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Do you want to be a superstar EFL Teacher? To maintain zen in an avalanche of convoluted grammar queries, tardy slips, wall to wall electronic whiteboards, a raucous class of Twitter loving tweens, uncooperative photocopiers and that student who'll never open their mouth (or never close it)? Then our 120 Hour Professional Course is perfect for you.

This Course includes modules on Learners, Classroom Management, Teaching Approaches, Teaching & Practice of the 4 Skills, Course Book Selection & Use, Multimedia & Technology in the Classroom, Curriculum Planning, Lesson Planning, Grammar, Testing and even more. Sound daunting? It's not. Our courses are designed to be 'student friendly', and our Tutors are also very student friendly!

When you are done, you will be ready for almost anything a classroom can throw your way, with a shiny new TEFL Certificate and a Letter of Recommendation to prove it!

For every course enrolled myTEFL makes a donation to a worthy charity.

  • Accredited and practical course loved by employers and students
  • Job placements (the original) for life
  • Accepted by foreign governments for work visa applications
  • Socially responsible company that makes a donation for every course enrolled
  • Get certified & employed for under $300. No other fees.

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  • Benefits 9.7
  • Support 9.8
  • Fun 8.5
  • Facilities 9.3
  • Safety 9.5
  • Instruction 9.1
  • Support 9.6
  • Value 9.6
  • Academic Rigor 6
  • Job Assistance 8.5
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My Review

As much as I love my home in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of the United States I have always had what some call 'itchy feet' and a wandering soul. I am always in anticipation of seeing other parts of the world and learning from what they have to offer. It is my belief that the more immersion you have to various environments and cultures in the world, the more you truly understand and appreciate it.

I saved my last semester of schooling to study abroad. If course, my scholarship would only accept certain locations so I simply asked, 'well, where can you send me?'.

So, I spontaneously started a journey to Botswana, Africa where some of the best friendships of my life were formed with amazing people from all over the world. I fell in love with the environment, the people, and entirely unexpectedly I feel in love with one person in particular half way around the world from where I was born.

Just over a year ago today, and after a lot of denial and pretending that we could go our separate ways like responsible adults at the end of my journey, we are still together 12,000 miles apart. We've gone through a lot of researching on what to do next to start our lives together, visa applications, work permits and all sorts of other delightful paperwork that makes you question if you even understand English at all or if the forms are in fact written in gibberish.

I took a lot of time researching TEFL companies looking for the most affordable, legitamized, accredited 120 hour course companies. After a lot of comparing, my boyfriend and I chose myTEFL because it offered a 120 hour online course that was affordable and had a job coordinator to help you after you completed the course.  The company offered me a student discount as a recent graduate and most importatly to us, allowed us to sign up with a 'buddy' program discount which helps you get placed together.  I am usually very wary to say I have recieved 'great customer service' from companies as it seems the whole world loves a good scam now a days but even I have to admit that every single person I have emailed or talked to from myTEFL blows my mind with how helpful, happy, and quick to respond they are. (Knock on wood, I know).

In about 2 months we completed the course and talked with our job coordinator, Tyler. Did we mention he is the man? So informative, chill and patient.  We are currently looking at Thailand and Taiwan and cannot wait to see what adventures the future holds.

Thank-you for opening new doors for us myTEFL.
Happy journeys and wander well!

How can this program be improved?
I honestly would not choose to change much about the program. Videos of TEFL teachers and their students may be a nice addition in between the class modules to exemplify teaching methods. However, it is sometimes difficult to get permission to film students.
Yes, I recommend this program
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The best course ever!!!

My experience was excellent. I learn so much in this course that I can even describe how much it was helpful for me.

I will recommend to everyone who wants to become a teacher. This course is really worth it to give a try.

Thank you everyone who helped me make my dream come true!

How can this program be improved?
Yes, I recommend this program
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Brilliant job placement support

I chose to get my TEFL qualification with MyTEFL mainly for the job placement. They have a network of partner schools around Asia, and help all their graduates to find suitable teaching placements which include work visas and great pay (about $2,000 per month).

As I came near to completing my 120 hour course, the team helped me to check visa requirements, prepare me for an online interview and secure a job in Taiwan. 2 months later and i'm about to fly out to begin my life abroad! Thanks MyTEFL

How can this program be improved?
I'm not really sure...
Yes, I recommend this program
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10/10 - It's worth paying a little extra!

This TEFL course has really helped me to not only become a qualified teacher, but to also understand the industry which I've just entered.

It gave me a lot of insight into the different types of schools around the world, employment requirements and how much to charge for my teaching services.

I now feel like I have all I need to find a job, and teach with confidence. Definitely worth the money!

How can this program be improved?
Yes, I recommend this program
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Great preparation for teaching

MyTEFL gave me a whole new perspective on teaching. I'm a little embarrassed to say now, but I thought teaching abroad was more about playing games and reading Cat in the Hat. Now I understand how much more to it there is, and it feels good that i'm now trained and prepared - though it did get a little dull after a few weeks of studying ha.

How can this program be improved?
I'll just be totally honest here. A 120 hour course is what you need to meet employment/visa conditions in quite a few teaching destinations. It doesn't sound too bad (and yeah it's not really) but it can get boringgg after a few weeks. But yeah... i'm not sure how you could improve that.
Yes, I recommend this program
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A very good online course

Hey everyone.

I enrolled in this course after seeing numerous reviews online, and thankfully I wasn't disappointed.

It wasn't as easy as I had expected, some of the lessons are pretty tricky to get your head around, but to be honest i'd say that's a good thing. For example, you don't want to be stood in front of a class trying to explain subject-verb agreements without practice beforehand.

For me, the course has been great, and i'd recommend it to anyone looking for an online TEFL certificate which actually helps you teach.

How can this program be improved?
The staff were really helpful and found me some great options for short-term teaching placements in Asia, but it'd be useful if there was a similar section online which you could browse as well.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Exactly what I needed!


This course was super handy, and I learnt so much more than I expected. Without it I'm not sure what I'd have done when I actually arrived in the classroom.

The grammar exercises were probably the most useful. There's a lot of terms, phrases and sentence structures which I simply wasn't aware of. I don't even want to imagine what it'd have been like if I had just walked into the classroom without this training. Nightmare.

myTEFL also helped place me in a school in Taiwan, and I'm currently loving it here. The city, mountains, people, food... it's just something else.

I'm also really thankful for the teaching skills and curriculum development modules... they've helped me turn dull lessons into fun activities. It's already making teaching way more interesting for me and the kids in my class.

10/10 for me.

How can this program be improved?
120 hours is a little long... so naturally it gets a bit dull... but that's something I guess all courses have in common. If you want a visa for a lot of countries, you need the 120 hour course. Just have to put your time in now and reap the benefits when you start your life abroad :D
Yes, I recommend this program
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Good course for the money

I didn't really have the time or money to go for a teaching course with classroom experience, so I went the online route.

As it was so much cheaper than the courses with on-site classroom training, I was concerned it might just be hollow with nothing useful. However, I was completely wrong.

I learned a lot, picked up some great skills, and certainly benefited from its flexibility.

Would recommend it if you're in the same boat as me.

How can this program be improved?
It'd be good if you could add a module of in-class training.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Decent course, no complaints at all.

Really can't fault the course at all. Easy to work through each lesson, the software was very user friendly, and the staff went out of their way to make sure I was happy.

Not sure what else to say - if you're looking for a great TEFL course, here it is!

How can this program be improved?
At first I thought an app for my iphone would be sweet, but i'm not sure if that'd be too casual. There's a lot of content to absorb. It's probably for the best to sit down and think about it.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Recommended course!

My dad bought this course for me as a present. I have to admit that it wasn't what I expected, nor what I wanted at the time.

However, after the first week I was hooked. There's a real sense of achievement with progressing through the course, completing exercises and hitting milestones.

I haven't tried any other courses like this before, so I can't compare it to other companies. All I can say is from my personal experience, this course was simple, easy to understand, and the customer service was always fast and friendly.

Have recommended it to my friends.

How can this program be improved?
Some social features would be interesting - sharing my progress on Facebook etc.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Straightforward and simple.

To my surpise this course was actually quite interesting. There's a lot that goes into teaching English which I hadn't considered. Phonetics, grammar patterns, managing a classroom, designing tests etc.

My-tefl sets out the information in a really clear and simple way. You can tackle each module in your own time, and you always have a good idea of your progress. I personally found it useful to easily know where I was in the course, and what's coming next.

Another great thing about this course was the live tutor support. Whenver I got stuck, or needed that extra hand, I could reach out and chat with someone. Sure, I could have made it without them, but it helps to really understand it. That's what you're paying for, right?

Highly recommended course. They're even helping me to find a work placement for when I graduate university later this year!

How can this program be improved?
I guess it got a little boring around the half-way point.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Great value and support!

Greetings from Korea!

I enrolled last year after hearing that you need a 120 hour TEFL course to obtain a visa for teaching here.

As a native speaker, I wasn't sure what benefit I could get from an online course, other than finishing with a certificate. The answer, I can tell you now, is a lot!

I definitely took my language skills for granted before taking this course. You may learn to speak English through 26+ years of life, but you don't appreciate the skills needed to teach it.

MyTEFL helped to break down all the complex parts i'd used without conscious thought, and give me the ability to teach with confidence.

A huge thumbs up from me. Affordable, super friendly, and they even helped me find a good school to teach at! 10/10.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Great Value For an Informative Course!

I initially signed up for this TEFL certificate after arriving to Taiwan and interviewing for several positions, and finding out that most schools I visited were asking me for a TEFL ceriticate if I had no experience teaching English already. I had heard it was easy to find a job in the East if you come from a native English-speaking country, and so I assumed it would be easy for me without anything. I had no experience, so I figured I should suck it up and just take the most affordable course I could find. I didn't expect to learn anything, I just wanted the piece of paper...

Turns out I was wrong! Not only was I wrong about easily getting a job with no experience, but I was wrong about not learning anything from the TEFL course. After getting through the whole thing in just two months, I was really surprised of how unprepared I would have been if I actually did get a job without having first taken this TEFL course. It ended up teaching me a lot about teaching that I never expected to learn.

Therefore, I totally recommend this course before you think you can try what I did and just jump into a job without at least the knowledge this course gives you.

Yes, I recommend this program
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At first, I wasn't sure I wanted to do a TEFL certificate. I read a lot about how many online TEFL courses aren't what they promise to be, so I had my doubts about even doing it. Then I found out about

My cousin completed the 120 hour course on their site and got a job a month later in Thailand. She was very happy with the amount she learned for such an affordable price, and told me that it is TOTALLY worth it. So I took her advice...

Two months later I contacted their friendly support staff and my free personal tutor (James) helped send my resume to a few schools in the countries I wanted to go to. Two weeks later I had an offer for a job in China and they even offered to pay for my flight over...I couldn't believe it!

Once I started teaching in an actual classroom, I was even more grateful I took their course. A lot goes into teaching English as a foreign language!

Most people, I think, underestimate the real benefits of a good TEFL course. Maybe because others do not have the same type of information. With the myTEFL course, I was amazed with how much they broke down everything and made teaching complicated concepts easy to understand.

The only times I contacted them (aside from the time at the end for a job), their friendly tutors got back to me right away with a detailed explanation. That surprised me! I thought for sure I would get some automated Robot response...NOPE! - great service.

If I had to go back in time and choose which TEFL course to take again, I would choose 9 times out of 10!

Great course content, great price, great customer service! Thank you!

How can this program be improved?
I realized after I started teaching in the classroom, that that is where I learned the most important lessons about being a teacher. So, if I could change one part, I would have liked to have some training/practice in an actual classroom. But those types of classes take too much time and cost too much money (for me at least)!
Yes, I recommend this program


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