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Interested in traveling abroad this summer? Join Gotoco in China to gain a TEFL certificate and useful work experience in teaching, education and activity leadership. No prior experience in China, Chinese or teaching is required—just a passion for education and travel.
- Earn a TEFL certificate (Teaching of English as a Foreign Language)
- Explore China and its diverse culture
- Learn some Mandarin, and take part in fun cultural exchange activities
- Gain valuable work experience and references
- Begin a summer of backpacking across Asia
- Give Chinese students the chance to experience a new style of teaching
- See stunning scenery, including the Karst mountains around Yangshuo, Guangxi
- Check our website for more information:

**Gotoco is a social enterprise focused on boosting cultural exchange and exploration opportunities between China and the West. One of our main projects is our annual China Summer Camp TEFL Teaching project. Join us!

  • Free/funded (*no fees for participation!)
  • TEFL Certification included
  • Travel around China (dual location projects - all culminating in a stay at our mountain base in Yangshuo)

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  • Benefits 8.6
  • Support 8.1
  • Fun 8.9
  • Facilities 8.3
  • Safety 8.9
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Free summer in China!

I had a wonderful experience with Gotoco, I met some amazing people and had an amazing time exploring the culture. The teaching was challenging but fun, and it was a very rewarding experience!
There is a lot to do, and the trip to Yangshou was incredible I had a fantastic time, the city was beautiful something I definitely recommend to everyone. I think that the experience teaching is invaluable and you’re constantly learning about yourself through the teaching. The children are fun, and when working with young children it was really good as it enabled me to carry out activities which are relaxed and fun for children.
I didn’t have to carry out too much paper work in the trip, and there was no set teaching methods or lesson plans which allowed flexibility and creativity on what was taught:

How can this program be improved?
More information about program online.
Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing summer opportunity!

I would definitely recommend Gotoco as they were always really quick and helpful at responding to questions before travelling and even during. Getting to know the kids was one of my favourite parts of my experience, especially as my camp was very small as were the classes. On my last day, one of my classes surprised me by each student individually writing me a card and it was really sweet and memorable.
The kids were always really sweet and fun to play games with in and out of lessons. I enjoyed trying new chinese foods and also we went grape picking as a school trip which was really fun. I think this experience has made me more confident, not only with teaching and children but also with my ability to travel by myself and communicate with people despite having no common language. It has made me want to do similar things in the future and travel more. I loved meeting lots of amazing new people and thoroughly enjoyed Yangshuo. I think the scenery was stunning and it was really fun to go and meet other programme participants. I also loved excursions we made at the weekend while teaching such as exploring Hangzhou and I enjoyed my post-programme travelling lots, especially as I finally got to see the Great Wall!

Yes, I recommend this program

Gotoco - Summer Program Teaching English

The overall experience with Gotoco was incredible and one that I can not recommend enough. It was extremely beneficial to me in that I was able to improve my oral Mandarin and discover, in close proximity, the daily habits of people that were seemingly so different to me. The experience of living with a host family was extremely rewarding as it exposed me to the colloquial realities of many Chinese in the most organic way. Gotoco is a great opportunity for anyone interested in discovering the intricacies of Chinese culture while working and attaining a useful TEFL certificate.

Yes, I recommend this program
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1st Trip to China

Recruitment was transparent about the cost flying to China and pre-departure information prior to my travel. Gotoco provides TEFL-teaching projects across China. I was able to engage and enrich the lives of my student. We had a transactional relationship, where we both learned cultural differences between each other. I experienced a lot of personal growth, as well as experienced a lot of the historical, cultural, and contemporary things that China had to offer. I believe other university students could benefit from this as well. For anyone interested in education, this was a great opportunity to compare the the western and Asian systems between each other.

Yes, I recommend this program
J Quelin

Rich cultural exchanges

I would recommend that people participate in a program because of the challenges, new experiences, and rich cultural exchanges that await them. It was an amazing experience to share with my new friends from China, UK, and around the US the different ways that we live around the world - it made our lessons memorable for both the students and the teachers.
Though I was intimidated by visiting China before, but now, I can't wait until my next trip.

How can this program be improved?
Faster communication and more opportunities to connect with other participants
Yes, I recommend this program
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Summer in Shantou

Doing this programme was a great way to spend my summer. I met some great people in the form of students, fellow teachers and fellow volunteers. It was a rewarding experience to teach kids and young people of a variety of ages and get to know them very well.
This programme was also a great way to see parts of China. From bustling cities to picturesque rural areas, I saw places I will never forget.

How can this program be improved?
I am not sure how this programme could be improved. Perhaps more information about the school could have been given to us before we arrived.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Great fun in China with GOTOCO

I spent a month in China through GOTOCO. This is an experience that I am very glad to have completed. I both was able to travel China, a country I had not visited before, and gain a TEFL qualification which will be valuable for future employment.
It was really nice to teach two classes throughout the program. This meant that I got to know the children personally and see their amazing progression in English, There was also a sports day during the weekend, where we could get involved with the activities and spend time with the students in a more informal manner.
Going to Yangshuo at the end of the program was definitely a highlight! It was great weather and the views were phenomenal. The other teachers also came, and it was really nice to have a chance to spend time with them before we all left.

How can this program be improved?
Improve in communication on all aspects of the program
Yes, I recommend this program
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Wonderful experience!

I loved getting to know the country, the people, the customs and the traditions. China is extremely different to Western society, at least the cultures which I have seen and I come from. It was therefore very interesting to experience something so new and different.

One of the best parts of my experience with Gotoco was getting to know the other volunteers. Furthermore the cultural exchange which took place between the English volunteers and Chinese students or volunteers of our age. When their English was good enough to facilitate conversations it was extremely interesting to learn from one another's customs, traditions, norms and lives.

Travelling on my own to China, and being in a foreign country for almost 6 weeks has increased my self confidence and also inspired my wanderlust. Furthermore, I have gained the confidence to prepare lessons and teach children of very young ages and students of my own age. Both these things require very different skill sets, and I feel that this experience has very much facilitated the development of these skills

Yes, I recommend this program
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An amazing experience!

Gave me the opportunity to take part in an experience I could never organise alone.
Met some amazing people and learned a lot about Chinese culture.
Made friends for life with both the Chinese teaching staff and the other foreign volunteers.
The school also arranged several excursions such as hiking and going to a water park, and we regularly went out to local bars or borrowed mopeds.
Spent a lot of time with my lovely host family who were incredibly welcoming and generous.
Would love to go back one day!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Gotoco summer in China review

Overall, my experience with Gotoco was very positive; from the beginning of the application process, I was provided with lots of support and opportunities to have the best time in China. I was very appreciative of the help that was provided in regards to applying for a Visa as I would not have been able to do this on my own. Also, my allocation to a school within Yangshuo was very well suited for me, therefore I would call my trip an overall success thanks to gotoco.

How can this program be improved?
Perhaps more support in preparing teachers for culture differences and an exact description of the places teachers will be staying.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Awesome experience!

I really enjoyed spending time with the Chinese teachers outside of the classroom. We did many fun things together, and I enjoyed getting to know them, practicing my Chinese, and learning about China and the Shantou region from them.
My students and the Chinese teachers were the highlights of my lessons! The students were a joy to teach, and the teachers were so helpful and nice to me. My favorite cultural excursion was to Na'nao Island, it was so beautiful and the water was so clear and clean to swim in!
This experience has given me so much!! I have so many new friends, and have so much more confidence as an English teacher. I have also loved being in China and learning the language, and about the Chinese culture and Jieyang (the city I was placed in).
It is honestly very hard to pick one thing that was the best, but I would say that the people were the best thing. All of my Chinese teachers were very helpful, kind, and fun. All of my students were so much fun to teach, and my classes were such a joy to me! I am very sad to be leaving them. I would
absolutely recommend this to anyone! Teaching is an absolutely amazing experience, and having a TEFL opens so many doors for you, so I would definitely recommend a friend!
I also felt that all of the Gotoco staff were very helpful with the recruitment process! If I had a question, I emailed them and got a response back within a few days. Very nice people to interact with!

Yes, I recommend this program

Teaching in Yangshuo

Had an amazing six weeks teaching in Yangshuo. Would whole heartedly recommend to anyone wanting to get some teaching experience in the summer whilst travelling. China is a beautiful and diverse country and it was beautiful to be fully integrated into a community and be able to get to know kids for six weeks and see not only their English improve but also their confidence. This is a great chance to see how teaching works in different parts of the world.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Travel, Teach, and Have Fun

I was made aware of Gotoco through my university, and so I sent their quick application form. Most of the process of learning more about the trip and acquiring the necessary documents proved automatic and simple to do on the Gotoco website. However, some parts of the process were more difficult than others, such as using a visa application service and acquiring traveler's insurance. The other volunteers at my program said that email correspondence should have been faster, but I had no issues working my way through the online forms on the Gotoco website. I got my visa, travel tips, and a six week program in China all thanks to Gotoco, and I recommend them to anyone who is interested in travel, teaching, and growing professionally or personally.

Yes, I recommend this program

A couple of hiccups but mostly smooth

Despite some complications during the visa application process, and very little support from staff on site, the programme was very enjoyable, and I would definitely say that being put in at the deep end was a good technique to improve my teaching abilities.
The children were always keen and ready to learn, and the assistants we were given (who were students at the school during term time in their early teens) were really helpful and desirous of our praise alongside our own students.
The support amongst the higher leadership team, however, was quite minimal- especially considering our zero prior experience of teaching.

How can this program be improved?
The support and assistance process should be a lot more efficient- especially considering the age of applicants which could mean it is their first time abroad, let alone in Asia
Yes, I recommend this program
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Meten English Camp 3 week program in Shenzhen

Had an amazing time in Shenzhen, China, teaching English to both adults and kids.
Although my dates were difficult to manage and did not allow for a lot of flexibility, Gotoco still managed to find me a program and made sure I had plenty to do to fulfill my TEFL hours. I taught adult classes in the Meten English camps a few hours on weekdays and fulltime on the weekends, and volunteered at a kindergarten the rest of my working hours.
Gotoco also partnered me up with a host family, which was so valuable in terms of my language learning and culture experience.
Overall, the program was incredible in terms of how much it has taught me and how much I have benefitted from it. Teaching English in a place like China is such an interesting and valuable experience, and what Gotoco offers is at once professional and affordable which is quite rare to find.

Yes, I recommend this program

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Since 2011, the Gotoco team has been helping students from around the globe to visit China.

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