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Interested in traveling abroad this summer? Join Gotoco in China to gain a TEFL certificate and useful work experience in teaching, education and activity leadership. No prior experience in China, Chinese or teaching is required—just a passion for education and travel.
- Earn a TEFL certificate (Teaching of English as a Foreign Language)
- Explore China and its diverse culture
- Learn some Mandarin, and take part in fun cultural exchange activities
- Gain valuable work experience and references
- Begin a summer of backpacking across Asia
- Give Chinese students the chance to experience a new style of teaching
- See stunning scenery, including the Karst mountains around Yangshuo, Guangxi
- Check our website for more information:

Gotoco is a social enterprise focused on boosting cultural exchange and exploration opportunities between China and the West. Gotoco works with over 70 programmes in 50 locations across China. Join us!

  • Free/funded (*no fees for participation!)
  • TEFL Certification included
  • Travel around China (dual location projects - all culminating in a stay at our mountain base in Yangshuo)

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  • Benefits 8.8
  • Support 8.4
  • Fun 9.1
  • Facilities 8.6
  • Safety 9.1
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Gotoco summer

Teaching in China has not only helped me learn and discover new things about a new country and culture, but also about myself. Whilst it was one of the most challenging experiences I've faced, I really enjoyed the mix of new people I worked with, as well as the novelty of interacting with children all day. The teaching itself can be difficult, but it's very rewarding and fun for the most part. Yangshuo was incredible and I would recommend to apply.

How can this program be improved?
Communication prior to visit regarding accommodation, money, timing etc.
Yes, I recommend this program
Ram Bowman

Summer teaching in China

Really incredible experience would strongly recommend to any university student. GOTOCO provided me an opportunity to visit a part of the world I have never seen before, meet some really incredible people, from the UK, USA and from China, and I was able to do something really fulfilling with my summer. It is also incredible that I can come out of this with a TEFL certification, all paid for! Travelling around China after the programme ended was the highlight of my trip and I got to see some really amazing things.

Yes, I recommend this program

Incredible summer

Spending the summer in China teaching was a really rewarding and fullfilling experience. Teaching in a small school allowed for deep connections to be built between staff, volunteers and students. The children really appreciate all you do for them and especially adore all the games/ activities you teach them. The staff are brilliant, they will bendover backwards to ensure you are in full health and having an enjoyable experience.
Yangshuo is one of the most spectacular places I have ever been to and would definitely recomment going. I would also recommend spending a few weeks post project travelling as it is fairly cheap to travel across China and you will meet so many new friends! You never need to worry about feeling alone because you make so many friends on the project and post-project.

How can this program be improved?
Amount of time volunteers are expected to teach.
Amount of training given to volunteers before lessons began.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Don't hesitate to apply!

One of the most insightful, fun, and rewarding experiences of my life. Gotoco are offering the invaluable opportunity to immerse yourself in a foreign culture and develop life skills in a way that is totally impossible in your local environment. It's hard to begin to list the most memorable aspects of my trip, but these range from receiving hand-written letters of sincere appreciation from my 13 year old students to the freedom of riding a moped through the stunning Yangshuo countryside with people who were just as excited to be in China as I was. Any difficulties you are faced with are quickly overcome, and the reward of pushing yourself and meeting a challenge is certainly worth it.

Yes, I recommend this program

I learnt a lot

I learnt a lot about another culture and different ways of living and thinking. This has benefitted me a lot as I feel more educated about these things. I felt inspired to learn about Chinese history, language and Chinese politics. I also learnt to be more accepting and to be more relaxed about things outside of my comfort zone. I enjoyed teaching despite the lessons I was told to teach themselves were routine and outdated. It was great to see when students were enthusiastic and enjoyed lessons, and was also wonderful to see a shy student give a question a go. I enjoyed all of the cultural excursions, especially going to Nan'ao Island .

How can this program be improved?
More communication
Yes, I recommend this program

Summer of your life!

Gotoco is an amazing company with extremely helpful people who are dedicated to make sure that you are spending the summer of your life. I have been impress countless times by their desire to help up. The selection process is long but useful as they make sure to find the perfect project for you, and the one that I was assigned to could not be any better.
Thank you Gotoco, I will definitely come back next summer.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Summer Camp

I definitely would recommend Gotoco to a friend and already have! The reasons I’ve given people include the opportunity to go to the other side of the world and experience a completely different culture one may be accustomed to. Also, going to a rural area and partaking in meaningful work was humbling and has definitely changed my perspective on things. Thirdly, the opportunity to meet some incredible people from around the world will allow one to broaden their horizons. And last but not least, the fact that accommodation is paid for means it’s a no-brainer!

Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing Opportunity for students to travel to China

Working with a gotoco program was a great experience. I was able to quickly and cheaply plan an amazing trip to China, and it was such an amazing experience. Every part of the process was smooth, and teaching at my program and working with children felt very rewarding. The program specifically was a summer camp, with a range of ESL activities, and the students were all adorable and very kind. We had a lot of fun teaching them English, and I even taught them a fair bit of swimming as well.
You also will meet many awesome people from around the world, who are all friendly and willing to help you with anything along the way. I think everyone should experience a different culture at least once in their lives, and I think many people don't understand how rewarding the experience can be. This along with working on a TEFL certificate at the same time makes gotoco a once in a lifetime opportunity for people across the world.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Fun and rewarding

One of the best experiences I had is when some of the teachers in my accommodation and I went to Dongwan Guanyin Mountain. We ended up having the peak of the mountain all to ourselves and watched the sunset among amazing temples and scenery.

Another amazing time was in Yangshuo, when a bunch of us went to a beach by the river that runs past the city. The scenery was amazing and the walk there was gorgeous too. Also, the area around the beach was very rural, so I felt I got to experience another part of China than the very urban and modern side I had seen so much of.

My favourite lessons with the kids was by far the ones I taught about animals, nature and the environment. It was so uplifting talking to the children about these topics as many of them seemed to have a lot of passion for the topics. One of the 3rd years could even tell me about a whale found with its belly filled with plastic that had been a big case in Norway earlier.

My experience in China has firstly made me a lot more independent and confident about traveling alone. I have also learned that teaching is a career that I could pursue in the future, as I really enjoyed teaching. It has made me more confident about talking to large groups and taking control of a situation.
The trip has put me in situations that required me to think and plan that I don’t face in my daily life. My time in China has also opened my eyes to what the country is really like and has made me a more open-minded person.

How can this program be improved?
The process about placement confirmation, and when and where the programme would take place was very slow.
When we arrived at our accommodation the first night the sheets were not clean, and one of my friends had a lot of hair on her towel. So, we had to buy new sheets and towels the next day.

I would make the process regarding confirmation on receiving a place in the programme, and also where and when the programme will take place, much faster. If these things were confirmed earlier, I think later participants would be able to save a lot of money on airplane tickets.
Yes, I recommend this program

Unique chance offered by Gotoco

Meeting new friends on the programme was one of the best parts. Experiencing together a completely different culture was exciting as well as challenging at times. The hospitality of the organizers was also a great thing which I will surely remember. Additionally, the independent traveling I managed to do with the friend I applied with was incredible and I consider that Gotoco deserves credit for giving the opportunity to participate in such programs for free, emabling participants to save money and travel.
The highlight of the lessons was seeing the kids learn so quickly and apply what they've learnt in real life situations. In terms of outdoor activities, I really enjoyed kayaking on the enormous lake we lived by. The cultural clash I encountered was full of interesting experiences, but the highlight was seeing the Yao people live their rural lives. Expectations of China are always surrounding urban environments, while nobody speaks of rural areas. This chance I got was unique and I consider myself enriched by this new perspective on life of the Yao people.
The Gotoco experience surely broadened my horizons. Having never been to East Asia before, this was one of the most challenging journeys I have ever done, from which I have learnt a lot. Going out of my comfort zone is a huge bonus and I believe this will prove to be useful in the future. Additionally, teaching English has benefited me personally as well as professionally. By teaching I have gained a new perspective on the English language and its philosophy, which I consider helped me improve my overall English skills.
The best thing about my experience in China was getting to know its people and making new friends on the camp. I believe this will remain in my memory for the long term and I am keen to keep in touch with everyone I met.
I would recommend any friend to take part in this as it is a unique opportunity to explore an otherwise relatovely closed place. However, I would advise him/her beforehand to be prepared for different circumstances.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Free TEFL Summer Project in China

Volunteering at Guizhou Forerunner College gave me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and make new friends. This was a great experience for me, because being a teacher for the first time allowed me to understand how much work teachers have to put in, to keep the students engaged during English lessons.
It was surprising to see how interested and keen, both adults and children were to learn English, this made me understand how valuable a small contribution is at GFC.
I heard about GFC’s summer camps through Gotoco, and I am glad I was able to participate because I had a chance to improve key skills, like communication and team work by working with the other volunteers and teachers.
I have learned a lot from the other volunteers and I received a lot of help from the other teachers and staff members at GFC.
I would like to come back in the future for other projects, because I had so much fun during the activities and trips organised by GFC and also to meet again with all the volunteers and staff members.

How can this program be improved?
I think Gotoco explained everything well.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Awesome experience

China has been an incredible adventure and I am grateful that Gotoco gave me the opportunity to travel here.
I believe the experience has benefited me in terms of my cultural knowledge of East Asia, which I found different from what I've expected.
The teaching has helped in gaining valuable experience in working with kid, especially that don't speak very well my language.
The fact that I've got to spend a month in a rural area in China has been the best thing about my experience.
I believe that China is a must see and volunteering here is something every youth would enjoy.

Yes, I recommend this program

I had the best summer of my life with gotoco!

Go to China with gotoco! I had the best summer of my life living and teaching in China. I had the opportunity to travel around China, make lifelong friends, grow professionally and personally, and learn about Chinese culture. I stepped out of my comfort zone and I am so grateful that gotoco gave me the opportunity to do so. Gotoco also helped me realize my love for working with children! I am forever grateful for that opportunity. I am also grateful that gotoco allowed me to increase my self-confidence in terms of traveling. I was not a well-traveled individual before going to China, but now I feel as if I could comfortably see any country!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Gotoco is amazing

I could not have asked for a better trip. I came in with little personal travel or teaching experience but found both to be extremely rewarding. Gotoco paired me with a wonderful camp with lovely staff and children that created a positive and welcoming environment, especially as I do not speak the language. I didn't expect that this trip could provide as big of a window as it did: to really learn about China -- through thoughtful person to person interaction that made me feel like I was there with intention and purpose.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Do it

It’s a great way to experience China - living and working with the locals. It’s great for travel and the teaching experience is a unique opportunity- certainly worth taking. There is a minimum character count I apologise for what comes next aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawhyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

How can this program be improved?
Better communication, particularly with the application process.
Yes, I recommend this program

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