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We provide government public schools in South Korea. We are here to assist you with the employment process. And after all, that's why it is good to come to a recruitment agency. We provide a safety net for you. Apply direct to an educational institution and you are on your own!

If you are having problems with your school... Or you need some information or help, you can contact us and we will provide you with some advice... You might not always like it, but it will be the truth. And that's really our philosophy, to provide you with a completely trustworthy service....right from the initial phase of introducing you to the education office, to making sure that you are content with your teaching position and if there's anything you need we will always be available.

Please see our testimonials or simply search the internet and see what others say about our service.

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Hey Paul - we did some research and it looks like the salary is controlled by the government, and there are pay grades. Appreciate the question, surely others are wondering too
Salary is given by your resume and the location that you are looking to teach here. The pay scale is as follows : Level 2 = bachelor + tesol. 2.0m-2.1m for a metro city. 2.2m for a regular city. 2.3m-2.45m for the countryside. Level 2+ = bachelor + tesol + 1 year exp. 2.1m-2.2m for a metro city. 2.3m for a regular city. 2.4m-2.55m for the countryside. Level 1 = bachelor + tesol + 2year exp. 2.3m-2...


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Professional and supportive

I am extremely satisfied with the service that was provided to me with Korean Horizons. In fact I felt that Alistair and his team went above and beyond what a typical recruitment company would do. He did not sugar coat anything and gave me a fair and reasonable expectation of what I could expect. He was excellent with communication and any queries I had. He guided me through the process, did a pre interview and gave me valuable information for the interview process. What I found the most professional was accommodating to pick everyone at the airport and making the transition to moving overseas so smooth. He took great care and though and provided packages for people in different cities with extra books, maps etc at no cost. You could not find a better company and person to get you to Korea.

How can this program be improved?
Going to a different restaurant for the dinner and breakfast for some variety and experience.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Outstanding Support

Alistair is a genuinely friendly and helpful recruiter who has helped me through every stage of the recruitment process and made my move into teaching in Korea simple and easy.
There is no sugar coating and everything is told as is but at the same time he goes out of his way to make sure your application is the best it can be and the move is straight forward.
I honestly couldn't recommend using Korean Horizons any more highly.

Yes, I recommend this program
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best recruiter

Alistair is the most helpful recruiter out there. He guides you through every step of the process and continues to offer assistance once you're in Korea. He meets all new hires at the airport, takes them out to dinner, puts them up in a hotel the first night to get you acclimated, helps with placements, gives you guidebooks and language dictionaries, sorts out legal issues, advice on what to pack, anything imaginable. I couldnt recommend anyone for this process as much as I could recommend Alistair. If you have any issues with your employers he will sort them out for you, too.

How can this program be improved?
EPIK is not perfect but Alistair is honest - he will show you the ins and outs of teaching in Korea and how to succeed here.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Professional, Effective, & Readily Available

While I cannot comment on an actual placement as I had to cancel my plans to study in Korea for personal reasons, I found the recruiter at Korean Horizons, Alistair Wery, to be substantially more effective than the many I had been working with at the time. He provided detailed information, numerous placement options within the constraints of the public school system, did a pre-interview check (went over practice questions and made sure I had proper posture, lighting, anunciation, etc) as well as provided a comprehensive list of potential interview questions that allowed me to prepare extensively.

Would I have been able to follow through with my desire to teach English in Korea, I would most likely have signed with this recruiter due to his professional and competent conduct.

Yes, I recommend this program


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