EPIK Public Schools Available March, April, May, August & September
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EPIK Public Schools Available March, April, May, August & September

We provide services that no other recruitment company provides

In addition to all of the benefits a public school will provide; we provide an introduction package including a comprehensive teaching book, a travel guide, a lonely planet phrase book, a book on learning Korean and lots of other useful information.

We provide government public schools in South Korea. We are here to assist you with the employment process. And after all, that's why it is good to come to a recruitment agency. We provide a safety net for you. Apply direct to an educational institution and you are on your own!

If you are having problems with your school... Or you need some information or help, you can contact us and we will provide you with some advice... You might not always like it, but it will be the truth. And that's really our philosophy, to provide you with a completely trustworthy service....right from the initial phase of introducing you to the education office, to making sure that you are content with your teaching position and if there's anything you need we will always be available.

Please see our testimonials or simply search the internet and see what others say about our service.

Program Type
6-12 Months
Salary / Benefits
Salary is here: Tax is income tax-free if you are from applicants from certain countries.

Benefits include
Rent-free single furnished apartment near your school
• 300,000 won one-time settlement allowance
• Round-trip airfare allowance of 2,600,000 won
• 18 working days paid vacation + national holidays (5 weeks in total)
• Medical contributions
• Pension contributions
• 1 month salary bonus on completion of contract
• Sick paid leave allowance
• Special leave allowance
• 1 week additional paid vacation (6 weeks in total) if you renew your contract after the first year + increase in pay + renewal bonus 2.0m won
• Korean co-teacher to assist with your classes

As a Korean Horizons Teacher, you will also receive :
1. Airport pickup, hotel for 1 evening & transport to the education office / school.
2. Free Dinner and breakfast together with us + all of the arrival teachers
3. Introduction pack (including a Travel Adapter, a Travel Card, Emart Voucher for 10,000won, a Travel Guide, a Lonely Planet Phrasebook & other goodies)
4. Order anything you like using our interest-free Supermarket credit service from any online Korean store & pay us back once you get paid your salary.

Throughout your time – whilst applying; during applying – and after you are here – we will be available to support you and be there for you.
Bachelor in any field
Weekly Classroom Hours
Classroom Audience
High School
Airport Transfers
Domestic Airfare
Age Min.
Age Max
Other Locations

Questions & Answers

Salary is given by your resume and the location that you are looking to teach here. The pay scale is as follows : Level 2 = bachelor + tesol. 2.0m-2.1m for a metro city. 2.2m for a regular city. 2.3m-2.45m for the countryside. Level 2+ = bachelor + tesol + 1 year exp. 2.1m-2.2m for a metro city. 2.3m for a regular city. 2.4m-2.55m for the countryside. Level 1 = bachelor + tesol + 2year exp. 2.3m-2...

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  • Support 9.9
  • Fun 9.8
  • Facilities 9.9
  • Safety 9.9
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Continued Support

I came to Korea in September of 2013, and with Alistair's help, the long, somewhat overwhelming process was simplified into easily managed steps. Alistair helped to place me in a school that I love, in a region that I love. It's been a full year since my arrival, and he continues to offer support and advice whenever I need it. I fully recommend Korean Horizons!

Yes, I recommend
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Great Recruiter

working with Korean Horizons was a great experience, they even urged me to not put all my eggs in basket and look around. Before my interview they set up a pre-interview in order Togo over things and give me this best chance at getting the job. And after getting an offer, he made sure to always keep in touch ever step along the way, even setting up a pickup at the airport, place to stay and car to drive me directly to my school upon arrival.

Yes, I recommend
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Step by Step

There are so many recruiting companies when you type in the search bar: "TEACH ENGLISH IN KOREA." If you think about it, you're not the only one who wants to come to Korea to teach English. There are so many applicants out there, so many interviews, questions, etc. Yet, how many of the applicants are actually chosen, and how many of the recruiters really reply to all of your questions? Most of all, how many of them still remembers you after you fail to pass your interview?

I'm currently an English teacher now with IMOE, and it's all thanks to this program, and the wonderful recruiter: Alistair. From my personal experience, applying to become an English teacher was not an easy task- especially on the first try. It takes a lot of time, and it requires a lot of paperwork, and guidance. After having numerous amount of troubles with the application process, Alistair has never ceased to provide help. He literally replies to every single one of my questions, despite the time differences. He was organized, and made sure that I had each and every document at a certain time frame.

After completing my applications, he continued to guide me to each and every step. From prepping for the interviews, to providing guidance on how I could succeed, it was marvelously wonderful. Unlike other recruiters who quickly moved onto other applicants after they fail their first interview, Alistair still didn't forget me. Rather, he still kept in touch, and noticed me whenever there was a job opening. It was a long way here, but gratefully, I came upon this company and wonderful recruiter.

After 9 months of residing in Korea, and adjusting to my job and role as a teacher. My recruiter is still there to offer any advice or guidance whenever is needed.

Sure, there are many companies out there seeking to recruit teachers in Korea. However, to find a dedicated, helpful, and organized recruiter who takes good care of their applicants are indeed quite rare.

How can this program be improved?

No program is perfect, but a loyal, good, hard-working recruiter definitely carries out a huge impact for the program. I wouldn't change a thing for this program, Alistair really goes beyond what is required of him as a recruiter.

Yes, I recommend
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Korean Horizons is the best way to teach in Korea

I decided to use Korean Horizons as my recruiter after reading through an extensive number of reviews and forums posts. I found Alistair to be the best possible recruiter for me. He was responsive, professional, knowledgeable, and genuinely caring. There is a personal touch to working with Korean Horizon that no other recruiter can match. Before going with Korean Horizons I spoke with a few other recruiters and they were all giving me the fast touch-and-go treatment. Upon arrival Alistair provided us with a welcome package that included location guides, cultural history, language assistance, and more. Throughout my time teaching in Korea Alistair was always available to answer questions long after I was settled into my public school position. I have and will continue to recommend Korean Horizons as the best recruiter to go through for teaching in South Korea.

Yes, I recommend
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Fantastic Recruiting Agency

It is beyond doubt that Korean Horizons offers superb service. Communication is clear, timely, and very effective. It's VERY rare that I rate an organization with all 10's across the board, but this service has definitely earned my high praise for just about all of the services it offers candidates/applicants. You won't find a better recruiting agency that so closely keeps in touch with its applicants nor a recruiting agency with such initiative and follow-through. Nor will you find a recruiting agency that so effectively links candidates to schools the way Korean Horizons does; Korean Horizons is THE gold standard of recruiting agencies. Period.

And for the record, the service I got from Korean Horizons was so awesome that I volunteered to write this review!

How can this program be improved?

I would add more literature on the website about the Alien Registration Card and its impact on internet service in the first two weeks of residency.

Yes, I recommend
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Best Recruiter

I decided to go through Korean Horizons after reading reviews about the company. I contacted Alistair Wery and he got the ball rolling soon after. Before contacting him, I was using a different recruiter that basically wasted my time and didn't communicate efficiently. With only one month to go before the Epik intake, Korean Horizons managed to assist me with my application and find me a perfect placement. There was never a moment when I felt uneasy or unknowing. I honestly could not be happier with the way things turned out in the end and that is all thanks to Alistair and Korean Horizons.

Yes, I recommend
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Top notch recruiter

I lived in Korea and worked at a hagwon for 1 year prior to working with Korean Horizons to seek an EPIK placement. I did plenty of research and consistently came across positive reviews of Korean Horizons and Alistair Wery. I chose to go through him and was extremely pleased. Korean Horizons was very thorough, knowledgeable, and professional. He went above and beyond at every step of the process including upon arrival in Korea. I cannot say enough positive things about Alistair and Korean Horizons.

Yes, I recommend
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Superb support with Korean Horizons!

If you are wondering which recruiters to work with in South Korea, look no further than Korean Horizons. Alistair Wery runs this recruiting company and he was extremely knowledgable, professional and genuinely helpful every step of the way. He worked closely with my husband and I, step by step, from the pre-application screening to now (we've arrived in Korea, begun our jobs and he is still there for us should we have questions). He will ensure that you meet all deadlines during the application process, submitting required documents, and will help you with all the information you need to acquire your visa. Alistair responded to our emails swiftly and thoroughly addressed our questions and concerns. Trust me, you will be so happy you chose to work with Korean Horizons!

Yes, I recommend
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Look no further

Korean Horizons is ran by one guy, Alistair Wery. But do not be alarmed! He is the most genuine caring responsive individual you will ever meet! He speaks perfect english(it is his native language). He responds to nearly all emails within next business day, with a thorough individualized message. He is very concerned that you get a good city. I tried to get in Seoul, but instead got Daegu(4th largest city) and he made sure this was ok with me. He picked me up at the airport, lodged me, fed me, and brought me back to the airport where he waited until we got on our bus. He literally did EVERYTHING in his power for us to have a smooth transition into a new country. This helped me a lot because it was my first time out of the country. Oh... and he left us with like 5 books, books on the cities, how to teach, korean/english dictionary, lonely planet books...

To put this in perspective, other recruiters tell you "show up at this place before 6 p.m. and find the epik desk" and thats about it. I made all the EPIK newcomers jealous with my details on my recruiter :)!

How can this program be improved?

No critical feedback. None.

Yes, I recommend
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Fantastic Recruiter!

If you are thinking about teaching English in South Korea, Korean Horizons is the way to go!
Alistair Wery, who runs Korean Horizons, has been very informative, honest and supportive throughout my application process to Korea and also since being here. He is extremely efficient at replying to any queries or worries, is upfront about the process and its stages and helps you to feel as prepared as one can be when applying to teach in South Korea!
Aside from the regular contact and ease Alistair puts you in, the perks of going with him instead of another company include a free nights accommodation (in order to rest before orientation starts), dinner and breakfast, and a gift bag with Lonely planet guides, guesthouse guides, tour guides, maps for your placement area and many other goodies.
I believe that he will help you in any way needed and go above and beyond. So again, if you're thinking about teaching English in South Korea, look up Korean Horizons!

How can this program be improved?

Wouldn't change a thing

Yes, I recommend
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Wonderful Experience

My wife and I recently got married. We really wanted to teach in Korea and we were fortunate to have Alistair Wery from Korean Horizons helping us with everything!

He was professional, straight forward with his replies, honest, trustworthy, and understood our specific situation. He was easily approachable and we both felt confident with our choice to make a huge move from Canada to South Korea for a year.

I recommend Alistair Wery and Korean Horizons 110%!

Yes, I recommend
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Help and support every step of the way!

Korean Horizons made the application process easy to understand and less frightening! The application process can be quite daunting as various documents have to be submitted within a specific time scale and getting them can be quite onerous. Alistair from Korean Horizons made this process easier as I had someone to explain to me what I needed to submit and when.

The advice provided to me prior to departing for Korea was invaluable and I felt I had good support and advice all the way through. I arrived in Korea two weeks ago and this support will be available to me throughout my time in Korea so that if I have any problem I will have someone to turn to for help.
Thanks so much Alistair!

Yes, I recommend
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Great recruiter

Korean Horizons and in particular Alistair was a great recruiter and helped me through the entire process and went above and beyond in my opinion of what the vast majority of recruitors would do. Thanks a bunch and thank you for helping me land a job! Tim Vail

Yes, I recommend
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Alistair was very helpful and informative through out the entire recruiting process. He was very detailed and explained every step of the way. He stayed in close contact with me and made sure I was prepared and well informed.

Yes, I recommend
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Alistair is brilliant! He was so supportive, with me every step of the way and went above and beyond to help me when I got to Korea.
He is professional and will help you in every way.
My experience has been amazing so far and that is, in most part, thanks to Alistair.
If you are thinking about coming to Korea i can't recommend Korean Horizons enough.... you won't look back!
I haven't had any problems yet (touch wood) but I know if I do I can reply and count on Alistair to guide, support and help me as a professional and friend.

How can this program be improved?

I honestly can't think of one thing I would change.

Yes, I recommend

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