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Mar 22, 2022
Apr 25, 2022
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About Program

Welcome to Study Abroad at the University of Brighton! We offer semester and year-long programs, with the opportunity to take classes from a variety of subjects across seven academic departments, whilst immersing yourself into the local culture.

Our team, Mary, Zoe and Becca, are on hand to help make your study abroad experience the best of your life. As well as onsite orientation and class enrolment, we arrange and attend field trips with you to London, Oxford & Stratford, Bath & Stonehenge and Paris, as well as a couple of local trips around the beautiful county of Sussex.

Nicknamed London-by-the-sea, when you're not studying or travelling around Europe, there is so much to do in Brighton itself. Famous for it's cosmopolitan Laines, with independent shops and cafes spilling out onto the streets; music, art and food festivals; nightlife and more. Brighton is a great hub to travel from; with Gatwick Airport only 30 minutes by train and London just 50 minutes by train.

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9.72 Rating
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  • 9-10 rating 93.44%
  • 7-8 rating 6.56%
  • 5-6 rating 0%
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  • Academics 7.9
  • Support 9.8
  • Fun 8.9
  • Housing 9
  • Safety 9.8
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Yes, I recommend this program

Study Abroad at Brighton by University of Brighton

This program has helped me grow as a teacher as well as a person. I was highly challenged yet highly supported during my time teaching and have gathered many resources and strategies that I will bring back with me to America. While the week was busy, I was very grateful for our trips that were sponsored by University of Brighton on the weekends. Those trips allowed me to build strong connections with my peers as well as getting a more in-depth and diverse view of the UK. While I had busy days, I am extremely grateful for the comfort and support given by my host family daily. If it wasn't for them, I truly think this experience would have been harder for me to navigate.

  • Live in an environment where you are immersed in the culture
  • Weekend trips are stress free and fun
  • Get a new perspective on teaching and learning
  • Hard to catch up at first to the new education system
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Response from University of Brighton

We loved having you on the Student Teacher programme Allison, and are very glad to hear you enjoyed your time here! Great to hear you learned new skills and made strong connections with the other students on the programme. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on teaching in the US. The Study Abroad Team :)

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Yes, I recommend this program

Study Abroad at University of Brighton

I had an amazing study abroad experience at Brighton. The city of Brighton is plenty big with lots to explore, including the Lanes, the Royal Pavilion, the bars and pubs, the beach, etc., but it has the safe, familiar feel of a small town. Plus, with two large universities nearby, students keep the clubs packed every night of the week! Brighton offered me a great opportunity to see what it's like being a student in Britain without having to be in a huge city like London.

I also got plenty of opportunities to explore outside of Brighton. The study abroad staff at the University of Brighton organized weekend and day trips to destinations around England, including Oxford, Windsor, Stratford-upon-Avon, Stonehenge, Bath, Battle Abbey, Beachy Head, London, and more! The Brighton study abroad staff put a lot of effort into these trips, and I appreciated it immensely because it allowed me to see sites that I never would have been to otherwise.

In terms of living conditions, the housing supplied by University of Brighton is quite nice. We lived in on-campus housing that consisted of 3- to 6-person flats. Each person got their own room and bathroom, and they shared the kitchen/common area with their flatmates. Most study abroad students in my program roomed with other study abroad students. This was nice because we became really close as a group and were able to organize lots of independent trips together; however, it also made it difficult to connect with local students. As such, I'd recommend joining a society (student org) or volunteering in town in order to get more contact with people who actually live in or are from the area.

  • Lots of travel opportunities around England are organized for you
  • Gym is a two minute walk from your housing and you get a student discount
  • Very active night life
  • Some administrative things took longer than expected to sort out, like getting me enrolled at the school and therefore figuring out my class schedule and getting access to the gym
  • Classes weren't very challenging
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Response from University of Brighton

We are so pleased you had a good time Grace, and made the most of your experience here. Great advice for future students to join a society to get to know local students outside of your classes!

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Yes, I recommend this program

"Brighton"ed My Life!

When I arrived in Brighton almost exactly a year ago, I had never left my home country or lived away from my family / on a college campus before. I was terrified and very homesick at first, but I quickly discovered that Brighton was exactly what I needed: the University of Brighton, and Brighton itself, was a safe yet challenging landscape for me to discover my independence and grow into myself. From the friendly employees of the Park Farm Shop (the farmers market just across the road from the Falmer campus -- DO NOT MISS IT!) to the supportive University of Brighton faculty and staff (especially Mary, Elissa, Zoe, and Becca!), I was humbled by the kindness and generosity of nearly every person I met during my time there. And I still don't know how to put into words the beauty and magic of the city itself -- equal parts cozy and lively, with something to offer for everyone. Brighton's vibrant and colorful charm is one-of-a-kind, and stole my heart from the very first visit.

My experience was unfortunately cut short because of COVID-19, but the seven weeks I spent abroad truly "Brighton"ed my life and I wouldn't change them for the world. I feel so fortunate to have been able to call this city and its people home, and I look forward to returning safely one day in the hopefully-not-too-far-off future.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Take advantage of the amazing public transportation system. I only started taking trips out of the city during my last couple of weeks in Brighton (unbeknownst to me at the time, of course), and I wish I'd been able to do more independent travelling (including into the city itself)!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Study Abroad

Studying abroad in Brighton was one of the best decisions I've made. Both the included and optional day and weekend trips are really well planned out, cost effective, and super enjoyable. They were my favorite part of my experience and having so many of them is really unique to this program.

Brighton itself is a really unique and eclectic city that's really focused on its student population from the two nearby universities. There's bus services all throughout town, and a direct train to Gatwick airport that only takes about 45 minutes. There's plenty to do both inside and outside the city!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Take advantage of every spare moment! There's lots to do in Brighton, in London, and throughout the rest of the country.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Study Abroad at the University of Brighton, England

As someone who had never left my home country before studying abroad, I can understand why someone might have doubts about attending somewhere foreign and how it might be scary. Fortunately, at the University of Brighton, that isn’t the case. The staff makes sure you feel at home and you understand everything you need to know before you even realize that you haven’t thought about it yourself! I personally am not an extroverted person, but I was able to gain lifelong friends and I am currently maintaining those relationships while I am back home. I would NOT exchange this experience for anything. Go to University of Brighton and live out the dream you deserve! Happy travels to all! 💛

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Don’t waste time, it goes by so much quicker than you think!
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Response from University of Brighton

I am glad you found studying abroad at the University of Brighton such a positive experience Rose and the staff made you feel at home. It is our aim to help you have the best possible experience whilst here. We look forward to seeing you back in Brighton one day.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Spring 2019

I highly recommend everyone to study abroad at the University of Brighton you will not regret it! The support at the university is incredible from professors to Mary and everyone at the Study abroad office, to the caring accommodation staff. I honestly did not have a single bad experience in Brighton! Brighton is such a lovely place and there is always something fun going on or somewhere to explore. There's the Brighton Pier, the Royal Pavilion, the Lanes, the festivals in May, also so many shops to visit and eat at. I think a semester was not enough time for me (do an academic year!). During my semester, I had the opportunity to travel to other countries so that is something to keep in mind when planning (I visited 8 in total). I will cherish my time and memories in Brighton forever and Brighton will always have a special place in my heart.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
I would highly recommend everyone to sign up for the field trips. They are so worth it! It's all planned out so all you do is hop on the bus and enjoy the trip. Each trip is an incredible experience and it's a good time to bond with everyone in the group. Some of my highlights from my semester at the University of Brighton have been from the trips and the memories that were made with them. Aside from that watch out for the seagulls!
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Response from University of Brighton

Hi Diana, we are so pleased to hear your positive comments about your time at the University of Brighton, and to hear that Brighton will always be a special place to you. We aim to make the experience as good for every study abroad student we work with.
You will definitely have to come back and see us one day.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Unforgettable experience!

Doing this exchange has been far greater than I had ever imagined. Brighton is an incredible place to live and study. The city is exciting and unique and has always got something going on. Coming to a new University and immersing myself in a different learning system was a bit daunting at first. However, studying here has opened up so many opportunities for me as a Graphic Designer. It was also a great opportunity for me to step out of my comfort zone and meet new people. I have met some incredible and talented people during my time here and have had so many amazing experiences. The study abroad team at Brighton are so lovely and supportive. I’m so glad that I chose to study in Brighton for a whole year as I absolutely love it here. I definitely recommend this program!

What would you improve about this program?
Absolutely nothing! Everything was fantastic and I highly recommend this program.
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Response from University of Brighton

Hi Anya, thank you for your positive words about your time here at the University of Brighton, and your personal recommendation. We were really glad to support you whilst you were here and wish you the very best for the future.

Yes, I recommend this program

Brighton's Superb Support

At the University of Brighton, there is not a divide between faculty and students. Students refer to faculty by first name and faculty know the names of their students. Faculty are always willing to provide support in a timely manner and in any way they can. The small class sizes and discussion-based seminars make the relationship with professors more personal and friendly, rather than strictly professional. Professors are willing to provide feedback on essays and discuss any issues before, after, and outside of class. However, the support from professors is outweighed by the outstanding study abroad office. I can honestly say that I owe my amazing experiences at Brighton to Mary, Becca, Elissa, Zoe and the study abroad team. Their endless kindness and support is heart-warming. Studying abroad is stressful, especially if you are like me and are a first-time traveller; the study abroad team was always prepared to answer all of my questions and provide me with all of the details. The student support is one-of-a-kind; I have not ever experienced a support system like it, not even at my home university. Everyone wants you to succeed at the University of Brighton.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
With Brighton being on the coast, there is always something to do. The pier is only a short bus ride from campus. You can find just about everything there from hundreds of fish and chips shops to a mall you can get lost in to the movie theatre to pubs. The city even has historical significance as the location of Henry IV’s vacation home, the Royal Pavilion. Since we are on the coast, we have high-speed winds and hangry seagulls, but even those qualities make memories whether it be losing your hat to the wind or your sandwich to the clutches of a seagull. Future travelers should go out and experience every aspect of the wonderful city that is Brighton.
27 people found this review helpful.
Response from University of Brighton

'Everyone wants you to succeed at the University of Brighton' - how true!
You also get out what you put it, so you must take credit for making this such a valuable and enriching experience Ashley.
We look forward to seeing you back here one day!

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For USAC the tuition per semester was $7,680 and the cost of the on campus (Great Wilkins Halls) was about $3,115 for fall and for spring about $4,531.