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There are a wide variety of courses available, primarily taught in English by our world-class faculty. When you arrive, you are grouped into language proficiency-based levels to focus your course enrollment options. This will also provide a sense of community with your fellow students and will challenge you to maximize your learning.

In addition to your Spanish language course, you will choose from a variety of English-taught IES Abroad courses, as well as Spanish- and English-taught local university courses to round out your semester. All IES Abroad courses include field study activities that help you connect coursework with your surroundings. You can also take Spanish-taught IES Abroad courses.

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Yes, there are 4 day breaks twice throughout the Fall semester.
As far I as I know you need to be a current undergraduate student. At least everyone in my program was. You should also verify with IES themselves.


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IES Barcelona

I spent about five months living and studying in Barcelona, Spain and it was the best five months of my life. I would recommended this opportunity to any one interested. Spain and the city of Barcelona are beautiful, and worth experiencing. I would say that speaking spanish is useful but not entirely necessary in Barcelona however you should be aware that Catalan an important language in Barcelona and a lot of signs are in both spanish and Catalan. Many europeans speak enough English to get their point across. Barcelona is pretty central to the rest of europe so movement between locations/countries is extremely easy and quick. Also movement in the city was really easy with the public transportation however while I was studying they were doing some construction so there were some longer travel times. But in general it was one of the easiest public transportation systems I used in Europe. Pick pocketing can occur but this did not happen to frequently to students who attempted to blend into the culture and environment, because they are looking for tourist and easy targets so my suggestion would just to be aware of your surrounding and your belongings at all times. Also be aware of the eating schedule in Spain it is quite different to the US schedule and to other european countries. From the other students I studied with this seemed to be the hardest thing to adjust too. Barcelona is also known as a partying city so be prepared to have a blast any time you want. These were some of the best memories and experiences I have had in my life

How can this program be improved?
If I could change one thing about the program it would be the class schedule. For the IES program classes were held on fridays. This made traveling over the weekend at times impossible. As a student you are only allowed to a miss each class a certain number of times so again traveling over the weekends can be difficult.
Yes, I recommend
Katherine E. Davis

Day-to-day experiences

I lived with a host family, which was a great learning experience for me. Because my host mom lived about 40 minutes (walking-wise) away from IES, I took the metro to class. After class I would often walk around and explore with friends, shop, or occasionally nap, as many of my classes were at 9:00 AM. At night, I would go out to local bars with my friends.

How can this program be improved?
The attendance policy (requiring class on Fridays) was one of the most frustrating aspects of the program. Often-time, traveling on weekends to different countries would require a flight that would leave on Friday. Because Spanish class was mandatory on Friday, I would often have to leave later in the evening, which would result in my arrival to other countries/cities extremely late. I would then get to, essentially, only spend 24 hours at that location, despite spending large amounts of money to travel. While some people might argue that it's not necessary to travel, it was extremely necessary for me. Not only was it my first time traveling alone, it was my first time (and for quite some time to come), my last time in Europe, and I wanted to make the most of my experience.
Yes, I recommend
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A Day in Barcelona

The school was really easily accessible from all locations. There also was a lot around the school which made errands easier. The teachers were really helpful too and really easy to connect with.

How can this program be improved?
Better options for traveling with the program to places.
Yes, I recommend


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