help with picking classes and also just to have a chat if your feeling homesick! Couldn't of asked for a better support team for my year abroad. The teachers at Brighton Uni are also so helpful and understanding, they genuinely care about students doing well. Brighton will always have a special place in my heart, I couldn't imagine studying abroad anywhere else.

How can this program be improved?

Nothing, it is amazing!

Response from University of Brighton

Hey Bailey! We're really pleased to hear your positive feedback and to hear that you felt you were well supported. That is really important to all the staff here at the University of Brighton.
Happy to hear that Brighton will always have a special place in your heart! Hope to see you back here one day.

Yes, I recommend
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Come to Brighton!

I have absolutely loved my time at Brighton University. By going through USAC, I was able to meet people both from England and the States. The dorms were nice, nothing fancy, but nothing bad. The campuses are beautiful. The city is amazing. I have no complaints. Be prepared to get comfortable taking public transportation and to do a decent amount of walking. BUT -also be prepared to have the best 4 months of your life.

Response from University of Brighton

Mary, Becca and I are so glad you've had the 'best 4 months of your life' - that's what we aim for!

Yes, I recommend

Such An Amazing Experience!

I thoroughly enjoyed my semester abroad studying at the University of Brighton. Although Brighton is still a city, it is not so big that it is overwhelming. I found it very easy to get around on the public transportation. The study abroad staff at the University of Brighton are so great; they were always so kind and helpful whenever I had a question or needed to talk to someone. The classes I found to be fascinating and did well to give me a new perspective on the world and other cultures. I met so many awesome people during my time here that came from various places from my home country as well as other countries. I enjoyed all the trips that the program here offers as well, they were so cool in getting to see various parts of England and Paris. My favorite memory would be the Bath and Stonehenge trip since we had the opportunity to see another British city, further build upon the new friendships, and see a beautiful place like the Stonehenge. This program impacted my life in such a huge way; I gained a broader perspective on the world, international friendships, and a new found love for traveling.

How can this program be improved?

At this time I cannot think of a way that the program could be improved, since I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Response from University of Brighton

I'm so glad this programme had impacted your life so positively. We hope you return home with some incredible memories and as you say, some new 'international' friendships.

Yes, I recommend
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Best experience in my life!

To study at the University of Brighton for one semester has been the best decision I have ever made! I had a great time, got to know many people and even made friends I am able to visit now when I travel. During my stay I found a second home in this beautiful city.

The University of Brighton offers such a great variety of courses and I attended classes that prepared me perfectly for what I would like to work in when I finish my studies back in Germany next summer. I learnt a lot during the lectures and enjoyed the different tasks we had to do. The study abroad program is one I can highly recommend, the employees from the study abroad offices are the loveliest girls I ever got to know. No matter, what you want to know they help you with everything. :) I enjoyed the field trips and saw many new places. I even felt more in love with this beautiful country.

If you ever want to study abroad decide to go to the University of Brighton!

Response from University of Brighton

We've loved having you here Vera! I'm so glad you feel you have benefited from your time at the University of Brighton.

Yes, I recommend
Kiera Danielle

Most Amazing Experience

In Fall 2012, I did the Study Abroad in Brighton England, and I couldn't speak more highly of it. The study abroad program itself was fantastic, where we had a trip that was pre-planned by the program; places I don't think I would have stopped to go to had I planned it myself. The stay over trips always had lovely accommodations, and friendly transportation & support. In addition to the trips that were included, I had the opportunity to make trips of my own with the flexible school schedule. I went to Scotland, Spain, and a few other excursions. Seeing as this is a STUDY abroad program, I feel it's important to speak to the actual University of Brighton. My classes there were amazing. I took a film course, 2 literature courses, and the required British Culture course. All of which were amazing. If you have the opportunity to take the film course with Mr. Pilbrow, I highly recommend it as it was an absolute joy. You have to take public transportation to get to most things from the school, but being from NY this was no big deal. Someone who has never done it before would have no problem at all. Lastly, I can not thank the study abroad staff, Mary & Becca , who made the entire trip/experience possible.

Response from University of Brighton

We're really happy to hear that both the opportunity to travel and your classes impacted so positively on your time spent at the University of Brighton.

Yes, I recommend
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Study Abroad in Brighton

My semester in Brighton was absolutely amazing! I had so much fun and made so many great friends. I really found a new home in Brighton. I loved all of the field trips we went on and really enjoyed emmersing myself more into the culture and history of England. The university was great and offered a wide variety of classes that aligned perfectly with my studies in Colorado. The city center was a great place to hang out, grab a bite, or hang out at the arcade. The program advisors were awesome and really made us feel welcomed in a new country and university. I lived on campus with 7 other flat mates and we each had our own bedroom and bathroom. The university supplied all of our bedding, towels, and kitchen items to lessen the burden of having to bring them or buy them ourselves. I would definitely recommend that you check out this program because it was the best experience of my life!

Response from University of Brighton

The 'best experience of your life' - we are so pleased to hear that and will continue to try and ensure that all future study abroad students at the University of Brighton feel the same.

Yes, I recommend
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Life changing

Everything about this experience was life changing. My first time on a plane was to England. I didn't know a single soul. Somehow, by the end of the five months, I made life-long friendships with people all around the world, including England. Most of them were my international flatmates that shared their time with me in Brighton.

Beautiful, unique Brighton. If I could compare it to anywhere else, it would resemble San Francisco: cold/rainy and openly weird. It's the perfect place to be if you like art, music, and beer.

I wish I could better express how Brighton makes me feel. While I felt homesick at times, my only regret was not saying "yes" to go do things and see places more often.

How can this program be improved?

I would have liked to live closer to town instead of on Falmer campus which is about a 20 minute bus ride if I remember correctly.

Response from University of Brighton

We're so glad to hear that your study abroad experience at the University of Brighton was 'life changing'.
We house our students on the Falmer campus in order for the study abroad students to have easy access to the office should they have any concerns or questions. Thanks for your comment, however. I hope you found the transport links efficient enough to travel to and from classes without any problem.

Yes, I recommend
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As Nike says, JUST DO IT!! My experience - Fall 2012

To say this was one of the best experiences of my life would be a complete understatement! I had an amazing opportunity to study abroad with USAC program via my home university, California State University Chico. I decided to attend Brighton University because 1. I had always wanted to visit England due to the amazing English accents (typical) and 2. I wanted to have a unique experience and Brighton was right on the ocean. I had heard from many people it was like the San Francisco of England so I figured it would be my home away from home :)

I can go on and on how much of an amazing experience I had. From meeting people from all parts of the world, traveling to difference countries and attending fun planned field trips with my peers/ mentors (Mary and Becca), and just exploring Brighton itself with all the lovely pubs and the true English culture that it offered.

But what is most important for me to mention is how AMAZING both Becca and Mary were in my transition into settling in and enjoying my overall experience. I had quickly come to learn that no matter how "prepared" one can be, nothing will ever go the way expected and planned while traveling into a new environment.

Prior to arriving to Brighton, my University had provided a list of classes that were offered at Brighton and that would transfer credit back to my home University. On my first week of school at Brighton, a whole group of us had learned that the classes we originally selected were only offered Spring semester, not Fall. PANIC fled my body as I questioned what on earth was I going to do?? We were already missing the first week of studies at Brighton University and on top of it, I did not want to fall behind in school and be forced to take an extra semester back at home.

A group of us rushed to Mary and Becca's office in complete distress and frustration with this huge miscommunication. Now if I were them, I would have thought this group of students were complete frantic animals due to how scattered brained, lost and panicked we acted. Instead, they welcomed us in their office with their warm hearts and tea and told us not to worry. Everything was going to work out just fine, we just needed to take a deep breath and relax. It brings back a smile to my face reminiscing on the situation with how they calmly took charge and helped each and every one of us with finding substitute classes even if it took more time out of their personal day. It truly shows how much they really care and want every student to enjoy their overall experience. They are the true backbone of the program and made me feel so welcomed in my overall experience.

How can this program be improved?

Overall, this program is amazing and I have no negative comments from my experience. One thing that I recommend which is just my personal opinion is that when it comes to the living situation on campus (which was simple, easy and overall very clean and safe), I would have liked to have the exchange students be spread out amongst the English students living on campus as well. I think this would be beneficial in meeting locals, receiving recommendations and experiencing places and things they are already familiar with, and overall just learning more about the English culture since your practically living with them. During my abroad experience all the exchange students were in the back section together, so we were all navigating the unknown like one blind dog leading the next lol it was still fun to say the least!

Response from University of Brighton

Thanks for the ringing endorsement! We're so happy coming to the University of Brighton was one of the best experiences of your life; and that Mary and Becca were instrumental in this.
Thank you for your comment about the living arrangements. The study abroad students 'time-frame' is different to the 'home students' so logistically it makes sense to house them all together. Hopefully the close proximity of the other flats allowed you to easily meet students of other nationalities, this as you say hugely enriches the experience.
Hopefully we'll see you for a visit soon!

Yes, I recommend
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Forever will be the best decision of my life

I decided to study abroad in Brighton because it was an english-speaking country, it was right on the ocean, and would offer me countless and amazing experiences. I studied here in the fall of 2014.

I was majoring in exercise science at the time, so I took one class at the Falmer campus, and then had to travel to Eastbourne to go to my other classes because Eastbourne is where the exercise science buildings are. Traveling to the Eastbourne campus from Paddock Fields (on Falmer campus) was kind of a pain because I had to walk to the train station, take the train for around 45 minutes, and then walk another 20ish minutes to class. However, this was when I found my love for trains, my love for travel... I was able to just sit on the train and look out the window, and it actually forced me to get out there and see more of England. The mandatory class, British Culture, was pretty easy and fun because we took it with our flatmates/other USAC students. The other two classes I took had very supportive professors that I still think about to this day.

Support wise, Becca and Mary were nothing short of amazing. Seriously. (PS. I Miss you guys!!) I don't know how they put up with us constantly, but they did. They are like your parents over there and we always had fun going to their office just to chat. Shoutout to you guys, and thank you for making our field trips unforgettable!

If I could rank "fun" on a scale of 1-10, it would be a 100. Seriously, I had the time of my life in Brighton. Whether it was traveling to class, hanging out with my flatmates, going downtown at night, visiting the beach and the Laines during the day, ice skating at the Royal Pavillion, and traveling on the weekends, it was fun all of the time. Honestly, the first couple weeks I barely slept because I didn't want to miss anything.

Housing was decent. I lived in a flat in Paddock Fields. The room is pretty small, with a bathroom/shower included. There is no barrier between the bathroom part and the shower part so that usually left for some wet floors. The bed was pretty small and uncomfortable. I lived on a flat with 7 other people, and there was a common area with couches, the kitchen, the tv, etc. The kitchen only had two mini fridgerators, which was a little too limited for 8 people living in one flat. However, I made some of my best friends to this day on that floor, and in Paddock Fields. It was in a good location on Falmer campus, and it was pretty. It was a bummer to do laundry because we had to walk outside to get to the laundromat and it was usually raining! Also just want to note that in order to get to the grocery stores downtown, you have to take a 20 minute bus ride, which can get rather tedious and frustrating when you have lots of bags of groceries and you have to travel outside with no car. There is a website (can't remember what it is called) where you can get groceries delivered though!

Safety was never an issue. I always felt safe in Brighton.

Overall, my experience in Brighton was one I will never forget. I strongly, strongly, strongly recommend you study abroad here. It is not as busy as London, but you still get the "city" feel, and it reminds me a lot of San Francisco. It is a lovely little quaint town right on the water with a fun pebbly beach, entertaining pubs (go to the Hobgoblin), and cute shops. I strongly suggest just riding the bus around one day to really take in the beauty Brighton and Hove have to offer. I learned so much about myself, about other cultures, and about England when I lived here. I also was lucky enough to travel to 12 other countries while I studied there, really broadening my horizons on Europe and the United Kingdom. I literally could go on and on about how amazing this study abroad experience was. You will have the time of your life, and will likely meet friends that you will be in contact with forever. I am forever grateful for the time I spent in Brighton, the experiences, and the friends I made.

I also wrote a blog while I studied abroad if you wanted to read it to get more detailed aspects and pictures of the trip:

Response from University of Brighton

We're really glad you chose Brighton as your study abroad destination - that you found the 'professors supportive', 'Mary and Becca nothing short of amazing' and it ranked 100 on the fun scale! We're so pleased that you had such a great experience.
Thank you for your helpful comments.
We hope you were notified that the sports science classes were delivered at Eastbourne prior to your arrival, so it wasn't too much of a surprise! We hope what with the train travel to Eastbourne and the bus travel to the grocery store you are now a dab-hand at getting round Sussex on public transport!
We hope to see you back in Brighton one day.

Yes, I recommend

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