Live TEFL Prague - Get TEFL Certified in the Czech Republic
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Live TEFL Prague - Get TEFL Certified in the Czech Republic

LiveTEFL Prague includes 120 sixty-minute lessons supplemented by 8 to 10 hours of teaching practice. With a maximum of 9 students in each class, you are guaranteed individual, personalized attention from our experienced international speaker faculty. LiveTEFL Prague prepares you for your TEFL career.

The course includes job search training and you will have the opportunity to create a video resume and sample lesson. Your teaching practice will be with real classes of genuine English language students. The course fee includes all course materials and help with obtaining your visa, work permit, and business license. Regular networking events will keep you in touch with your colleagues and give you the chance to meet other TEFL teachers. Students who achieve a Pass 1 result are guaranteed a job offer (6-month contract) in Prague. LiveTEFL Prague will also help you find suitable accommodation.

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Hey guys - I'm just gonna give a general reply to everyone's comment cause more or else everyone mentioned the same. Okay it does give me great confidence to know that there's atleast a 99% of a job guarantee, and yes Chris I do agree that life itself doesn't have any guarantees. The only and main reason I posted this question here was because, as an Indian citizen, we don't really have the...

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Live TEFL Prague

I can only recommend this course! I gained theoretical as well as practical knowledge in teaching. The staff at spevacek was great and very helpful. I met great people. It was definitely a great opportunity!!

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Live TEFL Review

The Live TEFL program was a worth while experience for me. For being such a new program, I found there TEFL course incredibly professional and very informative. Even with no teaching experience previously, this course gave me a strong basis in education. I am confident in my teaching abilities after this program.
This lecturers were all very nice and easily accessible throughout the entire program, whether to talk in depth over a lesson plan or suggest a fun place to get a beer. I felt that the lecturers honestly cared about our development throughout the program. The feedback provided from all of them throughout the course was constructive and inspiring, probably helping me the most in my development. The program itself was incredibly challenging, expect class all day and a couple of hours of homework at night, but I find that this is necessary for a month long intensive course. The demands of the course matched the amount of learning.
On a side note, Namesti Miru, where the course is held, is a lovely area and really added to the entire experience.

How can this program be improved?

I suggest finding housing on your own, or prompting them for cheaper accommodations if you feel it is too pricey. Also, if you aren't hired by them, do not expect help with your visa, bank account or other things of that nature. This is to be expected in the Czech Republic though. Most schools, even if they do hire you, provide little help with visas or other paper work. So be prepared to do it on your own. There are a lot of private businesses in Prague that help expats with the paperwork though.
When prompted, they gave me an extensive list of accredited schools to apply to in Prague, which lead to my employment.

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LiveTEFL Prague

The LiveTEFL program I found to be very intensive, with long hours and many assignments. The instructors were all friendly and had easy to approach. The course was very helpful and highlighted the English teaching methodology used in Prague, which was then helpful during interviews with other companies. I was underwhelmed by the accommodation organised by the school and would advise against this option. The school premises are immaculate and the facilities are great. The school has a good reputation and so finding a job was relatively easy, however I believe that more support could be given with regards to finding accommodation for the TEFL students during the course. Overall, I would recommend Spevacek as their fantastic staff make the transition to TEFL teacher very enjoyable.

How can this program be improved?

I would definitely have more support for the international students. The accommodation was overpriced and shoddy, and the school was unhelpful finding new flats after the course. The school also didn't help with finding jobs or sorting out visas or giving a guide as to how to go about taxes.

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Live TEFL was a worthwhile experience

Live TEFL is a newer program, but one planned and taught by professionals currently in the teaching field. When I first flew from America to Prague to start the program, I wasn't sure if it would be what I wanted or worth my time, but it definitely was. The course was difficult and time-consuming - we were there every day from 9 am to 5:30 pm, then had to do homework afterwards. But because the course only lasted 4 weeks, I really appreciated this because I learned a lot. The class was also really small (only six people), so each person was able to get individual help if needed.

Overall, we had over 120 hours of lessons about teaching English, and about 4 hours of actual teaching practice (we even took some courses in survival Czech!). The teaching practices were most helpful because you had multiple people watching you (a teacher and a couple of peers), so you were given a lot of feedback on how you did. I would have liked to practice teaching a little more, but I think it's something you have to just go into the field and do/practice.

Each teacher is really nice and willing to help if asked. The course also has people available to help with visas and basic things, such as transportation, bank accounts, and accommodation, so you aren't completely alone when finish the program.

Something I liked most about this course was that it's attached to a good and prominent school in Prague - Spěváček. If you work hard and do well in the course, you have the opportunity to interview for a job. I am currently working at Spěváček for this reason.

How can this program be improved?

I would have liked to practice teaching a little bit more, and with a more variety of classes. During the 4 hours of teaching skills, we taught pre-intermediate/intermediate teenagers, but the first classes I was offered were business classes with adults and a general English class with a young learner. We were taught a lot about different age groups and business course, but it's something I would have still liked to practice before starting work.

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Are you seeking adventure and personal growth? Become a TEFL teacher in Prague. LiveTEFL Prague is a 4-week intensive course in the heart of the Czech Republic’s historical capital city. LiveTEFL’s small class size guarantees you individual attention...