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The IES Abroad Nantes Program has two important goals: to improve your written and verbal proficiency in French through language and area studies courses and teaching internships, and to introduce you to contemporary France and its role in the European Union. Founded in 1965, the program is small enough to welcome you into the community, yet large enough to allow for a variety of academic and extracurricular activities. We offer you the opportunity to integrate fully into French society and function completely in French, due to the program’s focus on full immersion and the fact that there are few Anglophones in Nantes.

This program enjoys a close relationship with the Université de Nantes. You have access to the school’s libraries, computer labs, cafeterias, and sports facilities, and are welcome to join student clubs and other social and sports organizations. You also have many opportunities for enrolling in university courses.

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Do it!

Get out of your comfort zone, learn the language you have been studying and reviewing for countless hours in class in the U.S. Where better than in the country of origin, France?

I highly recommend this program to anyone who is seeking to immerse themselves fully into French culture, life, and language.

On various matters:

Though the French in general are considered timid and sometimes unfriendly, it is up to you to immerse yourself and make friends. Go out of the way and meet people, go to social functions and public events. Throw yourself out there, what is the point of studying abroad than to get yourself out of your comfort zone.

I had the most amazing and inclusive host family ever! They conversed with me always and included me in their day to day activities as if I was one of the family. I went to mass with them and they invited me to their house in Brive-de-Gaillard in the center of France.

The administration was an excellent one, and I can say that having been the President of my class. I got to work with the administration to ensure that the program was going well and that the students smoothly transitioned into daily foreign life. A very accessible, organized, and friendly administration.

The program is an excellent one and it is very well structured

Yes, I recommend

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